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Top 38 Bootstrap Admin Panel Templates 2020


Looking to build a SaaS or web app and need an admin panel? These simple admin panel templates are exactly what you need to speed up development. 

Are you a professional web developer or a burgeoning amateur? Hence, you want to power a dashboard for some sort of an application or web service? So, don’t lose your time on coding it from scratch. So today, we present the most advanced affordable dashboard templates that help you finalize your project within days.

Why Are These Cutting-edge Admin Templates Special?

Particularly templates we feature today offer developers the latest advances of coding and fully-fledged user interface building toolkits. So the majority of them are built with Bootstrap 4 and incorporate Angular 4, Bower, Saas, GULP and other solutions. What’s more, the sets of UI components they offer are truly universal, allowing you to build and customize the dashboard of literally any kind.

To learn the basic characteristics of the templates we present, check also the table below. Then, scroll down to learn about each template and its functionality. Consequently, you may be interested in checking out some other Bootstrap templates, e.g. Portfolio Bootstrap WordPress themes.

Most Powerful Admin Panel Templates

ArchitectUI – Angular 7 & Bootstrap 4

ArchitectUI is a multi-purpose admin panel template with a broad specter of possibilities for all your different intentions. Regardless of your project or application, you can kick off an admin panel effortlessly once you employ the amazingness of ArchitectUI. With the nine demos alone, you have enough variations at hand to find the one that best resonates with your objective. Of course, you can also make adjustments to the default layout and customize it accordingly.

Out of the box, ArchitectUI comes 100% mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible, in tune with retina screens and high performing. It features a mass collection of elements, plugins, components and extensions. You won’t really need to seek for other goodies since ArchitectUI has all and everything available for your convenience. Besides, with upcoming updates, you can expect ArchitectUI to expand with even more amenities.

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ArchitectUI HTML (Most Popular Admin Panel)

simple admin panel template
With the very many elements, components and widgets, ArchitectUI HTML is by far one of the best admin panel template currently available on the market. Additionally, ArchitectUI HTML also includes nine professional and sophisticated demos, as well as multiple color schemes. With the out of the box version alone, you will have a breeze finding the right look for your application or service. Still, you need to know that ArchitectUI HTML allows tweaks and edits, meaning, you can fine-tune it to your likings easily.

In the kit, ArchitectUI HTML includes 150 elements, ten different card styles, horizontal and vertical menus, background gradients and five icon packs to name a few. There are also numerous plugins at your service, like Google Maps, Calendar, Metis Menu, filterable tables, hamburger buttons and Sparklines. Only basic coding knowledge is necessary to complete building an advanced admin dashboard with ArchitectUI HTML.

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Florid- admin panel with horizontal top menu
Fiori is an easy to use admin panel template which anyone has a chance to put into play. With the ready-made layouts and multiple color skins, you can quickly establish a branded admin for your application. The tool is based on Bootstrap 4, 100% responsive and fully extendable. You can mix and match the countless list of features and even introduce your distinct touch to Fiori. Needless to say, Fiori immediately acclimatizes to web browsers, mobile and desktop devices, as well as retina screens.

Other features include over two hundred elements and widgets, documentation files, sticky sidebar menu and static header. Even if you think this is a lot, Fiori still has more for you in store. Start your web project in style and sort out admin panel with Fiori.

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Kero is both vertical and horizontal admin panel template with tons of different layouts, features and components. You can pick between nine demos of which each comes in two different styles, as well as nine predefined color schemes. The overall structure of Kero is very lightweight to ensure outstanding performance. Speaking of performance, indeed, Kero also follows all the latest web and tech practices to guarantee a seamless operation of your admin all the time.

150 components, form layouts and widgets, tables, chart plugins, helpers and utilities are just a bunch of the traits that you get with Kero. While the template works for all sorts of different applications out of the box, you can also take things a step further and fine-tune it to your likings. You will never need to look for another layout, component or extensions once you put Kero into play.

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cork admin template
Without an admin, well, you will have a hard time reaching the success you want with your app or project. That said, make one with any of these powerful templates, including Cork. It is another jaw-dropping alternative with a broad selection of practical features. With multiple layouts, RTL support and dark and light modes, you can quickly find the right look for your needs.

Cork’s structure is also perfectly in harmony with all popular devices and web browsers. Other specialties of Cork are charts, maps, clean code and many predefined apps. Building a highly variable admin panel is possible with Cork.

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dashlite admin template
DashLite is an admin panel template that includes all the must-haves and oh so much more. Seven app concepts, six dashboards, ninety screens and over 25 components, all this and more is part of the DashLite kit. For instance, DashLite works for subscription, crypto wallet, investment and virus statistics projects out of the box. But this tool can cater to just about anything else, too.

The overall design of DashLite is clean and simplistic, so everything comes into view beautifully. No matter how much information your admin panel will display, it will still do it pleasantly.

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Cuba is an all-around admin panel for Bootstrap, React, Angular and Laravel. This powerful solution knows no bounds, especially once you introduce your creative touch to it. The structure of Cuba is also very lightweight, ensuring excellent performance at all times. There are eight ready-to-use main layouts with heaps of other pages to mix and match.

Some of the components that Cuba features are alerts, tabs, notifications, tables, charts and calendars, amongst many more in between. In short, you do not really need another tool and extension; Cuba sports it all for your convenience. Start on the right track right from the get-go with Cuba.

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Part Dashboard Admin Template

Part can serve as an essential part of your website building process. This professionally designed template boasts a stylish overall look and impeccable functionality. Produced by a leading vendor ZEMEZ, the product is worth your attention and money. Especially since it costs just $19.

Powered by the HTML5 and responsive Bootstrap framework, the template is a juicy item for webmasters. It works seamlessly yet looks gorgeous. Besides, the package includes 2 dashboards, 20+ ready-to-use pages and almost a hundred of useful components.

More info / Download


Sakura - Bootstrap 4 Multipurpose Dashboard Admin Template

Sakura is a Bootstrap-based, HTML5-powered dashboard admin panel template. It can serve multiple purposes thanks to its fully-fledged interface and quite a flexible code. Coming with a huge set of usable UI elements, the template is easy to adjust to personal needs.

Designed in accordance with the latest web trends, Sakura will help many webmasters structure their digital apps. The admin panel template includes charts library, email layouts, icons, Google/Vector maps, and horizontal/vertical layouts. Besides, there are pages for all occasions: Error, Register, Login, Profile, etc.

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ROI Dashboard Admin Template

ROI is what you need to make your digital project more creative and well-structured. This fully-fledged dashboard admin panel comes with a rich variety of elements and widgets. For a quite reasonable price, you will get a highly responsive design that fits all possible screens.

Packed with NPM or Bower managing, the template will make your website more manageable. Along with different frameworks, libraries, and utilities, ROI has handy content editors, input plugins, and image tools.

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Madmin Bootstrap Dashboard Admin Template

Madmin is an easy to use admin panel template with multiple options and elements. Jam-packed with lots of plugins and pages, the template serves as a powerful platform for creating a user-friendly interface. The product includes files in HTML, CSS, SASS, and JS formats as well as comprehensive documentation in HTML.

The template is super responsive. It features an ultra-modern design with a dark background. Its versatility and rich functionality allow you to accomplish your goals without effort.

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GreenDesk AdminTemplate

GreenDesk is a handy, clear, and smart solution to edit your site. This digital product provides access to various UI elements and blocks. Additionally, it has also e-commerce functionality to improve your e-store managing.

This admin panel template includes many gallery scripts and web forms. Besides, GreenDesk offers Parallax animation to enrich your website’s overall look. There are such additional features as Calendar, Google Maps, Tabs, Appointment Booking, etc. The template works great on all major browsers.

More info / Download


Booster - Responsive Bootstrap & Laravel Admin Template

Booster will surely help you boost your online project. This both vertical and horizontal admin panel template boasts tons of useful features, plugins, and layouts. It includes 3 unique dashboard layouts, more than 80 pages, and many icon sets. The admin panel template is powered by the latest Bootstrap version and Laravel framework.

With Booster’s set, you can customize your project to the full without hassle. The template is versatile and well-coded. Additionally, you can benefit from the life-term 24/7 support.

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HR-Clinic | Clinic, Hospital, Medical Management - Admin Template

With HR-Clinic admin panel template, your medical-related project will become more user-friendly. This product is 100% responsive, flexible, and well-packed. Powered by modern coding technologies like HTML5, CSS, and JS, you will have a total breeze to work with it. Its code is absolutely clean and well-commented.

The admin panel template includes 45+ page layouts and limitless web fonts. Besides, the template comes with regular lifetime updates. It works on all major browsers out of the box.

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MonsterAdmin Dashboard

MonsterAdmin is a gorgeous, modern, and well-structured admin panel template. With the rich variety of elements included, it offers you to simplify your website managing. Developers designed the template with 5 unique custom skins. Besides, there are more than 20 premium pages inside the package.

This premium template supports 3 content editors: Ckeditor, Summernote, and Markdown. To edit and adapt images to your needs, you can utilize one of these tools: Cropper, Easyzoom, and Xzoom. MonsterAdmin is super fast and responsive.

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Neon - Responsive Bootstrap & Laravel Admin Template

Neon looks feature-rich yet functions seamlessly. This is one of the best Bootstrap- and Laravel-based admin panel that offers unlimited opportunities for hassle-free website building. The template is absolutely responsive to flow perfectly on mobile devices. Besides, it includes 4 unique admin dashboards with an advanced UI kit. For a quite affordable price, you get a full-fledged solution.

All the template files are well documented. If you need help, you always can turn to 24/7 support.

More info / Download


At the time of writing this, Metronic is by far one of the biggest and greatest admin panel dashboards. It is, of course, entirely responsive, compatible with modern web browsers and optimized for top-notch performance. If you do not know which site canvas to go with, it is safe to say that Metronic will do the trick. With its big collection of fourteen demos, you can hammer out admins for various projects, services, applications and software. The limits clearly are none.

Metronic is based on a powerful framework which allows you to customize just about everything. On the flip side, you can also start with the out of the box version and only make adjustments when necessary. One of the fourteen samples might perfectly fit your needs, helping you speed up the process even further. No time to waste, take charge with Metronic and place yourself right on top.

More info / Download

ReadyPro – Bootstrap4 Dashboard Admin Theme

Ready Pro Bootstrap Dashboard Admin Template

Are you looking for a fast and modern admin panel template? Then, ReadyPro is a good choice with a number of beautiful dashboard designs for your next project. The layout of the tool is clean and very appealing to the eye, making sure the performance is of the highest degree at all times. You can now speed up the process of bringing into being an admin panel for your web app and spend more time promoting it. Hence the name, ReadyPro is all set up and ready to go, either you use it out of the box or fine-tune it further.

  • Bootstrap 4 Framework
  • 34 Example Pages
  • 17 Customized Plugins
  • 100+ UI Components
  • Background Color Variations

More info / Download

Daffy – Multi-purpose Bootstrap + UI Kit Admin Template

Daffy - Multipurpose Bootstrap + UI Kit Admin Template

Firstly, Daffy is a terrific dashboard template and web UI kit powered with Grunt, Bower and SCSS. Not to mention, the set of UI components incorporates such elements as widgets, forms, tables, charts, pages and application. Of course, Daffy is 100% mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible, guaranteeing you smooth operation all the time. In the bundle of goodness, you will find over ninety predefined HTML pages, mailbox, different color options and ready to use packs for your convenience. Daffy is full of amazing features that will get you going in little to no time with a lot less energy and effort invested on your end than expected.

  • Bootstrap CSS Sass framework
  • 95+ HTML Pages
  • Live Social Feeds, e.g. Twitter & Instagram
  • 500+ UI Elements
  • RTL Support

More info / Download

Crystal – Bootstrap4 Dashboard Template

Crystal - Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Admin Template

In the first place, Crystal is one of the best admin templates, optimal for such projects as CRMs, loan control systems, billing systems, eCommerce management systems and more. Roughly said, Crystal is versatile and adaptive enough for anyone and everyone to use. The theme has an impressive set of reusable UI components and useful jQuery plugins which will be of great value for your striking admin dashboard. Other features include animated statistics, back to top button, horizontal header, clean and organized code, tables and Google Maps to name a few. You can easily introduce your signature style and modify the default Crystal to your likings.

  • Bootstrap 4 CSS framework
  • GULP package management
  • Unlimited colors
  • Sass with variables
  • Fully Responsive

More info / Download

Nexa – Bootstrap4 Dashboard Design

Nexa - Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Admin Template

Right off the bat, Nexa is a pioneering administration panel theme that’s composed with the help of flexible Bootstrap 4 Framework. With that in mind, you know already that Nexa has a flexible, extendable and easily adjustable web design. To any screen of any modern device, your admin panel will reshape its content in an instant. As you can see, Bootstrap 4 Website Template features awesome chart graphs, FontAwesome icons, mailbox pages, Google maps, etc. One thing is for sure, Nexa definitely does not lack valuable amenities. Pick from unlimited color, enjoy three chart graphs, offer great navigability with horizontal header and utilize all the pre-built pages.

  • Bootstrap 4 CSS framework
  • GULP tasks for professionals
  • 3+ Chart graphs
  • Sass with variables
  • Horizontal header

More info / Download

StrotAdmin – Flexible Dashboard Design

Strot Admin - Responsive Dashboard Admin Template

Strot Admin is a template for web apps, software, services, custom administration panels or CRMs. Besides, Strot Admin is built with Bootstrap 3 Framework, media queries, HTML5 and CSS3. Strot Admin offers you to choose between seven different front layouts and numerous other internal sections. It also comes with a dark version and all sorts of handy eCommerce solutions. It has over one thousand UI components, pixel-perfect structure, Range slider, free icons and comprehensive documentation. Some of the UI components include booking, profile, widgets, alerts, drop-down, carousel and many more in between. Start your web project the right way with Strot Admin.

  • Bootstrap 3
  • Light & Dark versions
  • 7+ different dashboard layouts
  • School management
  • Restaurant Booking

More info / Download

Admiry – Bootstrap4 Admin Template

Admiry - Responsive Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Admin Template

Admiry is a high-quality admin panel template available in three color variations: blue, red and green. This helps you save time deciding which the main color of your admin dashboard will be. Sometimes, you just want to keep things simple and stick to what is available. After all, Admiry is packed with excellent features and components that will do you well. Additionally, Admiry brings you a rich UI kit, featuring FontAwesome, Themify, DripIcons and MaterialDesign icons. There are also different forms, charts, tables, maps, calendar and all sorts of ready-made page layouts. The clean and nifty design of Admiry will keep browsing contents and details flawless.

  • UI Component Saas Compatibility
  • Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6
  • Summernote Editor
  • Invoice with Ready Print button
  • Calendar view

More info / Download

Bunny – Ultimate Universal Admin Theme

Bunny - The Ultimate Multipurpose Admin Template

Bunny is an elaborate dashboard creation toolkit, enhanced with a number of visually-perfect user interface components, widgets and charts. Additionally, the template delivers you a massive collection of fully customizable UI elements, closely related to each other and combined on different levels, boosting up your working process. Right away, you get to pick between ten banging demos with additional dark layout (that’s eleven samples!). From analytical and demographical to real estate and eCommerce, these are just a few of the variations of Bunny’s dope pack of sample material. In total, Bunny comes with a whopping collection of 95 HTML pages which cover just about everything and then some.

  • 10+ admin panel demos
  • 95+ Html Pages
  • RTL Support
  • E-commerce Pages
  • Detailed Online Documentation

More info / Download

Flintstone- Ultimately Powerful Admin Template

Flintstone- The Ultimate Multipurpose Admin Template

With Flintstone theme, powering a dashboard of any kind turns into a pleasant and creativity-fueled process. The professional package of Flintstone also comes with a bulk of UI components, all fully customizable and extremely easy to use. With that in mind, you know that you can modify and fine-tune all the predefined layouts of Flintstone to follow your needs and wants without a hassle. Nine main dashboard examples accompanied by boxed and dark layouts await every Flintstone user. These cover projects related to real estate, eCommerce, hospital, HRM and more. You can always add your custom tweak to Flintstone and take it to the next level.

  • 1000+ UI Components
  • 200+ Font Icons
  • Grunt, Bower and SCSS
  • 10+ easy-to-use demos

More info / Download

Mash Able

Mash Able Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Using the latest Bootstrap Framework, altogether Mash Able pleases developers with the incorporation of Angular 4, HRM applications and sales ERP. Correspondingly, this theme is a bounty for powering medical store, online examination, payroll, live chat, task management and other systems. Do not hesitate and go entirely against the norm with Mash Able, as the tool is ready for any challenge. Mash Able includes features like live customizer, top-notch performance, four dashboards, over one hundred widgets and 24 menu styles. For your information, you can also download the Mash Able Lite version first and only upgrade when necessary. With Mash Able, you are more than ready to start your application like a champ.

  • Angular4 (Pure Typescript Version)
  • 4 mega dashboard versions
  • Multicolor + Dark and Light variants
  • Freelance project tool
  • LTR/RTL layouts

More info / Download

Orion – State-of-the-art Bootstrap 4/Angular 4 Admin Design

ORION Simple Angular 4, Bootstrap 4, Firebase and Material Responsive Admin Template

Orion is a starter dashboard kit filled with advanced interface features and functionality. In addition, it incorporates a number of modern libraries and developer kits, to help you craft an advanced dashboard that propels your project to new heights. Orion has a lovely, contemporary and fluid layout which works on all devices like a dream. It includes Google Maps, lazy loading, drag and drop, charts, calendar, chat and ng-bootstrap components. There is no stopping now, once you gain access to a practical and highly convenient admin panel template like Orion, you can see great results shortly after. If you are ready, Orion is ready, too.

  • Angular v4.1.3
  • Angular Google maps + directions
  • Lazy Loading
  • AngularFire
  • Charts.js, NG2-Charts,NGX-Charts

More info / Download

QuantumAble – Bootstrap4 Dashboard Template

Quantum Able Responsive Bootstrap4 Dashboard Admin Template

QuantumAble is a very flexible solution for all the web projects that require a technically sound dashboard. Additionally, the template stands out with the diversity of custom UI elements it offers and their flawless integration. Core features of QuantumAble contain over 240 pages, four dashboards, eleven menu styles, one hundred widgets, five color presets and over fifty loaders. QuantumAble has an organized code which will help you customize it without running into any inconvenience. For a small investment, you can now have a super powerful admin panel template which will take your project or application to new successes. With the amount of content that QuantumAble comes, this tool is a serious deal.

  • 4 elaborated dashboards
  • 11+ Menu styles
  • 10+ CMS pages
  • Social timeline
  • 1 Landing page

More info / Download


Advik & Dashboard Admin Template

Advik Admin & Dashboard Template is the other premium solution to consider. It’s built on the latest version of the Bootstrap framework. As a result, you enjoy a clean and modern layout. A well designed and simple, it will make the website administration an easy task. On top of that, responsiveness is the other desired goodie included in the package. The best thing that it fits almost any web project right off the bat.

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Multipurpose
  • Responsive
  • Long-term support
  • Fully documented

More info / Download


Sylvester - Developer-friendly Bootstrap 4.4.1 + UI Kit Admin Template

With Sylvester, you are all set. Modern & responsive, it’s built on the Bootstrap & Sass based solid core framework. Also, it comes with a huge library of components and categories to poke around with. So, whether you’d like to build stuff or edit pixel distances, enjoy it. When it comes to other benefits, optimized source code & theme color switcher is worth to mention. Well, if you’re looking for a solution to save time, Sylvester is just the thing.

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Open Source Code
  • Mobile layout included
  • Extra pages layouts
  • Theme color switcher

More info / Download


Metrozi - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

No matter what type of dashboard you need to set, Metrozi is a way to go. Creative, responsive, and feature-rich, its possibilities are almost limitless. As such, it offers you everything you might need to get your site up and running as soon as possible. Hundreds of customizable features, a variety of layouts, and a whole host of ready-to-use UI kit elements. Want to make your site-building work a piece of cake? Consider using 70 new widgets. On top of that, the pop-up manager comes included, too.

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Multipurpose
  • Responsive
  • SEO friendly
  • A huge variety of pages

More info / Download


Papermint Dashboard Admin Template

The user-friendly design of Papermint Dashboard template makes customization easier, without any complications. Skip all that head-spinning issues about the model, color, and structure. You are all set. It comes with 195 HTML files, so feel the freedom to make any changes you need. Aside from that, you can even create a blog display and some components for an e-store. And the best thing is that Papermint Dashboard template fits multiple web projects.

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Multipurpose
  • Responsive
  • Theme color switcher
  • Components for online store

More info / Download

Bootstrap 4 – Perumnas Vol-2

Bootstrap 4 - Perumnas Vol-2 Update Admin Template

If you are looking for an admin template for your next project, Perumnas could be the solution. Modern and feature-rich, it can be the very option that saves the day. Thus, you can make the best use of over 100 basic components for designing your web app. Also, it includes the TM Gallery and Timeline plugins. All in all, it’s the other highly customizable admin template built on the powerful Bootstrap framework. Like what you see? Give it a try.

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Mobile layout included
  • Theme color switcher
  • Open framework

More info / Download


Darkside - Multipurpose Dashboard Stylish Admin Template

Are you also looking for an admin template for your web application? Darkside will save your developing time. Responsive and modern, it contains a fully valid W3C code. To help you get the most of Darkside, consider using over 80 web pages included in the package. To enhance the functionality of your web project, make the best use of premium third-party plugins. Well, Darkside is an SEO optimized solution, so stay as close to the top of the search engines.

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Stylish design
  • Google Map & Google Fonts
  • Extra page layouts
  • SEO friendly
  • Calendar
  • Drop-down menu

More info / Download


Magnificent Admin Template

Are you looking for an eye-catching admin template? Then explore Magnificent. Modern and responsive, it comes with a ton of useful components to play around with. Want to take control of the overall look of your web project? A piece of cake. As such, there is a basic table, data tables, form elements, charts, and drop-down menus. The best thing is that Magnificent can be easily modified for another language. Indeed, it will look awesome on any modern device that exists today and down the road.

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Multipurpose
  • Responsive
  • Long-term support

More info / Download


TemAz - Material Design AngularJS Admin Template

Are you a fan of Material design? Well, then TemAz would be a template of your choice. It’s built with AngularJS, which is fully extensible and works well with other libraries. Of course, TemAz includes all modern features, and you might need to build an admin panel like a pro. As a result, you can save a lot of money without calling in for pros. So rather than creating your interface from scratch, go for TemAz.

More info / Download

Coloribus Admin

Coloribus Admin - Multifunctional Dashboard Clean Admin Template

Coloribus Admin is a pot of gold for any admin provider. Modern and responsive, it comes with a whole host of customization options to choose from. Want to know how much traffic comes to your site? Make the best use of graphics and blocks. Also, it includes a set of built-in eCommerce features and UI elements. When it comes to third-party plugins, the choice has no end in sight. Adapt it to your needs and get your web application up and running quicker.

  • Bootstrap 4
  • 60+ pages
  • 20+ ready-made pages
  • 80+ components
  • 2 Dashboards
  • A large set of third-party plugins and tools

More info / Download


Shimba Admin Template

Shimba is the other premium admin template on this list. Built on the Bootstrap framework, it lets you create your next admin project even faster than before. Also, it comes with Project Management. eCommerce and analytics dashboard. On top of that, it features 7 pre-built layout pages designed in a modern way. So, what would you get with Shimba? Well, a lot. You can even choose between the admin box and the dark layout. Anyway, Shimba is worth the effort.

  • Bootstrap 4
  • 100+ pages
  • 200+ components
  • 100+ charts
  • 80+ advance widgets

More info / Download

Final Thoughts

Congrats! So, you’ve just acquainted yourself with some of the most advanced admin panel templates out there. After all, in 2020, they deliver developers great coding toolkits and irresistible UI components. In fact, don’t hesitate to grab one of the top advanced admin panel templates for your upcoming web project!

Finally, if you have any considerations or questions you’d like to voice, speak up in the Comments section below.

As a result, stay tuned for more!

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