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26 Best HTML Construction Company Templates 2020


For the highest return on investment, we turned the internet upside down to find the best HTML construction company templates so you do not have to. Fair enough? Building companies, architecture firms, designers, engineers and the like can take to their advantage any of the templates below and start constructing the ideal site. Luckily, no need for you to worry about the looks of your page. It has all already been done for you. You just pick the preferred construction template and finalize it to fit your requirements.

If you are constructing amazing properties, why not putting yourself through a different type of a building challenge. A website for your business. Let your creative mind and eye for detail do their thing when crafting a professional page. Due to HTML templates’ user friendliness, you will quickly have things in order even if you lack web design skills.

Fantastic HTML construction company templates will help you stand out and grab more potential clients’ attention. Your page will be fully responsive and have all these awesome features guests will benefit from. Uniquely showcase your work and services so those browsing your web will be hurrying contacting you.

While these templates work with CMS’s, make sure you do not miss out the collection of the best construction company WordPress themes, too.


divi construction company template
As a multi-purpose website canvas, you know you can employ Divi for all sorts of different intentions. Indeed, you can use it as a construction company template, too. Of course, Divi comes with dedicated demo content which you can put into play right away. In minutes time, you can now have a fully active page up and running, pushing your construction and building services over and beyond. As simple as that! Like that would not be enough, Divi also never asks for coding knowledge, thanks to the handy builder it comes with.

Divi includes all the must-have layouts, from home page to all the necessary internal sections. You will also discover a blog which you can utilize for content marketing to reach an even broader audience. If you are ready to take action, expect fast results with the extraordinary Divi.

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jevelin construction company template
Jevelin is an all-in-one solution for your construction company’s online presence. Instead of spending large sums of money on hiring a developer and a designer, you can now craft a page yourself. Once you get the gist of Jevelin, which will be immediate, you will understand the amazingness it brings to the table.

There is a full demo exclusive for everything construction-related. You can import it with a single click and all the rest becomes history. Due to its professional and sophisticated look, Jevelin does not need much editing. Feel free to use it as is and have a page up right away.

Some more goodness of Jevelin contains slider, call-to-action buttons, sticky menu, accordions, logo and testimonials slider, back to top button and parallax effect. Have in mind, you can use Jevelin for creating the best one-page construction website out there, sparking everyone’s interest in a snap.

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conixpres construction company template
Upon unboxing Conixpres, you get hit with four remarkable, clean and outstanding home page designs. Choose the one that best resonates with your company and go from there. For your information, all Conixpres layouts are entirely editable with a technique called dragging and dropping. In other words, you will never need to write a single string of code – mouse skills are all you need to have. Along with index pages, you will also discover tons more inner sections, which will only speed up the process.

The layout of Conixpres is 100% mobile-friendly and cross-browser compatible. It is also optimized both for speed and SEO to ensure first-class results. Style the tool to your likings, brand it, or keep things simple and quick by going with the out of the box version. Whichever path you take, Conixpres guarantees an outcome that will knock everyone’s socks off.

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synx html construction company template
Synx is a powerful multi-purpose website template with tons of general and niche predefined demos. Up until this time, you were working hard to build your business to the level it is at right now. However, the time has come to reach the levels of extreme and advertise it with Synx. This easy-to-use HTML construction company template lets you customize the look and feel of your website to show off your best work in style.

With both one- and multi-page layout options, you can choose how best to go about creating your new web presence. All these layouts, features and any other element Synx treats you to are perfect for desktop and mobile devices. No one is ever left out, instead, all enjoy examining your page in great detail no matter the device they use. Of course, there is an exclusive front page predesigned for your construction company, too.

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Yellow Business

yellow business html construction company template
Yellow Business is one of the most customizable, simple to use and newbie-friendly HTML construction company templates that you are going to find. But to be frank, all the site skins you find on this list are the best of the best. Go with the one that suits your needs to the T and win big times. The innovative features of Yellow Business allow you to alter it however you fancy and create a web presence of the highest quality.

The included layouts are modern and clean and lead visitors’ eyes right to the most important information on your website. Like mentioned earlier, there are no advanced web design skills needed. Yellow Business’ features and solid organization allow you to create the look with copying and pasting the code. What all this means is that you can get your site up and running as fast as possible. In the bundle, you will find seventy-five components, well over four thousand icons and insightful documentation to make the process a breeze.

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kons html construction company template
Kons is a very versatile template which you can use for all sorts of businesses, from building and architecture to industrial and, of course, construction. Choose from six different index pages and use Kons’ responsive design to give your company the edge it needs to compete in the modern world. If your page is not mobile-friendly yet, you might be leaving a ton of money on the table.

Kons is a unique and easy to modify construction company template that puts the power of the design in your hands. The simple to use code makes it easy for you to get started. It helps you all the way to the end. Over twenty-two pages are at your service to fill them with your content and attract new customers. Speaking of clients, Kons’ included contact form allows them to get in touch with you straight away and grow your business.

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struqta construction company template
A dynamic and classic design comes through with Struqta. It is a solid looking construction company template that lets you build your site quickly as you do not need to know HTML or code. How cool does that sound? Whether you are designing it for your construction, engineering or architecture firm, it will give you a smart, professional look right out of the box. Elementor allows you to build with drag and drop ease. The layout of Struqta works on any type of device for viewing flexibility. In other words, Struqta is mobile-ready, as well as cross-browser compatible.

You will be able to build a professional-looking and robust site quickly and easily. Thanks to the multiple home demos and inner layouts and elements, you can mix and match the available and start with the right foot forward immediately. No need to be tech-savvy when doing the work with the all-around Struqta.

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konstructo construction company template
Build a site that is classic and smart looking. Konstructo will bring your construction, interior design, architecture or renovation business to life without a hassle. Its impressive design creates an online presence that details quality and professionalism. This particular construction company template is responsive, easy to use and works well on all devices. You can feature your projects both completed and in-progress along with services offered, blogs and shop highlights.

What’s more, Konstructo comes with King Composer page builder and Slider Revolution, as well as tons of other treats that will do you well. With the drag and drop method, you can create a site quickly and with great composition. With Konstructo, you are short moments away from establishing a high-quality site showing your high-quality business. Look no further as Konstructo takes care of it all and plenty more. You do not even need to change much due to the fact of how amazingly well Konstructo operates as is.

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contio construction company template
Clean lines and stylized colors will make your construction business stand out. Using Contio for your site will highlight your business as professional and modern on the world wide web. Extraordinarily flexible and extendable means that you get to build the exact website that you fancy with this construction company template and go live right away. To your luck, it’s the Elementor page builder that get you going even if you are an utter beginner – yes, you have zero programming knowledge. Contio is both for experts and amateurs alike.

With three homepage demos and inner pages as well, your site will be an easy build. If you have any problems, support is quick and helpful. Contio is perfect for displaying your custom content with its uncluttered design that showcases potential and completed projects. Build a site to show your builds now and set yourself apart from the competition with Contio.

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webster html construction company template
Many times it happens that a multi-purpose website template has a special demo predesigned exclusively for the construction industry. Webster happens to be no different. This mega template is ready for you and all of your ideas and plans you may have for your forthcoming page. Even if you are only in need to redesign and refresh your current site, Webster is ready for the challenge, too.

Fully responsive, retina ready, cross-browser compatible, more than six hundred reusable UI components, Webster is simply epic. With the available features, elements, inner pages, headers and footers, you can create almost any type of site you would like. There are no limits when it comes to Webster. Let your mind race full tilt and go as creative as you would like.

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build html construction company template
Build is here, all set, to make you stand out from the crowd and bring into your fold new clients. Market your business right with a neat and professional website that you are about to put together with Build. With a full five different home pages to choose from, this construction company template has everything you need to make an outstanding online appearance.

Put in front words of your happy previous customers with eight different testimonials and build customer trust. Sticky menus and sticky footers make browsing your space a dream. Build also comes complete with unique hover and slider effects that no one has ever seen before. When you want to bring your company to the entirely new level, you need Build. Start on the right foot and have a site live as fast as possible.

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balkon html construction company template
Balkon is somewhere in between a construction and an architecture website template. You can use it for both easily. And with a little imagination, you might even use Balkon for something entirely different. But that is something we will leave you to decide. Eight light and dark skins come in the Balkon kit, from slider and image to video, carousel and one with a sidebar menu. Choose accordingly and start improving the design with your fantastic content.

Push yourself to the limits with Balkon. The thing is, Balkon has no limits. It is all up to you how much you customize the layout or maybe you just want to go with how it comes out of the box. Whatever path you choose, Balkon makes sure your users get exectly what they are searching for.

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screwer html construction company template
Awaken the developer and designer inside you by using Screwer. Industries regard this HTML construction company template as the best one ever due to the relevant and innovative features it provides. This template also contains a lot of predesigned layouts, which will surely impress you. Everything is made with responsive technology to make sure your website totally looks great on every device, from mobile to desktop.

There are also animations to spice up the experience, which include background and parallax effects. Other features of Screwer are blog pages, social links, retina friendliness and both an option to create a wide or a boxed look. Screwer will not let you screw up your website – after all, the support team will help you the moment you call them. Get your name out there and market your services the right way with Screwer.

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machinery html construction company template
The mobile and user-friendly Machinery is here to aid you in refining your online presence. What makes this HTML construction company template a cut among the rest is the fact of how reliable and simple to use it is. Whether you are a novice or a pro in web development, you can depend on this tool for its functions. Conveniently add files that you prefer to commence your site building. From there, you can edit content according to your style and branding regulations. Add media elements to your heart’s content and elevate your overall web presence.

Integrate custom media, connect it to social networks and impress your potential clients with Slider Revolution, then it is ready for release. How easy was that? The best part is Machinery offers you quick, dedicated and professional support.

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glax html construction company template
Usually, creating a website is like constructing a structure. Worry not, as Glax has mastered the art and science of site building, ensuring you a seamless process without hassle. Intuitive and adaptive are the qualities that make this HTML construction company template a trustworthy tool for industry and manufacturing businesses to name a few. You can use Glax entirely out of the box, but you can do things your way and improve the look and modify it accordingly.

Choose from Glax’s wide variety of breathtaking site canvases, all looking modern and sophisticated. Its library includes widescreen covers, awesome typography, SEO friendly code and so much more. Certainly responsive, you can access your website on all devices, from handheld to laptops and desktops. Top-notch user experience is assured as everyone can enjoy original visual content on your site. Why not try Glax to attract your customers and prospects?

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constrot html construction company template
For small and big businesses, Constrot is what you are in need of to make your web presence not only known but shine, too. The tool is powered by Bootstrap Framework and provides you with all the assets that you need to make yourself and your company stand out. With ten different headers, two footers and four index page demos, you can design the look that matches your business easily.

All the included pages and elements of Constrot are 100% responsive to fit any screen that your potential clients use to view your work. Twelve color presets, Revolution Slider, parallax effects, RTL support and box and full-width screen layouts make your site the first to visit. Constrot is stacked with tons of handy features which make your lives a lot simpler and efficient.

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responsive html construction company template
No matter what type of a device your clients use to view your page, Construction adapts and looks great on everything. Thanks to the Bootstrap Framework and all other modern technology it uses, Construction is responsive and compatible with browsers. The site canvas is a sleek and impressive HTML construction company template that helps you sort out your online appearance. Make your works and projects look even more professional than they are with an expert website.

In total, Construction has twenty HTML files in the kit of which two are carefully designed home pages. These set the mood that you are trying to convey about the business that you have worked hard to build. Construction also comes with integrated Google Maps for everyone to find you effortlessly no matter where your location is. You have already done the hard work, successfully running your business, now let Construction show it all off and help you grow to new heights.

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industrial html construction company template
Industrial is a contemporary HTML construction company template with a wide reach and a broad specter of possibilities. For companies that offer industry and engineering services, Industrial is the right tool you need. In the package, Industrial has twelve index page variations at your disposal to kick things off in fashion immediately. It contains all the necessary elements and features for your construction company to have an admirable online presence.

Projects, testimonials, full-width slider, parallax effect, news and an advanced contact form, Industrial has it all available for you to put them to use. After you choose the demo you fancy, blend it with different header and footer styles, pick the ideal color and introduce different call-to-action sections into your website.

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plume html construction company template
When you are a freelancer, helping others build websites, you might want to go with a multi-purpose website template. It provides so many options for you and unlocks a whole new specter of opportunities for your creative mind. PLUME is such a tool that covers all industries and every niche. Out of fifty and counting demos, one is exclusive to construction companies. However, you can even go entirely against the norm, pick a different demo and alter it to the needs of your client.

Change primary and secondary colors with one click, wow visitors with on-scroll content load and spice it up with animated statistics. Expand your website to an online shop and blog and create a platform like none out there yet. No stopping from now on, take the action and go all in with PLUME.

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royal html construction company template
Thirty-nine stunning HTML pages and unlimited colors are just a click away with Royal. The smooth transition effects and cross-browser optimization that this construction company template brings to the table change your web presence forever. The experience your visitors will have browsing your page will be a flawless one each and every time. Besides, you will get a lifetime of free updates to improve your fully responsive page constantly. No matter if it is viewed from laptop or mobile device, your website will always look amazing and exactly how you intended.

Royal template is powered by Bootstrap and SASS for you to never worry about compatibility issues. When you need something spectacular, it is Royal that will make it happen for you. Enjoy the live preview first and fully commit later.

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Alpha Dot

alpha html construction company template
Alpha Dot is a creative and multi-purpose website template with over twenty demos and widgets. In total, Alpha Dot has more than seventy-five pages what makes it one of the most convenient tools out there. Along with demos for corporate businesses, architecture and startups, Alpha Dot also has one ideal for construction companies.

Due to following all the up-to-date web and tech trends, Alpha Dot guarantees a smooth experience at all times. On top of that, it is also mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and comes with a high-grade customer support. CSS3 animations, parallax and gradient overlay sections, video background support and sticky navigation decorate Alpha Dot. The template gives you the freedom to bring into being the exact page you pictured for your business. Show people what you shine at in the most expert way you can think of.

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porto HTML construction company template
Porto is an HTML template which is ready to use for a number of designs. While it is very customizable with a well organized code, it also comes with many predefined front page layouts for you to choose. With new template updates, you can expect new design drops. Be fresh constantly and never lack modernistic looks. Speaking of layouts, there are more than 15 available at the time of writing this. Create your construction business website without putting too much effort into it. But when it comes to headers, you can mix things up your way and ensure yourself unlimited options. Change colors (Style Switcher), rearrange elements, upload logo and more.

For an amazing user experience, Porto HTML construction company template is 100% responsive. Your website will work on any device, from mobile phones and tablets, to large desktops. The template adapts instantly and performs equally no matter the gadget. You can also choose between boxed and full-width layouts as well as dark and light styles. Whatever you fancy more, quick change in HTML can make it happen for you. In case all this feels a little too much, you can always go through the comprehensive documentation or contact Porto’s support team.

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betheme HTML construction company template
The time has come to go above and beyond with BeTheme multi-purpose HTML template. You will be impressed when you see the amount of different styles available. Constantly growing with new layout versions, there are currently more than 260 available, ranging between bloggers and huge corporations. Needless to say, there is something for every taste.

Even when it comes to the architects and builders, there are several designs available to choose from. Every item from the list is modern and stylish. You can easily create this outstanding website for your business. Showcase your work so the guests will be astonished right after the site loads. But this is only the beginning of what is possible with BeTheme HTML construction company template. Your website will look absolutely phenomenal after putting to use the extensive list of features.

From multiple layout grids and 20 modifiable headers to cutting edge portfolios and many different blog variations. A built in Mega Menu provides surpassing navigation and custom Google Maps uniqueness. Moreover, retina icons, responsive design, smooth scroll and a working contact form are a few more goodies to wow you. When you need a template which covers almost every industry, BeTheme is the item that will never let you down.

Have you seen our amazing collection of websites using BeTheme (the WordPress theme version).

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canvas HTML construction company template
Pick Canvas HTML5 template and you can achieve extraordinary things. You are looking at a raw multi-functional one- and multi-page template which you can use to construct sites of all types. Once you read the following numbers, you will likely to stop searching for the perfect tool to build your construction business website. With more than 100 demos and over 850 included files, Canvas HTML construction company template is one massive product. By the way, all this sample data embraces more than 20 niches.

Although there is already so much available, its flexibility ensures extensibility. In other words, create your very own versions and entirely customize the pre-made material. No need to limit yourself rather start experimenting and bring something special to the construction and building industry.

Since it would take a very long time to cover it all, instead of wasting your time, here are just a few key features of Canvas template. Revolution Slider, supports RTL languages, free updates (forever) and multiple mobile navigations. Furthermore, a respective amount of headers and footers along with widgetized Mega Menu will do for the best page navigation. It goes on and on but to really feel the power, experience Canvas template yourself.

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polo HTML construction company template
Sometimes, a small investment is needed to attain great successes with your business. Speaking of which, powerful and flexible Polo template is this special page building device for realizing big things. For everyone in the construction niche, Polo helps you build a perfect website to showcase your services online. Grab everyone’s attention with a stunning design and awesome features. Get a great starting point by choosing one from the available 200 demo layouts and bring website structuring to an entirely different level. It will not be hard, that is for sure.

Some of the fundamental features of the Polo HTML construction company template are responsiveness, retina readiness, many page layouts and over 40 shortcodes. The latter allows you to craft custom pages effortlessly. Your website, built with Polo template, will load at the speed of lightning what is of particular importance for all the mobile users. Speed and SEO optimization along with cross browser compatibility are also crucial for the organic traffic.

You truly get unlimited options with the mind-blowing Polo template. Nothing should be stopping you from launching the dream web page for your construction, building or architecture services. Do take things into your hands and have it all in total control.

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archi HTML construction company template
To go more specific with your site and for all the firms within the niche, Archi template was specifically developed for the interior design services. With this template, you will create a true experience. Not just because it is so appealing to the eye but also due to its functionality. Every guest that comes to your website will enjoy your professional work and gain a better understanding what you and your firm are all about.

Archi HTML interior design website template comes with more than 50 front page styles to meet everyone’s needs. Building a modern and stylish page will be a breeze. All thanks goes to the ready-to-use demo content that comes packed in a zip file. From then on, designing and putting your creativity to use will not be a problem anymore. Pick the preferred color scheme, incorporate the desired background style and choose between dark and light versions.

In total, there are 115 HTML files, 33 index pages and 12 project styles. Along with that. Archi template also sports 7 menu styles and a solid or a transparent header. The final result of your website building journey will be an online presence which will help you grow your business. Act fast and witness the incredible outcome.

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