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Top 14 WordPress Admin Dashboard Themes and Plugins 2021


WordPress changed the way writers publish. It helped small businesses and startups to establish solid content marketing foundations using integrated publishing features. WordPress has helped millions of bloggers and visionaries all around the world to create, publish, work together, and sustain a solid foundation of creative flow that has forever changed the way people consume content online. WordPress is the number one content management system and a blogging platform for various good reasons; but above all, it has stood out as a platform that’s easy to manage, optimize, and externalize. Writing online wouldn’t be the same without WordPress.

Colorlib fully understands this concept. We are publishers of several famous free WordPress themes ourselves, which have accumulated many millions of downloads and are admired by the community. We are also curators for the best premium WordPress themes, helping WordPress bloggers to make the right choice about choosing a template for their next project. There’s so much more that we offer on our platform, we recommend that you check it out, and do let us know what you think!

There’s more to WordPress

Speaking of themes, WordPress is a known blogging platform that offers easy, very easy, customization options in the form of themes and plugins, hardly any other publishing platform can come close to what WordPress has to offer, from changing the overall look of your blog to being able to customize separate parts of your blog, such as the administrator dashboard.

That’s right. WordPress also allows you to fully customize the place where all the magic actually happens, the admin dashboard. With themes and plugin extensions, the admin dashboard can be quickly transformed to look better, to feel more flexible, to have more features, and generally to reflect your own personality in a way that doesn’t bother the users who only get to experience the front-end aspects of your blog. We will be continuing this post with a rundown of the most popular and possibly the best WordPress admin dashboard themes and plugins that you can quickly install through your normal WordPress Plugins Manager. These are one-step installations that take only moments, and some of the plugins we will be showcasing offer numerous ways of optimizing, adjusting, and extending your admin dashboard for whatever reason you want to do it.

WordPress Admin Dashboard Themes

We will be splitting this post into two parts: first part for admin dashboard themes and the second part for admin dashboard plugins to improve functionality and overall settings availability. Admin dashboard themes are not a new thing, and some plugins have been around for years, while some are new to the market, hoping to offer WordPress bloggers more exciting ways to improve the UI and UX of their dashboards. Let us know if we missed out on your favorite plugin, we will compensate by quickly including it in the list, thanks!


Slate Admin Theme — WordPress Plugins

Slate Admin Theme makes the WordPress admin dashboard a much more compact experience. An experience that focuses on the aspect of writing content, rather than doing external things like managing plugins and themes. With Slate, the focus switches from a ‘cluttered’ dashboard to one that emphasizes writing and editing within the editor. This theme is being used by more than two thousand bloggers already and provides two different color schemes, to begin with.


AG Custom Admin

AG Custom Admin — WordPress Plugins

AG Custom Admin, unlike some of the other styles, offers a more full-customization feature package that will be truly appealing to bloggers that want to brand their admin dashboard, whether for media purposes or because they wish to invite more bloggers to their blog and offer them a different experience. Whereas a traditional admin style will help you change the colors of your admin dashboard, with AG Custom Admin you can do much more than that — you can customize the admin bar to hide, change items, to eliminate any official WordPress branding and instead use your own colors and icons.

You can easily change the administrator menu by removing and extending available items on the menu, and once again; change the colors to your own liking. A ‘colorizing’ plugin will let you customize colors of nearly every available page within the WordPress dashboard, giving you that much more freedom to make the dashboard look like your own personal playground. Plenty of other features to optimize the UX and UI of your dashboard, all free of cost.


Ultimate Dashboard

ultimate dashboard wordpress plugin
When you name your product Ultimate Dashboard, there must be something extremely good about it. And that is the exact case with this leading WordPress admin dashboard plugin. It is a simple to use plugin that does not bloat and over crowd your WordPress dashboard. In short, what Ultimate Dashboard does, it lets you replace the default WordPress dashboard widgets with your custom ones.

If you need a better and more appealing to the eye overview of your WordPress admin, Ultimate Dashboard is the tool you need. It comes especially helpful when you work with clients and let other users access the admin. Not only will they find it all a lot cleaner, but it will also be a lot more fun completing different tasks and other whatnots. For your information, Ultimate Dashboard comes both as a free and a pro version. You can test the waters first and fully commit later. Do what feels right to you, but most importantly, improve that boring default WordPress dashboard widgets once and for all.


Blue Admin

Blue Admin — WordPress Plugins

Blue is a soothing color, it works great in both dark and full of light environments, and there’s a reason why many plugin developers have chosen blue as their default color scheme for this dashboard templates, and so has Linesh Jose who is the publisher of the Blue Admin style for all your WordPress dashboard needs. The design is soothing, clean, simple and actually quite modern compared to some other choices. It might be the design you need within your dashboard to help you regain the inspiration motivation by changing (spicing up?) up the environment a little bit.


Slash Admin

Slash Admin — WordPress Plugins

Slash Admin does just a tiny bit more than any other plugin in this list, Slash Admin is the ultimate plugin to use to add all the little tricks to your website that would otherwise require you to install third-party plugins. As far as the front-end features are concerned, Slash will add things like an automated EU Cookie Law popup, a simple ‘Loading’ widget for pages that haven’t been fully loaded yet, allow you to change the default font of the content text from the choice of hundreds of fonts provided by Google Fonts, and also display a polite warning message for those visitors who are still using old-school outdated browsers; all of which possess serious security risks.

Moving on to the dashboard, Slash will let you specify your Google Analytics code to enable tracking, enable a limit on the number of post revisions that are saved each time you manage the content, in turn saving you database space and generally keeping it cleaner. It will allow you to set a specific timer that will automatically limit post update and delete functions after the timer has expired, particularly useful for websites with many authors and editors where issues may arise when someone wants to edit the content after two months of its publish date. Another cool feature is the option to enable maintenance mode, something that would otherwise require an external plugin, where users won’t be able to see the front-end while you’re doing all the cool modifications to the website.

The list of features continues to go on and on, and we recommend to check in with the Download page to learn more about Slash Admin, and how it can help your admin dashboard to become a tad bit more exciting.


WordPress Admin Dashboard Plugins

Styling your dashboard is quite straightforward, as proved by the numerous amazing styles we covered, but what about extending your dashboard, even modifying it to better suit your needs? Yes, that is also possible, through the use of admin dashboard plugins such as the ones we will talk about next. Please enjoy.

Erident Custom Login and Dashboard

Erident Custom Login and Dashboard — WordPress Plugins

There’s nothing more pleasant than opening your WordPress dashboard and be greeted with a style of your own creation, we couldn’t agree more. Erident Custom Login and Dashboard is all about helping administrators to change the color scheme, background images, forms styles, and other tiny settings that make all the difference in how branding is conveyed through your WordPress dashboard. Take some time to explore the Erident plugin and see how it speaks to you.


Admin Trim Interface

Admin Trim Interface — WordPress Plugins

Want a more concise admin management experience? Look no further than Admin Trim Interface, whereas many bloggers would want to add extra stuff to their dashboards. The Admin Trim Interface plugin helps you remove all the unnecessary fat to make the admin management experience more fluid, more simple, and definitely much cleaner.


MainWP Dashboard

MainWP Dashboard — WordPress Plugins

MainWP Dashboard has more than seven thousand active users for a good reason. It is the most famous open-source WordPress management plugin known to man! MainWP Dashboard can make you manage and customize all websites within your own, or even outside of our network. If you are a multiple WordPress website owner, then getting the MainWP Dashboard plugin is a no-brainer! It makes your life ten times easier than it was previously.


Client Dash

Client Dash — WordPress Plugins

Have you ever wished you could customize the WordPress dashboard a little more?

Well if you are capable of using the built-in WordPress widget manager then with Client Dash you’ve found your solution. Client Dash implements a powerful dashboard widget control feature that works exactly the same as the familiar WordPress widget manager. So now, adding, removing, rearranging and customizing WP dashboard widgets is easier than ever before. Your customers will love you, even if unknowingly, for giving them a more relaxed admin experience.


Premium WordPress Admin Dashboard Templates

It wouldn’t be a proper Colorlib post without the mention of some premium resources, would it now? Colorlib admires developers and designers who work long hours to deliver quality plugins and themes at a reasonable cost. With that thought in mind, we would like to expose interesting admin dashboard templates that come from the premium market. All of the themes will be affordable to anyone serious about branding their WordPress dashboard.


WPShapere is a powerful WordPress admin dashboard theme. It is extremely customizable and easy to craft. You will get it with tons of custom widgets that you can show or hide at will. Furthermore, WPShapere is focused on providing options for the admin menu at all users’ level. It has white-label branding and an upload section for logos. Layout related features are creative and joyful with unlimited colors and pre-built pro themes. WPShapere comes with compatibilities for Visual Composer, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce and more. Thus, you get to customize without coding, set log-in or e-mail systems or build shops.

It also offers a delicate admin bar with the possibility to add custom links. WPShapere brings a beautiful minimalistic concept that aims to expand your creativity. It is an admin theme that lets you stretch the possibilities of your user experience. Tasks’ and users’ priorities and or access are also very intuitive. You will find customizations for menu management that include renaming elements. Even personalized icons for each setting are available! Try setting its custom menu icons from Dash icons and FontAwesome. Get it now with detailed documentation and a highly committed support team. Come and try this incredible Acme design! Come try WPShapere!



Forest Revolution WordPress Admin Theme WordPress CodeCanyon

Forest? It must be green! And sure it is. Forest is a green color scheme admin style that functions much more than just a style. There’s a custom menu for colors, fonts, content appearances, and logo management. Its features include custom CSS for the admin dashboard and Quick Panel for dashboard management. This theme also uses a modern, flat and retina optimized web design.



Ultra WordPress Admin Theme WordPress CodeCanyon

Want more than 30 unique admin themes in one single plugin? Then go for Ultra, a magnificent WordPress plugin that gives your WordPress dashboard a new meaning. All styles look modern and allow administrators to reorganize the positioning of each element within the dashboard. This function makes it much more personalized, and much more accessible.



First WordPress Admin Theme WordPress CodeCanyon

First uses flat web design that allows you to fully customize the theme to your own liking. Customization includes the admin bar, admin menu, login page, style, and footer. It has accumulated more than 400 sales, indicating its professional position within the market of admin dashboard themes.



Clientside WordPress Admin Theme WordPress CodeCanyon

Clientside is all about the simplicity between the client and the dashboard, or the user and the dashboard. This theme gets rid of all the clutter we are so used to seeing in our admin dashboard. It brings full attention to what matters the most, and that is writing content in a productive environment.


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