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26 Best Free eCommerce Website Templates 2020


For everyone who would like to sell products online, you better not miss our best free eCommerce website templates.

If you’re planning to venture into eCommerce business, you need to do a lot of research, acquire the essential tools to help you set up a good website and obtain effective strategies that work for you.

Not really.

These days, you can easily create websites with minimal effort and awesome features. HTML-based websites may seem obsolete with the emergence of CMS-driven sites. But the awesome benefits of HTML will reveal if it’s outdated or not. If you plan to build your eCommerce through HTML technology, then these free eCommerce website templates are worth downloading.

eCommerce websites are getting better, more functional, and beautiful. With the Bootstrap framework that’s ready to provide you with a mobile-first design, website building becomes a breeze.

Typically, utilizing HTML for your website brings a lot of benefits both to the entrepreneurs and customers. Meanwhile, getting something out of nothing is definitely incredible. Especially when you can grab free eCommerce website templates that will help you build an online store quickly. So, feast your eyes with these free templates and never let them slip out of your hand.

Best Free eCommerce Website Templates


Minishop is a sleek, professional, easy-to-use and free eCommerce website template. It is a perfect choice for fashion, apparel, bags, accessories and other similar products. This Bootstrap 4 template has an out-of-the-box design along with smooth animations. Having this free template, you can easily showcase featured products on the hero scene and will make them look gorgeous using sliders.

You can even trigger excitement to your customers as Minishop features the countdown timer function for limited offers. The testimonials section of Minishop will also help your brand gain credibility and authenticity. It also integrates the Instagram feed to share and connect with your audience.

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Winkel is a clean, minimal, trendy and free eCommerce website template. With its user-friendly design paired with good typography and eCommerce features, this template is ever ready to wow the audience and boosts brand recognition. Thus, selling to customers around the world is pretty quick and easy. While Winkel is crafted freely to provide the solution to your eCommerce needs, it didn’t ignore the essential features.

Such features embedded in the theme includes owl carousel, magnificent hover effects, newsletters subscription box, Google map, smooth scroll effect, social media icons and more. Apparently, Winkel has a bunch of nice and clean pages for the shop including single product page, cart, check out and collection of products.

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With the increasing demand for online purchasing, more eCommerce websites are built to cater to these demands. If you need a template for that, these free eCommerce website templates are extremely helpful. Dealers is an eCommerce template with a striking and minimal design perfect for fashion, accessories, and other eCommerce products.

Aiming to provide the best eCommerce responsive design, Dealers uses the Bootstrap 4 framework. With the owl carousel this template utilizes, you can easily showcase products in an elegant and captivating manner. Dealers also has a beautiful eCommerce feature that includes clean and unique cart, checkout, search bar, collection of on sale items via a slider and a lot more.

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Shionhouse Free Template
Shionhouse is a clean, modern and beautiful free template for eCommerce websites. This web design works best for small and boutique stores, even fashion brands. It comes with a nice set of features that will help present your business on the internet in the best possible light. Due to its minimal style, Shionhouse also caters to different intentions as is.

Above the fold, Shionhouse comes with a big slider, which will welcome everyone to your world of fashion warmly. Other goodies include social icons, drop-down menu, sticky navigation and the list goes on. Shionhouse makes your clothing items shine online.

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Fashion Free Template
For online fashion stores exclusively, Ashion does the trick. This free eCommerce website template is packed with useful material for you to benefit from. It is an HTML template that does require coding knowledge to make it function properly. However, the foundation of Ashion has a neat and organized structure that you will understand right from the get-go.

Some of the peculiarities of Ashion are a countdown timer for special deals, a slider, a filterable product portfolio and a feed ready for Instagram posts. Contact page with form and Google Maps is also part of the bundle.

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Furn Free Template
As the name suggests, Furn is a free eCommerce template for pushing furniture. It is a modern and impactful wed design that works great either for an online store or a furniture company. Everything comes into view stunningly with Furn, even when using it by default. However, you have all the rights to fine-tune the look of Furn and brand it accordingly.

Furn is a Bootstrap template, so you know that it is fully flexible and extensible. It is lightweight, too, making sure the loading speed is unbeatable. A few of the extras come in the form of on scroll content loading, sticky menu, back to top button and multiple internal page designs.

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Build your brand a lot faster when you opt for Glamour as your eCommerce website template. It’s an outstanding and resourceful tool that you can freely grab for online fashion, apparel store and related websites. Considering the importance of social media as a great tool for brand exposure and visibility, Glamour places social media icons on the hero scene.

It also features a cool center menu with a useful search bar for easy and quick product search. Crafted using Bootstrap framework, Glamour look elegant and bold as it uses the black, white and gray color scheme. Other awesome features include a sleek slider, engaging hover effects, Google map, newsletter box, portfolio section and more.

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Broaden your marketplace exponentially when you freely grab Shopmax as your eCommerce template. Shopmax is a clean and minimalist template built for selling clothes, accessories, shoes and other products. It is built to give shoppers a wonderful shopping experience online with stunning eCommerce features.

In order to give shoppers the best products, you can introduce the most rated items, top selling ones and even the new ones that you know they’ll gonna love! It has a professional-looking cart and check-out design that would be essential for any eCommerce store. Other features include a multi-level drop-down menu, subscription box, working contact form and more.

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E-commerce offers a lot of benefits for both parties. No wonder why a lot of eCommerce templates these days exists in the market both free and premium. With Selling, you can guarantee an exceptional online store built in minutes. It’s a free eCommerce website template that has a cutting-edge design, practical and professional design.

Selling is always ready to make your brand more engaging with features that can enhance the look and feel of the site. Such features include parallax effect, hover effects, social media icons, countdown timer, testimonials, slider, blog and other notable features.

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Give your customers the quick and easiest way to shop online with Eiser. It’s a free eCommerce website template ideally crafted for men’s fashion and accessories online store. However, you may always modify the content so it would suit your taste. Eiser has a clean and minimalist design bundled with stunning features needed to empower your website.

Built to provide an irresistible solution to your online store, Eiser has clutter-free design pages for the shop category, product details, product check-out, shopping cart and more. All of these pages render necessary details meticulously crafted for entrepreneurs worldwide. More of the worth-to-mention features include cool hover effects, special promo section, a cool introduction of new products, latest blog and more!

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TimeZone Free Template
If you are particularly looking to build an eCommerce website for selling watches, TimeZone is the way to go. Hence the name, this is a niche-specific free website template out of the box but works for other intentions, too. Thanks to the clean and simplistic web design, TimeZone ensures that all the products you plan to push come into view beautifully. Even by employing the look exactly as it comes out of the box, you can expect an excellent outcome.

Moreover, TimeZone also contains various features and functions that will do you well. Even though it does not come with a fee, you still get loads of goodies. Not to mention, TimeZone adapts to all devices and web browsers butter smoothly. Take TimeZone to your total advantage and start on the internet speedily with a brand new online store.

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Ogani Free Template
For an organic food store, Ogani is the free eCommerce website template that will help you on your journey. Keep in mind, even if you are looking to push other food products, you can do them, too, with the help from Ogani. A spectacular, modern and very eye-catchy design that creates a pleasant experience browsing through your content. Ogani performs great across all devices and platforms for your and your visitors’ convenience.

Along with the predefined home page, you also get several other inner layouts to mix and match. Ogani even includes a blog section for content marketing. A few extras contain a working contact form, social media icons, drop-down menu and convenient filtering. Hit the download button now and make an immediate difference with Ogani. The grand structure of Ogani makes sure both beginners and professionals get the most out of it.

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eStore Free Template
eStore is an all-around free eCommerce website template that works for anything from fashion and accessories to bags, shoes, sunglasses, you name it. Even if you stick to the default look exactly as it comes out of the box, the end product will be nothing short of spectacular. However, you do not need to stop here. If you fancy performing customization tweaks and improvements, you can do that, too, for as long as your keep the footer copyrights intact.

Moreover, eStore includes a bunch of handy features that will do you well and save you additional time and energy. Slider, call-to-actions, sticky navigation, back to top button, Google Maps and contact form are all the varying specialties that eStore brings to the table. Avoid the hassle of starting from the ground up and pick eStore instead.

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Simplicity in design, understanding the “less is more” is what Aroma denotes. It’s one of the minimalist and free eCommerce website templates that are worth mentioning. Aroma can help you lower startup cost as it allows you to freely acquire such premium-like template. Having most of the essential features an eCommerce website should have, Aroma can help you set up an HTML-based website in no time!

Such features include neat and clean pages for shop category, product details, product checkout, confirmation and shopping cart. That’s not all, this template also has a wonderful order tracking page and the registration page. Other features include attractive call-to-action, Google map, subscription form, Instagram feed on the blog and so much more!

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Looking for the right template to sell apparel online? Grab these carefully crafted and free eCommerce website templates today! Divisima is worth to acquire for selling apparels, accessories, jewelry or iconic fashion for men and women. It has stunning design of hero header having all the essential elements including call-to-action, slider, an eye-catching headline, and big images. To highlight the hero scene, you can add engaging elements for products with big discounts.

With Divisima, you can exhibit the latest products available on the store via carousel. Moreover, customers can also access the top-selling products almost without effort at all. Divisima also has beautiful pages for a single product with zoom in function, category page, cart, check-out and contact with Google map.

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Online stores are always open for business. Thus, you will have an extensive and flexible schedule for shoppers who has odd work schedules than a physical shop. Let Modist be the perfect template you should have for your fashion store online. This template comes with a unique, eye-catching hero header via the big and clear image. Basically, you can showcase your trending fashion products using an attractive slider, display seasonal sales on the homepage, showcase testimonials, and simple yet realistic brand statistics.

Modist also has the pages for all the products you have for shoppers to browse, a single product page for a more detailed product description, cart and check-out. You may even boost your eCommerce store visibility with the blog page this template has to offer!

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Let shoppers enjoy shopping with your website through Karma. It’s a free eCommerce website template that has a clean and minimal design along with a gradient orange color scheme. Karma is a perfect choice for setting up an online store for sneakers, shoes and other types of footwear. It lets you exhibit new products to shoppers, upcoming products to create excitement, exclusive deals with countdown timer, deals of the week, newsletter, Instagram feed and more!

Similarly, Karma has the necessary pages useful to create an awesome shopping experience. These include shop category, product details, check-out, shopping cart and confirmation. Of course, it also lets the user track orders efficiently with such a page.

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Make your smartwatch products stand out in the market with Watch. It’s a free eCommerce website template that has a beautiful, minimalist design and is feature-rich. See how this template works best for your business with the stunning hero header. Now you can simply attract people with a big and pixel-perfect image, clear call-to-action, and attractive headline.

Since videos are more authentic and credible, Watch ensures that shoppers would exactly know what your product is by embedding a video section on the homepage as well. Other notable features include adorable hover effect, beautifully-styled accordion for FAQs, review section, sticky menu, the newsletter box for further marketing purposes and more!

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Want to sell tech gadgets worldwide? Why not grab Onetech? It’s a free eCommerce website template that has cutting edge design. It lets you build a minimalist online store for computers, mobile phones, camera and other technology products. Onetech provides a smooth way for shoppers to gain access to hot new arrivals, best sellers, trending products and more. Apparently, it uses the slider to showcase such product categories.

While those features are outstanding, Onetech also exhibits the products with the latest reviews and recently viewed. This way, visitors would exactly know which items are meant their time. Additionally, this template also allows you to easily add products to the cart for a smoother shopping experience. It also comes with a blog page, shop, product, cart, contact page and more!

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With the rapid growth of the eCommerce industry, entrepreneurs look for eCommerce templates that will serve them the best features an eCommerce website should have! Listashop is a must-have for businessmen who want to sell products effectively with an easy-to-use template. This template has a straightforward and adorable design perfect for online fashion stores.

Having Listashop for your business will open greater opportunities for you to exhibit the best products in your store. Specifically, you can attract people to acquire hot deals of the month, featured products, exclusive hot deals and latest products. You may also put emphasis on the top brands, most viewed or top selling products. On top of that, Listashop never ignores the important pages for an eCommerce site including product details, product checkout, shopping cart, confirmation and more!

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ThePlaza is a free eCommerce website template that is 100% mobile-ready. It’s a versatile, Bootstrap template perfect to use for an online shop with unlimited product options. Whether you want to use it for women’s fashion store, fashionable accessories, etc, ThePlaza is a top option. Embracing the elegance and sophistication of sliders, ThePlaza greets you with such beautiful slider on the hero section. Thus, you can easily showcase which products can boost your brand. Of course, call-to-action is added to it along with the big and captivating headline.

Similarly, this template enhances the presentation of premium products through the use of slider as well. From there, customers can then directly shop with ease and proceed to the cart and checkout pages. Or, shoppers may be interested to avail discounted products or limited offers, ThePlaza never fails to embrace this feature. That’s not all, ThePlaza lets you showcase blog articles that will not just make sense to the customers but will help you with SEO.

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Electro is another modern and premium-like yet free eCommerce website template. This Bootstrap template gives you the easiest way to build an online store for electronic products, gadgets, and similar products. This free resource will help you develop your brand online with minimal efforts. With the eCommerce features it offers you’ll have greater opportunities in setting up your online store.

Basically, you can directly showcase products on the homepage which are categorized in collections of similar products. For displaying new products, Electro uses a nice slider that smoothly slides to show off those items. For hot deals, you may stir up excitement on your customers through the exclusive promos or discounts you’d like to offer.

More info / Download


Allure your audience with stunning user experience with Shoppers. It’s a free eCommerce website template specifically tailored for shoes, fashion accessories, and apparel products. It features dropdown menu, descriptive call-to-action, smooth scroll, slider, newsletters subscription and more! With Shoppers, you will not just have a clean and minimalist eCommerce website but will have a realistic and innovative site as well.

It also has a user-friendly shopping cart where you can easily manipulate quantities of the products to buy or easily remove it from the cart. If your shoppers have coupons to avail special promos, that’s not a problem with Shoppers, it has the coupon code box where customers can place codes to avail such services.

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Don’t have clues where to find the most useful eCommerce website templates? Look no further! With this collection, you can easily build an eCommerce website with minimal effort and for free! aStar is an HTML-based template that’s tailored for fashion products for men, women and kids. Packed with eCommerce elements and features, aStar aims to help your online store shine like a star!

Among the top features include sliders for displaying products the beautiful way, parallax effect, newsletter subscription box for further marketing purposes and more! The social media icons on the footer also give your customers the easy way to access your social media accounts for a clearer view of testimonials.

More info / Download


Amado is another unique and innovative eCommerce website template that’s freely available for your website. Built using Bootstrap framework, this template guarantees to render a mobile-first design. It uses a sticky sidebar navigation for easy access of menu. Amado features clean and minimalist design, creative shopping cart, search bar, checkout page, social media icons, product details page, slider, descriptive and useful call-to-action and more!

Equipped with these features, Amado is ever ready to take your eCommerce business to the next level without so much hassle! Amado’s premium like features will give you edge over other brands so don’t miss this free eCommerce template!

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Persuit is a resourceful, mobile-first, feature-rich and free eCommerce website template. It is ideal for any products you want to sell online. This template has 6 different styles of homepages. You can use the carousel, full width, parallax, boxed, fixed, or simple homepage depending on your taste. It could be the most complete yet free eCommerce website template you can find on the internet.

With its various shop pages, you can create a detailed eCommerce site in no time! Specifically, it has different layouts for the product display, product categories, product details, shopping cart in different layout styles. It also has a nice sliders to exhibit different products in your online store.

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