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Best Premium WordPress Theme Trends 2021 [Round-up]


A great website is an experience. A great experience is key if you want to keep your competitive edge. To stay competitive, it’s important to foresee changes in the digital market and learn how to adapt to them. So, get to know the following best premium WordPress themes trends 2021 and meet the decade fully armed.

Template Kits vs WordPress Themes

The demand for self-serve website templates and page builders will only grow. When it comes to website builders, Elementor and Gutenberg are game-changers. In 2020, Elementor has gone the extra mile and introduced template kits. The benefit? At first sight, it looks and works as a regular WordPress theme. But there’s a catch. They offer endless customization.

dentario kit

Want to get your dream site live quicker? Template kits take the site-building process to the next level. Download, import, and get down to work. Mix and match content blocks to no end. Edit templates, customize the design, create design elements you could only dream of.

Odds are, designers and developers will pay more attention to template kits. The coolest thing is that each kit is built compatible with Elementor.

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More Accessible Ecommerce UI Designs

Do you remember the time when digital service was an extra option for physical retailers? Well, a tall tale. Since then, eCommerce has become the sheriff in town. As such, buying more stuff online is going to become a habit that’s likely to stick for more people. So, no matter your niche, adding an eCommerce option to your website is smart.


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Building a new website or wish to improve the existing one? Start with the best premium WordPress themes. Crafted with care, they often hit the trend by focusing on usability. Better yet, it needs to be available to all 4 billion users online. Adapt your website to all visitors and see miracles happen. Once your website to all people, it’s easier to reach a wider audience.

Opt for the best WordPress themes, and you are more likely to get the best of the best. As a result, you can keep your visitors longer and increase your brand awareness.

Dark Mode Is Here to Stay

There’s no reason for the dark mode to disappear in 2021. Quite the contrary. Big brands like Instagram, Netflix, and Apple have taken the dark mode approach to design by storm. Sure, just any other web design trend, the dark mode won’t work for every company. Yet, it’s become widely popular over the past few years. Thus, different companies continue to carry darker interfaces to their marketing websites.


What’s the benefit of the dark mode? Well, as UX research shows, the dark backgrounds enhance page contrast, letting your visuals pop and make it easier for users to focus on. Now, when the dark mode is more widely available on some top visited websites, developers and designers add a dark mode to their premium WordPress themes. Thus, if you still not sure whether the dark mode is for you, it never hurts to try. All in all, it’s one of the top requested features by 95% of users. To save time, scroll carefully the best premium WordPress themes that come with a built-in dark mode.

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More Colorful UX Writing

Your company might have a great product and perfect service, yet how your customer will know about it? Content. Engaging and less formalized. Well, it’s not just enough to add text to your product, think out of the box. Add more uniqueness and color to your writing. Remember, your customers want a story, better a certain lifestyle with your brand. Your task is to make them a part of history by adding the vibe to your writing.


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The beauty of premium WordPress themes is that many of those come compatible with the new block-based Gutenberg editor. For you, that means the ability to add a color vibe to content blocks with no coding issues. Sure thing, there’re even more advanced features jam-packed in Gutenberg. All of them let you get creative with your writing, make our pages worth the visit.

All in all, the engaging and attractive design of your website can reach out to your visitors. Unique, individualized, and colorful, it can target their emotions. So, why not get even closer to your users in a smart way?

Progressive Web Apps

Think of 65% of online shopping deals closed with mobile devices. E-commerce, news portals, and low budget companies that want to reach a wider audience base invest in progressive web apps for a reason. They don’t want to lose any single client on the app downloading stage. Progressive web apps, in their turn, offer a high-quality user experience close to native apps.


Thus, if you’re on the lookout for the best premium WordPress themes for your website, pick the one that lets you build a progressive web app. The best thing is that they look and function the same as a native Android or iOS app. Written with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, or Angular, progressive web apps provide a great user experience and no need for programs. Another benefit for users is that they can try it without installing it.

To add, they could send notifications to users and provide offline access to cached content. Even better, owned by Walmart, George.com a leading UK clothing brand upgraded its site to PWA and saw a 31% increase in mobile conversion. AliExpress, Alibaba, and Lancome are the other e-commerce brands that have benefited from PWA. So, what about you?

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Interactive Design, More Organic Animations

Animations are not a novice trend for sure. Many premium WordPress themes come bundled with it. Users can be bored with stunning illustrations only. So, go the extra mile and add motion to your interface. Even a tiny detail can make a more intuitive and enjoyable user journey. Take it under your radar.

Say, for some reason you don’t want to add a video to your site. That’s nothing wrong with that, in fact. To encourage visitors to spend more time on your website, use an alternative – animations, 3D elements, or micro-interactions. They are another best premium WordPress themes trend in 2021. To add, they are much lighter and don’t affect your websites’ loading time.

The coolest thing is that many ready-made options come compatible with the Elementor page builder. The latter lets you add motion effects on your own. Odds are, you’ll find this option a nice extra.

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Overlapping Content Design

Bored with symmetrical, balanced websites? Try to overlap layers. Well, that’s not something revolutionary new under the sun, but is still making waves in 2021. Gone are the days when designers and developers should follow certain web design rules to keep the website fully functional. Not today. Designers of 2020 just can’t get enough of those layers. You can see their work in premium WordPress themes.

Today, when it comes to creativity, the sky is the limit. As long as you take advantage of new frameworks and advancements of powerful page builders, your creativity can flourish with no end. The only challenge for your website could be mobile devices and different screen sizes. To save you from misery, the Bootstrap framework and page builder plugins can ease your pain and skip those tricky issues.

Thing is, you can overlap layers and various elements. Try to overlap background and content boxes, pictures, text, get creative. But before you do, make sure it works for you. You need your users to spend some time on your website, not hurt.

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Gradient Color 

Think that gradients were a thing long ago? Think again. In 2021, gradients will be a trend in premium WordPress themes for sure. The reason is obvious. First, freedom. Designers and developers want more space for creativity when it comes to color matching, and gradients provide it. Second, minimalism. If you’re looking for minimalist WordPress themes, consider using gradient designs. The result could be very fresh and deep. And finally, gradients could be a great analog of motion design.

Gradients will be on trend next year. Better yet, this trend has staying power. Thus, if you need to combine multiple colors and have minimum contrast, gradients are perfect for that task. So, if you’re searching for new website design inspiration, go for it. We expect to see more gradients incorporated in premium WordPress themes in 2021 for sure.

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Brutalism in WordPress Themes

The trend for brutalism goes back to mid-20th century architecture. Today, yet, the trend for brutalism often pops up in web designs. And premium WordPress themes are no exception. The beauty of such web designs is that they are visually demanding and more complex than they seem at first sight. If you still think of brutalist design as something bizarre or chaotic, you’re wrong.


Well, it’s not an intuitive trend. At first sight, brutalist design can be a little hard to understand. Yet, later you’ll find that opposite styles can work together. Quite the opposite, it lets you experiment with the structure. 

Sure, the list of premium WordPress themes adopted to brutalism is not huge. However, if you’re looking for something sleek and unique, take advantage of the brutalism trend. Odds are, it could help you bring your vision to life.

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Mobile-First Design Will Be the Way Forward

Finding a premium WordPress theme optimized for mobile performance should be a priority. It isn’t a tough gig anymore, in fact. It also shouldn’t come as a surprise that a big part of users visits websites via mobile devices. Moreover, this amount will only increase. That’s why developers are forced to create mobile-first websites and WordPress themes. To give you some numbers, let’s turn to Statista. Thus, the global amount of smartphone users is projected to rise to 7.41 billion. In 2020, this number stands at 6.95 billion.  


Plus, forget not out of the pandemic. It mixed things up a lot. Millions of people, the world economy, including offline and online businesses used to find a new mobile approach. Smartphones have long been popular devices for online shopping. But during the pandemic, they have seen incredible growth for obvious reasons. Since then, over a third of shoppers prefer to make their purchases online.

So no surprise that mobile-first designs are a priority for developers. All in all, want to stay competitive in the digital market? You will no longer need a website that is just responsive. The mobile-first one is what you need.

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The Takeaway

As you see, some of the hottest WordPress theme trends have been around for a while. Whereas, there are also a few things that will probably impact WordPress theme designs. If you’re trying to keep your fingers wet in the best premium WordPress theme trends, try combining them. Odds are, it can result in a ground-breaking design that will complement your brand.


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