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Top 10 Free Shopping Cart Plugins For WordPress 2021


After spending months of planning and weeks of preparation to set up a business, how exactly do you execute your business plan in the online ecosphere? The best way to sell products online is, of course, through e-commerce. As a business owner, you need to focus on delivering a smooth shopping experience to customers across all business categories. Dipping your feet in the e-commerce field can be scary at first. However, platforms, like WordPress, have made the entry-level experience as easy as tapping a few buttons on your phone. In particular, you need shopping cart plugins.

Shopping carts and e-commerce platforms are nothing new to the market. There is a vast pool of options, and it is without question a very tempting situation where we have to choose between a standalone platform and a separate plugin addon for our existing publishing platform, such as WordPress. The WordPress community has made it unbelievably easy for anyone to get started with e-commerce, and WordPress itself is a very versatile content publishing platform that gives new business owners much more room to juggle their business with.

Running an e-commerce business with WordPress puts you in the driver’s seat of the rest of your content, whether it’s plugins, themes, or actual consumable content. Needless to say, using WordPress is also going to ensure that you aren’t losing out on any profits because running your own e-commerce shopping cart means that you are in charge of fees, delivery costs, and any other external payment that third-party platforms may require.

To get started with building your own online store through a reliable WordPress shopping cart, we are called to take a closer look at the number of available shopping cart solutions available at our disposal. The following are the best shopping cart plugins for business owners new and old. We will briefly introduce each one with its best features. You can decide for yourself which best suits your current e-commerce requirements.

Top 10 WordPress Shopping Car Plugins

WooCommerce (Most Popular)

WooCommerce — WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce is the pinnacle of success in terms of WordPress plugins. It is the most successful e-commerce solution for WordPress users. This scalable online selling solution provides all the e-commerce features in one simple package. The community is now able to share their own ideas and issues, thanks to a public open-source GitHub repository, where hundreds of individuals have already made their contributions.

Starting your own e-commerce shop using WooCommerce is simple and time-effective. It works on top of your already existing WordPress installation. It provides a separate control panel for concluding all your sales and gives away individual products. The WooCommerce infrastructure powers nearly one-third of all online e-commerce stores today.

The default package of WooCommerce includes the ability to sell products in physical and digital forms. Sellers can also convert WooCommerce to support memberships, subscriptions, ticket selling, and much more. The community is so active that there are literally hundreds of free and paid extensions available already. Developers who need an API for their app can easily take advantage of WooCommerce’s own API. The e-commerce platform has been built with such necessities in mind, making it less frustrating to integrate your newly setup WooCommerce anywhere.


WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart

WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart — WordPress Plugins

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart lets you quickly convert your existing WordPress blog into a lightweight e-commerce solution. It allows you to add “Buy Now” buttons of your products within your WordPress posts and pages. The real advantage here is that your users get access to a shopping cart. This means that they can add more than one item to their “to buy” items list. It gives you a little more freedom over how you sell products and services on your blog. After installing the plugin, you can use the control panel to create new products and get a shortcode for each of the products created. You can then start adding them to your pages, posts, and widgetized areas.

The plugin is fully compatible with mobile devices, meaning responsive design standards are native. WordPress users interested in testing can take advantage of the PayPal Sandbox feature. It lets you experiment with selling products in a more secluded environment. Then, you can use your test results to create live production-ready product buttons.


WP EasyCart: e-Commerce Shopping Cart

WP EasyCart eCommerce Shopping Cart — WordPress Plugins

In need of a full-on e-commerce solution for your WordPress blog? WP EasyCart is a dedicated WordPress shopping cart plugin that lets you quickly turn your WordPress website into a full-blown e-commerce platform. It is ready for selling products and digital content, promoting free content, and much more. WP EasyCart provides downloadable software that you can use to manage your inventory and the overall feel of the e-commerce platform on your website. Besides, it is available for desktop computers and mobile devices alike. It works by default as a WordPress plugin, of course. Other features include integrated payment gateways of the most popular payment systems.

Localization options let you configure each language individually to allocate currency, tax options, payment gateways for individual countries, and the default language to use for a particular country accessing the website. Shipping features include native integration of services, like USPS, FedEx, and UPS. To better understand your products and their selling point, native integration of Google Analytics will allow you to track your sales and no-sales. This will inform you how and where users begin and end their purchase process. Social media is not a thing to worry about. All product pages will feature a social sharing widget to help maximize product social exposure.


Ecwid Shopping Cart

Ecwid Shopping Cart — WordPress Plugins

With millions of active sellers, Ecwid is among the leaders in e-commerce solutions. The Ecwid platform is used by sellers all around the world to sell retail items and digital products. Getting started with this plugin is easy. You can either use the Ecwid site to build a separate selling website, or you can use the WordPress plugin to directly plug all of the Ecwid features in your existing WordPress installation. The platform is responsive and has drag-and-drop features for the shopping cart. So, the shopping experience is fun as well as easy.

You can do much with this plugin. Manage your products and track your inventory. Boost your sales through the use of discounts and coupons. Choose from more than 30 payment gateways. This shopping cart solution does its job effectively!


WP Easy Pay

wp easy pay shopping cart plugin wordpress
WP Easy Pay kids you not that it is one of the simplest free WordPress plugins when it comes to paying with Square. For simple payments, like memberships or donations, you can make it happen quickly and effortlessly with WP Easy Pay. Hence the name, nothing advanced and difficult when you work with WP Easy Pay. With a single button, your users or members can make payments that do not require much attention. In other words, if you have it all preset and all it takes is just the payment to complete the order, this is the plugin that you would want to consider.

Some additional features are custom amounts, Sandbox support and notification mail that is sent to the admin after a successful transaction. Of course, if you feel like you need more features but you like the approach WP Easy Pay has, feel free to upgrade to the premium plan and see the difference.


PayPal Shopping Cart

easy paypal shopping cart wordpress plugin
If Paypal is your preferred way to receive payment from your customers, PayPal Shopping Cart is the free WordPress shopping cart plugin that you need. This simple to use tool lets you sell products and services with ease. You can use add to cart button or view the cart button anywhere on your website. To some extent, PayPal Shopping Cart is pretty basic, but it sure does the trick, and that is what matters most.

Some of the treats that you can benefit from while using PayPal Shopping Cart include support for eighteen languages and 25 currencies, two different Paypal button styles and you can also set how you would like the Paypal window to open. In addition to that, of course, PayPal Shopping Cart works with any WordPress theme out there. If you are looking to add an eCommerce extension to your existing website, you can do it in a breeze with PayPal Shopping Cart.


WP Menu Cart

wp menu cart wordpress plugin
First and foremost, WP Menu Cart is a free WordPress plugin that works seamlessly with WooCommerce, WP-eCommerce, EDD, Eshop, and Jigoshop. What the tool does, it installs a shopping cart button in the navigation bar. It only takes about a minute to setup. Meaning, even if you are not sure if this is the extension that you need, it will take you barely any time to know the exact answer. That said, download it now and shortly after, you will know if WP Menu Cart is a fit.

As for the features, WP Menu Cart shows a cart icon that can display items and price only or both. In addition to that, WP Menu Cart can be visible all the time or only when there are items in the cart. Add a shopping cart button to your page and boost your user experience. In conclusion, everyone can now access the cart at all times.


Stripe Checkout

stripe checkout shopping cart plugin wordpress
Without spending too much time in setting things up, Stripe Checkout gets you to accept credit card payments. Before we continue, yes, you can utilize this free WordPress plugin for any WordPress website that you currently run or plan to launch. In short, Stripe Checkout is nothing else than a simple embeddable payment form that works on all devices, like smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

With Stripe Checkout, you get unlimited payment forms and support for twelve languages and more than 135 currencies. You can display your product image as an overlay, translate it and even connect it with AffiliateWP. What’s more? Set success and failure pages and you do not really need any advanced shopping carts, form builders or membership plugins to make it work. Stripe Checkout is all you need to get things going.


Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

woocommerce abandoned cart
How many of your visitors and potential buyers are actually completing the order? Too many folks just stuff the cart with a bunch of products and then leave. The reason for leaving could be pretty much anything, and we will not go into details on that today.

Anyhow, to avoid as many abandoned carts as possible, here is a practical WordPress plugin that will get the job done in the background.

After you set things up, the plugin does the job with email marketing, sending notifications to everyone who left your online store too soon.

With the plugin, you get to allow customers to recover their carts with a single click and immediately complete the purchase. Moreover, the plugin also captures guest carts, tracks abandoned carts, and sends notifications to the admin when the cart is recovered. You also have amazing customization features to create email designs that follow your branding directions.


WooCommerce Menu Cart

woocommerce menu bar cart
WooCommerce Menu Cart – hence the name – is a shopping cart plugin for WordPress that adds a button in the navigation section. As a free plugin, it comes with all sorts of great features and a super speedy setup process. Of course, there is no need for you to have any coding knowledge and other experience. WooCommerce Menu Cart is very beginner- and user-friendly, making sure everyone gets the most out of it. And if you would ever like to unlock the true potential of the plugin, you can always go pro.

As for the free version of WooCommerce Menu Cart, you can display the cart icon only when there are items in it or customize your own CSS. Moreover, you can show price or item only or both and use it according to your menu’s default settings. Of course, you can also float it left or right.



LaterPay — WordPress Plugins

LaterPay is an established German company that specializes in helping sellers to sell their digital online content with ease. As you can imagine, the WordPress plugin of LaterPay helps you integrate your LaterPay products within your WordPress website to begin selling them conveniently from your WordPress dashboard, rather than using the widgetized selling features offered in the standalone version. The actual use of LaterPay is to enable bloggers to sell their content, where the reader can pay for the content they consume later on, or as they go. Basically with LaterPay, you can begin charging users for your premium content, either individually for each post with its own price, or you can sell time passes that others can use to read posts, depending on the length of the pass, and also its individual settings. A very useful plugin for those who wish to promote exclusive content, or courses.


Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads — WordPress Plugins

Easy Digital Downloads is the best tool to sell their digital goods such as ebooks, templates, plugins, graphics, etc. The easy-to-use system allows anyone to quickly become a seller of eBooks, digital format guides, courses, or services of their own choosing. Easy to integrate with payment systems like PayPal, Stripe, and even Amazon Payments. It is a fully pluggable plugin, which means you can extend it with other available plugins to make the selling process more dynamic and interesting. Users can easily access their purchase history and also grab the files whenever convenient. Those selling multiple products can create Product Bundles, too. Meaning, selling a variety of items as a single product for a special price. For the seller, the dashboard provides extensive stats of earnings and sales. Data can be easily exported for external use.


WPshop – eCommerce

WPshop eCommerce — WordPress Plugins

Lastly, we have a stellar eCommerce solution WPshop, which is mostly aimed at French WordPress users. Since we have received a ton of support from the French community, we decided to include it anyway. And their feedback on the great usability of this shopping cart plugin is super positive. Learn a bit of French and start using the plugin right away.



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