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34 Best Free Medical Website Templates For Clean Pages 2020


If you operate in the health and medical space, these free medical website templates will come in exceptionally handy.

All service-based businesses are hitting the online world to serve more people effectively. Medical is not an exception to this. Medical services include direct human services, and it is one of those where proper handling and help are required even in a high-pressure situation.

With a medical website, you can manage your patients efficiently – starting online.

By having an online appointment booking option, people can reserve appointments easily without wasting any time. But you can also feature a lot more on your website that will do your potential and existing patients well.

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You can go in-depth with the presentation of your departments. You can introduce all the doctors. Moreover, you can even start a blog where you can share special tips and other care and necessary information to benefit the user. The options are endless.

It should not even be a question of whether to own a website or not – it is an absolute must.

Today, you can start working on it with any of these themes and templates, saving you time and effort. Especially in the case of WordPress themes, you do not need any knowledge and experience.

Divi (WordPress)

divi medical website template
Getting your own medical website on feet is a piece of cake with Divi. After all, you just choose the appropriate demo material and you are nearly done with the work. Of course, you would want to edit, fine-tune and brand the layout according to your needs, but that is swift and straightforward, too. There will never be any coding necessary to make improvements to Divi. With the included drag and drop page builder, you can quickly alter the default look of Divi and make it yours.

Doctors, dentists, hospitals and other health institutions, with Divi, you can now start making moves online like a pro. Moreover, with a website, you can also offer online appointments, so they do not even need to pick up a phone and dial in your phone number. How convenient, indeed. Take action and share your services with all and everyone, thanks to a banging medical website.

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Jevelin (WordPress)

jevelin medical website template
Due to Jevelin’s multi-purposefulness, you can employ this phenomenal web design for all sorts of different aims and intentions. Even when it comes to creating a medical and health website, you can do it in a small breeze with Jevelin. In the package of thirty ready-made samples, you will find one that is exclusive to everything medical-related. With the clean and professional look, Jevelin easily caters to numerous businesses out of the box. But there is no need to stick to the default settings when you have WPBakery page builder at hand.

Additional specialties of Jevelin include accordions, animated statistics, pricing plans, sticky menu and online appointment form. There are also Google Maps, back to top buttons, social media icons and news section. For your information, Jevelin works both for one- and multi-page medical pages.

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LongLife (WordPress)

longlife medical website template
LongLife is a complete and exclusive solution for all your medical projects. Out of the box, you can build a clinic, ophthalmology, pediatrician and pharmacy website, but the options go way beyond that. The mentioned are four different demos which you can modify to your likings with the use of drag and drop page building system. With this in mind, you can even create custom layouts, which will differentiate you from the masses. Nowadays, one tool is all it is necessary to start a solid online presence which will help you take your medical business to new heights.

Along with index pages, LongLife also includes several inner layouts, Slider Revolution, timetable and event schedule, predefined shortcodes and back to top button. With the integration of WooCommerce plugin, you can also sell products online and implement content marketing with blog pages.

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HTML Free Medical Website Templates

HTML website templates are easy to install and helps you make a straightforward website. The free medical website templates developed on HTML5 gives you modern web elements. The HTML5 medical templates give more customization options than the templates made with HTML. Following are the best free medical website templates in HTML.


Docmed Free Template
Docmed is a free medical website template with a modern, clean and sophisticated design. Whether you are looking to build a page for a doctor or a clinic, with Docmed, you can do both. The flexible and highly adaptable layout easily caters to many intentions, even if using it out of the box. In addition to that, Docmed also allows branding improvements for you to tailor it to your exact wants.

What’s more, Docmed is a Bootstrap Framework template, making sure that the structure of your website will be as responsive and fluid as possible. The tool is compatible with web browsers and retina screens, too. A few extra specialties include sticky navigation, slider, call-to-actions and testimonials for building customer trust. Get on board now, pick Docmed and make a difference sooner rather than later.

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Medico Free Template
Cleanness, creativity and modernism are the three main characteristics of the jaw-dropping Medico. If you are looking to expand your reach and scale your medical business over and beyond, do it with style by employing the impressive Medico. All your content, details, departments, doctors, you name it, will come into view beautifully with Medico. You can tell all about your hospital, even dental clinic, and start winning over more patients.

Needless to say, Medico rocks all the current trends of the modern web. Meaning, it is 100% mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and running smoothly on all retina screens. The performance will always be on point, regardless of the device and platform they use. Online appointment form, hover effects, sticky menu and blog section are just a few extras that Medico treats you to.

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Medex Free Template
Medex is an all-around free medical website template that suits many institutions. It offers you a design that fits every device beautifully. With this, a potential patient can enjoy your website from a smartphone or a laptop. Furthermore, Medex also uses only the latest technologies, ensuring great overall performance.

A few of the highlights include a top bar, parallax effect, appointment form and a neat section for different departments. There are also patient testimonials that help build trust in your extraordinary services. Note, you can also share pricing online and even start a medical blog.

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Medically Free Template
Hospitals, clinics, doctors, surgeons, no matter what the medical intention and profession, make a website with Medically. This offers you to broaden your reach and grow your business. It is a free template with many great traits to put into play. Instead of forging a website from the ground up, speed up the process with Medically. Hey, you can still modify and alter it according your branding directions.

From full-screen banner and call-to-actions to the multi-level drop-down menu and hover effect, these are just a small segment of all the features of Medically. Let the professional appearance of Medically boost your online presence to new heights.

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Aesthetic Free Template
Aesthetic is an exclusive medical template for those offering cosmetic and beauty surgeries. But let’s face it, with a few tweaks, Aesthetic can work for something different, too. The stunning look presents all your images, texts and other content to the end user compellingly. Everyone will be able to learn all about your special services, even book a consultation.

Keep in mind, Aesthetic is an HTML template, so you do need a back-end to make everything work flawlessly. Gallery, hover effects, Google Maps, contact section and news page, it’s all in the Aesthetic package. Start on the right foot now.

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mediplus free template
For everyone who is particularly searching for a free one-page medical website, Mediplus is one of your best bets. This sophisticated and all-around solution will get you going in little to no time. Without the need to open up your wallet, you can now hit the download button and take Mediplus to your total advantage. Now, you can use the tool exactly as it comes out of the box or take the extra mile and customize it according to your branding directions.

The features of Mediplus are very many, making sure that your end product stands out a mile. From full-screen banner and parallax effects to call-to-action buttons, scrolling animations, Google Maps and a working contact form, it is all included in the kit for you to benefit from. You can also connect your page with different social accounts using integrated buttons, as well as start a blog.

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drcare free template
DrCare is a free medical website template for doctors, healthcare and other medical institutions. With its light and clean web design, you can push your services and introduce everyone to your world of specialization. While DrCare will work for many out of the box, you can also alter and fine-tune it further, making it follow your branding regulations precisely. Performing any tweaks will be a small breeze since DrCare is fully organized and well structured.

When it comes to features, DrCare includes parallax effect, slider, animated statistics, free consultation form with date and time pickers, newsletter subscription and social icons. Along with the index page, DrCare also comes with other internal sections for doctors, departments, pricing, blog and contact. The content is at your disposal, ready and set to push your medical business to new success levels.

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medino free template
With a proper medical website, you can do so much more in regards to supporting and helping patients. Medino is a free medical website template for pretty much all medical and health-related projects and businesses. It is very appealing to the eye, bringing all the needed content and information right in front of your audience. They can now get familiar with what you offer without the need to get in touch with you. And when they are ready to make an appointment, they can simply fill out the integrated form and you then take over.

Other goodies of Medino are Google Maps, working contact form, blog and many different reusable elements. Whether you are starting something new or you are an established medical institution, make sure your online presence is of the highest quality.

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Medicare 2

medicare2 free template
For doctors, dentists, surgeons, clinics and hospitals, Medicare 2 is the free medical website template that you should not miss. Without building the entire page from the ground up, you can now save the time and speed things up with a ready-to-use template. Medicare 2 gives you all the rights to make it match your branding needs and get your name out there. Couple the awesome layout with your extraordinary medical and healthcare services and bring in even more patients.

Medicare 2 has a full-width banner with call-to-action button, sticky navigation, doctors time table, animated stats and an effective appointment form. You can also capture their emails with newsletter subscription form and start writing a blog and form a loyal community. Browse around Medicare 2’s live preview page and see what’s possible.

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drpro free template
With DrPro, you will start on the web as a professional from the very beginning. This free medical website template is equipped with an immense collection of handy and convenient features that will take care of your online presence’ visual appeal. Although DrPro aims more toward plastic surgeons, you can still go against the norm and create something entirely different. Either way, the outcome is always going to be outstanding, sparking their interest and curiosity.

DrPro rocks a full-width slider, call-to-action buttons, appointment form and parallax effect. The layout of DrPro is mobile-ready, responsive, cross-browser compatible and optimized for first-rate performance. With DrPro, you get to market your pro plastic surgery services and expand your business to new heights. Have your web space under total control and manage and maintain it without hassle.

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hospice free template
Hospice is a fantastic tool for building impressive hospital and clinic websites. With this free medical website template, you can quickly place yourself on top and start to grow to new departments. You can always expand and introduce new contents and services to your website. Hospice is easy to use, organized and flexible. Right now, you already know how the outcome could look like. Of course, there is no need to utilize Hospice exactly as is. You can adjust it, too, and have a custom version that meets your strict regulations.

The web design of Hospice is pretty basic what guarantees a fantastic experience. Whether they come from a mobile or a desktop device, they can all get the most out of your page and take action immediately. By taking action, I mean filling the appointment form that Hospice has included in the kit.

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remedic free template
Remedic is another convenient free medical website template for your clinic, hospital or other medical businesses and projects. Remedic’s clean and contemporary web design caters to different intentions without a hitch. On top of that, you can match it to your branding wants, too, and stand out from the masses. Remedic is an excellent solution when you would like to expand your reach and help even more patients in need.

Some of the features of Remedic are wide banner, working appointment form that appears in a pop-up, on scroll content load and testimonials slider. You will also discover a blog, a newsletter subscription form, Google Maps and a special doctors’ page. There are all these different layouts and components at your service that can boost your professionalism to a totally new degree.

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medart free template
Medart gives you a modern and clean web design which you can use to display all your details on. It is a free medical website template for hospitals, clinics, doctors, dentists and all the rest in the health and medical industry. Medart is simple to use and edit and allows you to customize the look, too. If you would like to change colors or even other details, by all means, go ahead and perform the much-needed tweaks.

With the full-width slider, you can grab their attention and have them interested in learning more about your services. But if they are already familiar with you, clients can make an appointment using the integrated form straight away. Awesome testimonials section, call-to-action buttons, newsletter subscription and blog are cool goodies of Medart that you can utilize and benefit from.

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healthcare free template
If you are missing a page or your current web presence appears to be old, get things moving with Healthcare. With a solid free medical website template, you can do many things, reach a wider audience and, most importantly, grow your business. And the best thing is that you do not really need to do it all from the ground up. We have a spectacular site canvas here, ready and set for you to put it to use and take to your advantage. With little work, you can achieve great results.

When speaking about features of Healthcare, there are loads. That said, although the tool is free of charge, it still performs on a premium level easily. It is a Bootstrap based template what gives it responsiveness and flexibility. No matter what device they use to browse the web, your potential clients will always have a fantastic experience skimming through your page.

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caremed free template
Industry selected colors, refined look and outstanding functionality, Caremed is the free medical website template you should not miss. It has all the material at your fingertips for a quick and reliable launch of your medical page. No need to be wondering how exactly to go after crafting the ideal online presence when you have it all presented right in front of you. On top of that, Caremed is organized and simple to work with, giving everyone a chance to shine online.

With Caremed, you can do two things. You can either employ the web design exactly how it comes out of the box and only edit the details and imagery. However, if you feel like altering it, feel free to do it and enrich the style of it with your personal touch. In a short space of time, you can have a fully functional website live, attracting new clients and giving you a chance to help even more people.

More info / Download

Health by Colorlib

health free template
With a contemporary and knowledgeable website, you do not only have a greater chance of succeeding in your field, but it also emphasizes your professionalism and expertness. For a full solution, take a peek at Health free medical website template. It is a cracking site skin that follows all the latest technologies and web trends. It is a Bootstrap template, fully responsive and mobile-ready, as well as cross-browser compatible. In brief, a medical website based on Health will work smoothly all the time.

A big banner with text and call-to-action button, parallax effect, sticky navigation, appointment form, accordions for FAQ, you name it, and Health delivers it. In the neatly packed bundle of web design goodies, you will discover all the needed, a contact and a blog page, too! Start on the right path, download Health now and have a website all set up in as little time as possible.

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Dentist Free Template

Dentist is a simple CSS website template. With big header images and bold texts the template has ample space to describe about your dental or other medical services. It is a single page website template with smooth scrolling effect.

The content blocks are design intuitively so that it can handle both images and texts effectively. The service section follows a simple design with custom made line icons and the related services.

This template best suits to showcase your medical services or as a landing page. The user can get an overview of your medical services, but won’t be able to get detailed information.

More info / Download


Medical Free Template

Medical is an elegant looking website template. It is a single page website template with neat design layout. You get about us, gallery and event segments in the home page.

This template gives you smooth scrolling, parallax scrolling and hover effects. The gallery section is designed in a grid style layout. The images in the gallery are arranged as per their category. The user can easily switch between tabs and find the necessary images of your medical services.

The team segment is designed like cards, which holds the member name and their social media profile link. This template uses blue color as its primary color; it looks professional.

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Health  is a full-width website template. With its bold texts and big design layout, it catches the user attention easily as soon as they land on your site. It is a multi-page website template, which helps you to describe more about you in detail in separate pages.

The header section has a big image slider with bold texts to help you give an intro about your services interactively. You get an accordion web element to explain shortly to each department you have.

You also get counters, hover effects and carousels web elements with this template. This template gives equal proportion to texts and images with its layout design. Health template follows HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 4 framework.

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Medica free template

Medica is a professional looking medical website template. It is a single page template with smooth scrolling effect. Medica fits all type of medical services like nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers, emergency care services and labs.

This template helps the visitor to know about your services easily with its intuitive single page design. It has used bright colors for web elements and other hover effects, to help you get the user attention easily.

You get smooth scrolling, parallax scrolling and hover effects with this template. The portfolio segment is designed like a grid style gallery layout in a tabbed interface. The user can easily switch between tabs to see your medical services.

More info / Download


Medicare free template

Medicare is a simple and clean looking medical website template. It is also a single page website template. The user can get a clear idea about your medical services with this layouts intuitive design.

This template uses custom made icons, which looks professional and elegant. The designers use neat and warm colors which act easy on eyes and also looks professional. You don’t get any visual effects or other transition effects in this template, which makes this template unique from the rest of the template in the list.

If you are looking for a modern style website template with neat and elegant design,Medicare is the one for you.

More info / Download


Medilife free template

With clean white background and neat design layout Medilife is a professional looking medical website template. It is a single page website template with smooth scroll effect. This template follows the tradition top bar navigation menu.You also get dropdown menu option.

With a big static image as the header the banner texts alone changes. You can explain about your service in an interactive manner in the header section. The transition effects and hover effects look clean.

The service section is given in a tabbed interface, with one service per tab. With this type of design, the user can know more about your services in detail. You also get team section, contact form and gallery section with this template.

More info / Download


Medical is a colorful medical website template. This template is designed on the basis of physiotherapy services, but this template can be used for other medical services also. This template follows a design layout of big image handles and content blocks.

The template uses warm colors to keep this template look professional. It is also a one-page website template. This template helps you to showcase your services neatly and elegantly. Medical template gives more importance to images, helps you to portray your medical services visually to the users.

This template gives you appointment form, a separate contact form, and an interactive map section.

More info / Download


medi free mobile-friendly website template

Medi+ is one of the best free medical website templates in the HTML. With its logical designing and neat layout user can gather more information about you from your site. It is a single page website template.

This template follows hamburger menu style to give a distraction-free website experience to the user. Since it is a one-page website template, it also gives smooth scrolling option. The transition effects and other animation effects of the website elements are made with precision.

The template uses custom made icons that fits the overall style of the website template. You get a gallery segment, service segment and book online call to action banner on the home page.

More info / Download

Free Medical Website Templates For WordPress

WordPress website templates give you innumerable options to customize your website. You can add new functionalities or extend functionalities using the WordPress plugins and addons. The free medical website templates give you limited customization options only, in the premium WordPress clinic website template you will have advanced options

When you compare the WordPress website template with the HTML free medical website templates, you get more option in the WordPress templates. Following are the best free medical website templates you can use for your site.

Medical Circle

medical circle free website template

Media Circle is an image rich medical website template. The big image slider in the header section allows you to add call to action button easily. It is a multi page website template with all the necessary pages you need in an professional medical website.

You also get a separate option to book an appointment. A lightbox with appointment form appears when the user clicks the book appointment option. The transition effects and other visual effects are done neatly on this template.

In the homepage, you get a department segment in a vertical tab navigation style. You can give a short note about the service and a call to action option is also provided to book an appointment for the particular department. There is also a pro version of this template available, for advanced options you can upgrade to the pro version.

More info / Download

Medical Way

medical way free website template

Medical way is a full-width medical website template. It is a clean looking website template with all the necessary options you need to create a professional looking medical website. This health based website template best suits for doctors, hospitals, medical clinics, pediatric and dental clinics.

With the huge image slider, you can say more about your services interactively to the users. You can also add a call to action button to the slider. Below the header section, you can list your services, and an appointment form is provided readily so that user can book an appointment as soon as they land on the website.

With a clean white background and light colors, this template looks professional. You also get a team segment and the depart segment on the home page.

More info / Download

Better Health

better health free medical website template

Better health is a modern style medical website template. It is a professional template that fits into medical services like hospitals, clinics, dental clinics and all other services. With big image slider in the header section, you can make a compelling intro about your medical services. You also have the option to add a call to action in the image slider.

The modern design layout manages the images and texts of the website well. The template uses neat icons which looks simple and elegant. The use of light blue color as the primary color makes this an easy fit for any business site templates.

It is a multi-page website template with a traditional navigation bar at the top. This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

More info / Download


mediclean free medical website template

Mediclean is a text rich medical website template. If you are looking for a website template that can say everything about you to the user, then you should try Mediclean template. As said, this template gives more importance to the text.

On the white background, the texts are easy to read. Since it is a mobile responsive website template, the fonts used are even legible on small screen devices. With the big image slider, you can give a short intro about your services; you also get an option to add a call to action.

Below the header image itself, you get the option to book an appointment. You can also use Mediclean as a blog template since it has all the necessary web elements you need in a blog.

More info / Download


mediplus free medical website template

Medplus is a colorful, feminine style medical website template. Again this is also a freemium WordPress medical website template. It is a clean and modern looking website template, with all the necessary features you might need in a professional medical website.

The template uses pink color as its primary color. Medplus uses neat icons that depict each medical services and the medical departments. You get a gallery segment on the homepage. The gallery segment follows a tabbed interface, which enables the user to easily switch between tabs and find the relevant image they want.

This template is designed for dental service as its core theme. But you can use this template for all other medical services also.

More info / Download

Eight Medi Lite

eight medi lite free medical website template

Eigh medi lite is a responsive medical website template. This template suits for all types of medical services. The template follows a modern design layout. It uses professional icons, texts, and colors.

On the top, you have options for general inquiries and social media profile links. With the big image slider in the header section, you can make an interesting intro to your services. You can also add a call to action button in the image slider.

Below the image slider, you have features section, which is designed with neat icons and clean texts. When you hover over the sections in the features, the icons gives animation effect like jumping.

More info / Download

VW Hospital Lite

vw hospital free medical website template

VW Hospital lite is a clean looking medical website template. It is a lite version of a premium WordPress theme. At the top, you have the option to book an appointment and hospital timing. The hover effects and other visual effects are neat on this template.

The service section is a colorful segment of this template. On hovering over the services, the details about the service are shown on the colorful content blocks. The template uses custom fonts that fit the overall design tempo of the template. This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

More info / Download

Which Your Favorite?

These are the best free medical website templates you can use for your medical service website. The list comprises a range of templates, right from simple website templates to visually attractive website template. All templates do their job perfectly.

In WordPress website templates you have the option to book an appointment. In HTML free website templates you can add a contact form to the template. You can add reservation plugins to enable online reservations easy for the users in WordPress. What’s your favorite free medical website template? Share with us in the comment section below.


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