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32 Hands Down The Best Magento Technology Themes 2020


Building a tech-oriented online store with the best Magento technology themes is easy as pie. You get a complete solution for selling online which is powered with a simple to use open-source eCommerce platform. Magento blends flawlessly into the design of the theme and helps you get your online shop rockin’ at the speed of lightning. How quick you are with fingers and how wild your creative mind is racing are the only two obstacles which shorten or extend the time of your new e-store launch.

Before you get intimidated by it, take a deep breath and read on. No need to worry about the ocean of lines of the HTML code. How so? That is what has all been sorted out for you by theme developers. Practical customization options and an enriched amount of extensions and features help you create a dream online shop as a true expert would.

To make your life even easier and get you set quicker, we looked around the whole web and conducted a list of the best Magento technology themes. Your passion for selling all types of electronics and gadget accessories just became surprisingly simple.

Bring your eCommerce website into being with the power of Magento and this outstanding selection of Magento technology themes.


complex magento technology theme
It does not really have to be complex even if the name of the product has a lot to do with it. Complex is a Magento 2 technology theme with amazing admin settings for everyone to run their online shop flawlessly. With theme’s versatility, you can use Complex with just about any tech-oriented web store. Sell one particular type of products or create several categories, pushing just about anything you can think of.

Complex has a beautiful and minimal look to it for immaculate shopping experiences. Quick start your online shop with one of four predefined demos and customize the one you dig the most to your likings. For your information, one of the theme’s predesigns also offers the RTL variety. Complex is search engine optimized, compatible with modern browsers and contains many features and extensions.

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bigone magento technology theme
You will have a blast setting yourself or your client up with an outstanding eCommerce platform using Bigone. That could be a ten product online store or a one thousand, no matter the size, Bigone Magento technology theme can sort it all out. It is a beautiful, light and optimized Magento tool with loads of predesigned content. Make sure you use Bigone to its full potential, adjust it and perform whatever kind of tweaks. While for the most part, the web design is solid and does not need editing, you can still alter it to your needs.

Key features of Bigone theme are horizontal and vertical mega menu, eCommerce icons, testimonials and blog module. Connect with your customers, promote daily deals and showcase brands you carry with a neat slider. Get things going with Bigone and soon a compelling web store will be up and running.

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picozen magento technology theme
Fresh small and large online digital shops are just around the corner when building with Picozen. This Magento theme is stacked with amazingness for the quickes website launches. In many cases, you will not have to do much regarding the web design other than adding the content and information. Picozen is an advanced product with all the necessary elements and extras included in the bundle.

Due to digital products being its focal point, Picozen has excellent attention to detail. High-quality images, included countdown timer for special daily deals and connection with the social media platforms, go complicated or go simple with Picozen. By the way, the theme also has a nice selection of eight ready-to-use front page designs. Use the one you fancy the most as is or feel free to make as many adjustments as you would like. Picozen can manage all the customization tweaks and improvements with ease.

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cigar magento technology theme
Cigar might not feel like a Magento technology theme right off the bat, but it sure is one of those. As a matter of fact, Cigar is a multi-purpose theme for online shops of any type. It is responsive, retina ready and neat with flexibility and extensibility in mind. In the Cigar kit, you will find four online shop demos and other inner pages for a complete eCommerce website solution.

With the help of the powerful admin panel, Cigar treats you to, you can manage and maintain your tech store easily. Customize sections that do not suit your requirements and tweak them accordingly. Cigar uses Google Fonts, Font Awesome icons, supports multi currencies and provides full control over the layout width. Tons of sliders for new items, best sellers, upsells, most viewed products and similar are predesigned. Besides, install Cigar Magento technology with one simple click.

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techmart magento technology theme
When it comes to usability and customization, all these best Magento technology themes are full of both. No matter which you decide to go with, they will all deliver all the needed and then some. In most of the cases, the themes will over-deliver, providing you lots of additional material that you can use later on. When in need of expanding your online store, check the package and introduce new components to your store.

One of such tools that is powerful, solid and stunning at the same time is Techmart. It is 100% responsive, retina ready and compatible with all the popular browsers. Techmart sports lazy loading, one step checkout, supports videos, but it is the ultimate admin where you will spend the most time at.

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bege magento technology theme
Modern, elegant and clean, that is what you get when you pick Bege Magento technology theme. But in reality, it is way more than just three words. When you look deep into it, you notice that Bege is a superb product for setting up tech and gadget stores. Whatever your business plan might be, chances are that Bege will take care of it to the very last detail. Even if you are already successfully running an online shop but need a redesign, Bege is here to sort you out with a fresh website. Do not sit on it, act immediately and have the first idea ready shortly after. Boost your revenue beyond expectations and see new successes with Bege way before the initial goal date.

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mediacity magento technology theme
MediaCity got a spot in this best Magento technology themes list because it simply is a remarkable item. In the pack, you will find a broad range of amazing predesigned pages and elements which you can use straight away. It suits perfectly shops for smartphones, laptops, tablets, accessories and other whatnots. Shoppers will enjoy browsing and completing purchases and you will sit back and count new orders.

Any website that uses MediaCity will be responsive and fluently readjust its layout to screens of all sizes. MediaCity also comes with a super helpful support which you can speak to for any individual guidelines and assistance. But first, get the gist of it using insightful online documentation.

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pallas magento technology theme
Multiple colors and layouts, eight pre-made index pages, search engine optimized and a broad range of features, we are speaking about Pallas. It is a Magento technology theme with everything you demand a theme should have. What’s more, there is plenty of extra content which will serve your needs and help you expand your tech store to new categories. Navigation is sorted out with the mega menu and a nifty mobile menu for all the shoppers on the go. Terrific products and categories tab sliders, daily deals module and testimonials make your online shop appear top-notch. Pallas also has Ajax add to card and Ajax layered navigation, wishlist, Google Maps and Google rich snippet. Make Pallas yours, fill it with your personal touches and customize it however you fancy.

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urani magento technology theme
Developed to its perfection, Urani provides all the essentials and then some for construction a sophisticated online shop. This might just be the one and online Magento technology theme you need to start selling all sorts of electronic devices. A very innovative template to boost your creativity through the roof and let it help you create an original web shop. Tons of pre-made content scale things up regarding website building speed. You do not have time and need to launch the online business almost immediately? Ladies and gentlemen, you have the instrument to do it. It is called Urani and is perfectly suitable for all of you who do not have any prior knowledge about setting up an online store.

It all starts with the advanced admin panel. As of now, everything might sound very new to you. However, soon, you will find out how simple and practical the admin section is. You will start nailing unique after unique layout which will together form not only a great shop but a pleasant shopping experience, too. And that is exactly what you need to offer each and every single one of your visitors. With a great UX there is a very good chance they will come back and complete more orders. It is worth putting all the features Urani comes with to your advantage for a long lasting web shop.

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alexa magento technology theme
Built to sell any kind of goods but more leaning towards the technology industry, Alexa is a multipurpose template with a simple and efficient layout. It gives the browser a distraction-free flip through your products and allows them to get what they want straightaway. Plus, its developers strategically put everything in the right order to help you increase sales. A shop without any sale is no shop, right?

You get three different sliders. One for new products, the second for featured products and the last one for recent products. A friendly reminder of daily deals with timer will let your visitors know what is hot and will sell out fast. Moreover, add labels like new or discount to each product to inform folks about special deals and new arrivals.

There are several layouts ready to pick as well as a few header variations. This Magento technology eCommerce template adjusts to any screen size, from phones to desktops. Speaking of smartphones, Alexa features Mega Menu which goes well with smaller screens for great navigation. The product slider modules are beautifully and display online shop items in a very eye-catching way. The same applies to daily deals and category slider. Is Alexa the template you are after?

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matida magento technology theme
You get a whole bunch of home page layouts and header styles with Matida which are all very handy for a quick launch of your eCommerce page. A Magento theme which meets the needs of every established and new web shop owner selling electronics, as well as fashion and furniture. But we are isolating on the former since Matida and gadgets are a match made in heaven. Let it be iPads, laptops, speakers, home electronics, digital products, you name it, it is Matida who is ready to take any challenge you put it through and always succeeds.

Horizontal or vertical Mega Menu gives the user quick access to the desired category and the products. Not only is this menu highly practical on desktop, the visitors can benefit from it on mobile as well. Speaking of mobiles and desktops, Matida is fully responsive and offers the shopper a very pleasant experience.

Since we started at the top, let’s continue at the top. The header is small and does not cause any distraction at all. There is only space for links, icons and possibly some brief information about the web shop. The items are displayed in a clean and stylish way with an option of quick view. Matida also sports various sliders for best sellers, items on sale, related products and other. Give the template an opportunity and it will not disappoint.

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digital magento technology theme
Digital is an excellent Magento technology theme that you can employ for building a killer eCommerce website. Instead of hiring a coder and a designer, with Digital, you can make it happen all by yourself. The clean and modern design of Digital ensures a quick adjustment to your branding directions. Of course, you can also perform additional customization tweaks and tailor Digital exactly to your liking. The options are numerous once you unbox the spectacular Digital package.

Digital comes with two main demos, LTR and RTL. Moreover, it supports unlimited colors, rocks a product quick view, as well as newsletter pop-up. Still, this is just a small segment of all the stuff that you will get your hands on. Some more stuff comes in the form of filtering, mega menu, one click demo data installation and six styles of product layouts.

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vehic magento technology theme
Vehic is a relatively niche Magento technology theme as it focuses on electric vehicles primarily. Still, if you dig the appearance of this nifty solution, you can go entirely against the grain with Vehic. But if electric vehicles and other relating products are what you specialize in, by all means, grab Vehic now and set yourself apart from the competition. You get three home page designs and various other inner layouts, as well as footer and header styles that you can mix and match out of the box.

What’s more, Vehic comes with powerful customization options, so that you tailor it to your needs and wants precisely. Mega menu, layout switcher, multi-currency, translatable, PSD files, Google Maps and tons more amenities are what you get with Vehic. The theme is also optimized for SEO, fast loading, mobile devices and web browsers.

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goodwin magento technology theme
Goodwin is an all-around Magento theme that works for pretty much any intention. That said, if you would like to sell gadgets, electronics and other technology-related products, you can now craft an online store with Goodwin in a little breeze. There are six main samples at your disposal with an option to tweak and modify each according to your taste. On the other hand, if it fits your style out of the box, well, you just saved yourself even more time.

Eleven headers, six footers, blog, daily deals with countdown, Slider Revolution and mega menu are all the different goodies that you receive with Goodwin. If you are ready to start an eCommerce business, you better take a peek at the powerful and practical Goodwin now. You can expect only good things to happen with Goodwin.

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circleshop magento technology theme
All there is that one needs when it comes to building and designing an out of this world online selling machine, you can find it in CircleShop. The perfect candidate for a high-tech website, selling the most classy items in the world. On the other hand, you can use the template for selling random mundane products, too. No need to limit yourself to only one thing. Whatever interests you and you have the most knowledge about, CircleShop can handle it.

A digital store of all shapes and sizes can be put together quickly. With as many features CircleShop comes packed with, you can charge your online business out in the universe and maintain it easily. It is all super simple to work within the admin panel. Not only that, all the demo content available can be installed with one click. No need to bother too much with the customization process. You can test the waters first and check how things work if you are new. However, with thorough documentation, you will not have any problem adjusting the template to the exact way you like it.

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lion magento technology theme
Are you already owning and running an online store? Is it a success? Or do you plan to start one but you just do not know where to start? Magento is a great eCommerce platform which will help you either update your current shop or built one all the way from scratch. And to make your life a complete struggle-free experience when it comes to the technical part, enjoy yourself the Lion Magento technology template. It comes with everything you need for that amazing eCommerce web page you always secretly dreamt about building.

End the dreaming part and start acting. Jump in with both feet and begin creating a fresh and modern online place where people could come buy amazing electronics and other gadgets.
Lion’s one click install is the quickest option to have a shop ready to be released to the online world. With this option, you can easily get your website looking exactly like the demo and not bother about anything else. All the rest, feel free to play around with the different optimization options and features and create a first-class e-shop. Change the way how the items are displayed, determine whether or not you like the left or the right column arrangement for each page and more. Pretty much like with all the themes in this list, possibilities are endless.

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techone magento technology theme
With Techone, you go straight to the point and there is no other way around it. Like the name already suggests, it is perfectly suitable for the technology based online stores. Yet, you can do some modifying and use it for other types of online shops, too.

Techone is a multi concept Magento template with a huge amount of template adjusting treats. The Page Builder has way more than 50 widgets to create almost any kind of home page layout you would like. But if you are short on time, pick one from the predefined home page designs and start from there. They are all very well structured and feature everything you need for an eCommerce page.

If your whole goal is to avoid spending marketing budget, rather attract organic traffic, Techone is super SEO friendly. Optimize the whole website accordingly and start seeing gain in the SE traffic. Speaking of organic, user experience is very important. That said, a responsive layout is a must in this modern age. Techone has an excellent capability to adjust to any screen size at an instant.

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lavante magento technology theme
The practical and functional part of Lavante Magento theme will easily convince you that this is the theme for your internet store. Truth be told, it truly is loaded with customization options, features and other useful extensions. A template for the creation of a megastore if you will. But are you skilled enough to make it happen? Do you have any coding and design knowledge? Wait. I do not want to scare you. I just want to point out that you need no prior skills to build and maintaining an online store of any size with Lavante.

To kick it off, you can use any from the available and ready to use collection of theme layouts. These can be a great starting point towards a victorious start of your online business.
To add more to it, you can promote items with countdown timer and share with your audience daily deals. Categories within categories are displayed with an amazing picture in the Category Top Module.

Integrated blog, testimonials and Instagram allow you to market your shop and products and make visitors feel like they are at home. Build trust and make them eager to come back to see what is fresh and what is hot at the moment.

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bigmarket magento technology theme
Are you worn-out of being bound to standard designs, templates and features? Worry no more, as we present Bigmarket, a Magento technology theme which you can try anytime. While other tools either have incomplete or limited features, Bigmarket has managed to achieve a more extensive approach. Making any improvements and editing tweaks is easy and quick, and you can see immediate results for faster eCommerce website completion.

Bigmarket is also 100% responsive, perfect for all devices, as well as compatible with modern browsers and retina screens. Thanks to various support from advanced technologies, you can publish the best website ever and offer an outstanding shopping experience. Avoid complex dialogs, scripts and menus. Just mix and match your designs instead with Bigmarket. There’s more in store, so check Bigmarket out and download it now.

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storm magento technology theme
Take the world by storm with relevant and elegant designs for your website. No pun intended. Storm is one of the best Magento technology themes that provides multiple pre-made layouts, creating an inviting ambiance to any customer. Basically, it is the ultimate website tool for virtually any online store you would like to build. Competition is cutthroat online, and by trying this theme’s features and designs, you will definitely stay on the cream of the crop for a very long time.

Storm is also SEO ready and mobile-optimized to gain more attention from leads and take your eCommerce business to where you want it to go. Awaken your entrepreneurial spirit by setting up an online store with Storm and start making big moves in the internet space. You can have it all under full control, managing and maintaining a webshop with ease.

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electronic magento technology theme
Magento ensures security through SSL, is very flexible and allows scalability. All three are incredibly important if you intend to play long term rather than short term. A theme that makes things look pretty and highly effective is Electronic. Without doing too much digging into this Magento technology template, you know that the options are endless. You can build any kind of electronics and gadgets based online shop. If you are new to the eCommerce business, start small and, like mentioned earlier, feel free to later scale things up. There is no stopping with Electronic template. Go huge or stay more of a boutique style store, whatever fits your needs more.

Electronic’s strategic layout is fully responsive and establishes a great relationship between the visitor and your store. Product pictures are big what makes flipping through items enjoyable. To keep the navigation menu present at all times, menu sticks to the top of the site. Meaning, when one scrolls down, the menu keeps stuck at the top. This way, the user can choose a different category or section of the website at all times.
Grow and scale your business with Electronic and never look back.

More info / Download


electro magento technology theme
Touch screen devices, laptops and desktop computers, no matter the device, a person will always have a great time browsing your web store built with Electro. The extremely functional Magento template is optimized to a T. From header all the way to the footer, each section of the page features a great amount of useful possibilities.

At the top, you have the Mega Menu. Like we said a few times already, this is a super cool extension which creates amazing menus. Of course, the menu is responsive and beautifully adjusts to the screen of choice.

Still, above the fold, there is the mighty slider which helps you bring in front of your visitors’ eyes all the valuable information.

And then, at the bottom, there is the Megafooter. More than just a random footer everyone is used to. Shoppers will have access to the content you have featured there site-wide.

In between all the mentioned, there is cloud zoom, ajax search, drop down cart and fabulously displayed products. Not to mention, Electro is also multilingual and multi currency ready.
Last but definitely not least, Electro is compatible with all the major and also those less known browsers.

More info / Download


alice magento technology theme
Both for small and big eCommerce websites, as well as a variety of niches, Alice creates a shopping wonderland for technology enthusiasts especially. Anyone can use and customize the theme and create a superb e-store due to its super easy, yet fully functional, admin. There you get access to every corner of the theme and all the features and extensions. You can freely modify each sector and make it look just the way you fancy. No one is stopping you, just go full tilt and uniqueness will follow. You do know how important it is to include some originality into your website to stand out from the crowd, don’t you?

To keep the visitors and regular shopper up to date with what is going on, introduce a blog section to your website and interact with them. Create a story and implement you promotional strategy with content marketing, too. Great content with amazing products will help you outbid the competition and march toward success.

Fast one click install, translation ready, custom background options and the ability to create a special layout for each page are just a few extra attributes worth mentioning. It is time to get things rolling.

More info / Download


haxico magento technology theme
A Magento theme with a responsive and retina ready design ready for your eCommerce business to finally see the light. Look no further, now is your chance to go to work, put things together and become the next sucess story.
Here is Haxico, a technology driven template with a great set of functions for a needed web shop. Perfect for selling both digital and physical products with a great touch for detail.

Pre-built home page layouts, header styles and a nice blog section help you kick things off almost instantly. Along the demo content, Haxico includes classic and vertical MegaMenu, quick view option, star rating system, as well as a nice quick action option when the visitors hover the products. It shows four options to act on the product(s) one enjoys quickly. Item can be added to cart immediately, checked in quickview, compared with other products and added to wishlist.

If you would like to show which brand you carry, you can add the brand logo slider right at the top of footer section. These can be shown across your whole page. Location above footer is also secured for social networking block, subscription form and payment methods you intend to offer.

More info / Download

Mobillaso – Mobile Store Responsive Magento Theme

Mobillaso is a clean, nice, modern and powerful Magento theme who wish to hook up their mobile store website. It implements a trendy and unusual design together with enhanced navigation. This modern template can help you promote your great products in the most appealing way. Also, it comes with a bundle of pre-built TM modules, awesome fonts, megamenu, a Newsletter popup, Contact form, Ajax shopping cart and a commenting system.

Since more people are on mobile than ever before, make sure this Magento theme is user-friendly across all devices. Fear not to present your products in the best light using a huge range of options and settings to make a WOW effect on your targeted audience. Furthermore, a SEO-friendly design will keep your rankings high in the search engines results. Build a good design tailored around your customers using versatile product badges, countdown timers, smart product labels, Ajax search, featured products, and more. Help your clients leave your website feeling inspired and excited to get to work with you. Give it a shot now.

tore Magento 2 Theme

Details | Demo

Photonial – Photo and Video Store Magento 2 Theme

Take a look at this clean, nice and eye-catching Magento 2 solution perfect to running an online store without breaking a sweat. It’s a great way to promote your photo and video eStore, selling cameras, photo accessories, photo software, and more. This worry-free Magento 2 template will give a leg up you need to succeed in an evolving competitive web market.

First and foremost, it comes with the responsive and retina ready layout, clean and beautiful interface, several premium modules such as Newsletter popup, megamenu, Ajax search, etc. The purpose of your website is to drive the attention of your visitors, and a popup message is a cunning way to fulfill this. Give your visitors the opportunity to sort your products by name, popularity, price, etc. In addition, Photonial is cross-browser compatible, SEO-optimized, enhanced with a Parallax and video background, a Contact form, Newsletter subscription, Google map integration, and more. So, view the live demo to see for yourself this template in action. Give it a try today!

cessories Store Magento 2 Store

Details | Demo

IShop – Electronic Shop Magento 2 Theme

Increase ‘word of mouth’ with this modern, professionally crafted and impressive Magento 2 theme intended for electronics, digital or cell online shops. Of course, this theme is easy to install and edit, change colors and images to match your branding. Also, a plethora of customization options give you the creative freedom to push the limits and make your own unique electronics website.

Create a compelling case for the first-time visitors who land on your site by chance, make them spend a little time there and drive their attention to an action that benefits your business. Lastly, this highly flexible template comes with responsive layout, intuitive admin panel, cross-browser compatibility, clean valid code and a free 24/7 custom support. Seize the opportunity to build a leading-edge electronics site and keep bringing more customers to your business. Overall, a nice combination of colors helps your site stick out, simple navigation menu helps visitors to find the information they are looking for, a good design drives your viewers exactly towards reaching the goal. It’s go time.

ic Devices Magento Template

Details | Demo

Electro – Responsive Magento Theme

Electro is another clean, attractive and modern Magento theme well-suited for e-Commerce web projects. Crafted with care, the theme features responsive layout that works perfectly across all digital devices and screen sizes. It is based on Bootstrap grid system, well-documented and ensures your site works as a collective.

Thanks to the functional header, your visitors have an immediate access to the information they may need on your site. Give them the freedom to come in and choose account options, checkout, language and currency switchers, search and categories. Fear not to use white space in a clever way. Also, blue color accents will help notice your site among others and create a positive impression. Moreover, it includes a Wishlist, comparing products option, a full-width slider, CTA buttons and thumbnails, built-in Google map, dropdown menu, a Newsletter popup, and more. Furthermore, view the live demo to learn more about this modern and interesting Magento theme now.

ic Products Magento Theme

Details | Demo

Smoking Box – Vapor Store Magento 2 Theme

Smoking Box is a responsive, clean and cutting-edge Magento theme tailored for selling vapors, electronic cigarettes, atomizers and accessories for e-cig products. In the first place, this modern solution gives you the freedom to create an absolutely personalized e-Commerce project and increase your business revenue. Also, the fully responsive layout works smoothly on all last generation devices and screen resolutions.

Similarly, the theme combines a clean, minimalist design with a robust functionality to customize the interface of your site in an effective and enjoyable way. Besides, it’s easy to install and edit, is cross-browser flexible, SEO-optimized and can fit great for your business needs. Broaden your product market with this greatly built Magento theme. Invite your viewers to come and see what your offer and why to choose you over the competitors. It’s that simple. Get all the technical assistance needed with a great custom support team. Nothing can stop you from promoting your attractive online shop today.

mp; Electronic Cigarette Magento Store

Details | Demo

Clean Theme – Responsive Multipurpose Magento Theme

Grab this multipurpose Magento template to build a modern and clean e-Commerce site selling electronics, fashion or sport goods, cars, etc. If you like smooth experiences and designs this cutting-edge solution is a great way to follow. Not only the responsive and flexible layout helps you create a compelling case that converts visitors but also it boosts sales. Not to mention, the theme looks great, loads fast, comes with a dropdown cart, SEO-optimization, cross-browser compatibility and awesome font styles.

Additionally, there is no shortage of customization options to choose from and not overload your site. Customers are increasingly impatient and will abandon your site within seconds if your store doesn’t load quickly. Give your visitors the ability to interact with your online store. Let them move, click or hide what they want to see on your site. Lastly, it includes a commenting system, a Contact form, a Newsletter subscription, a Newsletter popup, Parallax effect and other marketing options to increase ‘word of mouth’ by your customers.

ics Store Magento Template

Details | Demo

Joko – Responsive Magento Theme

Joko is a clean and mobile-friendly Magento theme crafted to build powerful e-Commerce sites for technological online shops. In this continually evolving technological industry, it is very important to build a website that stands out from the crowd and strengthens your online business. Built with Bootstrap, the theme ensures the perfect performance for your site across all digital devices and screen sizes.

Make sure you get a premium solution prepacked with wonderful opportunities for your successful online campaign. Tweak the layout of the theme to match your particular needs and deliver the best-in-class design for your customers. This SEO-friendly template will keep your rankings up and safe. If you’re serious about improving your online presence, give this modern template a try today. View the live demo and learn more useful features included in the pack. Feel inspired!

ics Magento Theme

Details | Demo

Mobile Phones and Accessories Responsive Magento Theme

If you want to spread the word about your brand and its mission, choose Mobile as a great option for launching your online store in minutes. Help your site look more impressive and engaging thanks to a clear navigation architecture, responsive design, intuitive navigation and a plethora of editing tools to change the overall look of your site without breaking a sweat.

Designed with creativity in mind, the theme will help you deliver an amazing user experience and broaden your product market. It comes with a commenting system, cross-browser compatibility, dropdown cart, awesome font styles, clean valid coding, a Contact form, Login form, built-in Google map, and more. Also, the theme is SEO-optimized, multilingual, easy to navigate and offers an eye-catching option for displaying your exceptional products and services best. Give it a try now!

hones Magento Theme

Details | Demo

Frame – Recording Equipment Bootstrap Magento Theme

If you want to peek interesting for your users, choose a theme that looks good and adapts automatically to all devices and screen resolutions. Frame is a clean and responsive Magento theme tailored for photo and video online stores. If you have a website, you can reach ad serve new customers and broaden your product market.

The theme is cross-browser compatible, so your prospects can access your site from all modern browsers. SEO-optimization ensures your site is ranked higher in the search engine results. A valid code allows everyone to change the graphics of the theme without having to hack any codes. Make a compelling case and not let the competitors to grab your prospects away from you. Enjoy the live demo to explore the versatile nature of this modern Magento solution now.


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