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Top 35 Fullscreen Website Templates 2020


If you are looking to stand out from the masses and make an impact, these fullscreen website templates will do the trick.

Most standard website designs have become clichés on the web. But the constant evolution of technologies continues to augment websites’ visual capabilities, upping the ante in terms of creative possibilities, standing out of the crowd.

That is why fullscreen HTML5 and CSS3 website templates are the smart and modern answer to creating unique and outstanding pages of all kinds.

These stunning web designs create a pleasant atmosphere that helps everyone immerse in your content much quicker. They also look beautiful across all devices, from smartphones and up to desktops.


You can use a fullscreen website for anything, from portfolio and agency to photographer, business and eCommerce websites, to name a few. The options are endless, and you unlock even more possibilities once you introduce your creative touch.

With our comprehensive collection of templates, you will speed up the process of website establishment rapidly. Keep in mind, you will find both WordPress and HTML options, as we wanted to make sure there is something for everyone.

Get ready to make a difference and take your online presence to the next level.

Best Fullscreen Website Templates (WordPress)

Divi Fullscreen

With a fullscreen website template, like Divi, limits are none. Once you figure out how many different pages you can craft with one tool, all the rest immediately becomes history. Divi is a versatile and adaptive solution for, well, any page you want. Even the demo content is there, all set up and ready for you to benefit from it. In fact, there are over one hundred complete page samples and a total of eight hundred predefined designs. Divi is a serious deal when it comes to building pages.

Divi even comes with a custom page builder which allows for responsive editing. Meaning, you can now fine-tune mobile, tablet and desktop version of your page separately. How cool is that? Divi is also packed with all sorts of amenities which will do you well. You can alter the look to your wants exactly and come out with an excellent page that will take your project to new heights.

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Jevelin equips you with all the necessary elements and features when it comes to bringing into being a website – any type. There are over thirty custom-made demos for you to use and skip creating a page from scratch. In some instances, you will even want to use Jevelin’s demo exactly as is. After all, the layouts are modern and sophisticated, easily catering to different needs and intentions. Of course, with WPBakery drag and drop page builder, you can also perform improvements and customize Jevelin to your likings.

Jevelin contains nine different headers, mega menu, smooth scrolling, parallax effect, more than forty shortcodes, Slider Revolution and more. If building your first page, make sure you watch video tutorials first and see how simple the process is. To top it all up, you can also seek help from the team of experts and never run into trouble.

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Rezo Fullscreen Template

rezo fullscreen website template
Rezo is a clever name for a fullscreen website template which helps you build online resume and CV websites. If you would like to differentiate yourself from the competition, Rezo is the way to go. The layout is modern and original, perfect for pushing your skills, talents and experience with the world. You can select between five different looks and even choose whether to go with light or dark mode. While, for the most part, you will want to use Rezo as is, you can also edit it and make it follow your signature style precisely. How? With a process called dragging and dropping (thanks, WPBakery!).

Moreover, Rezo also comes with over 25 internal pages, coming soon page, contact form, WooCommerce compatibility and over eight hundred Google fonts. The layout is also mobile-ready and optimized for fast loading speed.

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blacksilver creative wordpress theme
Blacksilver is a stupendous fullscreen website template for WordPress that any photographer can take to their advantage. With its striking appearance, you will have no trouble capturing everyone’s attention in the snap of a finger. It is a tool that calls for a top-notch outcome that takes little to no time to realize. You can simply go with the sample material out of the box; however, you can also style and fine-tune the look, so it matches your taste precisely.

Lazy loading galleries, translatable, Elementor drag and drop page builder, events managements, eCommerce addition and password protection are just a few of the goodies of Blacksilver. To present your works to the world in the best possible light, Blacksilver makes the end product that will leave a positive impression on all your visitors.

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satelite beautiful website template
Creativity and innovation are the two main characteristics of Satelite. It is a jaw-dropping tool that will help you bring your page to fruition quickly, with less effort. FYI, Satelite will never ask you for coding knowledge, as there will be no programming involved. While Satelite works fantastically well out of the box and does not really need many finishing touches, you can also improve it with the drag and drop page builder. It is up to you; the process is a little breeze anyway.

The layout of Satelite is 100% responsive, running flawlessly on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. It is also fast loading, cross-browser compatible and optimized for search engines. Enjoy the freedom that Satelite delivers and start on the world wide web with an exceptional online presence, rich with your excellent work.

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awam fullscreen wordpress theme
If you would like to take your online presence to the next level, you better create a full-screen website with Awam. This tool comes as a pack of spectacular features and functions that will help you stand out from the masses. It is an ideal solution for agencies and freelancers, but any creative individual can take it to his or her advantage in general.

Starting off, you can pick from various super creative and impressive samples. With Awam, you can create both one- and multi-page websites without a hitch. I highly advise you to take a peek at the live demo previews, as it’s best to experience Awam first-hand.

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vara fullscreen wordpress theme
Architecture firms and architects, if you are searching for a full-screen WordPress theme to create a fantastic website, Vara should be on your list. In the kit, you get a collection of nine homes and over thirty internal pages in collaboration with Elementor drag and drop page builder. Mix and match, drag and drop, and you are all set to enter the online world with something novel.

Other specialties of Vara are Slider Revolution, customizable header and footer, SEO optimization and Contact Form 7. Still, this is just a small segment of all the very many amenities that Vara treats you to.

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rhye fullscreen wordpress theme
Create an online portfolio that will push the boundaries of your creative venture with Rhye. This full-screen WordPress theme is full of practical traits that will help you start working on your website in the snap of a finger. You can even utilize the predefined demos out of the box, stuff them with your material and you are done doing the work.

In addition to that, you can also personalize Rhye with quick customization tweaks and make it follow your signature style entirely. You have complete creative freedom, even if you have zero coding knowledge. Start now; Rhye is full of specialties that will do you well.

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munio wordpress theme video background
Creative individuals, freelancers, agencies, you are more than welcome to get your hands on Munio, a fullscreen website template. You can now start making moves without a sweat, even as someone who has never in their life build a website before. It is Munio that does the majority of work for you, making the creation of a terrific portfolio page hassle-free. Wait until you see the live preview in effect – you will not want to look back.

The very many features and elements of Munio get you to kick a new project off in just a few clicks. With the available materials, you just mix and match the content and the job is done. The compatibility with the WPBakery page builder also ensures that any customization tweaks that you would like to perform are swift and straightforward.

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Best Fullscreen Website Templates


xeone fullscreen website template
Do you strongly believe that your business or portfolio is the next big thing? Then realize the dream by getting your hands on XeOne. This fullscreen website template functions as a one page layout with a stunning parallax effect. Since it is based on the Bootstrap Framework, XeOne comes super responsive and flexible, suitable for a broad range of creatives and business startups. Even if you run something super niche, chances are, XeOne will be the ideal tool for your web space.

Multiple styles come out of the box and ready to use with lots of CSS and jQuery animations. Pick what you think best resonates with your brand and make it push your products and services to the new level. Customization also happens effortlessly since XeOne is organized and well commented. It is also retina-ready what makes viewing your website in high definition an edge already.

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brailie fullscreen website template
Photographers and those in need of crafting a solid online portfolio, Brailie is the fullscreen website template ready for your web space. It makes sure that all your content is beautifully displayed on the internet regardless of the devices it is being viewed from. Speaking of which, Brailie is mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible, instantly adapting to all screen sizes. All you creatives out there, make sure you give Brailie a peek.

In the massive Brailie bundle, you get a ton of stuff pre-built for you to utilize straightaway. Over fifty demos, more than two hundred total pages and a whopping three hundred web elements, Brailie is ready to sort out your website with ease. And if you feel like tweaking a particular web design slightly, make sure you do it, Brailie is ready for modifications of all types.

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vincent fullscreen website template
Pizza is a complete meal on itself. Just like this extravagant dish, Vincent can offer you the complete package you need in the desired web design. But this fullscreen website template fits perfectly not only for pizzeria businesses, fast foods, cafes and other establishments as well. Choose from a selection of home page (six) and menu (three) layouts and quickly sort out your perfect web space that will drive even more customers to your business.

Along with the front pages, Vincent allows you to add other necessary internal pages as well, like online orders, team and contact section with form and Google Maps. Of course, you can also start a blog and expand your business with an online store to sell your branded apparel and tools. Vincent also has a strong emphasis on typography and usability to deliver an always astonishing experience. Upon getting this template, you are guaranteed performance enhancement and free lifetime updates.

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quadra fullscreen website template
Quadra is an all-in-one multi-purpose website template which you can use for, well, all sorts of intentions. Loads of niche and predefined generic layouts ensure you a quick start of your project and boost it above and beyond. In total, this extraordinary fullscreen website template has over seven hundred layouts in the bundle. Yes, that’s 700! In short, there is something for everyone, even if that means you are super picky when it comes to choosing web design.

But with Quadra, you get even more than “just” the ready-to-use layouts. Some of the features are Slider Revolution, more than sixty shortcodes, interactive social modules and a fast and friendly customer support. Quadra is also optimized for fast loading speed and mobile-ready to satisfy all your users regardless of the device they use.

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casely fullscreen website template
Too afraid or hesitant to start building something beautiful and functional yourself? No problem, let Casely bear the burden for you. With such a powerful fullscreen website template, you can push your products and services, as well as works, to new heights. Casely is 100% responsive, meaning, mobile-ready and compatible with browsers as well. With the amazing looks and performance, Casely makes sure you are about to bring into being a future-proof website.

Awesome animations, twelve demo layouts which all are ready for adjustments, you will never make a mistake in choosing your ideal design. With Casely, you can do something very simple and straightforward or you can step it up and go the more complicated way. On top of that, whatever approach you take, the outcome will always be a sophisticated web space, ready to take your band to a new degree.

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skylith fullscreen website template
Skylith is out of this world. It is creative, solid, vibrant, rich with goodies and enhanced with virality. It is also a fullscreen website template with thirty demos to suit as many different purposes as possible. Online portfolios, agencies, freelancers, businesses, online shops, you name it, Skylith has a demo for that. Like that would not be enough, Skylith also has twenty portfolios, ten blog styles, five navigation looks and a functional AJAX contact form.

It does not end here.

Other traits and assets Skylith has in store for you are Instagram and Twitter feeds, Google Maps, smooth parallax effect and back to top button. Of course, there is still more to it but I just do not want to ruin all the fun for you. Skylith is also developers ready with all the needed to get things rocking your way.

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The One

the one fullscreen website template
While it aims more toward photographers, The One is a versatile and creative one-page fullscreen website template for creating outstanding portfolio pages. If you would like to stand out from the crowd, now you know where to find the right web design to achieve insane results for yourself. It is The One and its extensive collection of sixty demos that will do the trick and finalize your entertaining, yet expert, web space in little to no time.

In the The One kit, you will also get twenty bonus coming soon pages to get the traction going in advance. Moreover, select dark or light layouts, benefit from nine different content/internal pages, jQuery countdown timer, language switcher and Google Maps. Animated facts, MailChimp newsletter support, CCS3 effects and touch-friendly everything is what you can except getting after you download The One.

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emily fullscreen website template
Emily is yet another top-notch fullscreen website template that will help you rock the internet world. With its remarkable composition and high-end performance, you are fully equipped to create a web space that will amaze and impress everyone. Whether a photographer or any other creative individual, Emily is here to get things sorted out for you. Advertise your works and portfolio and entice more potential clients in need of your services.

With its SEO optimized approach, search engines will pick your website quicker and get it ranked higher. Emily is truly a majestic solution for all your web design questions. Image slider, parallax effect, animated transitions, social icons and loads of other assets are at your disposal, ready for you to employ them. Implement your artistic thinking and modify Emily to suit your wants.

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pofo fullscreen website template
A single page can paint a thousand words, and with Pofo, your website can generate a tremendous amount of leads and recognition. Pofo is a fullscreen website template which is refined and optimized to the very last detail, as well as effortless to customize. The template loads extremely fast, is SEO-ready, responsive and well-coded. Needless to say, Pofo follows only modern trends and regulations to ensure you site stability and efficiency.

Any type of business can showcase their company’s identity in the most creative and professional manner. Use any of the included 26 front page designs and implement other two hundred predefined sections and 150 elements for a truly original online presence. Pofo is one of the template behemoths where you will find nothing missing in one single bundle. Even if you are working on a few different projects, Pofo is still able to manage them all without a hitch.

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pixies fullscreen website template
Express creativity using endless opportunities you will find in this next innovative tool. Pixies is a fullscreen website template that helps you on your journey of establishing a professional portfolio page. On top of that, you will also get a chance to start a blog and take your little project to an entirely new height. Pixies comes with seven different portfolio styles that vary from grid and packery to carousel and ribbon to name a few.

What’s more, Pixies also has a maintenance mode included which you can use for a teaser or a countdown before that opening launch or a big update. Customer satisfaction is, indeed, Pixies’s priority. With user-friendliness and 24/7 support, it allows everyone to craft their own website without the need to be experienced at doing it.

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inshot fullscreen website template
Creativity and originality are two of the main characteristics of Inshot fullscreen website template. Out of the box, Inshot comes as a tool ideal for building photography websites. However, with a few improvements, you can also use the website canvas for other niches, like designers, artists and similar. Basically, whoever out there wants something slightly different that is ready and set for constructing an online portfolio, Inshot is the one.

Seven different home page styles, six different portfolio layouts and ten stylish portfolio single pages are fully equipped with the necessary elements. Furthermore, Inshot is flexible, retina-ready, in harmony with modern web browsers and calls for an excellent performance. All sorts of different goodies are included in the kit which you better discover yourself by visiting Inshot’s live preview page.

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melbourne fullscreen website template
Simplicity is beauty, they say. If you want to get your message across effectively without overexerting on design, then Melbourne might be for you. In other words, for those enjoying the minimal looks and pure elegance, this is the freelance website template to investigate further. Melbourne highly prioritizes content and it demonstrates an amazing portfolio grid in one, two and three column variations. Also, it is packed with a bunch of useful features to offer the best solution for any type of page you would like to put together.

While emphasizing on simplicity, Melbourne still delivers some genuinely cutting-edge features. With Melbourne, you will have zero issues displaying your works and projects to the end user in a very individualist and distinctive way. Impress and intrigue them with your creations and they will very likely to get in touch with you using the integrated contact form.

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Stash is a versatile WordPress theme of the highest level! Completely malleable to business and professional uses. But basically, it can be use to anything. With over 48+ layout demos available, Stash is useful for any kind of niches. However, it is not specifically just quantity Stash holds, but also quality. Get to pick from the vast selections of features that are reliable, beautiful and high tech. Moreover, Stash is cleanly coded and it is based on Bootstrap. It uses Visual Composer as a block builder and this everything is customizable. Aside from that, you will get a tailored handmade touch and personal feel to your website. Play with over 800+ Google fonts, colors, and video background to make your website fun and personalized.

Be fully supported when you choose Stash as you theme. Get an theme that is incredibly plugin compatible and actual custom support! Use WooCommerce to make your payment system an easy task. For multilingual options, use WPML and RTL. People will find your site via Optimized Search Engines. Display your content in a gorgeous way by Slider Revolution. Enjoy Stash’s one-click installation tool and start your ideas and project right away! And lastly, get updated at least twice a month! Start your dream site with Stash!

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Canvas is an expansive and well thought out responsive HTML5 and CSS3 coded website template. With over 75+ demo websites, all with their inner pages and dummy content. Making a total of 500+ HTML5 pages for every possible use known to man. Aside from that, with hundreds upon hundreds of sophisticated, highly customizable and reusable visual elements.

Canvas is easy to deploy, with its intuitive and easy to use shortcodes. Moreover, with its accessible and legible modular coding, based on Bootstrap framework, Canvas is a topnotch theme for all. And a ton of polished and smooth CSS3-powered animations and transitions. Furthermore, added to mix are HTML5 Video capabilities, 7 Sliders, LESS files for utmost customization ease, working AJAX Contract Forms, Calender, Events, and full eCommerce functionality right out of the box. It is no wonder Canvas is such a successful website template. Truly, there is no end to the pictures you can paint on a good Canvas. lastly, Canvas offers an incredible and engaging fullscreen layouts and demos. Completely modernizing and immersing your audience with its user navigation experience. Paint your desired website on Canvas!

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kotlis fullscreen website template
Do you want a template that represents your value as an artist? Look no further, Kotlis is just the right choice for you. With happy partners around the world, this fullscreen website template is unquestionably the one you will ever need. Kotlis is a highly recommended companion if you are looking for a mobile-friendly and professional design for your photography website. No matter if you are an amateur or a professional photographer, Kotlis is here to sort you out with terrific web design.

Kotlis has tons of effective layouts and design elements which are trendy and modern for online standards. You can choose between dark and light looks, seven enviable home demos, six different portfolio pages and other cracking treats and components. Get full customer support with industry experts, too, and never feel lonely.

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photix fullscreen website template
Is it possible to make your photos be recognized online and be remembered for it? Of course, and the process of achieving this goal is way simpler than you think. With top design variations and features, Photix just lives up to its name. This fullscreen website template utilizes cutting-edge tools to elevate your web page. While you can succeed with a mind-bending out of the box design, you can also enrich it with your distinct touch and put yourself right on top.

Customize your website with a plethora of integrations, color schemes, layouts and more. Whether you are a first timer or a pro, Photix can fulfill your needs. Some of the features of Photix are animated statistics, sticky navbar, Slider Revolution, parallax effect and smooth scroll to name a few. You can also start a photography blog and share all about your work and adventures with your follower.

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missio fullscreen website template
Turn your first-time visitors into avid fans. Ensure that your viewers will always come back for more with Missio. This fullscreen website template is totally winning with clients due to its impressive performance and attention-grabbing appearance. Missio provides innovative technology to showcase content effectively. Build a gorgeous website effortlessly and scale your photo project to new heights. Missio is flexible enough to work with other creative fields and purposes as well.

Each template is Google-friendly so that you will get the best out of SEO already. Following all the latest web and tech practices, Missio is also 100% mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible, in tune with retina screens and packed with a whopping collection of 48 demos. You can easily find the right style that best resonates with you and your services and make it yours.

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LeadGen is a resourceful and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template. Packed with impressive tools and widgets for building sophisticated websites. A range of industries and applications can benefit from LeadGen’s intuitive development process. With its HTML5 page builder makes layout customization effortless. Advanced admin panel options allow you to turn your websites inside out in minutes. Moreover, with 32 dedicated demo websites, each packed with deliberate design features.

You can achieve unique and effective results with LeadGen without any coding. Engaging video and image background technology spruces up your webpages. One page websites are easy to set up with LeadGen within a couple of clicks. Furthermore, LeadGen’s fullscreen feature can be use at any time with a single click. It renders your website a gorgeous full width presentation. And with a lightweight Bootstrap coding, it lets you reach a global audience. Every device, can enjoy your fullscreen websites in full glory. Adaptive image resizing makes your websites smooth on every screen. Broaden your appeal and maximize your revenue today, with LeadGen at your side!

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Rhythm is a hip and trendy multipage multipurpose website template. Featuring website template that is full with useful features. All endlessly customizable to suit your every need. Ensuring your Rhythm website looks exactly the way you always wished.

Rhythm is capable of producing gorgeous fullscreen visual layouts that are fully engaging. Resulting in increased attention, focus and ultimately, user conversion rates. Moreover, it is powered by HTML5 and CSS3 technologies augmented by a modular Bootstrap design that renders Rhythm both developer friendly and deeply cross compatible among all devices, screen sizes, platforms and browsers. With over 175 exclusively preconfigured HTML5 page templates for your benefit, with amazing features such as the Fixed Image Content Slider, HTML5 Video Backgrounds with local hosted videos, incredible functional variety ranging from blogs and portfolios to eCommerce and Landing pages, and so much more it’ll make your head spin. Let your website feel the Rhythm!

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Porto is a very effective HTML5 and CSS3 coded multipurpose website template. A fully inclusive website template that is full with all the necessary page templates. And with features that are necessary to effortlessly set up a sophisticated website.

With hundreds of custom built shortcodes readily available, and deep-running visual customization with the exclusive and in-house built Style Switcher. Furthermore, it is build on a reliable and secure HTML5 framework styled. Moreover, with dynamic CSS3 scripts and incorporating Bootstrap modular design standard. Lastly, Porto is a perfect match with Porto Admin. Try Porto today!

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Pages is an amazingly productive and carefully composed responsive HTML5/CSS3 frontend multipurpose website template. A flexible and all-inclusive front end website template. Capable of handling the needs of a wide and vast range of modern website applications. With over 20 different, readily available website template. Moreover, with its deeply customizable widgets and shortcodes, and over 70 completely custom built Block elements. Furthermore, you can build your website efficiently through a visual, intuitive and easy to use stack-based page creation process.

Pages has been designed to service your website on top of a sophisticated HTML5 framework, with gorgeous and smooth-running CSS3 animation and visual styling and a developer-friendly, modular Bootstrap design that makes every Pages website inherently responsive across all devices, browsers and screen sizes, right out of the box. Lastly, Pages goes quite well with the Pages Dashboard HTML5 and CSS3 coded website template, for the true full package website building solution.

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Outdoor is visually stunning HTML5/CSS3 photography and portfolio website template. A powerful website template designed for webmasters that want to show off their works to a wide audience.

Equipped to the fullest to empower webmasters of any skill level and background. Decked out with custom built AJAX-powered contact forms, sophisticated HTML5 YouTube Video backgrounds, and time-saving, versatile and flexible professionally preconfigured page templates, including a unique multiple slideshow homepage, along with six different homepage styles, four different portfolio pages and 9 modern and one of a kind single page portfolio pages. Furthermore, Outdoor also incorporates attractive fullscreen backgrounds that offer an immersive navigational experience. Allowing you to showcase your works in an elegant, refined style. Make a dent, with Outdoor!

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Enigma is a nimble and flexible HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose website template. It is a theme that is created with the utmost attention to details. Not only is this template customizable in every nooks and cranny, but also polished to pristine perfection with functionalities. Moreover, this theme incorporates plenty of plugins, like the Revolution Slider. And also, it integrates a strong HTML5 framework, styled through a dynamic CSS3 scripting.

The result is Enigma, an incredible shape shifting and pliable template! Perfectly suited for any applications. Enigma is truly malleable nature allows it to seamlessly service these website archetypes in sophisticated and fullscreen visual glory. Furthermore, The Hero Video Background is incorporated for a cutting-edge look. And also, with over ten conceptually unique and one of a kind demo websites including; an amazing Fullscreen Revolution Slider demo that lets you hit the ground running with a ready made, avant-garde website within minute, out of the box. With all that power, there really is no mystery to Enigma’s popularity!

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Pivot is a highly dynamic, multipurpose website template, incorporating features such as Page Builder. A powerful and intuitive website template that can easily meets the demands of an enormously vast range of website archetypes, niche and fields.

Pivot is build on a solid HTML5 framework styled through a dynamic LESS CSS3 script for efficiency and power. Moreover, with its powerful visual customization and smooth, light loading animations it is by far the most well engaging templates that you can choose. Furthermore, with the built-in Variant Page Builder, creating your own layouts and pages is an easy and effortless process. Lastly, with over 70 different content blocks for your every need, as well as four contact forms, three different menu types, four footer styles and many other custom pages for all sorts of purposes. Pivot, truly is, a theme to center your ambition.

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Massive is an overwhelmingly expansive HTML5 and CSS3 coded multipurpose website template. It is a truly enormous website template. With an unparalleled 50+ demo websites all fully decked out with inner pages. And over 260+ HTML5 readymade preconfigured page templates at your fingertips. Moreover, with over 20 menu styles and head-spinning 85+ portfolio templates. And all sorts of impressive visual features. From Parallax sections to engaging and enticing fullscreen layouts and presentations.

Massive includes over 900 Custom Line Icons. Furthermore, the eCommerce layouts and top of the line isotope portfolio filtering, it is no wonder why Massive is one of the best templates out there. Moreover, with over 150 shortcodes, building your own functional pages with little to no effort is possible. Secondly, with the HTML5 technologies handsomely deployed all across features such as YouTube or locally hosted video players, Mixed Masonry layouts, Menuzord premium plugin and endless features. Knock all the competition out with Massive!

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Foundry is a polished multipurpose website template. Specifically designed to be a powerful and outstanding template. Enabling webmasters of any background or skill level to masterfully create looking page in a matter of minutes. And impressive fullscreen capabilities throughout several of its included demo websites and gorgeous preconfigured template pages and layouts.

Perfect for upscale applications or very massive website applications that need complete reliability and security above all. Moreover, Quality is Foundry’s veritable bread and butter, and a finished, polished feel is palpable throughout every single Foundry website. Moreover, Foundry incorporates advanced modal features for delayed. With over 20 different Home conceptual designs and dozens time-saving shortcodes. Lastly, The Bootstrap design makes it inherently responsive. Meaning every Foundry websites works perfectly across a broad range of devices, browsers and screen sizes.

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