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26 Awesome HTML Landing Page Templates 2020


To create a solid promotion of products, services, and even companies, these landing page templates will come in very handy.

Setting out to do something, whether it is starting a business, creating a tool or a game, coordinating a large scale project or event or even simply trying to make a few bucks, success eludes the many and welcomes the few, the well prepared, and often, the downright lucky.

However, those who consistently succeed will tell you that luck simply isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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Preparation means everything. And to be prepared, one must know their business and their times. And these are fast-paced, on-the-go times for all businesses, owing to the widespread reach of the World Wide Web and of powerful mobile devices.

Innovation is the name of the game, and if you can’t swim, you will definitely sink. That is why you need a solid technological foundation for all your ventures, and nothing beats HTML5 in terms of cutting edge potency.

It is the language of the modern world, and the modern world and its opportunities are knocking at your door. Do you have somewhere to receive them? The following collection of HTML5 landing page templates has been constructed to include the best and brightest landing page templates on the market today.

Best Landing WordPress Themes


Jevelin is an advanced and multi-functional website template that can serve any user regardless of the niche he or she wants to enter. Or maybe you are already running an online project and are looking to enhance your web space, again, Jevelin is one of the best tools you can choose. With its numerous features and ready-made material, Jevelin gives you unlimited possibilities when it comes to creating the ideal page for your idea.

What’s uniquely impressive about Jevelin is the fact that you need no coding skills to manage and maintain a website like a pro. Not only that, even when it comes to adjusting and tweaking your landing page, Jevelin is effortless to use. That said, utter newbies can hammer out killer websites, ready and set to start attracting new visitors and potential clients, too.

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If you need to push a product, a software, a service or capture more leads, a landing page will come handy. With Divi, you can now make one in a snap of a finger. The versatility and flexibility of Divi know no bounds. That said, no matter what your needs and intentions are, with Divi, you can now realize the ideal landing page or single-page website quicker than your brain will process it. You will soon find out that you really need to do little work for first-class results. And to make edits and improvements, all you need to undergo is just some dragging and dropping.

Divi also supports tons of email opt-in providers, allows you to create custom contact forms and even has a built-in split-testing system. In short, Divi is perfect for your marketing campaigns, making sure you experience outstanding results.

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webify landing page template
Pushing products and services online is no big of a deal once you gain access to Webify. This landing page template is a pack of goodness that will help you promote your app like a champ. Out of the box, Webify comes with a contemporary layout which ends up being entirely functional and ready to go live. You just change the default settings and you can have a complete landing page ready and set. What’s more, with the outstanding customization features and convenient page builder, you can also tweak Webify to your likings easily.

When speaking of features, we would need to hammer out an entire article for Webify. The ones that stand out are nifty animations, before/after slider, testimonials, pricing plans and call-to-action buttons. Get things going strong immediately and start seeing downloads go through the roof with Webify.

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milu landing page template
Milu is an exclusive landing page template for tech and app. Of course, you can easily go beyond that by customizing default settings of Milu with WPBakery page builder. But with the ready-made demos alone, you already have a ton of different options and solutions to match Milu to your marketing needs and requirements. To be more exact, there are nine different samples you can put into play out of the box or improve further. Enjoy the outcome that will take your product or service to new heights.

Additional amenities of Milu include Slider Revolution, portfolio layouts, loads of internal sections, search engine optimization, mega menu and sticky navigation to name a few. You need to be no expert to start working with Milu, as the web design is user- and beginner-friendly, yet powerful enough for experts.

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genoa landing page template
Another remarkable tool for building landing pages is Genoa. While its default layouts and settings primarily aim towards software and app landing pages, you can easily go beyond that. After all, quick use of Elementor page builder means you can improve the out of the box version of Genoa to your wants with ease.

In the Genoa package, you will discover over ten predefined demos with more dropping in the near future. Each demo is also packed with impressive features and functions for your convenience. The modern look makes the sample quickly adapt to your wants, without the need to spend too much time editing and customizing it. In some cases, you will want to use the layout out of the box and enjoy speedy page realization.

More amazingness includes a lifetime worth of free updates, support team, Gutenberg compatibility, six widget areas, as well as sticky header and sidebar. The layout is 100% responsive and retina-ready and optimized for speed and SEO to ensure stable and secure site operation.

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leadcon landing page wordpress theme
Landing pages are significant for your businesses and marketing campaigns, for this will determine if visitors will continue on your platform. Website owners want people to spend more time on their website, and this will likely improve sales and profit on the platform. Using a landing page template will make things easier as you build your website to attract visitors, exclusive to the campaign.

Leadcon can help you to create an attractive landing page that will provide visitors with easy access to information they are seeking. This template is suitable for all kind of business and can be easily customized to meet your requirements.

With fifteen demos, over two hundred blocks and ten different header styles, you have plenty of material to start on the web with little work necessary. In addition to that, Leadcon also comes with the Elementor drag and drop page builder for the effortless editing process.

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binmp landing page wordpress theme
Setting up a landing page has never been more comfortable with the Binmp theme. With several beneficial features and a strong control panel, you can make a responsive website in a little breeze. Binmp is a spectacular solution that suits applications best. In the kit, you will find three homes and a total of twelve pages that you can mix and match according to your taste. With the employment of WPBakery, customizing Binmp is hassle-free. Binmp also comes with Ultimate Addons that take things to an entirely new degree.

In short, Binmp is a landing page template that helps you build a compatible website that can fit into any resolution; anyone can easily access your platform from anywhere and at any time.

Binmp makes building a website fun with its easy to use features and gives the visitors a pleasant experience. What’s also cool about Binmp is the clean and creative look it sports, making sure all the content comes into view beautifully. In short, get it today to quickly set up a fresh online presence and enjoy its vast benefits.

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opins landing page wordpress theme
Apps and tech websites require a landing page that will instantly showcase their works and skillset. These kinds of sites should contain some features such as video and graphic elements that will help in displaying your products and services appropriately. Opins is a perfect landing page template that will help you establish an impactful web space. With the tool, you can now push the boundaries and increase your potential to new heights. With all the must-haves at your disposal and all these extra goodies, you will witness excellent results with Opins.

Moreover, Opins ensures complete flexibility so that your page runs smoothly on all well-liked devices and web browsers. It is also WooCommerce-ready, so you can easily push your digital products to the masses and increase sales. With an array of shortcodes, you can add new features and remove them as well, tailoring the default setup of Opins to your liking precisely.

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webon landing page wordpress theme
Creating a landing page for products and services becomes a piece of cake with WebOn. Why doing the hard work of starting from scratch if you do not have to? Let WebOn and its numerous samples and features do the trick of helping you start on the right track right away. You can set things up easily and effortlessly, without really needing to have any experience.

Moreover, you can also sell products with WebOn, creating a full-blown experience with ease. You get plenty of predefined shortcodes, different headers, Slider Revolution and parallax effect, to name a few. Make a lander pop with WebOn.

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smartic landing page wordpress theme
Smartic is an exclusive product landing page WordPress theme coupled with the powerful WooCommerce plugin. You can now quickly establish a striking landing page for your marketing campaign and take things to the next level. Start with any of the available fourteen samples and go from there. With these, Smartic covers multiple niches and industries out of the box.

Smartic has all the necessary elements, editable header and footer, social media integration and plenty of widgets to choose from. If you are ready to kick things off with style, you better not miss the all-around and flexible Smartic.

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engin landing page wordpress theme
Engin is a top-notch landing page WordPress theme that takes little time to employ and activate. You can use it for car loans, agencies, eBooks, plumbers, online services, apps, you name it. Not only does it include multiple demos, but you can also enjoy the convenient visual editing, which unlocks unlimited options and possibilities for you.

Since Engin thought of it all, you do not need to use any additional extensions and whatnot, which simplifies things even further. It is optimized for fast loading, mobile devices and overall spectacular performance. Keep in mind, Engin is also completely in tune with WordPress Multisite.

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Stash is one of a kind WordPress theme. It is a multi-niche design that provides a codeless building process and responsiveness. You will get the aid of Visual Composer, +260 blocks and +48 demos. Stash is also built with a professional and creative concept. Additionally, it suits many areas of interest with a personal touch that radiates creativity. You will get a mix of pre-built elements and customizable elements. Stash has lots of focus on display and transitiveness. It is also retina ready and offers famous specialized plugin integrations for free. Moreover, you get to play with Slider Revolution and Essential Grid.

Stash is strong on typography and icons selection. It provides Google and Font Awesome sets. The layout itself comes with unlimited colors, dark/light skins, and customizable image backgrounds. What about commercial transactions, forms or speed? Well, you get WooCommerce, Minimal Forms, and SEO optimization among others. Stash is so intended to fit any scenario, that whatever is not integrated, it is compatible. Still, have second thoughts? We don’t blame you…We invite you to try it out with free updates at least twice a month and custom support. Oh! And I’m forgetting to mentiona child theme too! Come use these unique instruments now! Use Stash!

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Best Landing Page Templates



Porto is an incredibly resourceful and feature-rich, technologically ambitious and very mobile friendly, powerfully customizable and very thoroughly developed, extensively clever and thought out, bright and cleanly designed, engaging and dynamic responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. It’s a seamless and potent framework for the development of sophisticated and full-featured websites that look and feel reliable and modern, cutting edge and secure at the same time. To that end, Porto is built with an effective deployment of the latest and greatest HTML5 web technologies and CSS3 visual scripting built through a modular Bootstrap design, rendering Porto both developer friendly and entirely responsive out of the box.

Porto includes many beautiful and dazzling features that are visually cohesive and integrated as well as deeply functional, making it an excellent HTML5 landing page template for creating and managing modern and top-notch Landing Page websites for business or professional applications of any kind. Porto requires absolutely no coding skills. It offers such powerful features as the Owl Carousel and the Nivo Slider at your fingertips. For the best results possible, Porto should be matched with the Porto Admin backend website template, for maximized customization options and admin user raw power features. In conclusion, Porto is for the pros!

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Canvas is a comprehensively flexible, unimaginably customizable, visually stunning and dashing, colorful and vibrant, lively and youthful, modern and full featured, creative and innovative, amazingly powerful and endlessly flexible, graphically refined and aesthetically pleasant responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. The developers painstakingly created this template with an all-encompassing eye for detail in order to create a polished and perfected HTML5 landing page template capable of handling the demands of truly every single website out there. To that end, Canvas has been built with over 75 readymade, professionally graphically designed and fully fleshed out Homepage demos, and includes a massive, whopping 500 HTML5 files at your disposal for all sorts of specific, narrow or general purposes you could imagine.

Canvas is, of course, wholly prepared to meet the needs of sophisticated and modern Landing Page websites, and its technological profile is vastly sufficient to handle the engaging One Page or Multipage Landing Page websites you have always dreamed up. With plentiful shortcodes to ease your workflow and quickly churn out page after page in a completely customized, professional visual style, Canvas is perhaps the truest multipurpose template on the market today, ready to bend to your every whim and easily customized should you ever find a need not covered already within Canvas.

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Rhythm is a trendy and attractive, hip and modern, technologically accomplished and professionally graphically composed layout. It is visually impressive and functionally rich and flexible, expansive and ambitious. Moreover, clever and engaging, elegant and polished responsive HTML5 one page and multipage multipurpose website template. This template has been designed with the utmost care and attention to detail in order to produce a powerful template capable of empowering webmasters from all industries and of any skill level to seamlessly and quickly put together sophisticated and one of a kind websites that are powerfully customizable, extremely intuitive and user friendly, and very modern and current.

Rhythm is very fashion conscious and aesthetically aware, and this tastefulness carries over to every one of Rhythm’s over 40 fully fleshed out one and multipage demo websites as well as its over 175 included HTML5 template pages, readymade and preconfigured for all sorts of purposes, including a wealth of Landing Page demo websites and page templates, so you can hit the ground running with your Landing Page projects or ventures, from professional or recreational mobile app-related incoming traffic to campaigns, coupons and more, Rhythm can handle any amount of users you need to receive, inform or reroute, and it will always do so in an impeccably polished, technologically mature presentation.

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apkly landing page template
Getting Apkly as your template is basically the best investment you can do for your website. You can use this landing page template as a marketing page to present your brand, your products, your services or your portfolio. It has a user-friendly and contemporary design with full documentation included. Moreover, Apkly is 100% responsive and compatible with all modern browsers. In other words, your landing page will display its content beautifully on all devices, from smartphones to tablets and desktop computers.

There are also multiple elements included, all of which are easily customizable. There are four demos available for you to find the right look for your purpose even more straightforward and quicker. You can also add social links for maximum website growth and testimonials to build customer trust. Last but certainly not least, Apkly allows you to use it out of the box but the code is also entirely customizable to alter it to your regulations and customize the default web design to your needs.

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softius landing page template
With Softius, your website will look a lot more innovative and engaging, helping you win over even more users. This landing page template is well-known for its specialization on businesses that focus on providing software for an assortment of different purposes. Even if you are building the next big mobile application, Softius will do its best to present it professionally and attractively.

Each template fits your company background, ensuring success in your endeavors. Speaking of templates, Softius comes with three striking demos that you can utilize and improve to your needs and regulations. Thanks to its minimalistic and clean approach, Softius works with multiple users out of the box even if you have a meticulous taste.

Modify fonts, colors, layouts, images and other details to infinity and beyond and personalize the experience. Integrate widgets to streamline customization and organization of your online appearance. Softius is 100% efficient and documented so anyone can get the most out of it with ease.

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visapress landing page template
VisaPress is an ideal landing page template for any immigration and visa consulting agencies and companies. However, since this tool is highly flexible, you can freely use VisaPress for all sorts of other intentions as well, like lawyers, agents, coaching services and migration consultancy to name a few. VisaPress is entirely responsive and mobile-ready, smoothly working on all retina screens and popular web browsers. No matter where they come from, your VisaPress-powered website will always work without a hitch.

The template offers three home page designs, namely classic, regular and transparent looks. Additionally, VisaPress includes four landing pages, coaching and classes, testimonials section and all other must-haves. If this particular topic is what you are interested in, VisaPress is the best solution that you can go with. No need to do any additional research when you have it all right in front of you.

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Angular Landing

angular landing page template
Angular Landing, as the name would suggest, is a lead capture page template. Bear in mind, it is not just your everyday landing page template due to its efficiency and extensiveness. Angular Landing is put together with flex layout and angular CLI and angular material. Besides, each section of the landing page template is composed of HTML, SCSS and TypeScript files. It is also organized in its own directory for easy customization and reuse for users.

Additional features of this neat and tidy template include pricing tables, carousels, regular updates and scroll to navigation. Angular Landing has two original variations for you to choose from which both are of the highest quality. Enjoy Angular Landing’s clean design and fantastic appearance that will help you reach the goals you always wanted to see for yourself.

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agency landing page template
If you are looking for the best web solution to get your agency online, Agency is the landing page template you should consider. It is optimized and organized for the best performance. It will keep all your visitors satisfied and excited to learn more about what you do. The style of Agency is nifty and creative, pushing your content front and center. Due to its single page layout, users do not need to jump from page to page to find and discover what they are looking for.

Agency has sixteen different homes, separated into two groups: classic and form version. From image and slider backgrounds to all sorts of different effects, Agency knows how to spice things up. On scroll animations, SEO-ready, integrated MailChimp, practical contact form and retina-ready Font Awesome icons, all this and a ton more assets Agency treats you to.

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appino landing page template
Appino is considered by many as one of the perfect mobile app landing page templates. It is highly favored by app developers, marketers and the like because of its sleek, clean and powerful elements. As an HTML5 page template, Appino comes with multiple ready to use layouts that can greatly influence app downloads and sales what translates into growth of your brand. You sure can achieve fantastic result with a solid page that you are about to bring into being with Appino.

With its highly customizable sections, headers, sliders, colors and pre-made elements, using Appino as your mobile app lead capture is convenient and efficient. Serving as an icing on the cake, Appino offers lifetime updates that are free of charge. Besides, each Appino user also gets six months of free support that will answer all your questions and concerns.

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jonny landing page template
Jonny is a two-in-one landing page template. It is a coming soon template, as well as a leads generation lander that also serves as a contact page. There are twelve different niche demos available which you can use right off the bat. And if it happens that you are in a different niche compared to those available, with a few quick tweaks, you can alter Jonny to suit your brand. After all, Jonny is organized and simple to edit.  No matter your experience, you can all get the most out of the solid Jonny.

Some of the grant assets of the tool are SEO friendliness, twelve useful buttons, working contact form, modal pop-up and gallery. Of course, the list of assets Jonny brings does not end here. However, to truly understand the power of Jonny, you better see its live preview page.  The level of expertness it delivers to your screens will leave you in amazement.

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paper landing page template
Paper is a supreme multi-purpose landing page template for websites of all genres and industries. It comes ideal for business people, entrepreneurs, charity groups, startups, freelancers and knowledge base online projects. With the tiniest amount of work involved and a small investment, you can have a high-end page up and running quickly and efficiently. It is one of the most advanced, contemporary and inventive templates which you can use for nearly any page.

With its wide range of features and elements, establishing your website with Paper is less tedious and more convenient. Paper comes with a massive horizon of responsive layouts, eighteen and counting homes, blog and shop pages as well. Optimized for insane performance and fast loading speeds, Paper gives your visitors a steady and relaxed skimming experience. Start now with paper and see first results coming your way shortly after.

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LeadGen is a flexible and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template.  It’s a resourceful framework for webmasters from all walks of life to get results. LeadGen comes ideal for a range of industries and applications to benefit from. With a huge span of landing page demo websites to choose from, the options are limitless. LeadGen doesn’t need any coding for you to get professional quality websites. LeadGen is a purposeful solution for designers, architects, creatives and professionals. Deploy over 300 polished elements through an intuitive premium page builder.

LeadGen provides a robust framework for marketing your products and services to all. Seamless crafting is possible through a few easy clicks, with advanced admin options. Fine-tune your transitions and animations, customize video and image backgrounds and more. Let your creativity loose with LeadGen and take your business up a notch. Optimized for marketing and SEO, LeadGen will drive your traffic through the roof. Sleek and lightweight, it won’t clog up your server loads under any traffic. From bloggers and magazines to eCommerce stores and portfolios, LeadGen has it all. Not to mention, out of the box cross-compatibility with all browsers and devices. Set up shop online today, check out LeadGen!

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Pivot is a visually stunning and comprehensively malleable, technologically well polished and professionally graphically designed, extremely intuitive and easy to use, developer friendly and cleanly composed, vastly well documented and extremely responsive multipurpose HTML5 landing page template with Page Builder. This theme is an extremely innovative and creatively designed template, capable of letting users of any skill level produce handsome and impressive one page or multipage websites without any coding whatsoever. To achieve this, Pivot deploys a very effective and highly intuitive visual Page Builder. It features a block-based interface with over 70 custom-built, fully customizable content blocks. Drag and drop the elements and then freely fiddle with their individual settings and overall appearance and behavior.

That is why Pivot is such a flexible and versatile choice as a Landing Page website template. It really puts you in the driver’s seat of your website’s navigational experience every step of the way. With wonderful functionality at your fingertips, you can engage your incoming traffic comfortably. Welcome your visitors with elegance and flexibility, with Pivot, and center the world around your website!

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Massive is hugely ambitious, technologically articulate and cutting edge responsive HTML5 one page and multipage multipurpose website template. This template grew into a formidable all-in-one website solution over time. It is capable of handling virtually every and any task a website could require, through ample quantity and professional quality. Deploying over 50 wonderful demo websites with inner pages, over 260 individual HTML5 template pages and dozens of purpose-specific pages, Massive is truly overwhelming. That is why Massive can easily muscle the demands of a Landing Page website.

Massive is perfectly decked out right out of the box to create handsome and modern Landing Page websites. You can incorporate MailChimp, over 150 amazing shortcodes, smooth and beautiful Parallax sections, Pricing Tables, and more. Built on a reliable HTML5 framework with a responsive Bootstrap design, you can rest assured that every user will enjoy your Massive website in its proper visual glory.

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