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25 Best Laptop Mockups for Web & App Design Showcase


Do you want to make your web-related designs stand out of crowd? Now you can do this easily with the right mockup. It goes without saying, after going through all the hassles of creating a perfect design, the next important thing for a designer is how to presents that design. All designers want to showcase their work in the best possible way as it can be a deciding factor to let the audience know that their hard work paid off. Mockups show a great way to present design work perfectly and easily. That is why, here we have made a compilation of 25 best laptop mockups to help you showcase your website, app, or portfolio design work in an impressive way without putting much effort.

So, are you ready to know about these awesome laptop mockups? Let’s dive into the discussion.

Laptop Screen Mockup

If you want to present your creative designs with high-resolution effects by putting in the minimum effort, this laptop screen PSD mockup is just perfect for you. The mockup features a person working on a laptop at a home office. Needless to say, this type of scene is great for various topics related to app design, website design, meetings, conferences, live streaming, home office, and more. In addition, you can use this mockup for User Interface design, portfolio, social media banner, and print purposes. You can easily customize the whole thing, thanks to its well organized and properly named layers. Get this Photoshop-compatible PSD mockup now and start customizing.

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Responsive Device Mockup Template

This package includes 10 different PSD mockup files, featuring various smart devices. With this, you can showcase your responsive website or app design across different devices. All the PSD files are fully editable, having 3D rendered images, shadow details, reflections, and multiple angles. Moreover, the high resolution adds a fantastic touch to your final design presentation. If you do not like the default color of the mockup, change it as per your choice. Changing the color of the devices is also very easy. So get this mockup pack now and showcase your design with detailed effects in just a few clicks.

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Laptop Device Mockup

Showcase your website or app interface design work on a laptop with realistic effects. This laptop device mockup kit will help you. The mockup includes 10 PSD files, featuring laptop devices from multiple angles. Editing it is super easy, thanks to smart objects and organized layers. Colors are editable as well. Get this mockup right now. Use this mockup for presentation, showcase, or other types of design.

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Laptop & Tablet Mockup Template

This mockup comes with all the right elements that a perfect mockup should have as it features both laptop and tablet screens perspective views. The template includes 10 PSD mockups, all are fully editable and have high resolution. With these mockups, you can showcase your design on laptop and tablet screens from various angles. Editing the PSD files is super easy, thanks to the smart object option. Moreover, 3D rendered images with shadow effects and reflections add a wonderful touch to your final work.

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MacBook Pro Laptop Mockup

MacBook Pro is considered as one of the powerful notebooks due to its fast processors, incredible graphics, touch bar, and spectacular retina display. Now you get a chance to showcase your design on the screen of a MacBook Pro in a seamless and professional manner. This MacBook Pro Laptop mockup template is ideal for showcasing web and UI design. It is a set of 10 PSD files, featuring a realistic model of the device from different angles. Get this mockup now, use it to easily give your web design presentation, and make professional layouts output.

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MacBook Air Laptop Mockup

MacBook Air is lightweight, sturdy, relatively powerful, and has a good display. It is just the near-perfect combination of all popular laptops available in the market. So do you want to showcase your website, web app, or UI design on such an excellent device? Do it easily with this MacBook Air Laptop PSD mockup kit. It comes with 10 PSD mockups, showcasing the realistic model of the device from multiple angles. Its high resolution, smart objects, organized layers, and editable colors have made the mockup pack really tough to be ignored. Use this mockup and showcase your design with photorealistic effects.

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Laptop & Tablet Mockup

This is a bundle of laptop and tablet mockups, including 10 high-resolution PSD mockup files. All the templates here feature a laptop and a tablet from multiple angles. In addition, it includes excellent quality 3D rendered images with shadow details, reflections, and detailed designs. If you already have your UI design ready, just place your design using smart objects, and hit save. Within just a few clicks, your final design presentation will be ready. So, get this mockup now and showcase your work in an impressive way.

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Laptop Mockup

This is another laptop mockup that allows you to display your work in a photorealistic manner. The mockup features a laptop screen in a realistic background. Though the main object here is the laptop screen, other additional elements like a cup of coffee, a crumpled paper, a clean paper sheet, and a couple of pencils beside the device have added a realistic touch to the overall appearance. Using its organized layers and smart objects, you can easily edit the whole thing and present your design.

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Laptop & Computer Mockup

This laptop computer mockup includes real photos which help you showcase your own design in a photorealistic manner. It is a pack of a PSD file and a help file. Editing the PSD layout is very easy. Use the smart object option and place your design. Hit save, and there is simply nothing else to do. With this easy-to-use PSD mockup, you can display your creative and professional design work on different-sized screens of laptops and computers. The simple background adds a realistic touch to the final presentation.

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Laptop Mockup with Autumn Halloween Theme

Present your design work on a laptop screen in just a few seconds with this laptop mockup. The mockup features Halloween and Autumn themed color texture and background elements. In addition, it displays a real person working on the laptop. Therefore your final design presentation will look photorealistic. It is a pack of 8 PSD files, each one featuring different hand positions and the laptop screen from different angles. Use this mockup pack now for showcasing app design, website design, home office, online shopping platform, UI design, portfolio, header images, banner, and print items.

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Clean Laptop Mockup

This laptop PSD mockup allows you to present your design on the screen of a MacBook Pro. If you want to promote your brand, this mockup is perfect for you. It consists of 5 PSD files, each having separate layer sets. Editing it is super easy. However, if you still face any difficulty using the mockup, go through the help file that comes with the pack.

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Abstract Laptop Pro Mockup

This abstract laptop mockup presents MacBook Pro from different angles. You can use it for showcasing your design, brand promotion, and more. It is a pack of 5 high-quality PSD files, each having separate layer sets and photographic filters. The layout is fully editable. You can change the screen’s design, background color, and touch bar design. Also, you can move or hide any additional design elements displayed in the scene. For any guidance in using the product, go through the help file that comes with the pack.

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Dark Laptop Pro Mockup

This dark laptop mockup features the screen of a MacBook Pro on a box from different angles. The mockup comes with fully organized layers, smart objects, and editable effects. You can edit the whole thing easily and quickly via smart objects. The designs of both the device screen and touch bar are changeable. Use this mockup to get photorealistic results.

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MacBook Pro Laptop Computer Mockup

Do you want to showcase your website design work as a portfolio or social platforms? This MacBook Pro laptop computer PSD mockup can help you do that perfectly. It features a MacBook Pro device with a simple background and detailed shadow effects. Smart object feature makes the editing process quick and hassle-free for you. Simply drag and drop the design on the smart layers, hit save, and you are done. In addition, you can change the color and texture of the background to make your presentation more impressive.

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Laptop Mockup with Realistic Background

Showcasing your website and graphic design is now easier than ever, thanks to this realistic laptop mockup. This PSD mockup kit displays an image of a Mac laptop in high resolution and with realistic effects. Smart layer makes the editing process quick and easy. After adding the design to the smart layers, it will automatically add the perspective effect to fit the laptop picture perfectly. Other than giving your clients a virtual preview of your design, you can also use this mockup for print purposes. 

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Christmas Themed Laptop Mockup

This wonderful Christmas themed mockup lets you present your design on not only a laptop screen but also a paper attached on a clipboard. All the images are bright, colorful, and of excellent quality, giving your final design work a professional look. Other than editing the laptop screen and the paper, you can also change the background color and adjust shadow effects. This mockup is perfect for print and website design.

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Christmas Themed Responsive Devices Mockup

It is hard to pass by this eye-catchy Christmas themed smart devices mockup. The mockup features screens of a laptop, a mobile phone and a tablet. So, in other words, with this mockup, you can showcase responsive web design work flawlessly. The background design elements and sober color texture add a Christmassy appearance to the whole presentation. So, what are you waiting for? Get this mockup now. Use it for showcasing web or app UI design on different smart devices to impress your target audience easily. 

For more Christmas and New Year themed PSD mockups, check out our latest post.

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Laptop, Smartphone & Tablet Mockup

This is another useful mockup, allowing you to showcase responsive web design work in a professional manner. It includes laptop, phone, and tablet designs. In addition, the simple background adds a realistic and simple look to the overall appearance. The simplicity of the background will help your audience focus on the device screens more attentively. So, without thinking twice, display your design in style with this mockup.

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Laptop Screen Mockup with Summer Scenes

Display your designs related to holiday-related topics like app design, home office, traveling, accommodation, beach, summer, and more. This laptop screen mockup will help you do things seamlessly and in just a few clicks. The color, texture, and background of this mockup scene add the perfect summer holiday look to the overall appearance. Thanks to the properly named and well-organized layers, this mockup is very easy-to-use and customize. Use this mockup for portfolio design, UI design, social media and website header images, banner design, etc. as well.

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PC Laptop Mockup

Do you know what makes this mockup stand apart? It is based on real-world professional photos. Though the images do not have 3D effects, their high quality and resolution add an excellent touch to the overall appearance. Needless to say, this is an awesome solution for website designers, UI / UX developers, content-makers, bloggers, and photographers, both pro and amateur, to showcase their design work in a professional and visually appealing way.

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Easy-to-customize Laptop Mockup

This laptop mockup template features MacBook Pro laptop and smartphone screens for realistic presentations in 6 different yet equally eye-catchy ways. Every time you use this mockup, the final result comes out as flawless and visually appealing. Other than editing the device screens, you can also modify the background color. Editing it is possible in a fast and easy way. And the best thing is, it includes a user guide, helping you in every step of using the mockup.

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Notebook – Laptop Mockup

This is a pack of 19 high-quality PSD mockups, including 4K UHD images and featuring MacBook laptop devices at various angles. Its isolated elements and transparent background help you create your own custom-made scenes in a breeze. The premade scenes in this pack speed your whole process and give you flawless results. So, if you want to display Mac OS app design, UI/UX presentation, and website design, this high-resolution PSD mockup pack is perfect for you.

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Laptop Mockups Bundle

As the name suggests, this is a bundle of multiple mockups, actually 55 PSD mockup templates. In other words, you get many visual angle options and light settings to showcase your work. And there is no doubt, no matter which template you choose, the final presentation will be impressive. So, if you want to display your design with a realistic and professional look to make a mark in front of your audience, choose this laptop mockup bundle. Showcase your work on laptops and MacBook Pro.

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Professional Notebook / Laptop Mockup

This is another professionally-crafted mockup with which you can display your work on laptop, MacBook, and notebook. Its 3D effect helps you create interesting and attractive designs. It includes 11 PSD files, all are equally easy to customize. Other than placing your design work on the device screens, you can also change the laptop in normal or clay mode, adjust the background color, and create a completely custom-made impressive design in 4K resolution. Above all, the mockup pack includes an instruction guide. Go through this if you need any help editing the layouts.

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Photorealistic Laptop Mockup

Showcase a creative design with realistic effects. This photorealistic laptop mockup gives you the chance to display your web or app design, social media banner design, portfolios, presentations, and more on a laptop screen. Moreover, the background and additional design elements add the realistic touch to your final presentation. So, use this laptop mockup and stand ahead of your competitors with an impressive design work. For any help using the mockup, go through the guide file that comes with the pack.

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Wrapping it up,

This collection includes some useful laptop mockups with perspective views, allowing you to show off your designs in style. Depending on where you want to present your work, use the right mockup with an appropriate view. All the mockups discussed here are easy-to-customize; some of those have real-world photos taken by professional photographers. So, pick the best-fitted PSD mockup now and take advantage of its features to make your designs stand out from the crowd.

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