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27 Cheap Website Builder And Hosting Services 2021


Nothing should be stopping you from getting your hands on a cheap website builder and hosting service.

It is all there, ready and set to bring your ideas and business plans to reality. And you can do it all from one account! Not only that, but you can also do it all on your own. Yes, you!

No need to be partnering with a coder or a designer since this software is ridiculously simple to use and very newbie-friendly. Heck, it could even be your very first website creation and you will still reach the same levels as pros do.

Interesting, isn’t it?

By selecting any of the convenient cheap website builder and hosting services below, web design instantly becomes a piece of cake. Whether you are building a website, a blog, an online portfolio or even an eCommerce page, it is all achievable in a quick and efficient manner. Besides, you also do not need to figure out how to sort out web hosting, with these page builders, hosting comes part of the offer.

Whether you make excuses or your make moves, you cannot do both. But excuses become a thing of the past once you gain access to a reliable and straightforward page building tool which is packed with features that will benefit you greatly. Get things moving now and have the website of your dreams up and running shortly after.

Best Cheap Website Builder And Hosting


wix cheap website builder and hosting
If you are planning to start your own online store or simply want to have a website for your business, you should highly consider a cheap website builder and hosting. With Wix as your partner in crime, you will get one of the best package deals. It includes a site builder, reliable web hosting, top security and the best SEO for your upcoming page. Wix provides an easy-to-use environment for both back-end and front-end users. Wix also comes with a reliable and efficient support that is always ready to heed your need.

Moreover, Wix has three spectacular and innovative approaches to designing and establishing pages. While ADI (artificial design intelligence) does the major part of the work for you, you have a lot more freedom with Editor. However, if you have skills with coding and whatnot, then you will very likely want to go with Wix Code.

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weebly cheap website builder and hosting
Are you looking for a platform to help you build your website today? Yes, today! Then you should check Weebly, one of the most cutting-edge and cheap website builder and hosting services on the market. With extensive years of experience as a sophisticated website building platform, Weebly offers a great number of useful and attractive features. This includes, but not limited to, over 100 customizable design styles and an easy-to-set-up blogging system. It is an ideal tool for both professionals and beginners who are looking to start their own online projects.

If you want simple yet advanced characteristics, then Weebly is a must-try online site-building software. You can even manage your page from your smartphone or tablet. For your information, Weebly also comes in mobile app form so you can always do the work that needs to be done, even when on the go.

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shopify cheap website builder and hosting
For online stores exclusively, here is Shopify. A cheap website builder and hosting both at the same time for seamless operations no matter what. Regardless of the niche or industry you are in, Shopify is the perfect solution to creating your dream eCommerce page and start selling online. It is so simple to execute a web store that anyone can do it. Yes, even if you do not have any skills and prior experience making an e-store! It is its convenience and usability that make Shopify so well-liked amongst entrepreneurs and business owners.

In the Shopify kit, you will find all and everything that you will need to run a successful online shop and thrive. It is stuffed with pre-designed layouts and ready-made features, loads of apps and plugins and other goodies that will drive your project forward. Have your entire business organized from one location and never run into trouble with Shopify.

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zyro website builder
When looking for a quick solution for your website, opt for Zyro and call it a day. This remarkable, versatile and easy-to-use website builder is not just extremely powerful, but it’s also super affordable with including hosting (and domain name). You can use Zyro for nearly any website your heart desires. From restaurant, eCommerce and online portfolio to event, landing page and compelling blog pages, Zyro handles them all and then some.

Zyro’s basic plan offers 3GB of bandwidth, 1GB of storage, SSL security, tons of predefined templates and practical AI tools, to name a few. Needless to say, you will never need to deal with the tedious code when working on your website with Zyro. Realize your dream once and for all, and start online like a champ with a well-thought-out website.

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tilda cheap website builder and hosting
Tilda assures you that whether you want a personal website, an online store, a landing page, or even a blog, you can make it happen easily and quickly. Considered by many as a cheap website builder and hosting, Tilda offers a breath of fresh air for entrepreneurs, marketers and online enthusiasts. You can easily assign your own domain when you use Tilda as your site building service for any web project you want. Tilda is here to help no matter what your plans are. Your data and transactions are also secured with Tilda’s reliable protection and security against potential DDoS attacks.

Along with over 450 ready-to-use blocks, Tilda also has the ability to connect with Google Analytics and is 100% search-engine-friendly. It has a strong focus on visual content and typography; that makes it appear beautifully on any device. Indeed, Tilda’s pages are all mobile-friendly and cross-browser compatible. With a small investment and little time, you can attain phenomenal results.

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ucraft cheap website builder and hosting
If you are running a small business and/or are looking for a cheap website builder and hosting, you might want to check uCraft. By employing the power of uCraft as your site establishing platform, you can easily bypass the necessity of hiring someone to deal with the code and complex site-building process. uCraft guarantees users like you that there is no need to become a programmer nor a web designer to start making your page. It is all done with the simple drag and drop method which anyone can use.

You can choose from uCraft’s wide selection of templates which you can easily improve depending on your need or preference. There are also cool features like eCommerce, a landing page creator, and even a logo maker included in the deal. uCraft truly is an all-in-one solution for your striking internet presence.

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squarespace cheap website builder and hosting
Squarespace is not just your ordinary cheap website builder and hosting provider. Over time, Squarespace has managed to evolve into a full-fledged content management system that works in the cloud. From personal and commercial websites to online stores, marketing and analytics tools, Squarespace has you covered with everything. This site editor also provides award-winning layouts that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but efficient and easy to use, too. You will unleash templates for nearly any niche for you to find the ideal one easily out of the box.

With its drag and drop feature, unlimited hosting, first-class security and killer support team, making your website becomes child’s play with Squarespace. Feel free to introduce your signature style and create a genuinely customized page that will take your project to an entirely new level. Fun fact: many celebrities and well-known folks are also using Squarespace for their pages, so there is no reason why you would not want to join as well.

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duda cheap website builder and hosting
Duda is a spectacular cheap website builder and hosting that works for an array of different aims and objectives. It is a solution that works great for agencies, freelancers, startups, you name it. If you would like the all-in-one platform that takes care of your website and all the other technicalities, let Duda be the one. With millions of created pages, you know that Duda is a promising alternative that will get you going in close to no time.

Duda comes with various ready-made templates that will speed things up for you. Also, you get email support, Amazon cloud hosting, HTTPS, website personalization and an option to translate the page to any language you prefer. There are three main plans to choose from, and you can also test out the 14-day free trial.

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weblium cheap website builder and hosting
Weblium is a serious competitor in the category of cheap website builders and hosting. With an intuitive builder and all sorts of ready-to-use material, you can get your project on the internet in close to no time. Nope, there is no need for you to have any skills with coding and whatnot, Weblium takes care of that anyway. While the drag and drop page building method already saves you a ton of time, Weblium’s AI takes care of all the rest for you.

How convenient!

In short, you can utilize Weblium for building museum, wellness, traveling, music, restaurant, construction and an array more websites. You can even customize the default sample and go entirely against the grain. For as long as you do not limit yourself, the options you have with Weblium are unlimited.

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simplesite cheap website builder and hosting
In just three steps, you can have a full-blown page ready to rock and roll the world wide web with SimpleSite. To top it all up, this cheap website builder and hosting pack also comes at no cost to start with. You can get things going immediately with nothing to lose. As a matter of fact, you can gain a ton with the practicality and professionalism of SimpleSite. Also, your website will be in tune with all the modern web standards. Meaning, the operation will be smooth and stable at all times regardless of the device and platform.

Another cool feature of SimpleSite is the ability to work on your website on the go. That said, you can do updates and whatnot using nothing but your smartphone. You do not even need an app! With the practical and straightforward in-browser editing, you can quickly improve your website and let everyone enjoy the freshness.

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jimdo cheap website builder and hosting
To have complete control of your online presence and brand through your website, you should look into Jimdo. It is among the cheapest website builder and hosting software available on the market today. Jimdo serves seamlessly as an excellent small business site establishing platform for entrepreneurs. Since every website is unique, Jimdo offers you two different ways to create your perfect page. One is Dolphin and the other is Creator.

Jimdo Dolphin is a ready-to-go option, boasting a three-minute website creation process. It is an artificial intelligence web designer that does the job instead of you. You only need to answer a few questions and wait for Dolphin to do the magic. On the other hand, Jimdo Creator lets you dive into the detailed, yet guided, activity of a successful site launch. You are definitely on the safe side with Jimdo at all times. Before you go all in, Jimdo also features several website examples which you can use as inspiration.

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webstarts cheap website builder and hosting
Starting on the web with Webstarts kinda makes perfect sense. It is a cheap website builder and hosting blended into one service that gives you all the must-haves and then some. For websites, blogs and online shops, Webstarts has the material that you require for a fast and straightforward web development. Of course, there is no need to be tech-savvy to be able to employ Webstarts. It is a service that was put together with beginner and utter newbies in mind. That said, it doesn’t matter what level you are at or even if you have never done anything on the web, with Webstarts, all is possible.

First, you get to choose from hundreds of predefined layouts. Since they are all so pretty, this might be the longest mini-process you will undergo during crafting your website. From then on, you can modify and enhance the design of choice, get a custom domain and you can be live already. It is all about spreading the awareness of your existence that follows next and growing your business.

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hostgator cheap website builder and hosting
If you are looking for cheap website building and hosting both packed into one platform, chances are, you will enjoy Hostgator. For a small investment, you can now benefit from the powerful page editor and create your dream online presence in little to no time. No need to be tech-savvy either. With Hostgator, anyone can host, build, manage and maintain a professional website without breaking a single drop of sweat. For your information (see the screen above), Hostgator offers three different plans which will cater to basic users, as well as more advanced webmasters.

Hostgator is fully equipped with a drag and drop page builder which requires no coding whatsoever. You can swiftly throw together elements and come up with the ideal web design that will present your project in the best possible light. To ensure a fast start, Hostgator also delivers a broad selection of responsive templates for every taste.

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hostinger cheap website builder and hosting
Hostinger is an all-in-one solution that helps you get online without hassle. It is a cheap website builder and hosting provider which takes just a few minutes to configure, and you can already start inviting new visitors to your page. Whether you would like to create a blog, an online store, a portfolio or a business page, with Hostinger, you can do them all effortlessly. No technical knowledge and no prior experience required; beginners you are welcome.

Hostinger hooks you up with a quick four-step process that will guide you through the successful creation of a neat page. Sign up, pick the right template, make modification tweaks and publish your page. Yes, it is just as simple as it sounds. Bear in mind, when it comes to templates, you can choose a ready-made one or you can also create your own “from scratch.” Of course, Hostinger also offers you a free domain name and access to 24/7 customer support.

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123 Reg

123 reg cheap website builder and hosting
Domain names, web hosting, website builder, what else you need? Is that templates and loads of features that I hear? Well, you came to the right place. 123 Reg is a cheap website builder and hosting which has it all in its package of amazingness. You just sign up and you can start using the powerful amenities of 123 Reg right away. And what is the best part? You can kick off your website development entirely free of charge. Can it get even better?

There are loads of templates at your disposal which you can utilize for the fast execution of your must-have page. From business and restaurant to lifestyle, events, health and more, 123 Reg covers it all for your convenience. Needless to say, your website will look stunning on all devices, from handheld and all the way to desktop. Also, 123 Reg makes sure that your creation is 100% in tune with retina screens and modern web browsers. In short, 123 Reg guarantees you to have it all at your fingertips, just a click away.

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webnode cheap website builder and hosting
For a cheap website builder and hosting, you should take a peek at Webnode. This site building service boasts of its tools and features that allow you to create a website even within a five minute timeframe. I know, right? How can you hammer out a page in just 5 minutes? With Webnode! It is an easy to use tool that is capable of catering to your personal or business demands. Webnode can help you realize your goal of a personal blog or even your desired online store or pretty much any other page.

Webnode is packed with amazing templates that are all waiting for your creative final touches. Hence, allowing you a seamless and easy site constructing experience. To kick things off with Webnode, you can do it free of charge. No need to spend a dime and still have a page up in a snap. That is correct. You can use your own domain or register a new one with Webnode, too. Page builder, web host, domain registrar, SEO optimizer, you name it, Webnode is all and then some.

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ukit cheap website builder and hosting
If the last missing piece of your business is a website, then you came to the right place. Whoever has been longing to establish your business or brand through a cheap website builder and hosting, you should try uKit. uKit is not your complicated site building platform, for it is very effortless to use and manage. There is really no need for you to be a tech-savvy individual in order to accomplish a professional page. Thanks to uKit’s impressive features, you can attain great results and, most importantly, establish the dream website.

In the uKit package, you get to choose between more than 350 different designs in a whopping 38 categories. No doubt, there is something for every taste regardless of how picky you are. Once you start with uKit, there is no holding back. Jump in with both feet and enjoy stunning color schemes, beautiful typography, unlimited pages and the universal grid base.

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readymag cheap website builder and hosting
Who is ready to get things moving in the online space and create a page that suits your likings? Readymag is the cheap website builder and hosting software that you were looking for. Perfect for websites, online portfolios, web magazines and other types of publications. To get a better understanding of how much is possible with the amazing Readymag, you can first check some of the website examples that were put together using nothing but the software. One thing is for sure, you will be amazed and impressed by the fact how pro-level those sites look. And yours can be of the same style, too.

The number one thing you need to know about Readymag is that you need to know no code. It is the drag and drop system that turns everyone into a programmer and a designer simultaneously. Moreover, start with a ready-to-use canvas or even with a blank page. Whatever the case, you are here to win big times. Track your site’s performance with Google Analytics, protect content with a password and introduce attention-grabbing animations. Enjoy Readymag to the fullest.

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site123 cheap website builder and hosting
Site123 is one fine, sophisticated and advanced cheap website builder and hosting. In fact, you can use if free of charge, too, and only upgrade to a premium plan when needed. Creating your page with this site builder is super simple and easy. It is like saying 1 2 3! Site123 offers helpful features including free hosting that is guaranteed to be safe and secure. Moreover, with the intuitive editor that requires no prior coding knowledge, you can get as original as you would like and see a truly impressive outcome.

To give you a better optimization and online presence, Site123 comes with an SEO tool that you can employ to later see better rankings in search engines. Site123 is also 100% mobile ready to make sure your website works fluently on all devices, smartphones, tablets and desktops. Give everyone a chance to access your page in the same amazing fashion and win over even more clients.

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strikingly cheap website builder and hosting
If you desire to strike the iron while it is hot when it comes to your online campaign, you should try Strikingly. This cheap website builder and hosting service bombards you with a huge amount of features and assets that will do you well. There is no need to have a background in coding or design when working with Strikingly. Hence, making it ideal for entrepreneurs and other passionate people who are not programmers themselves. With this in mind, even if you are not skilled, you can still manage and maintain your web presence like an expert. Have it all under total control and thrive.

Strikingly is a highly trusted page building partner for many years now by millions of users all over the globe. Online stores, blogs and general websites, you can bring them all to reality comfortably. Implement social feeds and increase your community with sign up forms. At any time, you can also reach out to Strikingly’s helpful support and they will help you make it.

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zoho cheap website builder and hosting
Push your message out there with Zoho, a cheap website builder and hosting provider. It is a platform that you will find a breeze to use. Since it was set up with beginners in mind, you know everyone can use Zoho and all the many perks it comes with. It does not really matter what you want your site to be all about, Zoho is here to make things happen. Even if there is some complexity involved, again, Zoho can materialize your ideas and have you online sooner rather than later.

By using Zoho’s drag-and-drop page builder, you can awaken your inner designer and go as creative as you would like. No limits! Pick the template that best resonates with you and further edit it according to your needs and regulations. Moreover, you can gather data and statistics and know how well your page is doing. Zoho will give you all the information you need to adjust your website’s look and test what works and what does not.

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mozello cheap website builder and hosting
Mozello is a cheap website builder and hosting that has everything you need to craft an aesthetically pleasing, unique, contemporary-looking, fresh and sophisticated page. It calls for overwhelming excitement! This page editor is not exclusive only for entrepreneurs and marketers, for you can make use of this online tool to create any niche-related site. Speaking of which, Mozello also does not shy away from online stores and blogs. If you want to make an impression and outline your brand’s identity, Mozello is the way to go.

Mozello offers a wide array of useful features including the ability to provide content in multiple languages for customer attraction. Furthermore, Mozello pages are mobile- and Retina-ready, as well as in-tune with modern web browsers. Both marketing and SEO features are also part of the builder for your convenience. Start something novel with Mozello and make an impression on everyone that stops by.

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moonfruit cheap website builder and hosting
Are you looking for the quickest and easiest way to build your online presence? If that is the case, you should try Moonfruit. This cheap website builder and hosting option is very uncomplicated and friendly to use. You can effortlessly make a website in a matter of minutes by simply mixing and matching ready-to-use templates and elements. For your information, Moonfruit is stuffed with useful and efficient features and asses. These include but are not limited to reliable hosting (obviously!), beautiful stock imagery, domains, search engine optimization, and so much more.

With a superior customer support, regardless of your desire or intention for having a website, whether for business or blogging, Moonfruit has you covered in its entirety. Due to its flexible and responsive layout, your final creation will look gorgeous on any device. Everyone will experience your content exactly the same – in a breathtaking way.

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bookmark cheap website builder and hosting
No need to spend a fortune to get things moving in the online space, thanks to the modern era we live in. Bookmark is a cheap website builder and hosting intended for various users. No need to stick only to one niche when Bookmark gives you all these options and possibilities to start almost any type of page. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a blogger, a marketer or a business entity, you can definitely make use of Bookmark for your online project.

Bookmark promises you a website in just two minutes through its easy-to-use features and functions. What makes it an excellent site builder platform is its AiDA or artificial intelligence design assistant that will make the site creation process seamless and fast. Bookmark also has a set of eLearning courses that will help you grow your business on the web. I know, right? Bookmark is a complete platform for all your online needs.

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IM Creator

im creator cheap website builder and hosting
IM Creator provides loads of different options you can choose to approach web development while staying relaxed. While we are all about cheap website builder and hosting services, IM Creator takes an extra step, offering its goodies free of charge. However, it does not always necessarily mean that if a tool is free, it is half-baked. Of course not! Just take IM Creator as a good example of how much you can accomplish on the web even without spending a single penny. Still, once you grow to a certain extent, you can always upgrade to a greater plan and take things to new heights.

IM Creator follows all the latest technology trends and web regulations to always make sure you are given the right set of tools that are performing at the greatest level. With this in mind, your newly designed page will also stand the test of time, never giving off a feeling of it being outdated. Besides, with IM Creator’s XPRS mobile application, you can always update and make minor adjustments to your website on the go. Indeed, from your handheld device!

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doodlekit cheap website builder and hosting
There is a lot of coolness within the Doodlekit cheap website builder and hosting software kit. First and foremost, you have all the must-haves of a modern web page. In fact, you will find quite a decent amount of assets and traits that you can utilize for your sophisticated internet appearance. Make it special with your added personal touch and see the difference. There are multiple pre-designed layouts at your disposal, but you can also take things a step further with your creative personality. Add icons and fonts, implement special background patterns and spice up the web design with custom border effects.

Some of the advanced Doodlekit features include search engine optimization, mobile-readiness, form builder and interest-sparking galleries. You can also set up a forum and create a loyal community quickly. Start with Doodlekit for free, and see how much it can do for you. Use the plan for as long as it serves your needs. On the other hand, once you see the growth of your page impacting its performance, you can always upgrade to an appropriate plan.

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godaddy cheap website builder and hosting
GoDaddy is a web host behemoth that also offers a website builder all from one location. It is definitely a cheap website builder and hosting software that powers millions of pages all around the world. You can do both online stores and websites and get online in a snap. You are ready to make a change and GoDaddy is here to help you out on your journey to a triumphant launch of a banging page. There are multiple plans to choose from what gives you more options and freedom with your web design.

With GoDaddy’s do-it-yourself page builder, you do not need to hire anyone to help you establish the necessary page. A website is one of the number one marketing tools to take your business to the epic levels of success. Consider making one ASAP or, like, now, with GoDaddy. After all, you can start for free, but most importantly, you can craft an awe-inspiring web space in little to no time.

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