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Branding PSD Mockups: 20+ Templates for Design Presentations


Are you up for showcasing your branding design presentation in the best possible way? Check out our collection of useful branding PSD mockups here.

Branding is a marketing practice, helping businesses create their own name, logo, or other designs that are easy to be identified as belonging to that business. With solid branding, companies can distinguish their products and services from others. Needless to say, branding is important to create a significant impression on customers. In addition, it enables your clients and consumers to know what to expect from your business. In other words, this is a way of making yourself stand apart from the competitors and giving a profound idea about what you offer and how that makes you a better choice. So, to improve your business value, drive more customers, create trust within the marketplace, and maintain employee satisfaction, you must give serious thought to your business branding. 

Business branding is possible through various items. Other than flyer or banner advertising, you can brand yourself on the products you sell. Also, you can do branding on some other items that are closely related to your business theme. Now designing such branding is easier than ever with a good mockup. To make things easy for you, in this post, we have gathered a fantastic collection of over 20 branding PSD mockups. With these mockups, you can showcase your branding design in a professional and photorealistic way. 

So, without further ado, let’s talk about these branding mockups.

Thread Roll PSD Mockup Set

If you want to create an amazing design presentation, this thread roll PSD mockup is perfect for you. It is a pack of 3 PSD files. Showcase your logo, label design, branding, and more with these branding PSD mockups. As they have high resolution, your final work will look simply impressive. And thanks to smart objects, adding your own graphics and editing the whole thing are very easy. So, get this mockup set now and showcase your design work from three different angles.

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Table Tent Powerbank Mockup

If placed in the right position, table tents can give your brand great exposure. With this, you can drive people’s attention and they can be interested in what you offer. So, if you want to design a table tent and promote yourself, here is a table tent powerbank branding PSD mockup that can meet your needs. It will help you have a preview of your design on a table tent before printing. The mockup includes separate layers for color objects and background. Therefore you can easily change color and modify the background to add perfection to your final presentation.

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Product Brochure Catalog Template

Marketing through brochures is one of the oldest yet effective tricks. Many companies now integrate digital brochures with paper brochures and promote their products and services aggressively. Now you can design a brochure catalog easily with this product brochure catalog template. It features a well-organized, professional-looking brochure of 24 pages. Each page displays unique layouts with modern typography. You can easily customize the whole thing and showcase your design work. Above all, if you face any difficulty using the template, go through the guide file that comes with the pack.

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Fashion Sale Flyer Mockup

Are you having an upcoming fashion sale in your online or brick-and-mortar store? Promote your offers through flyer advertising. Use this fashion sale flyer mockup to design a flyer easily. This mockup helps you have a preview of how your design and information would look on a flyer. You can make as many changes as you want before the final printing. This fully editable mockup is also useful for any advertising related to businesses, corporate agency, publishing house, and company profile presentation. 

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Cosmetic Product Packaging PSD Mockup

This cosmetic product packaging PSD mockup is a set of 15 PSD files, all are equally easy-to-edit and have high resolution. The mockup set features cosmetic bottle and tube packaging designs with photorealistic effects. You can place your brand logo, name, and other information on the packaging and showcase the design in a professional manner. Editing the whole thing is possible in just a few clicks. Other than editing the tubes and bottles, you can also change color, modify the background, and create a fully custom-made presentation to impress your clients and customers.

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Multipurpose Holder & Card PSD Mockup

Gift cards are also very useful elements for branding purposes. Now you can design not only gift cards but also their holders and promote a brand effectively. Here presents a multipurpose holder and card PSD mockup that can meet your needs perfectly. As it features card design, it can be used for different types of cards, for example, gift cards, discount cards, business and client cards, membership cards, hotel keys, and more. So, are you ready to showcase your design work with a realistic and professional view? Use this PSD mockup.

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Frisbee Disc PSD Mockup Set

Present a flawless design presentation with this frisbee disc PSD mockup set. It is a pack of four PSD files, each one having high resolution. In addition, its smart object option makes the editing process quick and hassle-free for you. Get this mockup set right now and edit it to show off your logo design, branding promotion, and more on a colorful frisbee.

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Pin Button PSD Mockup Set

Custom buttons can act as a perfect canvas through which you can make your brand get noticed. Such pin buttons come in various shapes and sizes to match an individual’s branding or promotional needs. Design a customized pin button with this pin button PSD mockup set. It includes four high-quality PSD files, all are equally easy to edit. Simply click on the smart object, add your own designs, and hit the save button. Within just a few minutes your final presentation will be ready. And the best thing about this mockup is it comes with a help file, guiding you throughout the usage process.

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Glass Nameplate PSD Mockup Set

This mockup features a rectangular glass nameplate design. You can place your own graphics and text on the nameplate for commercial and non-commercial branding purposes. It gives you the chance to present your design from five different angles. Its detalization and high resolution add a fantastic touch to your final presentation. And if you face any difficulty using the mockup, take help from the guide file that comes with the set.

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Notebook PSD Mockup

This notebook mockup includes 3 PSD files with realistic effects. You can design the cover of the notebook and use it as a promotional gift item for your staff and clients during holidays or in any event. This way you can make your brand noticed among your clients and motivate your staff. Other than placing your design on the notebook cover, you can also change its color and modify the background. Before making the final print decision, this mockup helps you have a preview of how your design and text would look on a notebook. The video help file, included in this pack, makes the whole thing very easy to use.

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Cosmetic Bag PSD Mockup

Present your branding design on a cosmetic bag and showcase it in an impressive way. The PSD file includes separate layers for the color objects and background. Thanks to its smart layers, applying your design to the layout is super easy. You can easily place your logo, text, and other design elements on the bag, change the background color, and create a superb design presentation in just a few clicks.

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Package Box PSD Mockup

This package box mockup displays a rectangular box design, useful for showcasing any kind of apparel or gift package designs with realistic effects. Needless to say, this mockup ensures your presentation looks good in both dark and light design. It includes seven high-quality PSD files, all are easy to customize. In each PSD file, you get different perspectives of the same packaging box design. Therefore with this mockup set, you can showcase your branding design on a box from different angles. And the best thing about it is the pack comes with a help file, guiding you throughout the editing process.

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Shaker PSD Mockup

Personalized shaker bottles are also great for branding purposes. These can be useful as promotional gifting items too. Designing a customized shaker is now easier than ever with this shaker PSD mockup. It includes a Photoshop-compatible PSD file with well-organized smart layers and high resolution. Other than placing your design on the bottle, you can also change color and adjust the background. So, get this mockup now and enjoy editing. Create custom labeled shaker bottles in minutes.

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Vertical Signboard PSD Mockup Set

With signboard advertising, companies can promote their products and services among the target audience so that they can maximize their sales. Be it restaurants, malls, cafes, retail shops, or any other store, signboard advertising helps them get noticed among mass audience day and night. Now you can design a signboard and brand yourself with this vertical signboard mockup set. It includes three PSD files, showing the same signboard from three different angles. You can add your own graphics to the signboard in just a few clicks. 

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Office Branding PSD Mockup

Office branding is an excellent way to tell your brand story, create brand recognition, maintain brand loyalty, make a statement of your quality, and build an image of trust. By adding wall art, graphics, vinyl graphics, window and door graphics, signages, directional signs, interior signs, etc. office branding can be done in many creative ways. Now you can do office branding in the easiest possible way with this office branding PSD mockup. This mockup features modern interior scene with high resolution and photorealistic effects. You can find in the pack seven different wall textures and rendered background design. Use this mockup and showcase a corporate business identity presentation in an impressive way.

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Ice Tube PSD Mockup

This ice tube PSD mockup displays a stainless steel ice tube with ice. The background is in plain simple white color. Other than placing your logo, text, and other design elements on the ice tube, you can also change its color and adjust the background as per your choice. Use smart objects for product design. No matter how many times you use and edit this mockup, every time your final presentation looks fantastic with a photorealistic appearance. So, without thinking twice, get this mockup and showcase your branding presentation on an ice tube.

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A custom-made shopping bag with branding design adds life to a brand. Branding through shopping bags is an innovative way to promote a business, and that brand will get into the hand of the target audience. As a result, the company gets great exposure and the name of the brand stays in the customers’ minds. Now you can showcase branding design on a shopping bag easily with this shopping bag PSD mockup. The mockup has a realistic look. All the mockup scenes in this pack come with high resolution. All the colors visible in the layout are editable. Also, you can easily place your design on the bag, thanks to well-organized smart layers. Above all, this mockup works with both light and dark color designs.

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Box Packaging PSD Mockup Template

This is a pack of 10 PSD files, featuring a plain simple packaging box design from different angles. On each side of the box, you can place your design. Also, changing color is super easy. The organized layers and smart object options make the editing process quick and easy. Furthermore, its high resolution adds a fantastic touch to your final presentation.

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Keychain PSD Mockup

Promotional items make an excellent way to get your brand message across and engage the audience with your brand. Be it making marketing strategies, launching products or services, announcing holiday season deals and more, custom keychains can make a perfect gift for all types of promotional activities. Now designing a custom keychain is easier than ever with this keychain PSD mockup. It includes three PSD files with three individual views. You can apply your design, change color, edit the background with just a few clicks. So, get this mockup now and present your branding design work on a keychain to impress your clients and customers.

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Plastic Bottle for Oil PSD Mockup

Present your plastic bottle label design with realistic effects using this PSD mockup. Here you can see a sunflower oil bottle with colorful background. You can easily design the label, change the color of the cap, and adjust the background to create a flawless branding design presentation. In this kit, you get five options for the background. Above all, its organized, marked, and named layers make the file easy-to-use. You can use this mockup and create designs for flyer or poster advertising. Also, you can have a preview of how your design would look on an oil bottle before making the final printing decision.

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Mug Branding PSD Mockups

When it comes to using products or methods to promote a business or brand, promotional mugs are very popular among many companies around the world. When you give your clients and consumers a mug with your company name on it as a gift item, they can actually use it in their daily life, which means they will subconsciously notice your business logo every day. Here presents a mug mockups set, helping you design a custom-made promotional mug with realistic effects. You can also change color and customize the background. The mockups work equally perfect on both dark and light designs. 

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Magazine Cover Branding PSD Mockups

With this useful mockup set, you can design a magazine cover just the way you want. Every time you edit these mockups, the final output comes out as photorealistic and of high resolution. Everything visible in the layout is editable. You can change the background color, adjust texture, and place your advertising design on the magazine cover easily. The well-organized layers and smart objects make the editing process super easy for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get this mockup set now. Edit and use it to showcase your designs on the front of a magazine in a photorealistic and professional manner.

If you are interested to check out more options to design a magazine cover, go through our collection of magazine mockups.

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Final thoughts,

Branding is important to ensure the success of any business. For showcasing branding designs on various items, the above-discussed mockups will surely help you. All the mockups discussed here are easy-to-use and of excellent quality. So, make your choice and pick the one that will fit your business theme and project requirement perfectly. Start customizing and get amazing results.

You can also have a look at some more branding mockups here to create professional presentations.


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