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26 Clean Adobe Muse Templates For Business Websites 2020


I could talk all day about clean Adobe Muse templates and how great of an application it is. And you know what, I will. It is a new contender on the block for professional website building that has, as of late, taken on the spotlight as it can dance as well as the rest of other tools.

The only bummer is that you will have to download it and that it is pretty expensive to get started. Unlike WordPress for example which has a built-in editor into the browser, Muse is an entirely built desktop program by Adobe, and it kicks a pretty good punch. So because it is actually a program an not a browser editor, it behaves much better on powerful systems, and you have got a plethora of fantastic built-in features. All on your dashboard, with loads of tutorials online on how to use it which you can consult, as well as Adobe’s excellent customer service department which is available 24/7.

Who is Muse for

If you have got a powerful PC and you are keen to start building your online presence right now (and you have got a bit of spare cash), then Muse is the choice for you. You will not regret it. You can go from nothing to a fully built website within an hour without writing a single line of code. Amazing what kind of times we live in, right?

The years keep on passing, and there’s way more fish in the sea before. Everyone wants a bite of the cake. And you too, since you are here, right? To stand out in this vast ocean is not an easy thing to accomplish so should prepare yourself and decide on what your design principles will be — this is a crucial factor for your base of followers that you will most assuredly have once you have started. You have to have integrity, honesty and a good product and those are the three bases of a good business.

To help you achieve a great business level, however, we have some of the cleanest Muse themes you have ever seen in this list right here. You can use them for everything ranging from blogging all the way to running an e-commerce shop or online store.

No matter the theme of your website, here you can find something you like and something you can instantly use to get out there in the world and start building that list of leads. And for afterward you have got a plethora of options for converting them into paying and returning customers which is the end goal of any good business, right?

Best clean Adobe Muse templates for your project


sapp adobe muse template
Cleanness and simplicity are the two characteristics of a web design that will create a pleasant experience for everyone. Sapp is a clean Adobe Muse template for establishing an impactful app landing page. You can utilize the tool for mobile, web and desktop apps easily. In fact, you can tweak it and go entirely against the grain, too, if you dig the overall look so much. There are a total of 24 predefined pages to choose from, of which six are home variations.

Sapp is pixel perfect, fast loading, SEO-friendly, you know, all the good stuff to ensure first-class performance. You will also not need to do any of the coding work when establishing a website with Sapp. Finally, with the comprehensive documentation and access to the 24/7 support team, you will never feel lonely.

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tor adobe muse template
TOR is a more niche-oriented Adobe Muse template, fitting the architecture industry primarily. But if you need to make a website for putting on display other projects and masterpieces with a simple and clean website, that’s when you can use TOR, too. No need to even do much corrections to utilize the tool for something else. Still, we have many more clean Adobe Muse templates here for you that fit other industries. To each their own.

What’s cool about TOR is the one-page structure that it sports. With this, you can display all the necessary information, portfolio, services and pricing in just a few scrolls apart. Moreover, TOR also comes with three light and three dark demos, so finding the right look will be much easier. Now is the right time to make a difference and shine online with your architecture agency.

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approapp clean adobe muse template
Hence the name, Appro-App is an Adobe Muse template for building landing pages. It does not necessarily mean for application, as Appro-App works with other products and services, too. Let your imagination not limit you in any way, shape or form. Appro-App is here for everyone to start on the internet with a bang and enter the industry with something novel. In short, the template allows you to create an enviable online presence that will help raise the potential of your app or another product. Of course, without the need to do the programming work.

Kick things off by selecting any of the two ready-to-use home page samples. From then on, it’s all about playing with different features and functions and making an outcome that meets your expectations precisely. Some of the amenities of Appro-App are parallax effect, CTAs, drop-down menu, carousels, pricing plans and testimonials/reviews slider. Make your website pop with Appro-App.

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berlin clean adobe muse template
Berlin is a fantastic and clean Adobe Muse template with great attention to detail. Out of the box, Berlin comes with three different home versions; static, slider and video. Pick accordingly and start improving it per your project’s needs. Besides, Berlin also comes with a blog which you can use to go personal with your clients, as well as content marketing.

Many different creative individuals, businesses and agencies can use and greatly benefit from Berlin. The site skin is compatible with modern devices and browsers to always give a smooth experience. Cool CSS3 transitions and effects, sticky navigation, typewriter effect and tidy contact form are just some of the goodies you get with Berlin. There is no need to be looking for a better tool to sort out your website if Berlin is something you were after. Start solid and have a page up and running in a breeze.

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nexa clean adobe muse template
Going against the grain, Nexa succeeds in defying the reality of assisting you at realizing your dream website. This clean Adobe Muse template caters to a lot of customers, including agencies, small businesses and freelancers. With the available two homes and other outstanding elements and components, Nexa is here to fulfill your desires of creating a neat web space. For your information, Nexa sports a single-page layout that gives you an edge. From now on, potential clients do not need to jump from page to page anymore to learn all about you. They simply scroll from top to bottom and back again and find out how they can benefit from your talent and services.

Since this template pretty much grasped the art, you can also expect excellence when it comes to following all the latest web trends and tech requirements. Nexa is 100% responsive and pixel-perfect which adds to its charm.

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alex clean adobe muse template
Turn your plain website into the ultimate web portal with Alex. This clean Adobe Muse template has professional, custom-made web design which is very suitable for illustrators, freelancers and designers of all niches. Customize everything to fit your practice or simply go with the default settings. Once you start working with Alex, you will immediately notice how quick and straightforward the process is. Oh yeah, and you do not need to know how to code either.

Add or remove preset amenities and even introduce custom components to make your online portfolio stand out a mile. Some of the special features of Alex are smooth scrolling, Instagram widget, counter and working contact and subscription forms. To ease the process and make Alex accessible to everyone, the included video tutorials will be of tremendous help.

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econ adobe muse template
eCon is a remarkable and clean Adobe Muse template that works outstandingly well for all sorts of online stores. Thanks to its versatile and adaptive design, you can utilize the tool for nearly any eCommerce website you would like to establish. Instead of doing the thing from scratch, you can now save yourself plenty of time and make it happen with the superb eCon. eCon also follows all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web, making sure the shopping experience is always of the highest degree. In other words, it is fast loading, mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible.

Moreover, eCon also includes Google fonts, social media buttons, testimonials and a newsletter subscription-ready widget. Of course, you can also customize the default look and tailor eCon to your liking precisely.

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arrigo adobe muse template
For every creative individual out there, Arrigo is the clean Adobe Muse template that you can employ for building a striking online portfolio. With its minimal and sophisticated look, you will have no trouble capturing everyone’s attention right from the get-go. Keep in mind, you can freely stick to the out of the box version of Arrigo or improve it according to your signature style. Freelancers, artists, agencies, everyone can take Arrigo to their total advantage.

Other specialties of the tool include dark and light mode, full-screen menu overlay, sliders, social media integration and a functional contact form. Keep in mind, when doing the job with Arrigo, you do not need to have coding knowledge to tailor it to your wants. And if you would like to get the gist of it first, flip through the documentation and see how simple it is.

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air adobe muse template
In the AIR bundle, you get to choose between seven stunning home page demos and multiple more inner layouts. This clean Adobe Muse template is a pack full of treats that will place you right on top. In total, you get 23 predefined pages that you can mix and match and come up with the best possible online presence. Of course, you can also add your two cents and fine-tune the default look so it suits your taste best.

Moreover, AIR comes with smooth page scrolling, Google Maps, video support, hover effects, social media icons and a ton of different portfolio layouts. If you are ready to spice things up and establish a jaw-dropping website for your services and projects, you better not miss checking out AIR. With the tool, you can trigger everyone’s attention, and that is a guarantee.

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render clean adobe muse template
Do you need fast assistance for your website? Render welcomes you with an open heart and mind. This clean Adobe Muse template is a fantastic solution for many professionals all over the globe, and there is so much to say about why is this happening. Versatility is Render’s strongest suit, demonstrating over hundreds of specializations in various fields and practices. If you are lacking inspiration, then you can rely on this template’s top-grade, high-definition web design.

Other core features include responsive layout, SEO tools, background image slider, sticky drop-down navigation, hover effects and animated skillbars. Render your vision realistically with Render! Pricing plans, testimonials slider, working contact page and Google Maps are also part of the deal. If you are looking for a way to bring your services and skills to a broader audience, it’s time to get your hands on Render and make it yours.

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sage clean adobe muse template
Minimalism is, unquestionably, quite popular in this day and age. People are opting to use things that are simple and uncluttered. If you would like to do the same with your website, then you should consider using SAGE. This is a minimalist clean Adobe Muse template with loads of fantastic characteristics and features. SAGE is ideal for freelancers, agencies, artists, illustrators, web designers and simple personal portfolios.

In short, SAGE is an ideal template for creative people who would like to emphasize their work instead of relying on some fancy and complicated layout for their portfolio. Keeping things simple is always a winning approach to web space. SAGE was build using Adobe Muse CC what makes it easy to modify without the need to have any prior experience doing it. Plenty of enticing special effects, smooth page scrolling and parallax background will surely hook all your visitors.

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papio clean adobe muse template
If a one-page website is what you plan on building for your business or project, just go with Papio and forget about the rest. It is a stunning and clean Adobe Muse template with an awesome assortment of traits for you to take to your account. Making things remarkable and one-of-a-kind with Papio is very possible. Not only that but the final web design you are about to create will be ready for the launch in little to no time.

Papio has a pixel-perfect mobile-ready layout which is cross-browser compatible. It comes with comprehensive documentation for you to never run into any issues and always be ready for any challenge. Do things your way surely with Papio. Benefit from the full-width slider, cool animations, hover effect and categorized portfolio and craft the exact page you always wanted with Papio.

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re clean adobe muse template
RE might have a very short name but that has nothing to do with what it brings to the table. It is a multi-purpose Adobe Muse template with over twenty home pages and many more dropping with future template updates. With RE, you can pretty much make any kind of website. And since we are speaking about clean Adobe Muse templates, RE perfectly fits the collection. Go with the demo you fancy most and keep things as basic as possible by avoiding using particular web elements. Or even introduce something else if that is what your project requires.

The layout of RE is flexible and fluent in working without a hitch on any device, from large desktops and down to the everyday smartphone. When making, designing and establishing a website with RE, you do not really need to touch a single line of code to get things working. On top of that, you are also treated to fantastic documentation and even better support. But first, watch video tutorials and get the gist of it.

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kiwi clean adobe muse template
Are you looking for a template that is right for your SEO agency, a startup or any other company that provides services? If that is the case, then KIWI is the ideal Adobe Muse template for you. It is clean, minimal and contemporary at the same time. KIWI allows you to put your services front and center without getting your potential clients distracter by anything too fancy and extravagant.

To your luck, KIWI is one of such templates that does not really require any programming knowledge. You can start using and improving it right off the bat even if you are a complete beginner. You can effortlessly adjust the template to match the needs of your company or business. It is also designed to be fully responsive, so you do not have to worry about its performance across all kinds of devices.

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milad clean adobe muse template
Milad is a creative and clean Adobe Muse template for a wide variety of agencies and even professional individuals. You can set yourself up with a fresh page in the shortest space of time utilizing all the amazingness Milad provides in the bundle. It is an easy to use template which you can alter to your demands in a breeze. Craft a cutting-edge web design to attract masses of potential new clients and grow your business with Milad.

The Muse file is layered and organized for you to do things to meet your needs without difficulty. It rocks a single-page layout which is fully responsive and retina ready. From enticing slider and content which reveals on scroll to animated statistics, portfolio, Google Maps and contact page, Milad delivers all the necessities and then some.

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smash clean adobe muse template
For an easy and straightforward site establishment, go with Smash. You are looking at a clean Adobe Muse template which is versatile and highly adaptive. Out of the box, Smash comes with three different front page looks which differ from creative to app landing and agency. You can expect new variations to be available with the coming updates. However, with the three alone, you already have loads of options for your excellent website.

Whatever page you plan to build with Smash, the outcome will always be responsive and compatible with browsers. No matter where your users come from, they will get the most out of your website every single time. Moreover, like with other templates, Smash does not require you to be a coder nor a designer. After all, the majority of work is completed after all. You only need to edit Smash with your content and you can be ready to smash the internet with a fresh page swiftly.

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fulgur clean adobe muse template
You should unquestionably check Fulgur if you are in need of a versatile and clean Adobe Muse template. It has five ready to use front pages at your disposal and you can use them out of the box or improved versions. One of the best things about Fulgur is that all its elements can be edited with ease. With just a few clicks of the button, you can make changes in the color and the text of the template. In addition, there is also nothing complex about shifting other elements, like pictures.

Likewise, Fulgur has many other great features for you to put to use and benefit from. Built for ease of use, you only need to drag and drop your content when you are adjusting Fulgur. The template calls for very little work to complete the building process of your high quality website.

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rogue clean adobe muse template
ROGUE is a spectacular clean Adobe Muse template for a broad range of sites. You can use it for crafting an onine portfolio, building a creative studio page and hammering out an online resume page. Besides the index pages, ROGUE also comes with a great assortment of inner sections for your convenience.

Whatever you do with ROGUE, the end result is always of the best state, following the latest web and tech trends. In the ROGUE kit, you get nine predefined demos which you will have a ton of fun using and polishing.

There is nothing challenging and complicated when it comes to working with ROGUE. It is all very straightforward, created with user friendliness in mind. But do check video presentation first and see how easy it is to customize ROGUE template.

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sumut clean adobe muse template
Sumut is a template ideal for photographers and any photo-related page. If you are pictures taking enthusiast who is looking for a way to highlight your work, Sumut is going to be a great option for you. Sumut is one superb clean Adobe Muse template which you can manage and maintain a website with easily. What this also means is that upgrading Sumut’s current look with your individualism is a simple task, too. Dragging and dropping is definitely something you can do, right?

The web design of Sumut is neat and elegant, putting all its focus on your creations. This 100% responsive template also comes with free updates and excellent support. Go through the documentation and be safe with getting help when you need it for the comfiest website creation.

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bioka clean adobe muse template
Creating a website with Bioka clean Adobe Muse template is something nearly anyone can do it. It is a multi-functional template for corporate needs by default. However, Bioka is highly modifiable and alterable for you to use it for small businesses and agencies without the need to give it a second thought. You can start straight away by choosing one from two ready-to-use front pages. Both are unique and creative in its own way to provide you more quick options for your page.

The width and overall layout of Bioka are fluid what gives it the ability to adapt to any screen size instantly. Refill images with one click and edit different sections of Bioka so it meets your expectations to the T. The files are layered and organized what makes adjusting Bioka piece of cake. Forge something fresh with Bioka and stand out from the crowd.

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iceberg clean adobe muse template
Iceberg is as cool as it sounds. It is a mobile-ready and browser compatible clean Adobe Muse template that comes with a tidy design that makes it suit corporate, business, agency and startup websites perfectly. With all that in mind, Iceberg showcases your content, services and other whatnots beautifully on all devices and platforms.

In the Iceberg box, you get eleven predesigned pages. You can select from three homes, about, services, privacy policy and two portfolios. In addition, Iceberg also has two solid contact pages with Google Maps and active forms.

Due to the newbie-friendliness, you can adjust Iceberg quickly by changing photos, texts and other web elements. It will only take you a click or two and you can have a completely different and personified look available and ready to go live.

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solid clean adobe muse template
Are you struggling to find a responsive and clean Adobe Muse template to launch a company website with? You are in luck since SOLID is the exact template that you will find useful. It was put together with simplicity and cleanness in mind – quite what you need! As solid as it sounds, SOLID is a fantastic solution for making marketing agency, startup and web service provider websites. Of course, you can also use the template for complete other intentions.

You can edit, improve and adjust all elements of SOLID.

What’s best?

There is no hard way of doing it, only the easy approach for you, even if a beginner, to successfully execute it. All it takes is moving around the cursor, dragging, dropping and that is pretty much it. After you play the helpful video tutorials, excuses are gone immediately and a fresh page standing in minutes time.

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optimax clean adobe muse template
OPTIMAX uses vibrant colors, yet at the same time tries to keep things as simple as possible. It is a clean Adobe Muse template after all! With the one-page website design, OPTIMAX ensures you to create a compelling web location that will attract more visitors and turn them into loyal clients. OPTIMAX is a great tool for setting up websites for SEO, digital marketing and other agencies. It is an awesome blend of valuable features and assets which you can utilize and make something extraordinary out of it.

From top to bottom, OPTIMAX is modern, sleek and optimized for top-notch performance and user experience. With a template as powerful as OPTIMAX, there is nothing stopping you. Jump in with both feet and start doing the work which will take you little time to complete the process. Little do you know, short moments later, you have a fully functional page wrapped up.

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startup clean adobe muse template
What is the best possible template for a business startup? Perhaps one that is called STARTUP. This is a simple template designed along minimalist lines. It is completely professional looking, without any flashy features that can distract your site visitors. STARTUP is a clean Adobe Muse template what makes changing and editing it child’s play. Hurray for no coding!

You can customize STARTUP to fit the need of your website in a mere of a few clicks. All the elements within the website canvas can be changed with no trouble and quickly. Some of the great features of STARTUP are smooth scrolling, parallax background effect, animations, full-screen slideshow and on scroll content reveal. Make sure your web space is as expert and innovative as your startup with STARTUP template.

More info / Download


extension clean adobe muse template
If your business has something to do with offering creative services of any kind, EXTENSION could be the right template for you. It is neat, clean and built using Muse what gives it the much-needed ease of use when it comes to altering it to the demands of your business. This is definitely one of the main advantages of EXTENSION, the manageable and straightforward approach to fine-tuning it. And there is no need for you to change a single line of code. Heck, you do not even need to be a programmer to use EXTENSION.

Along with the first-race customization capabilities, EXTENSION also comes with numerous handy features. You do not need to build anything yourself when you gain access to EXTENSION. Parallax and hover effects, unique scrollbar and Google Maps, contact form and animations are just a handful of the overall set of assets you have permission to use.

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moon clean adobe muse template
You first need to scale your project to Moon and then you go to Mars. That’s the saying I once heard from I-do-not-remember-who. But to kick things off in style, you need moon clean Adobe Muse template. Without a website, you can hardly boost your business to the levels you want to reach by the end of the year. There are twelve eye-catching pre-made demos at your disposal for a quick start of something novel.

It is the use of Adobe Muse CC what makes moon a breeze to use and tweak. All the included templates are organized, responsive and come in a variety of looks. moon is great for photographers, creatives, designers, agencies and all the rest who like expressing themselves artistically. Get your project rocking on the web thanks to the astonishing template, moon.

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What’s your favorite clean Adobe Muse template?

We have now reached the end of our list of fresh Adobe Muse template choices you can choose from. We hope you have managed to find a theme that works great for you, both regarding design and flexibility. Be sure to let us know in the comments what’s your preferred option. Hence, if you need more such awesome themes, check out the other Adobe Muse roundups on our site.


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