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Top 30 Free Templates for Apple Keynote 2021


It’s not just speakers and presentation givers who need Keynote templates, the blogosphere is changing rapidly and bloggers are being encouraged to get creative with their content creation efforts, and one of those creative methods is to start using more visual content for easier consumption by the consumer.

Sure, traditional blog posts aren’t going to go anywhere.. but isn’t it nice to give your readers something special once in a while? Video content is also on the rise, but so are infographics and general visual snippets that people can re-share on social media.

Keynote is Apple’s flagship presentation software that’s highly customizable and provides an out-of-the-box experience for creating customized and beautiful presentations. Online course sites like Udemy provide plenty of options for courses that explain in-depth the possibilities of Keynote, but if there’s one way to learn something then it’s definitely through experimentation.

Keynote is not hard to master, and if you have free templates such as the ones below at your disposal, it will become even easier to understand how Keynote could help you with your presentations, but also digital content efforts.

While there’s clearly more room for free Keynote templates, we have to say that it’s pivotal to take into account that premium templates really help to cover all aspects of presentation requirements, though we did our best to include a big enough variety of free templates to counterbalance the premium ones you’ll find at the bottom of the post.

If you create or know of someone who creates Keynote templates himself, please get in touch with us with your freebies so that we can feature them in this post as well.

UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS: 1,000,000+ Keynote Templates & Design Assets

All the Keynote Templates you need and many other design elements, are available for a monthly subscription by subscribing to Envato Elements. The subscription gives you unlimited access to a massive and growing library of 500,000+ items that can be downloaded as often as you need (stock photos too)!


minimal keynote template
If you like things clean and minimalistic, this free Keynote template is ideal for you. Moreover, whether you are a creative individual or an agency, this is the layout that you should definitely not miss checking out. Photographers, illustrators, designers, pretty much everyone who is looking to push their works in an original and attention-grabbing way is welcome to use Air, a minimalistic template for Keynote.

In the bundle, you will discover a collection of over sixty slides which you can utilize according to your preference. With the effortless editing process, you can customize each slide in little to no time. There are also 450 vector icons and shapes which you can mix and match with ease. Create a presentation that will blow everyone away with the powerful Air.


Blockchain Presentation

blockchain presentation
If you would like to make a strong and lasting first impression on all your potential clients and customers, present your business, company, or project like a pro. Instead of starting from scratch, save yourself time and energy by employing Blockchain free Keynote template and make a difference. Without the need to spend countless hours preparing the presentation, you can now do it in a small breeze. The material is thereafter all, ready and set for you to put into play.

Of course, you can modify and improve default settings according to your regulations, insert new images and custom contents. Blockchain uses free fonts and sports tons of resizable vector and shape elements. Drag and drop object placeholders, enrich the look of Blockchain with your creativity and showcase your works, service details, statistics and other whatnot in the best possible light with Blockchain.



london free keynote template
London is an absolutely phenomenal free Keynote template for all and everyone who would like to stand out from the masses. If you are on the hunt to find the best possible layouts to differentiate yourself from the masses, you better not miss taking a peek at the impressive London. With a collection of over twenty different, unique and remarkable slides, you can easily establish a presentation that will inspire. You do not really need to be a pro designer to have a chance for putting together an enticing Keynote presentation.

With London, you swiftly and comfortably enter the world of presentations and make one that will take everyone’s breath away. Also, London comes with over 230 icons and more than forty maps for you to use however you see them fit your wants best.


Business Proposal Keynote Template

business proposal keynote template
As a solo entrepreneur or a real business, startup and agency, if you would like to attract new prospects, you better have a presentation sorted out in full. Luckily, you do not need to start from the ground up, as this business proposal Keynote template will do the trick. Instead of putting your company information, statistics and other insights on display in a dull and boring way, spice things up with a modern and sophisticated template. This also helps you save time and energy, which you can rather invest in marketing.

The template comes in the highest possible quality to make sure the outcome ends up being A-grade. Vector elements, shapes, custom colors, Google fonts and other nifty details are available to play with and make the most out of the layout.



zane free presentation template
Zane is another outstanding free Keynote template for you to take to your total advantage. With the included eleven slides, you can now quickly make a presentation that will set you apart from the competition. Of course, you can enjoy using Zane exactly as is; however, you can also improve and adjust it according to your branding regulations. When using Zane, it is a guarantee that you will spark everyone’s curiosity without breaking a single drop of sweat. Just stuff it with your information and you are ready to roll. Indeed, it pretty much is a simple as it sounds. Sometimes, you can take a smart shortcut, ending up with a striking and top-notch outcome that takes you little time to create.



duotone free keynote template
If you are ready to take your presentation to the next level, do things the way that will knock everyone’s socks off with Duotone. As soon as you see the many different slides in action, you will be amazed and impressed by the strong impact Duotone has on the viewer. With that in mind, you easily and speedily distinguish from everyone in the space, making a name for yourself like a boss.

In the Duotone bundle of goodies, you gain instant access to eighteen and counting different slides. This gives you more than enough material for a quick start of a spectacular presentation of your business, company, agency or even personal brand. Duotone is modern, clean, simplistic, yet powerful and effective.


Simple Minimal

simple minimal free keynote template
As the name suggests, Simple Minimal is a free Keynote template with a design that is very appealing to the eye. No distractions and other whatnot, just the amazingness of your content and information. With that in mind, if you are unsure how to approach the presentation, keep it simple and you will win big times. No need to overcomplicate things when simplicity guarantees an outcome that will make a difference once and for all.

Share your message with the world with your unique voice, use Simple Minimal template now and enjoy the positive result. Several different slides are at your disposal, prepared for you to edit and fine-tune them according to your needs and regulations quickly. Without further ado, take charge now and see the final product shine with all your exclusivity.


Business Plan

business plan free keynote template
Business Plan – hence the name – is a free Keynote template for businesses, startups, agencies, freelancers and other professional groups and individuals. Without breaking a single drop of sweat, you can now make a Keynote presentation that will take you to new heights in an instant. Feel free to stick to the out-of-the-box look, stuff it with your details, information and other custom contents and enjoy the outcome.

To make things appear professional and sophisticated, you do not really need to invest a ton of time and effort. Heck, you do not even need to spend a dime! If you have the material ready, just looking for the right template, you can actually be done in minutes time with Business Plan layout. Go ahead and test things out yourself; you have nothing to lose anyway.


Free Professional Pitch Deck

free professional pitch deck keynote template
So, you finally decided to create a presentation of your thriving business. The only issue you have is the fact that you do not know where to start. One thing is for sure, with all these free Keynote templates, you surely do not have to start from scratch. If you dig the look, feel free to download the template immediately and put it into play.

Here is a Professional Pitch Deck bundle of outstanding slides (16:9 aspect ratio) for your first-class presentation. Introduce yourself, share your message, your vision, tell everyone what you do, about your services and put on display your projects, statistics and other useful information. With the right tools, you can now start crafting an enviable company overview and get things moving forward like a pro.



lookbook free pastel presentation template
For everyone who are looking for a colorful, vibrant and energetic free Keynote template, Lookbook is one of the best and most promising solutions for you. Regardless of your objective, Lookbook quickly and flawlessly alters to all sorts of different intentions and aims.

Whether an agency, business or a brand, Lookbook is perfect for a presentation that will capture their attention. Even if working on a case study or for social media promotion, with this eye-catchy Keynote template, you can enjoy the result almost in an instant. Let’s face it, the majority of work is already done for you anyway. Just attach and slide in your information and imagery and you are all set up to go live. Loads of different options and solution for a remarkable outcome.


Free Powerpoint/Keynote Presentation Template

Free Powerpoint<

It’s rather easy to overlook the immense potential of Keynote for creating presentations. The default user interface might seem like it doesn’t have to offer much at first, but when you start to explore the types of templates that designers are bringing out today, you have to wonder — what have you missed? Here you have a free Keynote (also works for PowerPoint) template from Brandson. It’s packed with traditional startup and business elements that will get your presentation going on a fast pace.

Key thing to remember about keynote templates is that you can use them together with other templates, and rearrange and combine the elements as best fits your needs for a presentation. The CEO template is an excellent way to show others who is in charge of the company, with the option to provide a photo, crucial contact information, and a background biography. A timeline template can be used to explain your business growth over the years, or months, so others can get up to speed with your progress.

Team members can get their own chance in the spotlight with modernly organized team member profile badges, which can be moved from template to template, in case you’re discussing individual product features and want to give credit to those who made it happen.

Testimonials template can be used not only for displaying customer reviews, but you could quickly turn it into a quote widget to show something that your company lives by on daily basis. Charts and pricing modules will allow you to onboard new customers through concise analytical data you are able to provide.


Timeline – Free Apple Keynote Template


Quite a bit of startup, small businesses, and digital companies, in general, are starting to use the timeline effect to display certain growth phases over time. It has also been used to display product timelines and how a product progressed, or a different range of changes in a particular ecosystem within your business. The nice thing about timelines is that they work extremely well in nearly all situations. A small graphical widget can be used to talk in-depth about your projects and how you managed to get to the point that you’re at now.

Timeline Template from Mantas Mazutis is a modern take on showing off the progress of certain ideas and projects, which can be packed into a single template, so on top of having an individual timeline you can still use other templates to tailor the experience that you’re after.


Free Corporate Keynote Presentation Template Deck

Free Corporate Keynote Presentation Template Deck

Where do you see presentations being used the most? For one, they’re highly popular amongst gatherings and events that revolve around technology, and general niches that have a large audience attached to them.

Corporate businesses and companies have been using presentations since the day they became available, and a large number of Keynote templates you can find on the web today are directly linked with corporate and business principles. In my view, what matters the most with these templates is the things that you can take away, and the design aspects that you can master on your own so you can start to craft your own unique presentations.

Free templates like this give you the absolute freedom to experiment and tinker with different settings, so that you can gain the necessary design experience for a unique presentation. The templates in this particular set are oriented around your business history, and how certain products and features came to be. The versatility of visual imagery will bring your slides to life within a few simple pictures, while concise lists will add that creative aspect not to make your slides look boring.


Sella Powerpoint & Keynote Slides


Vizualus is a digital graphic design agency focusing on templates for PowerPoint and Keynote. From time to time, they will release a free preview of their most successful templates, and Sella is known to be their flagship theme for a long time already. It’s a modern take on what product and business templates need in order to captivate the attention of an audience that they’re being displayed in front of.

Sella is a combination of more than 60 unique and creative presentation slides that you can use to showcase products, talk about your success, and display different aspects of a particular product for in-depth understanding. Given that all the elements and content can be edited within a single click, it puts you in charge of where you want to take the existing design features. In-built infographics can be used to show and analyze chart data directly into the template, once more letting your design of the slideshow to reflect the crucial values of what you’re presenting.


Business Keynote Template by LouisTwelve


LouisTwelve has 23,000 sales on his GraphicRiver profile, which tells us quite a bit about the professionalism and the standards that this designer employs throughout his designs. We have to remember that selling graphics items at such a large scale isn’t the easiest of tasks, and requires quite a bit of knowledge about what people really need to perfect their ideas and projects.

This Free Keynote Templates for Business is just a taster of what the author hs to offer at a grand scale. It’s a template ideal for situations where you might have to set up a meeting and explain your standpoint on different issues related to business. The slides are colorful, yet kept rather simple to provide an interactive experience for anyone who is engaging them. We can see the potential of this template to be used within the context of infographics that could spur your success to the next level.


ProBusiness Keynote Presentation Template


Yet another excellent choice from Louis Twelve, this time we have the ProBusiness template, a clean and modern solution for creating presentations. The placeholder items are ready to be dragged and dropped by you to arrange the perfect theme composition you’re after. Vector icons allow you to create unlimited varieties and sizes of the in-built icons so you can always rearrange the components and elements for better explanation value.

The best elements we’ve seen in this template include charts, icon lists, and product feature displays that really emphasize the simplicity of presentations, oftentimes hard to notice in the current speakers trends. Another thing about such sleek and modern presentation slides, is that they really captivate the engagement of a user. Their white background design lets the user focus on the essentials of each slide, which brings your slides the attention they deserve.


Free Keynote Tree Diagram

Tree Diagram

I’m just as culpable as the next guy in terms of understanding the usage of Keynote in web design and graphics development. And this Tree Diagram Pack really shows why. It’s easy to overlook the potential of Keynote as only a presentation software, yet it’s complex functionality can be used to create voice-overs, record videos directly from the software, and even to build infographics on the go. These diagrams, and many of the icon packs you find on the web, can easily be inserted into custom templates for which you can choose your own design. The diagrams in this pack provide a set of alternatives on how to display trees.

You get the actual portraits and outlines of a tree, while also getting tree diagrams around which you can display data, primarily growth we would imagine. In total there are 6 choices of tree diagrams, all unique and provide a different color scheme and design output so that they can be used in a project that’s workable for you.


Free Keynote Templates and Backgrounds

Free Keynote Templates and Backgrounds

Keynote Template is a platform of Keynote resources that provide free downloads of templates, diagrams and themes to directly embed within your existing slides. There’s a variety to choose from, especially abstract, business, creative, and science templates that cater not only to business people, but also anyone who is planning to do a school project within the scope of Keynote’s capabilities.

The charts, diagrams, and a range of elements can be truly helpful to finalize a design that improves the user experience for anyone who’s going to get exposed to your slides. The author of the website, who is also the designer of these items, has had a decade’s worth of experience with designing items for stock websites and professional graphic designer platforms like Behance.


Free iWork Templates

Free iWork Templates

Free iWork Templates website is divided between three sections of free content for Apple’s most prominent work-related software, that includes Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. The pages templates are divided into resumes, cover letters, flyers, business cards, and brochures. Numbers templates include calendars, event planning, personal finance, and checkbox. And last but not least, the Keynote templates consist of slides and presentations for school and business projects, but also come in abstract form and some presentations aimed specifically for church-related concerns.

It’s a collection of Keynote slides, so you will have to go through each one individually to find the right one for your project. Just by going through the initial list, the design seems to be smooth and targeted for professional use. Regardless of your preference, it doesn’t hurt your productivity to store this templates somewhere on your computer for future use.


Toolbox for Keynote

Toolbox for Keynote

This is one of the crown jewels of Keynote presentation design. The Jumsoft’s Toolbox for Keynote is an amazing collection of the best and most precisely design Keynote templates, infographics, elements, icons, and so much more.

For the price of $50 (a free version is available) you get access to thousands of resources that might as well take away the need to ever look for another template, partly because Toolbox provides so many versatile designs with the combination of infographics and custom elements that can be stitched together into a single presentation. What’s more, you can use any single element from all of the collections and easily export it into the design that you’re working with right now.

I have personally used this Toolbox to build stunning state of the art infographics that have gotten a massive reach out in the public forums. The Toolbox consists of layouts, designs, themes, infographics, elements, icons, graphic styles and cliparts, all of which blend together thanks to the high design standards that Jumsoft is able to live by. There are frequent updates and new content is released on monthly basis, oftentimes releasing more than 100 new items at a time.


Free Keynote Themes

Free Keynote Themes

A lovely collection of user-friendly Keynote themes. Available for free download.


Themes for Keynote Free

Themes for Keynote Free

Graphic Node has been kind enough to publish a free library of Themes for Keynote on the App Store. In total there are more than 42 variations of designs, templates, and master slides which you’re in full control of editing and optimizing. The team behind these is open to customer support and feedback, in order to deliver a refined user experience in future releases.


Premium Templates and Themes for Keynote

It’s really not a secret that the free Keynote themes market is struggling to meet the demand. But, not everyone has been blessed with the time on their hands to produce free content at no expense. Toolbox for Keynote from Jumsoft is certainly a powerful package, but what if there is more out there? And more there is… from a world renowned graphics’s selling resource known as GraphicRiver; which is part of Envato.

Graphic designers and illustration experts come to this site to share their ideas and collections of themes, at a minimal cost of what a custom design might have cost you somewhere out in the wild. Never hesitate to make a monetary investment for something that you’re truly passionate about, because it could very well help you get the exposure that you’re longing for every time you start a new project, such as a slideshow. Let’s dig deeper into Keynote themes and take a closer look at what the premium markets are able to offer.

Multipurpose Infographics Keynote Templates

multipurpose infographics keynote templates
If you are particularly interested in a Keynote template for building infographics, this hot bundle is perfect for you. Let the following information literally blow you away: one thousand slides. That’s right, 1000! Also, there are fifty color variables, 130 maps and one hundred line icons. If you are interested in doing things the right way but want to avoid the hassle of starting from scratch, get your hands on this template kit now.

In short, if you would like to amaze and inspire your audience or even your client, get creative now and make an impact. Dive all in and get lost in the enormous collection of stunning, modern, professional and creative slides. You are closer than ever to the realization of the sophisticated infographic design with this multi-purpose collection of Keynote slides.


X – Business Keynote Template

x business keynote template
Take the creation of professional presentation to a whole new level with X – Business Keynote Template. In the big set of impressive contents, you will find all the necessary for speedy and spectacular creation of a striking presentation of your business, agency, freelancing project, you name it! With the simplicity of dragging and dropping, you can quickly fine-tune and alter each slide according to your taste and preference. Of course, if you fancy the out of the box look, keep it exactly as is and have the final product ready to go in no time.

There are 269 slides, seven gorgeous color schemes, free support, over one thousand icons and awesome animations that spice up the experience. The overall appearance of X is clean and minimal, making sure everyone experiences the content distraction-free.


Reporting Multipurpose Keynote Template

reporting multipurpose keynote template
Step things up when it comes to the presentation of your fresh project, business, company, firm or agency with Reporting. To be more exact, it works best for studies and researches, annual reports, market reviews, as well as marketing and promotions, to name a few.

There are all these unique and striking slides available for you to utilize for a swift and straightforward realization of a presentation like none out there. Reporting is a Keynote template package featuring well over 550 slides, more than 6500 icons, dark and light modes, animations and drag and drop image placeholder function. Changing colors and other details is a piece of cake, making sure you get the most out of Reporting without a hitch.


Simpl Keynote

simpl keynote template
Sometimes, all you need is one Keynote template kit to create a broad horizon of different presentations. With Simpl, you can get things moving forward as soon as you unpack the box. Be ready and prepared for a dose of amazingness that will hit you heavy. For instance, there are a total of 896 slides available and ready for you to use.

Moreover, there are 128 unique slides and 81 Master Slides, all easily adapting to your purpose. To save you even more time, Simpl offers seven predefines color skins out of the box. Of course, you can also additionally customize and adjust each slide, so it matches your project to the very last detail. With the contemporary, yet professional look, business owners can take Simpl to their advantage for a presentation that will inspire.


Marketing Keynote Bundle

marketing keynote bundle
An enormous four-in-one Keynote template bundle of goodies for your next marketing campaign. In one kit, there are actually four different items: marketing plan, social media marketing, company profile and charts and data drive Keynote pitch deck. For a small investment, you can now gain yourself access to all four, which means a ton of material, layouts and elements for you play around with. There are over eight hundred slides ready-made and entirely customizable. While you can enjoy using the default settings, you can always put in the next gear and modify the slides that best resonate with you according to your meticulous taste. Spread the word out with your distinguishing voice, capture their attention and let the extraordinary presentation do the talking.



Are you looking for a way to give folks an inside look at what is going on over at your end? If that is the case, create a spectacular presentation with Inside. This Keynote template bundle of slides is packed only with the most advanced, creative and easy to use materials for you to employ.

In total, there are over sixty unique slides and ten striking color schemes available out of the box. Also, Inside comes both in dark and light modes for quick and seamless integration. This gives you more than enough options and solutions to stand out and present your brand or company uniquely.

Drag and drop images, create an infographic, modify each slide to the very last detail and increase your potential through the roof.



experience multipurpose keynote template
Create an unforgettable experience with Experience, a collection of modern Keynote templates. With the sixty multi-purpose slides, you can easily establish a presentation that will cater to your needs and wants precisely. Moreover, Experience also comes in dark and light background versions, as well as eleven different color schemes. Instead of kicking off the creation of a presentation from the ground up, let Experience take care of all the hard work for you.

Animations, vector elements, mockups, free fonts and Master Slide layout are just some of the features of Experience. The time could not be more right to finally sort out the presentation of your startup. This gives you a better chance of winning over new potential partners and investors. Of course, Experience works for agencies, freelancers and other creative projects, too.


Charity Keynote Presentation Template

charity keynote presentation template
For everyone who is searching for a predefined Keynote template for charities and non-profit organization, Charity – hence the name – is the right tool for you. It has a striking collection of thirty unique slides for you to benefit from. Charity makes sure the final product appears modern and professional without the need to invest too much time and energy into it. After all, the design is ready-made for your convenience. The concept follows a minimalistic and clean approach. It ensures a pleasant experience browsing through your details, stats, cause and other whatnot. If you would like to spread awareness and raise the potential of winning over even more donors, let Charity take care of the presentation of your organization.


Proposal Keynote Presentation

proposal keynote presentation
To create a positive impact on a potential employer or investor, use Proposal, a modern and creative Keynote template bundle. With over fifty stunning slides, you can speedily craft the presentation that will influence. While using Proposal out of the box is definitely a good decision to make, you can also get things to new successes by branding it accordingly. Easy editing and customization await every Proposal user, making sure you seamlessly set things up exactly how you want it.

Animations, transitions, infographic, charts, icons, maps, as well as two and three column slides, you name it, Proposal rocks a ton of nifty features. Proposal does not require you to have a ton of experience and skills with building Keynote presentations; all happens in a small breeze.


Multipurpose Keynote BIG Bundle

multipurpose keynote big bundle
A very large set of Keynote templates for you to take to your advantage and establish one-of-a-kind presentations. There are five different sets of templates available for one price. Once you unlock the package, you get instant access to 270 slides and more. All the graphics and elements are resizable and editable, so you alter them to your branding regulations to a T. Of course, you can easily change images, add different colors and play around with all the other specialties that this bundle brings to the table

Vector icons, charts and maps, media placeholders, top-notch user experience, drag and drop elements, 16:9 aspect ratio and based on Master Slides are just some of the amenities of the bundle. Without the need to come up with your custom presentation, you can now make an assortment of different ones by using one massive bundle of predefined templates.


Verzus Minimal


The Verzus theme has been out for only a month so far, yet is already gathering up nearly 100 sales. That’s when you know that a template has something special to offer. Verzus, in particular, is a minimal template. It focuses on the elements within each of the slides, to emphasize what your presentation is all about.

It comes packed with 200+ slides and includes more than 3,000 icons to choose from. Customers are saying that the flexibility of the template is what makes it so great. Going through the demo slides we can see why people are admiring this template so much. It covers nearly everything that a business would ever need to talk about its lessons, its growth, it’s path of success.

Not to say that it’s limited to business type of presentations though. With so many slides and icons to choose from, it’s evident that Verzus will find purpose in any imaginable project you’re working on. As we go deeper into the slides, we noticed that a number of slides provide a way to talk about individual content on your website. Meaning, you could convert these slides into realistic websites designs for your product pages.

Quite a bit of slides are dedicated to talking about your team and business partners, which is always great to include in a slide for a project that was made possible thanks to an amazing team that you’re on-board with. It’s hard to go into full details about each of the slides, so we leave that decision up to you.




MNML which boasts 150+ slides is also a minimal theme, mostly with white background slides. These are balanced out through sleek graphic design within the slide elements. The easy-to-customize interface has allowed MNML to garner dozens of sales already.

The support team is always on-call. They will guide anyone who is a customer through the process of getting the most out of MNML. At least as much as possible in the given context, you’re dealing with. There are several hundred icons to choose from, often a serious attraction on its own. Having these icons on your computer can be a great asset when you’re starting to work with more than just a single template to achieve your desired presentation results.

And luckily for you, designers of MNML have been courteous enough to provide a dark-theme version of all the slides too.  In case you prefer to work with a dark theme you have the option to do so. Overall it’s a minimal design, with a hipster kind of feel to it; much of what a modern startup would need in today’s world of presentations.


BePro Simple & Business


Do you want to be a pro at designing Keynote slides? You totally should be. Keynote is one of the world’s most easy-to-use slideshow tools. It oftentimes starts to feel more like vector editing software. However, it’s only for slides, and infographics if you like. BePro, as the name implies, is for business purposes. Moreover, it could be turned into anything else with just a few slight modifications. It comes packed with elements of icons, infographics, and charts that are so crucial for business slideshows that want to back up their claims true real and tangible data displays.

In any case, the success of a slideshow is often determined by the way that the design of it can reflect what you’re conveying using your words. BePro doesn’t waste your time in terms of design quality. It was built so that the customers of BePro can tap into an infinite potential of design possibilities; largely thanks to Keynote’s versatility in terms of slide customization and management;


Invest Keynote


Are you a business seeking a monetary investment in the near future? You better come prepared, because it’s not a secret that angel investors and general financial platforms are receiving thousands of requests on weekly basis. And they’ve got enough experience to weed out the small-time boys right from the start. What it takes to stand out, is your approach. And getting the right slideshow design could be the beginning of it all.

Clearly, you want to outline the information of your idea as broadly as possible. You also want to inform the investors about your understanding of your market. Not to mention, how you plan to generate revenue over time. It’s crucial for landing that check that could set you up for life, if you execute your vision properly. Invest, a user-friendly Keynote template was crafted for all those reasons we just mentioned.

It’s a piece of art in terms of design appearance, and modern flexibility. Anyone with Keynote experience can tinker around with the elements to provide an unforgettable, yet a life-changing experience.


Five – Keynote Presentation Template


Five is positioned to be purposeful in contexts that you might not have thought about before. Some of those include digital agency, medical topics, business, hipster-like, creative projects, marketing slides, luxury and fashion presentations; you sort of get the grip with this one. The design isn’t limited to single-use, and all the creative thinking is left up to you. You’ve been given, with this template, a versatile collection of slides that accompany and complement in each other in situations as difficult or as flexible as you require.



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