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27 Awesome WordPress Gallery Themes 2021


With this bundle of the most professional, sophisticated and creative WordPress gallery themes, you can create a striking online presence that will turn heads.

The web has started the golden age of art and business, and you need to make sure that you are part of this revolution. Participation requires the presence of a simple and well-designed website. However, a quality page can be quite expensive if you decide to hire a proper web development company.

WordPress offers an alternative, with the introduction of amazing website themes. A thriving community of developers is always working towards the next best thing. Gallery themes offer more than a simple aesthetic upgrade. They bring cross-browser compatibility, full responsiveness, and impressive sliders. Basically, every tool that is required for your success can be found in one of these themes.

The price is very reasonable, considering the level of quality and innovation. Anyone can afford to purchase a quality theme because it will pay for itself in the long run.

Best WordPress Gallery Themes


phoxy wordpress gallery theme
Are you running out of ideas or freaking out to get your website done? Is the deadline just around the corner? Worry no further as Phoxy is here to save the day. This WordPress gallery theme has a decent collection of one-page and multi-page demos which you can immediately use for your urgent needs. Does that mean the layouts are poor and half-baked? Definitely not! They don’t even look like rushed at all.

With special effects, icons, animations and widgets to add, all you can do is to drag your files and let Phoxy show its magic. That’s how user-friendly and simple the whole process is. This website canvas is perfected by pioneering developers so the look will always be splendid. Especially if you are a photographer, Phoxy will be one fantastic solution to all your web design questions.

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This is an amazing WordPress theme that can improve your artistic website. It features a simplistic and charming design that works great on smaller screens. With no distractions or cumbersome elements, Photographer is light, fast and fully responsive. It brings an ideal viewing experience on devices with image resizing features. This theme has a wonderful Photowall Home Page option, increasing the aesthetic appeal of your website. Basically, a different homepage will be generated every time that a user accesses your website. This is achieved by displaying a random background image from your collection.

Typography is an important aspect of any quality website. Thankfully, this theme has added over 600 amazing Google Fonts. In addition, there is a limitless number of gorgeous sidebars, and a custom Settings Panel. Any quality product must transcend cultural barriers. Photographer has incorporated useful .po files, making your page fully translatable. Due to this feature, you can display your incredible content in any language, broadening your target demographic. For new users, Photographer includes an extensive documentation source. If you want a more hands-on demo, be sure to check out the live preview. If any issues arise during installation, the informative support forum can be easily consulted.

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Moon is an excellent WordPress theme for gallery websites. This product understands the needs of creative people, and its features allow for great power and flexibility. Regardless of the nature of your art, you will be able to showcase the end result in a very attractive format. Audio, video, and image files are supported, along with multiple website layouts. Moon is fully-responsive, and it can be accessed from any device. Users will never have to worry about resizing errors. Moon has an average rating of 5 stars, and it has sold thousands of copies. After the purchase is completed, you will be instantly rewarded with free theme support and updates.

The competitive online market is sure to punish websites with slow loading speeds. Thankfully, Moon is very lightning-fast, and it respects you by not wasting your time. With the Photo proofing feature, clients can gain access to secure galleries. They will be able to reject or approve photos with ease, thanks to the intuitive interface. For novice users, a very informative documentation source was added. It offers to explain every theme feature, guiding you through the setup process. It also has GIFs and video snippets. If you want to sample Moon without having to commit to a purchase, be sure to check out the live theme preview.

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SOHO is a streamlined, creative, and professional theme for WordPress. It is designed to complement the beauty of your artful videos and pictures, with a full-screen layout that demands to be viewed. SOHO makes use of cutting edge technology, as it has implemented the innovative GT3 page builder. Thanks to this addition, page creation is very accessible. No coding or programming knowledge is required.

Slow loading speeds can ruin even the best websites. Thankfully, SOHO is a lightning-fast theme that does not waste your visitor’s time. This excellent performance is achieved due to the presence of well-written code, and a simplistic interface. In terms of aesthetic customization, users can choose from a limitless color palette. An awesome Full-Screen Slider was incorporated as well. It is capable of adapting to any screen, basically eliminating all resizing and compatibility issues. In addition, the slider can support both videos and images.

If you want to organize your images and assure that special occasions will never be forgotten, you can create amazing albums. There is no limit to the number of albums that can be featured on a single website. For more information regarding this amazing photography website template, be sure to check out our full review.

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Lambda is an excellent WordPress theme that can improve your website. The layout is very beautiful and well-designed assuring that you will attract plenty of customers. With over 18 unique demos, there is no lack of content. Each of these demos is fully functional, and they can be applied with a single click. When time is a crucial factor and you need a quality product, Lambda can be your greatest ally. This theme offers over 100 Bootstrap Options which you can customize without hassle. These make sure that no two websites will ever look the same, and that users can design something that matches their vision.

Site owners do not need to bother themselves with coding. You can construct fantastic layouts via the amazing WPBakery Page Builder plugin. Upon installation, this theme offers a solid support option that never ceases to impress. Regardless of your issues, do not hesitate to contact the friendly and well-informed representatives. The inclusion of the incredible Revolution Slider can facilitate the creation of jaw-dropping slideshows. This can display your best work, convincing visitors to follow your activity. Moreover, Lambda is compatible with all devices.

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bridge wordpress gallery theme
When building an online gallery or portfolio website, you don’t really need to spend too much time and energy to make things happen. When you gain access to Bridge, a WordPress gallery theme, you will get the gist of it right away and, little do you know, a website will be live in a snap. Bridge also has awesome step-by-step video tutorials and in-depth documentation, as well as professional support, that will get you rolling instantly.

What you will enjoy the most is the enormous list of pre-defined demos that Bridge has available for all its users. No matter what type of gallery website you would like to establish, Bridge has a sample for you. And the best part, you can quickly personalize the web design and make it rich with your distinct touch.

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Shutter is a technologically refined and responsive WordPress art and photography multi-purpose website theme. It’s the result of a deliberate design process seeking to best express the creative and artistic works and spirit of talented, creative individuals the most handsome, favorable light possible. Shutter, as a result, was built to stand out when it comes to showing off impressive, high resolution, Retina-ready visual content to the public at large, providing a perfect limelight for your selected works to be the star of the show, every single time.

Shutter includes an intuitively navigable website structure and powerful, unique and differentiated gallery layouts and templates, for entirely different purposes, conceptions, or artworks themselves. This vast degree of choice when it comes to present galleries to the world makes Shutter a natural fit for gallery oriented websites. Any webmaster looking for the most attractive, easy to use and modern way to present a selection of beautiful images to a discerning, yet undifferentiated audience, Shutter is exactly the theme you want in your corner. Get Shutter today, and worry about nothing but expanding your selection!

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esben wordpress gallery theme
Esben is a wonderful, minimal and impressive WordPress gallery theme for fashion photographers primarily. Of course, Esben is flexible enough to work with other projects, too. With the very many pre-defined samples, you can now start your thing in a small breeze. You don’t even need to alter the ready-made layout if you fancy it exactly as is. In this particular case, you can have a fully functional website live in a few short moments. Just stuff Esben with your remarkable images, add your details and you are good to go. That is how simple working with Esben is.

Moreover, you can customize Esben, too. Change colors, rearrange elements and introduce your signature style to it without a sweat. There are also tons of shortcodes and other components available for you to put into play. Esben is responsive and mobile-ready, instantly acclimatizes to web browsers and also ensures speedy loading.

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dive wordpress gallery theme
Making a solid first impression on all your visitors is a piece of cake with Dive. This WordPress gallery theme is creative and original, ideal for everyone who would like to make a difference. Even if you are just starting out, or an establish individual, make sure you sort out your web space as soon as possible. No need to be an expert at web development either. With Dive and the handy WPBakery page builder, anyone can realize their dream page without coding.

In the Dive kit, you will discover thirteen mind-bending demos, all unique and out of this world. Additionally, Dive comes with all sorts of custom-made shortcodes and other beneficial components which you can add or remove. It’s also optimized for search engines and speed and comes with a lifetime worth of free updates.

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No matter what your creations are, if you need a WordPress gallery theme to show it off, you need Photosy. It’s a multi-functional theme with hundreds of options to get your website up and running in little to no time. Photosy follows all the latest technology and web directions to serve the modern mobile web user as finely as possible. It is also super adaptable and easy to modify. Making changes is something everyone can do even if you might have no prior practice doing it.

Parallax effect, one-click demo import, contact form, search engine optimized and loads of different headers and footers, Photosy’s feature list is vast. However, chances are, you would want to go with the pre-made layout out of the box, do some minor tweaks to it and be ready to roll. Whatever the case, you can make it happen with ease using Photosy.

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foto-gallery-theme-for-photographersFoto is an elegant and purposeful, feature-rich, dynamic, highly responsive WordPress photography website theme. It’s a theme honed for a specific set of needs, specializing entirely in deft and dexterous handling of high-resolution image content in vast volumes. Featuring extensive resources for organizing your photography within dedicated albums, dynamically defined portfolio pages, eloquent and poignant single gallery pages and in a nearly endless stream of possible presentations combining polished elements like sliders, carousels and Parallax visual effects with supple and fast-loading HTML5 coding and CSS3 scripting, Foto is a photographic force to be reckoned with.

Foto will take you by the hand as you craft the most unique visual voyages through your work without having to write a single line of code, using only Foto’s versatile and powerful visual interfaces for all your theme, website, page, layout and element customization needs. Not just a multiple of header and footer options, widgets for your sidebars and more, but actual full-fledged conceptual album styling and layout arrangements, over 30 different gallery types you can instantly switch to and from within any given page, tons of portfolio options and more. If it’s photography you’re into, it’s Foto.

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sea wordpress gallery theme
SEA is an awe-inspiring multi-functional WordPress theme that you can effortlessly use for creating a gallery page. It does not matter what your creative objective is, with SEA, you can now hammer out a first-class website without needing to hire a coder nor a designer. Let SEA and the easiness of the drag and drop page building technique do their trick. Photographers, freelancers, designers, architects, illustrators, you name it, SEA is for everyone. You can go as creative as you want with SEA or simply stick to the default layouts and save yourself additional time.

In the SEA bundle, you will find over thirty pre-made page templates, seven headers, twelve project layouts and three different hover effects. Other goodies include scrolling effects, RTL support, search engine optimization, child theme and Gutenberg compatibility. Also, SEA offers a thirty-day money back guarantee to all its users.

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brailie wordpress gallery theme
Brailie is a WordPress gallery theme for photographers with a humongous collection of pages and demos. In total, every Brailie user gets more than two hundred layouts and a whopping fifty and counting demos. To make a long story super short, Brailie is for everyone. If you are a food, wedding, baby, fashion or any other type of amateur or professional photographer, Brailie has a sample for you. In many cases, you will, very likely, enjoy the demo as is, but you can always enhance it with your signature style.

In addition to that, Brailie includes sixteen color schemes, social feeds, premium plugins and fantastic header and footer features. The options you have with Brailie are unlimited, so mix and match what feels right for you and stand out from the crowd with a killer photo website.

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rhye wordpress gallery theme
Rhye is a WordPress gallery theme for all the creatives out there. It has a very unique and original design that any designer, photographer, freelancer and agency can profit from. Even though you have various samples at your disposal, you can also step up your game by tweaking it according to your style. Rhye is 100% customizable via visual editing.

With the quick theme setup and demo data import, you can start online right away. Present your masterpieces, your business and your services strikingly and raise your potential to level eleven. Rhye also has all these special features and functions that will help you stand out from the masses.

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scena wordpress gallery theme
Scena is an Ajax portfolio theme with a creative and minimal appearance. When you decide to take your business seriously, the first thing you would want to do is to build a solid online presence. Instead of using 3rd-party platforms, create a website and take things to the extremes.

Thanks to Scena, you can now start without a sweat, regardless of how busy you are. You can enjoy a swift page execution by utilizing the demo content, but a lot more is possible, too. Indeed, you are free to customize Scena to the very last detail. Enjoy the goodies and shine online.

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dos wordpress gallery theme
If you are looking for something else, you better not miss Dos. This WordPress theme is perfect for photographers to create stunning galleries. Right away, you can choose from dark and light skins and go from there. Even though Dos may not have as many predefined page layouts as some other themes, its originality makes it stand out. See live preview.

Different portfolio layouts, social media icons, about section, functional contact form and handy shortcodes are all the different features of Dos. It is also optimized for fast loading and SEO, as well as compatible with popular mobile devices and web browsers.

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Kalium is definitely one of the most popular themes on WordPress, considering that it has earned the approval of 1600 satisfied clients. This is a product that does not compromise on quality, and it values flexibility and attention to detail. Kalium has incorporated many innovative features such as content dividers, a widget for blog posts, pricing tables, new default fonts, VK and SoundCloud Icons.

Regardless of your level of expertise, you may design an innovative website in a matter of moments. This theme makes sure that the entry barrier was lowered, giving everyone an opportunity to start their own blog or portfolio website. You can translate Kalium to any language on Earth, thanks to the inclusion of .po and .mo files. In addition, it has also included the popular WPML multilingual plugin, broadening your target demographic and increasing your view count.

If you are a new user and you want to learn more about this product, be sure to check out the live preview, or the free theme documentation source. The latter is quite helpful, as it contains information regarding short codes and website elements. Additionally, the WPBakery Page Builder plugin facilitates page construction, saving you a lot of time and effort.

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kano wordpress gallery theme
If you are looking to create a stunning and enticing online gallery, we have many WordPress themes here for you that will do the trick. Kano is a remarkable solution that you can utilize for multiple purposes. It is also a creative tool with various high-quality samples readily available for you to put them into play. Studios, agencies, freelancers, photographers, anyone can profit from Kano. Even if you would like to sell your masterpieces on the web, you can do it with Kano.

Kano is fast loading, responsive, packed with handy internal layouts and stuffed with beautiful UI elements. In total, you get a whopping collection of twelve demos that cater to every possible project. With the use of WPBakery, you also unlock unlimited possibilities when it comes to designing the exact page that you want.

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helion wordpress gallery theme
Creativity knows no limits and nor does Helion. This WordPress gallery theme is all set and ready to rock and roll. With various pre-defined concepts, you can now start your thing on the internet in just a few clicks. In fact, one click is all it is necessary to install the sample material that resonates with your project best. From then on, you will have a lot of fun, fine-tunning the default look of Helion to your liking. Needless to say, coding is not necessary.

Out of the box, Helion is in tune with all modern devices, browsers and plugins. The layout is also optimized for fast loading speed, so the performance of your fresh web space will be of the highest degree at all times. Blogging, selling products online and social media integration are also part of the Helion deal.

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vira wordpress gallery theme
When starting on the web with a goal to raise your potential and capture more folks’ attention, Vira is an ideal solution for you. With its creative and original look, this WordPress gallery theme is ready and set to help you stand out a mile. You don’t need to have any skills when it comes to building pages since there is no programming knowledge necessary when doing the job with Vira. The majority of work is completed for your convenience, making the process feel very natural. Even if designing a page for the first time, you win the game with Vira.

Vira also takes care of responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility, fast loading speed and all the other technical details. For a design that does not follow the traditional look, Vira is one of the best options for you.

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Collective is a visually stunning and responsive WordPress minimal gallery theme. It’s an engaging and dynamic set of tools for the creation of heavily customizable, creatively boundless and functionally versatile modern websites for a variety of purposes and catering to the needs of all sorts of industries, from creative professionals to personal bloggers and far beyond. Collective is an image-centric theme devoted to making your visual content shine brightly in all usage cases, featuring numerous powerful customization capabilities for your image and video content without having to write a line of code.

The premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin lets you manually modify every nook and cranny of your Collective minimal website. It provides your users with a thought-out navigational experience rich in immersiveness and prone to foster returning traffic. Collective is a favorite for webmasters seeking to craft portals for disseminating modern, unique image galleries to massive online audiences. With a wealth of professional quality gallery layouts, smooth and seamless animations and transitions, polished lightboxes and much more under the hood, your high resolution visual content has never looked as attractive as it will with Collective. Try Collective today, and check it out!

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Designed by a developer who managed to earn the trust of over 90,000 customers, PhotoMe is a WordPress theme that certainly transcends mediocrity. This is a widget-ready, High-resolution product that can work with most browsers on the market. It includes an informative documentation source, and it is entirely responsive. With PhotoMe, you can display your well-designed content on the screens of laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Designing a website from scratch can be arduous, time-consuming work. For most, this is a luxury that they simply cannot afford. However, PhotoMe has solved that problem by introducing an innovative one-click demo installer. There are 8 distinct demos available, along with several eye-catching portfolio templates. You also have the option to import individual posts and pages.

There are distinct gallery layouts for those who wish to display their impressive works of art. Site Administrators can choose between various layout variations such as grid, full screen, masonry, and others. Any user can implement these, regardless of his/her level of expertise. If you wish to sample PhotoMe without having to commit to a purchase, be sure to check out the live preview that is available on the theme website.

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TwoFold is a concise and creative, lightweight and likable, minimal and modern, readily responsive WordPress premium full-screen photography website theme. It’s an amazing resource for webmasters from all walks of life looking for a simple solution to handle their photography websites, photography blogs and similar, related projects. TwoFold is a fantastic way for visually inclined people to tell stories through their photographies. Whether you are a photographer yourself or just an avid collector, TwoFold’s handsome Gallery capabilities will show off your works in the most favorable light, letting the world bask in your pictures with a multitude of gorgeous layout styles, Photo Hover Effects and other custom features to fine-tune and choose from.

TwoFold also includes very versatile Collection pages that integrate powerful AJAX filtering for you to create pages dedicated to specific themes, tags or categories of images. You can even set these Collections, or your Galleries, as your homepage, or choose from the myriad different homepages available within TwoFold. You can create your own albums with tons of specific configuration options for each one of them, and even add a Blog page using any of our professionally designed blog style layouts to speed your work. Try the TwoFold experience!

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clayton wordpress gallery theme
Typically, themes offer a bunch of layouts and components and hope that their client finds something tempting. In reality, many of them don’t, as they are grounded from limited options. With Clayton, having the right set of tools will never be a problem. This WordPress gallery theme has the ultimate collection of ideas and formats that will excite you. Having so much at your disposal is a good thing especially if you are demanding with your choices.

Clayton has various website concepts and homepage layouts to choose from, for you to take to your advantage. Every option is distinctive, so experiment by trying them out before sticking to the one that suits your needs best. No matter what you need for a gallery website, Clayton makes sure that the end product is a masterpiece.

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Pinhole is a highly focused and specialized WordPress theme. It aims to please the creative photographers’ and freelancers’ world. Also, it has tons of customizations and gallery options without the need extra plug-ins! Pinhole offers 30 gallery layouts and advanced panel options. You will get 5 pagination types including infinite scrolling and older/newer. It is versatile and flexible; (aside for intuitive) so you don’t need any coding skills. You will get to play with menu elements and mix colors and fonts in just a couple of clicks.

Pinhole has a fast loading upload for photos that can take up to 100 at once! The creators crafted it with private gallery options to protect clients’ content. They also featured log-in accounts and privacy settings. They basically made Pinhole for all photo lovers and those on the business. It lets you display EXIF metadata and to set custom widgets. It even provides you with 12 shortcodes to set special added features. No need to say, images adapt to browsers and screens in an instant. Get its demo with RTL, built-in translation and one-click import data and install. Lastly, custom support and documentation including a setup guide are available! Have a look at this responsive and appealing theme! Use Pinhole!

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This is an elegant, amazing WordPress theme that can improve the websites of photographers. If you are a creative person that is seeking online success, there is no better portfolio option than Tography. A team of excellent photographers designed this theme, and it shows. Upon uploading your picture, the website will automatically extract every piece of relevant information such as the F-number, Aperture, and Camera type. Despite its complexity and high-performance layout, Tography is very user friendly, allowing anyone to design an excellent website.

If you wish to commercialize your excellent works of art, you may now create an impressive online store via WooCommerce. Thousands of websites from across the world use this prolific plugin, making it one of the best products on WordPress. Search engine optimization is another key feature, guaranteeing a good spot on search engine rankings. Tography photos will be compatible with high-resolution Retina displays. In addition, mobile device users will not experience any resizing or compatibility issues. The photographers also added 2 distinct layouts for headers, which you can change in one click. Your menu automatically hides when not used and also because it has a cumbersome presence on-screen. Simply press the hamburger symbol in order to bring it up.

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Charm is a streamlined WordPress theme that features a modern portfolio style. It offers to showcase your well-designed content in an enticing manner that is sure to attract many visitors. Thanks to the responsive portfolio grid, website administrators can display quality videos and photos. If you want to start your own blog, Charm can offer you a minimalist and simplistic layout that focuses on excellent typography.

Thanks to the versatile WordPress Theme Customizer tool, users are able to personalize every aspect of their website. You can alter your page’s accent color and titles, while previewing the changes in real time. This gives you instant feedback for any action. Also, Charm completely eliminates complicated theme options panels and other intricate user interface elements.

As a website owner, there is no limit to the number of portfolios that you can own. Each of them can have their own personalized settings and special categories. Additionally, the installation process has been simplified and improved, making it accessible for users who lack technical expertise. The layout is very powerful, while maintaining a simplistic, lightweight interface. Due to the excellent coding and search engine optimization, Charm is one of the fastest themes on the market. For more information, be sure to check out the live preview.

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Berger is an innovative portfolio WordPress theme with a charming masonry style. You can use this theme to enhance graphic designer, agency, photography and freelancer websites. The portfolio is adaptable and versatile, featuring a classic grid, a Lightbox gallery, Items without or with margins, animated screen elements, and 6 different hover effects. Users can also toggle the option to hide or show filters. Regardless of your website’s niche, you might want to commercialize your goods or services. Thankfully, Berger has integrated WooCommerce, one of the most popular plugins on WordPress. It facilitates the creation of amazing online stores, encouraging users to purchase quality merchandise.

Page construction has traditionally represented a major challenge for users who are not very tech-savvy. With this theme, the process was simplified and streamlined, made accessible to everyone. This is due to the integration of the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, as it allows you to design a quality website in a matter of moments. Furthermore, every single website element will be under your control, as you get to shape a page that truly matches your original vision. With Berger, imagination is the only limit. For more information regarding this theme and its features, be sure to check out the live preview.

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