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31 Free Stock Photo Websites For Every Situation 2021


Free stock photos are extremely hard to find. Professional companies hold a great share of the stock photo market; sometimes, they charge more than $50 for a single photo. Even if you manage to go through all that hassle and find a good HD stock photo with no watermark, you still can’t be sure it’s free. Someone might upload a copyrighted image somewhere and you download it thinking that it’s free. You just unwittingly committed copyright infringement! In some situations, you might actually have to call a lawyer. To avoid those situations, Colorlib has curated a list of 35 websites that use Creative Commons’ license, meaning you can use them freely for personal or commercial purposes.


Unsplash adds ten new photos every ten days. With hundreds of thousands of photos to choose from, you will probably find something of interest while browsing Unsplash. In fact, it is a guarantee that Unsplash will deliver all the necessary imagery for your website. Not only that, all the pictures you find on this free stock photo website are of the highest degree of quality. Unsplash is a massive online space that came out of an idea to create a solid resource for photographs, which, back in the days, was not that easy to find. Today, Unsplash is one of the leaders in the space.



Picjumbo - free stock image downloads
Picjumbo markets itself as a “totally free photos for your commercial & personal works” website. Over a thousand free stock photos, backgrounds and images in the highest resolution are there for you to take to your full advantage. Bear in mind, Picjumbo has its free stock images broken down into more than a dozen categories. That means there is something for everyone. Speaking of categories, Picjumbo covers summer, food, business, abstract, nature, fashion, technology and fitness photography, to name a few. Also, with millions of downloads since its inception, Picjumbo is one of the greatest free stock photo depository sites. Decorate your online space with fantastic pictures and make a strong first impression.



Royalty free stock images
Pixabay offers more than a million free photos, vectors and art illustrations (videos, too). Make sure to use their extensive search engine to specify the tiniest details while searching for your photo; we are sure something will come up to satisfy your needs. Or, you can simply start discovering outstanding content in different categories. These include animals, architecture, education, emotions, people and religion among many others. What’s cool about Pixabay is that you can also specify by the size of the image, as well as transparency, black and white and other color-specific content. Find the right material for your next compelling article and shine online.



StockSnap - free and beautiful stockl photos
StockSnap says they have hundreds of high-resolution images added weekly. Yes, each week! A bundle of hundreds of photos gets added to their already massive collection for you to benefit from. One quick glance at their website and you will see that they are completely honest. If you do not find that perfect photo on your first visit, come back next week and you will have hundreds of new photos to go through. And if you would not want to miss any update and other news, make sure you subscribe to StockSnap’s newsletter and be constantly up to date. By the way, if you are a photographer, you can also submit your work to this outstanding free stock photo website.



Pexels - stock photos and videos
Pexels adds ten new free stock photos every day. Every photo that you find on the platform also has metadata included, as well as details, like size, aspect ratio, camera, shutter speed, etc. Talented creators and photographers from all over the globe share their masterpieces with the world for free. And you can now get your hands on all this content at any given time of the day without the need to pay a single penny. Additionally, you can see who the most popular photographers from the past thirty days are and even join yourself. Bear in mind, when downloading an image, you can also specify a custom size so you do not need to edit it afterward.



LibreShot offers a horde of stunning, beautiful and impressive photos totally free of charge. All photographs are taken by one man – Martin Vorel. Thus, their origin is guaranteed. While images are divided into categories, search box usage is recommended, as well as the following tags in case you do not find what you need on your first try. All of Martin’s images are free to use for commercial and non-commercial projects, anywhere online, education material, eBooks, posters, presentations, social media profiles and many more in between. And if you would like to support Martin, you can always purchase his remarkable prints.


ISO Republic

ISO Republic markets itself as a depository of “High quality, free photos for creatives.” ISO Republic is a free stock photo website with several different categories of high-res CCO content. You can also browse popular tags and see popular searches. Of course, you can also put the functional search feature into play and go specific. By the way, you can choose between photos and videos or simply browse all. Another handy feature of ISO Republic is the collections section. There, you can find all sorts of useful information on ISO Republic’s blog. Last but not least, make sure you add yourself to their email list and get the best of the best delivered straight to your inbox.



DesignersPics is an initiative from a single designer to bring photos to those who need them. It is an ongoing project, and new photos are added regularly. An impressive feat, considering all these photos are delivered to your screen by a single person. All the material that you find on DesignersPics, you can employ for personal and commercial use; no one will ever ask you for attribution. DesignersPics has ten different categories, but you can also play around with the search bar and typing in various keywords. In this day and age, you do not really need to invest any money to create a professional and sophisticated website with free content.


Realistic Shots

Realistic Shots only has a single catch if you want to use their free stock photo: you must make something creative. Every week, you will find seven new images, so check back often for some inspiration. With this in mind, you know you can continuously update your blog or business page with fresh new content and never make your web presence feel outdated. You can subscribe and you can contribute, too. Become a part of the community and make a difference. Moreover, Realistic Shots’ main categories are architecture, nature, people, travel and technology. If you are looking for a free stock photo website where images do not feel 100% stock, Realistic Shots is the place for you to visit.



SplitShire offers more than a thousand high-quality free stock photos in more than twenty categories. Speaking of categories, you will find abstract, animals, fashion, street, wedding, landscape, interiors and more. Bear in mind that SplitShire also has quite a decent collection of mockups. It is periodically updated and has decent-sized depositories. Fun fact, SplitShire is run by one person who happens to have a ton of content laying around and decided to start uploading it for others to profit (nope, you cannot actually sell the images). With more than two million downloads and images seen on many notable news sites, you know you can find a ton of beauty and wonder on SplitShire for you to manipulate.



As the name suggests, Foodiesfeed focuses on free food stock images. Great photo selection that will make you crave for a snack while browsing through their photo selection. From coffee, cake and pizza to meat, healthy snacks and more, there is something for everyone on Foodiesfeed. Whether you run a restaurant, a food blog, or any other project related to food, healthy living and other whatnots, you can find the right images on Foodiesfeed. Moreover, if you are regularly taking photos of delicious dishes from different restaurants, you can also contribute to Foodiesfeed. Even as a food/recipe blogger, you can bring some of those tasty creations to Foodiesfeed for others to indulge in.



With regular weekly updates, Ryan McGuire brings unique (and sometimes rather bizarre) free stock photos. Definitely check out this website if you want or need something different. One thing is for sure; you will not find images like those on Gratisography anywhere else. So while you might see the free stock photo you use on your page on several other websites, this will not be the case if you use Gratisography’s content. A great resource of imagery for bloggers, social media posts and other content-driven web spaces. If you would like to make an impression that lasts, Gratisography is the solution to make it happen.



Fancycrave.com adds two new images every day. It is a great free stock photo resource website for designers, developers, artists, and creatives, as they say it themselves. What’s special and exclusive about Fancycrave is the fact that the platform primarily focuses on travel photography. Fancycrave was established in February 2015 by Igor Ovsyannykov, who decided to start sharing his photos from his travels around the East. What was once just a small online portfolio of free stock photos, later grew into a pretty serious deal. Along with the free content, Fancycrave also comes with a premium section where you can gain access to even more goodies.



StockPhotos.io is a high quality, high-resolution public domain and Creative Commons licensed professional free stock photo-sharing community. That’s a mouthful. Currently, they have around 27,000 images, and the number keeps on growing regularly. You now have a breeze finding the right photographs for your online project. What’s important with all these free stock photo websites is that you are assured that you will never run into any copyright issues. There are tons of different categories you can browse through once you end up on StockPhotos.io. Six main categories are broken down into several sub-categories for easy navigation. Although, you can use the search function if you are after something super specific.


Life of Pix

Weekly added photographs donated to the public domain. Hundreds of unique and high-resolution free stock photos for use regardless of the project you operate. You can always spice up the experience of your website with any of Life of Pix’s photos. Whether you are on the hunt for nature, city, food, sea, people, animal or desk images, you will find a ton of them on Life of Pix. Another special feature of Life of Pix is the weekly photographer highlight. Each week, they choose a photographer and share some of their images on their social networks and website.


Free Nature Stock

Free Nature Stock is a free stock photo website dedicated to everything in nature. It makes life more beautiful by giving us one free stock photo a day. Flowers, fire, trees, birds, sunset, stars, you name it; Free Nature Stock covers it all and then some. One guy, Adrian Pelletier, runs the entire project. As you will notice right away, Adrian is all around the place, going outdoors regularly. So you can now experience nature through Adrian’s lens and even use his images for your extraordinary projects. And if you are interested in the gear Adrian is using, you can find that, too, on the website.


Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos is mainly focused on startup and business environments but offers plenty more free stock photos. Bear in mind, even as a blogger, designer, developer, agency or any other publisher, Startup Stock Photos has a wide array of content for you to skim through. If anything sparks your interest, simply download the image of your choice and decorate your page with it. What once was just a simple idea, now became an online hub for free stock images that individuals and organizations worldwide can use. By the way, if you would like to support Startup Stock Photos, you can always donate through Paypal.


New Old Stock

The “nos” in the website name stands for “New Old Stock.” It’s a website that offers free vintage photos from public archives. Now, you too can recapture history, free of charge. There is a lot of content available on New Old Stock in the best possible quality for you to get your hands on and implement into your blog or website. On the other hand, you can also use all the images on NOS to engage your social media followers on social media. Remember to subscribe to New Old Stock’s newsletter and get a dose of vintage straight to your inbox.


Jay mantri

Jay mantri is a small, free stock photo depository run by a single person. What it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. That said, if you are in for eye-catchy visual goodness, you better not miss checking out Jay mantri today. Knowing that the site is not well-known amongst daily users, you’ll realize that not that many use their images. With that in mind, you will appear more original, with excellent free stock images that not so many around the web sport. Make it special and exclusive, create a striking web appearance, and turn heads; you have it all under full control.



TravelCoffeeBook Free Stock Photo
Travelcoffeebook.com is all about sharing beautiful travel moments with its users. They also have a lot of coffee stock photos. Well, let’s just say the owner enjoys his or her cup of joe very much. Other than that, you can download all the images you find on Travelcoffeebook.com and do whatever you want with them. What you will notice is that majority of the shots do not look stock at all. In other words, it will feel almost like you took them. Also, below each image, there are additional details about the location and the gear they used.



Picography might not be the largest free stock photo website out there, but all the content you find on the page is outstandingly appealing to the eye. They are hand-picked to ensure that every photo on the website has something unique to offer. In addition, all the photographs are CCO-licensed, and you can use them however and wherever you want. There are very many different categories of imagery presented on Picography, and you can submit your work, too. Make your search more specific by typing your desired keyword in the search bar or browse through popular searches.



Albumarium offers a unique approach to finding and sharing stock photos by allowing users to create “albums” and filling them up with relevant content. Everyone can create an album and start sharing their own interest-sparking photos. Some of the most popular albums on Albumarium are related to nature, dogs, cats, woods, fruit, waterfall, birds and sleeping. You can also search the entire collection of albums, which are ordered alphabetically or simply type in the search bar and hit enter. If you would like to join a free stock photo website that goes against the norm, Albumarium is the one place for you to visit.



Stokpic is a one-man show that believes in transparency. Make sure to click on “See the stats” once you find that free stock photo, just to see what one man with true passion can achieve. Pretty impressive, don’t you think? Of course, you should not distribute any of the pictures you find on Stokpic; well, you are free to do whatever you want with them. What’s more? Every two weeks, Stokpic sends out ten new images to its subscribers. So better be on that mailing list and never miss a fresh pack of photos.


Dreamy Pixel

dreamy pixel
Dreamy Pixel is a free stock photo website that primarily dedicates its entire collection to landscape and nature images. At the time of writing this, you can find about 400 photos available for you to download and use for personal or commercial intentions. Furthermore, if you sign up for Dreamy Pixel, you can expect three new mind-bending images to drop into your inbox every Monday. All photos come in high resolution and are just a click away. You can browse by different categories or simply enter your keyword and hit search. By using Dreamy Pixel’s content, no one will tell it is a free image.



FreeImages.com comes with a whopping collection of 300,000 free stock photos and royalty-free images. Yes, that is a lot! With that in mind, you know right away that you will surely find what you are looking for. Architecture, design, and food to industrial, movie, cars, and religion; these are some of the categories of the images on FreeImages.com. Search by new photos, popular images and upload your own. By becoming part of the FreeImages.com community, you will never run out of image content. It is all there, at your fingertips, regularly updated with new stuff, as well.



Dreamstime is yet another free stock photo website with an endless collection of content. You need to sign up to be able to download free photos from Dreamstime. And if you need even more, you can always upgrade and go premium. With the number of images you will find on Dreamstime, it is safe to say that this is one of the biggest resources for stock photos out there. Even the pickiest users find their distinct-taste-following images almost immediately. As a photographer, you can also become a contributor by submitting your own superb photography.


Good Free Photos

Good Free Photos is a large free stock photo website with thousands of public domain photos, including landscapes, objects, animals, plants, textures, and many more. Predominantly, all the photos were taken by one man during his travels, hikes and random place visits. Of course, every once in a while, Good Free Photos is happy to share works from other remarkable photographers, too, and offer even more varieties of content. In fact, it could be you whose photos Good Free Photos will share in their collection of well over 25,000 thousand images, vectors, pics and more. In short, you will discover a ton of nature-inspired pictures along with people, cars, cities and more.


4 Free Photos

4 Free Photos offers more than four photos, of course. The more approximate number would be 7,000 free stock photos available for your convenience. If you would like to browse a free stock photo website where each photo gives a feeling an actual human being took it, 4 Free Photos is the place to be. You will rarely find a classic stock image on 4 Free Photos, rather a more amateur-ish vibe, although each picture is of the highest quality. If you would like to go on a more personal level with your users, chances are high that 4 Free Photos’ content will do the trick.



More than 18,000 free stock photos in 89 categories await you on FreeImages.co.uk. Great selection for all your needs regardless of your intentions. If you would like to make your page or blog appear more professional, FreeImages.co.uk’s contribution can ensure a strong impact on the overall experience. Some of the featured categories are education, office, relaxation, technology, and backgrounds. If you are building a massive collection of pictures to use on your website and social media, make sure to visit FreeImages.co.uk and expand your collection with more outstanding shots. FreeImages.co.uk has something for everyone – do not miss checking it out!


Death To Stock

DeathToTheStockPhoto Free Stock Photo

With a somewhat strange name for a website dealing with free stock photos, two rogue photographers from Death To Stock are trying to bring you more than excellent content directly to your email inbox. All the images and other creative content you find on the website are first-class. In other words, each picture is very premium-like, making sure to garnish your web space in the best possible light. Once you become a member of Death To Stock, you get instant access to thousands of images and many hours of video content, too. In addition, all subscribers receive a fresh new pack of media monthly.



DummyImage Free Stock Photo
So, you came all this far and still did not find what you were looking for on any website listed above? You cannot decide which free stock photo to use? Do you want a placeholder photo but you do not want anything fancy? To make it simple for you, Dummyimage.com is the solution for you. Enter the size, background color, foreground color, format, and text. After that, you get the perfect custom placeholder image, ready for use. Yes, it truly is as simple as it sounds, and you do not need to have any prior experience.


Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don’t receive additional bonus for positive reviews.


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