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27 Best Single Product WordPress Themes 2021


Speed up the creation of a solid and conversions-driven online presence with these best single product WordPress themes.

Are you an entrepreneur planning to invest in a single product business? Do you wish to build a brand as Casper does? If you do then you need to ensure that your product is unique, practical and valuable.

Sometimes you don’t need an entire product line to be successful. A unique product with excellent quality is enough for a brand to shine in the market. In order to achieve that goal, it’s very important to know your niche before you kickstart your single product business.

Once you’ve identified your niche you can now look for the most effective ways to market your product. One way to improve brand exposure is to have a website that will tell how genuine your product is.

In this collection, you can find various ways to build a brand. Each of these single product WordPress themes has a professional and modern design. Apart from that, each theme has a clean and neat design enough to make your brand stand out.

With the awesome features added in each theme, you can make the most of your website. WordPress plugins, shortcodes and widgets are integrated into these themes which can enhance the look and feel of the website.

So, acquire the best solution to your business needs with these handpicked themes. Check out these single product WordPress themes and pick the one that suits your preferences.

The Best Single Product WordPress Themes


jevelin single product wordpress theme
When pushing a product, you better make sure you have a full-blown website sorted out. Sure, social media works great, but with a website, you emphasize your professionalism. Not just that, but it’s the website that you have full control of, helping you capture new leads and collect fresh sales. With Jevelin, you can now establish a page that practices your needs and regulations to the very last detail. This single product WordPress theme is packed with outstanding features and functions that will do you well.

Instead of starting from the ground up, you can now take Jevelin’s demo to your full advantage and speed up the process. Either you use the tool as is or improve it further, Jevelin guarantees a striking result sooner rather than later. It is a theme that practices all the latest trends and regulations, making sure the end product runs and operates butter smoothly.

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For an entirely custom-made website, you do not really need to start from the ground up anymore. Heck, you also do not need to hire a developer to make it happen for you. Once you gain access to the powerful and newbie-friendly Divi, all the rest becomes history. Even when it comes to marketing a product (or a service) online, you can make it materialize sooner rather than later. Have in mind, when doing the work with Divi, you will never need to touch a single line of code. All happens through visual editing, which, more or less, requires mouse skills only.

In the Divi kit, you will discover all the must-have page layouts for a swift page realization. The tool also supports responsive customization, which means individual editing for smartphone, tablet and desktop version of your site. You can establish the exact page you fancy, taking conversions through the roof.

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To push a product on the world wide web, execute your marketing strategy like a pro. The first thing to consider would be building a striking website. With Webify, a single product WordPress theme, you can now make it a reality in close to no time. After all, there are all the layouts and elements available for you to put into play and shine online. Also, you do not need to have any experience with building websites, as Webify will never ask you for any coding knowledge. Thanks to the Elementor drag and drop page builder, anyone can launch a page with the use of Webify.

Multiple page demos, dark and light mode, tons of blocks and modules, niche layouts, WooCommerce compatibility, you name it, Webify rocks it all and a horde more. You can also customize header and footer sections, spice things up with a parallax section and make an attention-grabbing portfolio. With Webify, everything is possible without breaking a single drop of sweat.

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Strollik - Single Product WordPress Theme

Managing and selling multiple products may cause distractions along the way. In like manner, you may never focus on building your brand well. On the contrary, a single product business will help you narrow down your focus on producing a high-quality product. In that case, Strollik can be the ideal theme for your website. Strollik is one of the finest single product WordPress themes in this list. It comes with 24+ unique and remarkable demos all dedicated to selling one product. All of these prebuilt demos can be installed with a single click.

Built with Elementor Page Builder Strollik offers an advanced styling, layout and design elements without coding skills required. Apparently, Strollik has the awesome 360-degree preview to show off items attractively. That’s not all, this theme also features a smooth animation for a more impressive and lively product display. Of course, the WooCommerce integration works best to create an online store with ease. It’s also SEO friendly to help you acquire good ranks at search engines.

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Drone - Single Product WordPress Theme

If you already have planned the niche you’re going to pick for your single product business, you can choose the most suitable theme from these single product WordPress themes. Here’s Drone a perfect theme dedicated to single product brands. It comes with 3 useful prebuilt sites that are installable in one click. Built using the latest web technology which includes HTML5, CSS3 and SASS, this theme is ready to improve your business. Aiming to improve its performance, Drone is packed with features that will help you convey your product effectively. Its Visual Composer plugin helps you craft the pages of your site almost without effort.

With Drone, you can have a nice, captivating homepage as you place big, attractive images along with compelling copy and descriptive call-to-action buttons on the hero scene. As the theme integrates the WooCommerce plugin, selling items won’t be difficult using this theme. Moreover, you have plenty of options in setting up the layout of your shop within your site. Since the theme is built with responsiveness in mind, you can expect to acquire greater mobile traffic and generate more leads.

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sway single product wordpress theme
Sway is a single product WordPress theme with all the necessary to spread the word out with style. Not only are the page layouts predefined, but Sway also comes with a plethora of practical features that will do you well. With Sway, you can easily create a landing page and use it for a marketing campaign. On the other hand, Sway is capable of powerful multi-page websites, too.

The package consists of animations, pricing plans, testimonials, footer reveal, back to top button and oh just so much more. Also, with dragging and dropping, you can perform any customization tweak you want.

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scape single product wordpress theme
Advertising a single product online happens in a small breeze with Scape. This outstanding WordPress theme equips you with all the must-haves and a horde more. Starting on the web becomes kids’ stuff once you gain total access to Scape. There is a ready-made demo at your disposal exclusive for promoting single products. With the cleanness, minimalism and strong attention to detail, Scape caters to an assortment of different goods out of the box. Still, you can always customize and adjust it accordingly.

Have in mind, thanks to the drag and drop page building technique, you do all the work visually. No more coding and no more advanced tasks, with Scape, anyone and everyone can hammer out a striking solution for a dope presentation of a product. Some of the features include parallax effect, animated statistics, on scroll content loading, back to top button and call-to-action buttons.

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Riven - Single Product WordPress Theme

When you build your website, make sure the homepage can help provoke an immediate response from customers. Here’s Riven, one of the resourceful and innovative single product WordPress themes that we’ve handpicked for you. Riven contains 7 prebuilt sites with stylish, modern and clean homepage design. Crafted using Bootstrap framework, your website with Riven will be responsive, mobile-first and dynamic. Riven has 6 awesome predesigned header styles, 5 predesigned footer styles and multiple layouts. Thus you have ample options in finalizing your website layout.

It also comes with a powerful admin panel that allows you to have full control of your website elements. Page builders are not just trendy but are very useful when it comes to website building. Instead of learning how to code, now you can complete the pages of your site through drag and drop. With Riven you can make that possible with the Visual Composer plugin compatibility. What’s more? The theme also integrates the Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer to build stunning websites in a fast and efficient way.

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Bookie - Single Product WordPress Theme

Need an eCommerce theme for selling your books? Here’s Bookie that you can utilize for selling books online. Bookie is a WordPress theme that contains 3 stunning homepage variants. This theme is tailored using the Bootstrap framework. Therefore, you can always expect to have a mobile-first website along with consistency on diverse devices. Since Bookie is compatible with the WPBakery Page Builder building your website can be a piece of cake. Literally, you can drag and drop elements and see which elements match together for your website.

To help you create and manage an eCommerce store, Bookie integrates the WooCommerce plugin. Thus, you can build a store that has reasonable levels of flexibility and other vital features to run and manage an online store. In addition, this theme has a nice search feature for users to easily find the books they’re going to buy. Specifically, users can indicate the title of the book, what’s the book genre and the book author.

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apzo single product wordpress theme
Pushing a single product on the web becomes a child’s play when you gain access to Apzo. This magnificent, easy to use and feature-rich tool is always a wise decision to make. Not only will Apzo help you get online speedily, but the outcome will also be a game-changer.

While you can fully employ this single product WordPress theme out of the box, you can also customize and edit it accordingly. Have in mind, one of the main specialties of Apzo is the fact that you need not do the coding work to make a website. If you would like to perform any tweaks and whatnot, you do it with the integrated drag and drop page builder.

Moreover, Apzo includes an array of high-end front and internal page samples for you to mix and match. Apzo is also fast loading, cross-browser compatible, 100% responsive and optimized for search engines.

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Shopscape - Single Product WordPress Theme

Every business has its own story. So, how interesting it would be if you can share how your brand started. Here’s Shopscape an excellent option you can opt from these single product WordPress themes. Having this theme around, you will have an excellent way of telling your story. It’s ideal for single product, online store or eCommerce websites. It comes with 3 useful and innovative prebuilt demos – application & technology; fashion & style and toys & fun. However, you can customize each of these to suit your needs.

Furthermore, Shopscape has 100+ sample pages that you can take advantage of for your single product business. With the WordPress customizer this theme embraces, you can have full control of your website along with the powerful theme options panel. It’s also fully responsive so you can acquire more mobile traffic as well. Since managing an online store is challenging, Shopscape ensures that building an online store is never a headache. Hence, it integrates the WooCommerce plugin for building an online shop easily and securely.

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ekko single product wordpress theme
Pushing products online becomes a piece of cake with Ekko. Once you get your hands on this single product WordPress theme, all the rest becomes history. Just go with the dedicated predefined demo and you can have a solid online presence sorted out in a snap. Seriously, once you see the majority of the work already done for you, the fun part begins. You only need to tweak and adjust the layout according to your product and branding needs and you are good to go. Of course, with Ekko, coding skills are not necessary.

From header to footer, Ekko comes with all the necessary sections to present your product (or app) in the best possible light. Showcase images, present details and give all the other information that will possibly win them over. Also, Ekko is 100% mobile-ready, compatible with web browsers, in tune with retina screens and speed- and SEO-friendly.

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emso sales page wordpress theme
Promoting a single product online happens successfully with a well-thought-out website. That said, Emso is the WordPress theme that you can take to your advantage this very moment. Not just that, but you can also experience a swift realization of a fully active page that will help you get more eyeballs on your product. The design, performance and overall appearance of Emso are top-notch, ensuring superb results. Of course, you can freely utilize Emso as is, but editing it with Elementor is possible, too. By completely avoiding the coding work!

Custom sliders, eCommerce support, translatable structure, mega menu, sticky header, contact form and back to top button are just a few of the features of Emso. Not to mention, the layout is responsive and mobile-ready, too, so anyone enjoys browsing through the content regardless of the device they use.

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webon single product wordpress theme
WebOn is an ideal single product WordPress theme for everyone searching for a clean and creative design. If you would like to set your landing pages apart from the competition, that’s when you consider WebOn. But you can experience it first-hand by heading over to the live demo preview and see WebOn in action.

There are tons of samples at your disposal, available to cover just about any product you can think of. WebOn is also fully customizable so that you can make quick adjustments. Get the ball rolling with the one-click installation process and go from there.

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smartic single product wordpress theme
Pushing products online and crating outstanding marketing campaigns needs to start with a solid website. Thanks to Smartic, you can now bring to fruition a remarkable and business-driven landing page that will stand out from the masses. In the kit, you can pick from fourteen different samples, all additionally customizable per your request.

The layout of Smartic is 100% mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and fast loading. You can craft remarkable websites for single product promotions without breaking a sweat. Moreover, you can also translate Smartic and use it with RTL languages. Start on the right track now with Smartic.

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jupi single product wordpress theme
Jupi is a modern and engaging single product WordPress theme that helps create sophisticated landing pages. With the five available demos, you can create different pages for different websites, or even create slight variations and test them against each other. After all, a successful campaign requires a ton of testing and optimization.

Moreover, Jupi includes pricing tables, call-to-action buttons, contact form, WoW effects, back to top button and floating navigation. Also, you can include customer feedback/reviews that will build trust in your product. Play around with different features and make an impactful product promotion with Jupi.

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stockie ajax woocommerce theme
Stockie is a multi-purpose tool that you can also employ as a single product WordPress theme. In the bundle of very many predefined demos, you will discover one that was put together exclusively for promoting one product only. It comes with all the necessary sections and components for the most sophisticated online presentation ever. Of course, Stockie did all the heavy lifting instead of you, so you only focus on refining the web design and tailor it according to your intention. You will witness a smooth sail due to the user-friendly and intuitive building process.

Other goodies contain ACF Pro plugin, Slider Revolution, flexible menu, blogging section, shortcodes and CSS3 animations. Stockie is also fast loading and responsive, ensuring a comfortable shopping experience. You can also translate the theme if you would like to localize your website.

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ExProduct - Single Product WordPress Theme

Some website looks cluttered with the heaps of products. So, if you offer a single product, you can select your favorite theme from these single product WordPress themes. It has 3 remarkable prebuilt demos all dedicated for single product online exposure. You can use the taddy bear, ex watch or an app product. Of course, you may customize these themes to meet your preferences.

ExProduct is fully compatible with the Visual Composer. That’s why you have unlimited design options that will help you save time in building your site. Moreover, you may also organize elements without touching any lines of codes. What’s more? ExProduct also integrates the YellowPencil, a Visual CSS style editor that allows you to style your WordPress site visually. Hence, editing the fonts, colors, background, sizes, etc will be extremely easy. Another useful plugin in this theme is the WooCommerce. Having this plugin, you can easily sell things in your website without going through hard coding.

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Quark - Single Product WordPress Theme

Sharing how your business starts through videos, big and clear images will be valuable and looks reliable. Here’s Quark, one of the finest single product WordPress themes that have a bold and elegant design. Quark integrates the Visual Composer – the only plugin with two editors – the front end and backend and is very easy-to-use. Since Quark is compatible with WooCommerce, accepting payment and selling products online will be a lot easier. On top of that, this theme also integrates the Slider Revolution for building awesome slideshows.

When building your website, it’s also important to convey your brand. This is where color schemes play vital roles. With Quark, you can easily change and the look of the site so it would meet your preferences. Meanwhile, navigation is essential to a website as it can define the accessibility and usability of your site. This theme never failed to implement that. It uses a sticky menu to keep menus at the top and mega menu as well for improving the user experience. It’s also SEO optimized so your site can acquire good ranks at search engines.

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Hadona - Single Product WordPress Theme

Having a single product as a company will help you focus on the development, attentive customer service and even effective marketing. That’s why many companies try to focus on a single product and later on do the expansion. Here’s Hadona that you can utilize from these single product WordPress themes. This theme comes with 6 amazing prebuilt demos that features one-click installation. Specifically, Hadona supports the swatches image/color for the product in the homepage or shop page. For the product pages, you have ample options in showing the products like 3+ cloud zoom style and 2+ product page layout.

Since developers of Hadona understand the importance of branding like color schemes, it offers you unlimited color options for your website. Like any other themes, Hadona integrates the Visual Composer plugin too for easy drag and drop page building. Meanwhile, social media play vital roles in marketing your products. Therefore, Hadona is built with social media integration as it is the key to visibility, advertising and growth. Other useful eCommerce features include wishlist, compare, Ajax shopping cart, product quick view and more.

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Kallyas - Single Product WordPress Theme

Want to venture on a single product business? Why not check out these single product WordPress themes and get your brand stand out! Here’s Kallyas, a multipurpose theme that comes with 65+ ready-to-use demos for different business niche. Built with numerous WordPress plugins, shortcodes and widgets Kallyas is a perfect choice for building an online presence. This theme has 9+ prebuilt sites for the presentation of a single product. Whether you want to sell perfumes, sneakers, bikes, winter gear, jewelry or watch Kallyas is an awesome choice!

If you wish to take advantage of the trendy drag and drop page building, Kallyas can provide you that feature. With its Visual Composer integration, you can make your dream a reality – building websites via drag and drop. Moreover, the WooCommerce plugin allows you to sell and manage payments easily. While that remains true, the Slider Revolution also do its role in crafting beautiful and elegant slideshows using your multiple contents. Kallyas is also responsive, retina ready and SEO ready.

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Bridge - Single Product WordPress Theme

Do you have a unique product that you can utilize as a business? Are you looking for ways to have exposure to that product? Why not see these single product WordPress themes and get ready to shine! Here’s Bridge, a multipurpose theme crafted with 376+ premade websites. This theme is equipped with plugins and shortcodes that enhances the site’s performance. Bridge has numerous premade themes for a single product business. Thus, you have various options on how you’re going to push through your business without compromising functionally and performance.

Bridge has the amazing features you need to fully create a stunning, user-friendly, SEO optimized, and responsive website. Basically, the theme utilizes the WPBakery Page Builder for crafting the pages without hassle. It’s also built with compatibility to WooCommerce so selling won’t be a headache when you want to turn your site into an eCommerce. Moreover, with its big, captivating images and compelling copy, you can always increase lead generation. It also uses the Slider Revolution and LayerSlider plugin that will help you create responsive slideshows in no time!

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907 - Single Product WordPress Theme

Build and increase the exposure of your brand with 907. It’s a responsive multipurpose theme that comes with 20+ various prebuilt websites. 907 has 3 amazing themes for single product business. With this eCommerce theme, selling won’t give you so much headache as it is integrated with WooCommerce. Therefore, you just have to identify your niche and replenish the theme with compelling content. With 907, you can choose to use the boxed layout or the full-width option – the choice is yours.

Since most of the themes in the market offer the trendy drag and drop page building, 907 gives you that similar feature. Even without coding skills, you can complete the pages of your website with your own preferences. Thanks to the intuitive WPBakery Page Builder plugin, crafting the pages is just a piece of cake! In like manner, the theme integrates the Slider Revolution for crafting awesome slideshows. 907 also integrates the Contact Form 7 and WPML plugins for a more innovative theme.

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Phlox Pro

Phlox Pro - Single Product WordPress Theme

Having a single product in your business helps you get focus and improves your core values. If you need a theme for your brand, you must check out these awesome single product WordPress themes. Here’s Phlox Pro that you can pick for your business. Phlox Pro is a multipurpose theme built using the Elementor Page Builder and WPBakery Page Builder. With these plugins, you can create a complex layout without touching lines of codes and without switching between editors and preview mode. Well, that’s a nice feature that almost everybody loves to try.

Phlox Pro comes with 60+ prebuilt sites built to provide you the complete solution to your online presence’ needs. All of these can be installed with one click. The theme also has various header and footer layouts so you have ample options on how to showcase your menu. Built to impress the audience, Phlox Pro scores high on various page speed performance analyzer. With the responsive and retina ready features of this theme, you can acquire great mobile traffic with sharp and crisp designs. Other useful plugins include Slider Revolution, Go Pricing, LayerSlider, YellowPencil and more.

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XStore - Single Product WordPress Theme

Here’s another must-have theme for your eCommerce business, XStore. This theme is one of the best selling themes on ThemeForest. It’s a multipurpose theme that is equipped with 70+ good to go shops. From these prebuilt sites, you can find various themes for a single product business. Whether you want to put up a store for shoes, makeup, tea products, furniture, glasses, underwear, flowers, wine, etc XStore has got it all for you. All of these demos have different layout so you have numerous options in how you will set up your website.

XStore is also compatible with the WPBakery Page Builder so you also have lots of customization options. Of course, managing the store won’t be easy if you don’t have the right plugin to help you with it. But you don’t have to worry with XStore as it is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin and other useful plugins. If you’d like to integrate affiliation programs, that’s not difficult with XStore as it supports the WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates too.

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Kingdom - Single Product WordPress Theme

Build your brand online via Kingdom. As its name implies, Kingdom will truly help you develop your business like kings building their kingdom. It’s a WooCommerce amazon affiliate theme that comes with 18+ prebuilt demos for different business niche. Since plugins play essential tasks on every theme, Kingdom ensures that important and useful plugins are integrated into the theme.

One of the most common but very essential is the Visual Composer Page Builder along with Kingdom Addon. Now you can easily drag and drop elements and come up with a beautiful and fully functional website. Since it is 100% WooCommerce compatibility, Kingdom lets you manage your store with ease. This theme is also compatible with the Slider Revolution plugin so you can always create a nice and captivating slideshow of your contents. It’s also responsive, retina ready and SEO optimized.

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Enlink - Single Product WordPress Theme

Do you offer a high-quality product? Is it unique and useful? Why not make an effective brand exposure through an online presence? Here’s Enlink, one of the amazing single product WordPress themes that we’ve added in this premium list. Enlink has 2 exceptional demos – one for drones and the other for the headset products. However, you may always modify the content to your own preferences. Enlink is 100% responsive so visitors in your site will have optimal experience regardless of the device they use.

Moreover, it utilizes the mega menu and mobile menu so visitors will be able to access your product well. What’s more? Enlink also features the magnify zoom with additional image slider, full width slider, tab with image and product grid. Since it is compatible with Slider Revolution, you can create sliders for multiple contents. Enlink also uses sticker header for effective navigation and is also SEO optimized.

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