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Top 3 WordPress Petition Plugins to Support Your Community


These WordPress Petition Plugins are essential to speak the mind of your community. Petitions are one way of expressing ourselves, our opinions, and our civic rights to a particular situation. These are vital actions and habits that help our world shape into a better world. Without petitions, we could not be able to know what and which is better, more efficient, and appropriate in things. 

We can participate in one of the social activities. In that way, we could say that we are somehow making a difference about something.

Petitions come in a way such as petitioning for higher wages or salaries for employees who are marginalized in society. It can also come in the form of not letting a small tree being plucked out in a place. Because those place needs to be built with malls or subdivision.

We express our opinions straightly. Also, we convince people and let them think if they agree with what we are also thinking. Once petitions have received a massive number of supports from the majority of people, then change becomes a concrete action.

The Innovative Way to Make a Petition Online

Nowadays, instead of going outside and collecting signatures from people and explaining to people one by one what our petition is all about, we could just go by making a petition online that would explain the totality of what we want to push forth.

We could just simply create an open letter. Another one is through a letter of appeal stating our convictions and allowing lots of people to read it for them to think if they do agree with your opinions.

Back then, people need to go house to house or gather into meetings for their petitions. But now, we almost could do it online. We just need to simply find a platform that could cater to collecting the signatures from the people such as on the website or change.org. Afterward, share it with a whole lot of people and ask them to sign if they agree.

Then, the platform automatically generates an excel file. It also generates sending emails and count of signatures if you meet the goals of the petition you’ve made online. With that, you could just print it out, or present it to a PowerPoint with a video. You can also use it for your lecture presentation about the people that need to be involved and convinced. 

Best WordPress Petition Plugins 2021

Below are some of the most helpful WordPress petition plugin that anyone can use just in case they might think about facilitating or starting out facilitating petition with their WordPress blogs for audiences and people engagement:

Civist – Petitions and Fundraising by Civist

Civist – Petitions and Fundraising by Civist demo page

It is a very catchy name that comes from civic. That means duties or town in a community, municipality, or city. Civist allows you to create and personalize your social petition straight on your WordPress website. All you just need to do for those community petitions is to publish them on your WordPress website. Wait for minutes before your appeal is ready to go. Of course, all with the help of this super helpful plugin is for community petitions and fundraising.

Aside from making your community petitions, one of the most critical things in facilitating community petitions is to engage people or your audiences. All you just need to do is share these petitions with as many friends that you have. You can also send it to as many people in your community who believes in the same thing and have them sign the petition. You can do all these things with this petition plugin. It will allow you to embed or include a petition right straight from your website blog in WordPress as easy as counting one to three. No hassle required.

You also have an option to add donation forms from your petition. It’s just in case you would need to raise some funds for your appeal. One of the features and functions of these plugins is to collect the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) and credit card donations under the EU laws through a form type. Participants can just register and provide their card numbers with their respective donation amounts on those forms.

More Features

Additionally, with the help of this plugin, you can manage the people, especially the petition supporters on WordPress. The plugin automatically collects all the contacts and the information from and about them. And it will be automatically saved right through your mailing list manager. Hour mailing list manager is the one who is assigned to organize all the people together. That is possible through mailing information in a tabular manner for your use and reference. You could tell us the list in generating emails to your participants. It is simple and easy to use. No complexities are required.

Civist can become a tool for your petitions and campaigns. It has a design that allows you to have your way in terms of personalizing in your way. In which in turn that it aims to satisfy the essential functionalities of campaigns and petitions.

This is the best plugin to collect information from a vast number of participants. It can also cater to massive petition campaigns with almost thousands of signatures collected in an utterly reliable span of hours. It can handle a vast number of supporters.

Additionally, just in case you would need some help from the developers, their support team is also quick to respond and could assure you that they are all capable of solving the issues from the users.  They are open to new ideas for integrations and solutions as from the suggestions of their dear users too.

More info / Download

Speak Out! Email Petitions by Steve D – 123host.com.au

Speak Out! Email Petitions by Steve D - 123host.com.au demo page

SpeakOut! Email Petitions lets you create petition forms on your WordPress site effortlessly. So here is what happens when you install this plugin. Visitors can be able to suit a petition form on your website through this plugin. Then, there will be an email address sent to the one concerned.

For example, the mayor. Visitors can also choose to have a copy of the petition that they signed through the BCC (bi-carbon copy of emails) wherein the message will be signed together with the contact information of the one who signed the petition. After filling out the request, visitors can be able to share your petition right to their Facebook and other social media sites. Through this, it will help popularize your appeal as it will create a lot of engagements and spark interest from people who might be interested o the petition itself.

In regards to the collection of signatures, you can store all of the signatures in the database. You can export them to a comma-separated values (CSV) file if you want to have an organized data of all the signatures and information of people who signed the petition. Usually, they use this function if they need or require an in-depth study or analysis in regards to the statistics of the people who signed the petition.

With this plugin, you could also set a goal number of signatures that you need to collect and monitor your progress of collecting signatures through a progress bar. You could also be able to set a time and date limit where you wish the petition should end already. This plugin would work best for you if you need a simple, easy to use and user-friendly petition plugin for your WordPress website.

More info / Download

CBX Petition for WordPress by Codeboxr

This is a plugin wherein it allows you to create, collect and manage petition signatures for your community or personal petition cause. This plugin includes a lot of settings, hooks and filters as the developers believe it was necessary.

Basic Cool Features

  • Creating petitions.
  • Customizing categories for petitions on your website.
  • Adding a petition title and description through the WordPress core.
  • Add meta fields such as signature target, expirations date, photos, banner, YouTube URL, letter and recipients of the petition.
  • Include petition widgets on your site.
  • Customizing the banner font, color and size.
  • Allows email alerts for signers and email generation back to the admin.
  • Options to allow guests to sign in the petition.

Premium Version

Above are just some of the features that can be seen by their basic version. If you happened to want to know more about using the upgrade by adding into an additional premium one, here are its other essential features for a pro version package:

  • Control for petition role selection such as assigning who creates the petition only.
  • Control for publishing, and deleting own petitions.
  • Assigning maximum petition limit per person or user.
  • Lay outing petition to show per page.
  • Sending of email alerts to the website admin for the approval of the petition.
  • Enabling and disabling the template in sending out emails for petitions.
  • Access to a Frontend Dashboard through a shortcode.
  • Organizing petitions on a frontend for listing.
  • Delete, and edit petitions by website admins.
  • Assigning roles, control and access on staff admin.
  • Override a theme template for an additional add-on.

Click & Pledge Connect Plugin by Click & Pledge

Click & Pledge Connect Plugin by Click & Pledge demo page

If you’re looking for an option to raise funds at the same time making other people sign your petitions, Click & Pledge Connect Plugin is for you. It allows you to facilitate your appeals from your respective organizations on your WordPress site.

This plugin works explicitly if you have a petition started by an organization wherein, they can create appeal and pledges.  It operates through a shortcode that can simply copy and paste into WordPress pages, blogs and posts.

All you have to do is to install this plugin and make sure that you have the required Personal Home Page (PHP) extension to your Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) system. You can also install and set it up on the hosted website. Otherwise, you can contact your site hosting provider for help. Installing this plugin might require extensive HTML help from those who are indeed knowledgeable of the IT world and stuff.

More info / Download


With the use of technology, we have learned that we can still facilitate our civic engagement through the use of technology and the online internet. We now have learned that technology finds a way for us to do things such as starting petitions with all these WordPress petition plugins.

We just need to choose which one we would prefer or like based on our preferences and taste as we all both differ in how we want to showcase our WordPress blogs to people. But to summarize everything, we could be different in designing and presenting our petitions, but we are all the same when we believe in one appeal where we win as one.

Hopefully, these WordPress petition plugins would help you choose and have your petition plugins on your sites.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don’t receive additional bonus for positive reviews.


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