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30 Brilliant WordPress Themes for Designers 2021


Here you will find the best WordPress themes for designers of any kind from graphic designers to product designers.

A quick look at the past and we would see that most of our history was shaped by the need for proper advertisement. It is the reason why most radio and television broadcasts are free. However, the marketing field has grown to a level that is beyond the reach of the medium-sized business.

If we were to set aside newspaper ads and bus stop posters, there is little you can do without a few tens of thousands of dollars.

An unlikely solution came from the internet. Initially developed as a way for scientists to communicate with their peers from across the globe, it has blossomed into a virtual international infrastructure whose entire potential has yet to be charted.

Its services are largely free or dirt-cheap, allowing startups to compete with even the richest of corporations. Basically, if used properly, the internet can be an enormous billboard that the entire planet can see.

As a designer, this is a golden opportunity. Even with a very limited budget, one could purchase a theme, create a website, and start dominating his/her specific activity niche. A simple, bare-bones website can do the job, but it is less impressive than a customized page which includes a high-quality WordPress theme.

Designer WordPress Themes

These themes are not just skins; they are useful kits akin to Swiss Army Knives. Each developer tries to include as many plugins and features as possible, preparing the customer for any situation. As a talented designer, this plethora of features will give you a blank canvas.

You will have the opportunity to shape and mold your page, tailoring each detail in order to fit your specifications. This is a luxury that past generations of entrepreneurs could not afford, and as previously mentioned, the cost is negligible.

If you will succeed in designing an impressive web page for your agency or company, your viewer numbers will skyrocket and your client base will multiply.

When considering public perception, you really cannot afford to have a sloppy website, especially if you are a designer. Would you trust a tailor that is poorly dressed? The same principle applies to your page. Do not rush into making a decision, because WordPress has an impressive variety of themes that are available for everyone.

Try and plan out your profile, and think about the features and plugins that you will need. And with that, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress themes for designers:


jevelin-creative-agency-wordpress-templateJevelin is a modern and highly customizable WordPress theme for designers.

You can easily customize Jevelin to suit your most exacting specifications through a completely visual process as well as an advanced admin panel that lets you easily customize your header and footers styles and layouts, fine-tune your color schemes on each page or independently animate each of your individual elements to your liking. Jevelin is ideal for deploying a multitude of shortcodes in creative ways, while advanced background capabilities for your every section including Parallax and Video backgrounds that keep your websites dynamic and lively and your audience interested and engaged. Multiple blog and portfolio layouts, built-in social sharing and much more await within. Check out Jevelin now!

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Adios is a stylish and responsive WordPress creative portfolio website theme. A fresh and stunning theme for building unique, modern websites. Perfect for all sorts of applications, Adios is nothing if not flexible. No coding skills are necessary to make the most of Adios. Simply select your desired demo website and fine-tune it in a matter of minutes. Customization is strictly drag-and-drop, accessible to webmasters from all backgrounds. Lightning-fast coding combined with SEO enhancement makes Adios very competitive.

You don’t need a big price tag to get high-end results with Adios. Elegant elements and modules are at your fingertips, sprucing up your pages in a flash. Introduce your staff, showcase your products or show off your portfolio with Adios. Seamless, lightweight animations keep your pages interesting and engaging. Your audience will connect with your content in a memorable way. That’s why artists and creative webmasters love Adios. It’s the ideal conduit for them to channel their artistic vision online in a few easy steps. The depth and flexibility of the tools provided are astounding. But in-depth documentation will take you by the hand through the entire process. Strut your stuff in style tonight, with Adios at your side!

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Divi, due to its insane versatility and 100% customizable web design, is also a WordPress theme for designers. With the page canvas, you can have your online portfolio up in mere minutes. However, you can always take the extra step and introduce your signature style to Divi and forge your dream website. With the amazing drag and drop site editor, you can make your page visually, without the need to get behind the scenes, touching the source code. This comes very handily for both beginners and professionals.

The list of features Divi comes with is endless. From ready-to-use layouts and RTL readiness to mobile and retina compatibility, fantastic security and top-notch support, you get it all and a ton more with Divi. Without breaking a single drop of sweat, you will have a designer page up and ready to entice new clients quickly.

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Uncode is a creative and mobile-friendly WordPress theme for designers. To achieve this, Uncode comes with the premium WPBakery Page Builder, greatly simplifying the design and construction process for webmasters of any background or skill level to achieve professional-quality results.

The gorgeous premium Slider Revolution plugin also comes with the package at no additional cost, as is the clean-cut Isotope masonry grid plugin, essentially giving you power over every nook and cranny of your website’s look and feel, without having to write a single line of code. Uncode counts with over 30 conceptually unique, graphically polished and very creatively inspired niche market application demo websites you can swiftly make your own through advanced theme options and customization tools, add your content and go live in your own pixel perfect website. Thoroughly based on Bootstrap, Uncode’s modular design makes this powerful theme a sound ally in all your website building pursuits. Try Uncode today!

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With the extensive resource of features and functions, you can easily use Webify as a WordPress theme for designers. In fact, it even comes with a bunch of ready-to-use demo content, which calls for a quick start of something fresh. Whether you are just starting out or are already an established designer, a website is almost a must for both cases. When doing the work with Webify, you do not really need to be tech-savvy to be able to build an online presence as pros do. First and foremost, there will be no coding involved. It is the dragging and dropping technique that saves the day.

Webify also comes with tons of extra material, beautiful galleries, enticing portfolios, headers, footers, shortcodes, you name it. The list of features goes on and on. Besides, you can always introduce your creative touch and modify Webify to your liking precisely.

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pile-fullcreen-portfolio-wp-website-templateA well-constructed WordPress theme that is made for creative designers. The creators added a live preview to this theme, along with some screenshots. If you are having problems during the installation process, the developers have included some informative video tutorials, along with some impressive online documentation. Pile is versatile, making it ideal for displaying personal projects and portfolios. Typographers, creative agencies, photographers, and art illustrators can use this awesome theme. You need to showcase samples and demonstrations, and thankfully, Pile has everything you need in order to make that happen.

The developers attempted to strike a difficult balance, making their product fit for business, yet is artistic and full of personality. This also creates a nice feeling of restrained energy and untapped potential, which can only be accessed by the best designers. Additionally, it makes good use of screen space, where you will get the impression that there is something marvelous hidden beneath the all-too-familiar layout standards. Between page blocks, the theme employs seamless parallax scrolling, guiding your gaze towards specific areas of your screen. Also, this is a tour without words, and an excellent way of demonstrating your mastery over your craft. All of its features seem to have paid off, as Pile has been downloaded over 580 times, and counting.

Setup is easy and intuitive, so you will not have to wait a long time. It only takes a few minutes from the moment of purchase, until the site is up and running. User-friendliness plays a key role, as the theme is expected to be easy to understand, even by those that are not that tech-savvy.

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corpuse - creative portfolio wordpress theme

Corpus packs the punch to make your content vibrant and pulsating, with Retina-ready graphics that’ll make colors jump out of the screen. It also has smooth, cutting-edge CSS animations that will perk up every aspect of your user’s navigational experience.

Get in the driver’s seat with the powerful Redux framework admin panel options and WPBakery’s WPBakery Page Builder. Once you’ve crafted your dream pages with all the convenient shortcodes and widgets at hand, you’re ready to start filling them out with your content. Videos, high-resolution images, image galleries, plentiful portfolio options, portfolio carousels to show off your work, Featured sections to showcase your brightest works, HTML5, CSS3, and LESS-powered impressive Parallax scrolling and background sections, full-width portfolios, backgrounds and elements, endless sidebars and incredible sliders. Corpus is a visual bonanza, ready to empower your content to draw all eyes online to it. Are you ready for all the attention?

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sway wordpress theme for designers
Sway is a WordPress theme for designers who are looking for something more. More in the form of stunning designs, amazing features, elements, blocks, you name it, Sway covers it. On top of that, with the drag and drop page builder, you unlock unlimited possibilities that will take you to the next level.

Catchy animations, filterable portfolio, testimonial carousel, call-to-actions, social buttons and many more amenities come with Sway. The theme also loads fast, adapts to any screen size and works in great harmony with search engines. There you have it, share your works and services with the world using Sway.

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Calafate is a colorful and responsive WordPress creative portfolio and WooCommerce website theme. It is a resourceful platform for constructing unique websites with ease, handcrafted for creative freedom of expression. You can shape your pages within minutes in exquisite style without any coding work. Calafate is perfect for showcasing your content to your audience in clever ways. Additionally, it is a unique portfolio grid that can charm your visitors with your accomplishments. Convenient masonry wall and standard item grid layouts are at your disposal as well.

Tons of crafty portfolio hover styles are yours for the choosing. Designers love Calafate because it lets them express themselves precisely and as much as they want to. Awesome Hero features with custom fade-ins are but a few clicks away.  You can combine these with single images, image sliders or even self-hosted video content. A creative blogging layout is also provided for you to communicate with your audience. Websites live and die by their content production, and Calafate lets you turn it up a notch or two. With impressive commercial features, designers can market their products and service packages without complication. The WooCommerce platform handles your payment gateways and checkout pages out of the box. Give Calafate a go today!

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bridge wordpress theme for designers
So, you are on the hunt for the best WordPress themes for designers. To your luck, you came to the right place! Bridge is an outstandingly gorgeous, effortless-to-use and highly customizable tool that will get your brand out there. With it, you will not have a problem winning over new clients and get your work noticed and liked on a global scale. After all, with a simple website, you can reach all corners of the world and get everyone to see what you excel at.

When it comes to Bridge, creativity knows no limits, except maybe your imagination not operating at full whack. Think outside the box, implement your signature touch to it, and you can have an impactful website advertising your design works. Start with what Bridge has at your service and go from there.

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ryancv wordpress theme for designers
If you are on the hunt for the best WordPress theme for designers, you better not miss checking out RyanCV. It is a magnificent tool that anyone can utilize and take to their total advantage. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, you will succeed with RyanCV undoubtedly. Bear in mind, RyanCV even comes with a dedicated predefined demo just for designers. However, in total, RyanCV comes with more than ten samples and there are even more to drop.

RyanCV supports the creation of both one- and multi-page website quickly and effectively. It also comes with the Elementor drag and drop page builder for effortless customization and editing. Not to mention, if you would like to sell your creations, you can do it with the WooCommerce shop. Needless to say, RyanCV also sports all the latest trends, making sure the performance of your website will be top-notch at all times.

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sahel wordpress themes for designers
Creative minds , are you ready to make a difference? Here is Sahel, a spectacular and modern WordPress theme for designers. With its multiple creative, astonishing and appealing-to-the-eye demos, you can construct a web space that will take everyone’s breaths away. Your portfolio will stand the test of time, always pushing your works and projects in a unique and impressive way. With Sahel, you can also expand to an online store and sell your artwork and other items that will help you take your career to new heights.

A horde of layouts, shortcodes, widgets and other useful elements are ready and set for you to utilize. In short, you can customize Sahel’s look any way you want, but it’s the very many samples that you can get access to that will do the trick.

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vim wordpress theme for designers
If you are on the hunt for a sophisticated, modern, and easy-to-use WordPress theme for designers, VIM is an excellent choice. It brings to the table everything you need to create an outstanding page. Use it to market your services in style and take your business to a new degree. You do not really need to be tech-savvy to have a chance to work with VIM. Anyone, even a complete beginner, can kick things off like a champ with VIM and all the layouts and features it comes with.

Some of the amenities of VIM include two headers, five hover effects, floating columns, parallax and video backgrounds, and advanced footer options. VIM also includes several samples, outstanding shortcode functions, as well as MailChimp and Contact Form 7 support. Push your design works with the creative and interest sparking VIM and win the game.

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glitche wordpress theme for designers
If you would like to differentiate yourself from the competition, Glitche is one of the best WordPress themes for designers to go with. It comes with a unique and eye-catchy web design that will spark everyone’s curiosity. Use Glitche to create a solid online presence for all your fascinating works, as well as to chat more about yourself, your business and, of course, to attract new potential clients. By the way, with Glitche, you can create both one- and multi-page online resume websites. Choose the demo and style that best resonates with you and go from there.

Dark and light mode, RTL support, skillbars, unlimited colors, six different backgrounds, Contact Form 7 — the list of features just goes on and on! All this tells you is that Glitche is a full-blown theme which will help you establish a contemporary, yet sophisticated, web space easily, without the need to touch a single line of code.

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pxlz wordpress theme for designers
With its creative layout and adaptive approach, Pxlz is a phenomenal WordPress theme for designers and other creative individuals. In short, whether you are a freelancer or run an agency, Pxlz has a layout for you and your services. Present your works and projects in the best possible light and spark potential clients’ interests. Show them what you excel at and inform everyone about how you can benefit their company. When the web design is predefined for you, all the rest happens smoothly and efficiently.

Pxlz is pixel-perfect (hence the name), responsive and compatible with all popular web browsers. With the broad assortment of demos that will spark your curiosity, you can see your fresh page live quickly. Additionally, Pxlz covers shop and blog pages. Unleash your creative animal, couple it with Pxlz, and stand out from the masses.

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An ideal for design industry websites of all kinds, ranging from freelance designer portfolios to professional design firm websites, mobile designer application showcases; web designer portfolios and much more. If you wish to exhibit the breadth and length of your content to the world at large in a brilliant and polished presentation that puts you completely in the driver’s seat for every step of the website building experience, Throne is your theme. Equipped with tons of widgets, gorgeous CSS3 animations, sophisticated HTML5, YouTube and Vimeo support, functional Contact Form 7 page templates and tons of Homepage, Portfolio, layout and grid styles, Throne is a scaffolding for you to prop up the design projects and portfolios of your wildest dreams. Step up to the Throne!

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somo wordpress theme for designers
Somo is a very impactful WordPress theme for designers and other creative individuals. With Somo, you can start on the internet in little to no time. Not just that, but your online presence will be to die for. You get loads of different home page variations to find the one that triggers your interest easily. Eight to be exact.

Your journey does not end here.

Somo offers you to edit and adjust the layout visually with the method of dragging and dropping. With that in mind, you know you do not need to be a pro coder to be able to work with Somo. Anyone can, even someone who is a first-timer. To create a website that will raise your potential through the roof, all you need is Somo. See live preview and you will be hooked on it immediately.

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oxer wordpress theme for designers
Oxer is a very simplistic WordPress theme for designers and creatives. If you do not want to be overwhelmed with too much material, Oxer is the way to go. It is a tool that you can put into play immediately, offering you a speedy site realization. Also, Oxer is for just about everyone, regardless of your skill level when it comes to building websites. In fact, even if you are about to set up your first one, with Oxer, you will do it like a pro. Let the coding not scare you since there will be no coding whatsoever.

Superb home page, categorized portfolio, various inner layouts, pop-ups, SEO-friendly, you name it, Oxer rocks it all and then some. If you would like everyone to go wow when they land on your website, consider using the amazing Oxer now. Keep in mind, from the moment you start using the theme to having a page ready will pass very little time.

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H-Code is a multipurpose WordPress theme made to impact. It uses premium quality pages builders and framework, providing tons of pre-built choices. It’s a theme meant for diversity, but you will find it to have many creative and design inclinations. H-Code comes with +55 homepages divided into two sections. These are multiple and one-page layouts. It includes 3 amazing sliders (Revolution Slider, OWL Slider, and Bootstrap). Photos and videos galleries can be handled with Lightbox. H-Code has an admin panel simplified and influenced by Redux framework. It uses many shortcodes that avoid the need for coding.

You also get Google Maps, WMPL, WooCommerce and Contact 7 form compatibility. H-Code is open to social media sharing, as many of its elements are linked to publishing on platforms. You will find fonts and icons of very good reputation featured for posts. Go through the layouts section to find cool blogs and portfolio styles for designers. This theme is thought to satisfy the artistically gifted first and then everyone. This is, however, without neglecting its great performance. H-Code has vast documentation, HD narrative tutorials, and a well-reviewed support team. Enjoy this pixel-perfect ThemeZaa creation. Go for H-Code for designers!

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ohio wordpress theme
Ohio is a fantastic and all-around WordPress theme for building online portfolios. As a designer, you will greatly profit from Ohio and all the amazing page layouts and features that it sports. There are tons of catchy samples available, compatible both with Elementor and WPBakery page builders.

Moreover, Ohio comes with hundreds of widgets and shortcodes, different menu styles, neat single project layouts, portfolios and the list goes on. It is also fully optimized for mobile devices and fast loading speed, ensuring excellent performance. You can also sell products online with Ohio and start a blog; the options are endless.

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leverage gallery wordpress theme
Leverage is a WordPress theme for designers and creatives who are looking to establish a sophisticated online presence. With the collection of over twenty ready-to-use demos, you can start working on your project immediately. Keep in mind, Leverage allows for the creation of both one- and multi-page websites.

Lead generation, multi-step form creation, various portfolio layouts, over eighteen practical internal pages and search engine optimization, Leverage takes care of everything and then some. Finally, Leverage will never ask you for coding knowledge, guaranteeing everyone to successfully establish their dream online portfolio. Grab Leverage now and make an immediate difference.

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billey wordpress theme
Billey is a neat, vibrant and attention-grabbing WordPress theme for building portfolios and agency websites. If you are in the design field, that’s what Billey covers, too. With all the various customization options and functions, you can quickly tailor Billey to your meticulous taste. Thanks to the codeless method of building websites, you can set one up in no time.

With twenty home samples, 26 portfolios, over 35 custom-made widgets and many more goodies in between, Billey makes sure everyone gets the most out of it. The layout also adapts to all popular devices, retina screens and web browsers flawlessly.

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Stash is a virtual canvas to make your personal space truly your own. It will let you set portfolios and showcase your work, but also to get yourself out there. This well-documented WordPress theme is for you! Stash is somewhat an artistic stage for you to perform at. It is adequate in all ways for multimedia upload and graphic emphasis. Display your work in more than 7 amazing portfolios, set galleries with Slider Revolution, or make custom posts with Essential Grid.

Stash is malleable enough to support one-page and multi-page formats at the same time. It comes with 48 demos, most of which are focused on artistic/creative areas as you need! Use its 260 builder blocks and 85 elements to get crafty. Do not limit your creativity! Stash is speed- and SEO-improved, with amazing capabilities to support files of any format. It features unlimited colors, supports CSS3 animations and customizable backgrounds. Make the best experience for you as a designer with this complete HighGrade creation. It is regularly updated and has tons of support 24/7 for at least 6 months! Give it a good look! Start up your own personal Project and even make it a business on the way! Use Stash for designers!

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Web Design Agency

Creative Theme For Design Studio

Web Design Agency is an eye-catching theme built to attract customers and increase sales. A lot of website design agencies these days use website templates to make website development process fast and efficient. This theme is ideal for web development companies, digital marketing agencies, online marketing agency and many more. With its unlimited color options, you are able to choose the color scheme that leaves a positive impression to your site visitors.

This theme is perfect for showcasing your creativity in designing inimitable websites. It includes custom post types that you can use for attracting clients, displaying your best works, team members, contacts and many more. Web Design Agency includes awesome theme features such as sliced PSD files, back to top button, calendar, dropdown cart, dropdown menu, Favicon, Google map, Google web fonts, social options, tabs, tag cloud, and tooltips. This modern music theme is built with best SEO practices in mind to help your website acquire more traffic and rank well on any search engine.

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Werkstatt is a sharp and responsive WordPress creative portfolio website theme, a robust resource for webmasters seeking fast and intuitive website creation. Creative freedom and ease of use are the core design values of Werkstatt. It packs the tools needed to handle a broad range of professional and personal applications. Designers and studios in particular love working with Werkstatt. Its curated collection of portfolio templates and styles is downright cutting-edge. It’s perfect for showcasing your finest visual works under the most favorable spotlight possible. It also handles video and audio content without hassle.

Plentiful templates are available for such content through a single click. Amazing hover effects and animations are also at your disposal. Additionally, you can customize their images, borders, colors and position. Six different animations are yours for the choosing, as well. You can also customize your menus in a thorough fashion. Craft every bit of your end-users’ navigational experience. A selection of beautiful custom typography is yours for the choosing. Fiddle with them through every element and module of your website. There’s no end to what you can do with Werkstatt at your side. Check out Werkstatt today, and take your professional projects to the next level!

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pixzlo wordpress theme for designers
Bring back the enjoyable moments in creative design; choose Pixzlo as your web design platform. As the ultimate WordPress theme for designers, it has more than 10 demos, 260 blocks, and hundreds of variations to choose from. Pixzlo is also packed with various features such as Revolution Slider, color schemes, loading speed optimizer and more. Not only that, but you can start your online store instantly, as well. You can set up order forms for your customers, as well as require delivery and payment methods. Lastly, you can grow your business and online presence with promotional tools and benefit from SEO readiness and social media widgets.

With Pixzlo, you can hammer out a fantastic online presence for your freelancing business or design agency and enjoy a steady growth. Do not forget to enhance the default style of Pixzlo with your personal touch and boost your web presence to a new degree.

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sekko wordpress theme for designers
A winning combination of groundbreaking features, captivating layouts and reliable customer support puts Sekko on top. No wonder this WordPress theme for designers has been doing well, offering so much material for bringing into being a creative portfolio. There is no coding knowledge needed to be able to achieve professional and sophisticated results.

Every demo layout and ready-made element has a modern and professional look with a fully responsive design. Sekko also has its own set of powerful creator tools with lots of useful options to manage your site. Add various effects, shortcodes and inner pages and unique portfolio types to wow your prospects. It is built with passion and love, which relates so much to its customers. Sekko lets you engage and reach out yours without the hassle.

More info / Download

Smartly Own

Smartly Own is a WordPress theme oriented for web development and design. It is suitable for experts on the topic who are too occupied to put particular effort in personal creations, and thus need a simple and smooth display of information. It is because of this that you will find lots of rare and useful features altogether. Smartly Own comes with 2 prefabricated demos to start. It has both a one-page demo and full version one. Smartly Own has a basic design of 2 columns and 3 color variations. It also uses 8 tags mostly dedicated to lightweight priorities.

The concept is to serve as an online CV demonstration for companies to hire. Smartly Own comes with Newsletter, Parallax and an author bio. Additionally, its quick setup is thanks to its basic use of WPBakery Page Builder and Slide Revolution. It also has a responsive layout. Smartly Own works to portray skills and pricing tablets. Blogs and social media connections are also available. Additionally, it uses Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Smartly Own is compatible with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Enjoy the simplicity of this Smartly Themes creation for your life comfort. Try Smartly Own right now!

More info / Download



Charm is a sophisticated WordPress theme that has been created with an eye for style and a deep sense of beauty, resulting in a delightful theme that is easy to master for everyone.

This theme has been decked out with all the necessary tools, formats, page templates and plugins required to successfully set up a sleek and enticing professional portfolio or freelancer website within minutes, without ever writing a single line of code. Charm is very clever and tech-savvy, and it has been coded with the utmost efficiency in order to create the most lightweight pages on the web, sacrificing absolutely none of its Retina-ready graphical prowess while still managing to conquer the fastest loading times on the market through the smart and selective use of powerful Bootstrap framework, with splashes of hardware-powered Parallax visual effects on custom sections as well as for infinite scrolling features.

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amax - light portfolio theme

Amax is a quality WordPress theme that can enhance your website, guaranteeing that it will attract more viewers. This is a product for the modern age, given its outstanding feature roster, incredible versatility, and relentless pursuit of perfection. Indeed, it is capable of adapting to any site, regardless of its niche or target audience. Additionally, the developers designed it to offer a streamlined experience for users, as it has earned very high scores in Google Page Speed tests. You can easily import demo content, as it requires only a single click. Amax lets you choose between two very popular sliders: the Layer Slider and Slider Revolution. Both of these products are outstanding, and many WordPress users would cherish the opportunity to use them. Eye-catching Video or Parallax backgrounds can add another dimension to your already impressive website.

Both as an admin or as a page visitor, resizing and compatibility issues can negatively affect your experience. With Amax, those issues are no longer a cause for dread. Your site will be entirely responsive, capable of displaying and adapting content to any platform. This will enhance the reader’s experience, and allow the site administrator to manage content while on the move. You can also view pages on high-resolution Retina Displays. For more information about this theme, you can read this detailed review.

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