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Top Rated Blogging WordPress Themes like Medium


Are you hunting for the best blogging WordPress themes like Medium? Well, the good news is you’ve come to the right place. Today we have a special list of the most popular blogging WordPress themes you can’t pass out on. So, if you want to put your blog on the map, there’s no better time than today. There are many reasons to start a blog and just as many unique goals you may have in mind. All you need is to find the right pick that matches all of your boxes. Not sure what you’re looking for? That’ not a big deal, in fact. All you need is to get started.

Getting started is simple. Get down to the list of the best premium WordPress themes. Why premium? Well, that’s obvious. Blogging is a very competitive market. So, if you don’t want your blog to be lost there, give your website a professional touch. To stay ahead of the competition, it’s the best practice to invest in premium options. So, what would you get? First, a responsive and Retina ready layout is sure to respond to any modern mobile device. Second, robust functionality. Wish to add a shopping cart to your blog? Or maybe you want to help your users find what they’re looking for? No matter your purpose, you’ll get a ton of easy-to-go tools to personalize your pages. SEO optimization, powerful page builder, and premium plugins are some of a few bells & whistles jam-packed.

The list of goodies included in each solution below has no end in sight. Now pick the one and tell your story in a unique way.

Avventure | Personal Travel & Lifestyle Blog WordPress Theme

The best place to start is to head over to Avventure. The reason? Well, first, it’s one of the best blogging WordPress themes built with Elementor. Want to save time right off the bat? Then Avventure is your best bet. Second, it’s compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. For you, that means the opportunity to make profits online. So, you launch an online store to sell just about anything and have no headache with coding. Everything is done to ease your site-building pain. Next, Avventure supports the Events Calendar plugin. Thus, no matter what type of event or workshop you’d like to hold, your users will be informed about it. You can also set up a donation platform and ask your followers for a small amount of money to achieve your goal or mission. To make sure your works & projects shine, take advantage of the Essential Grid plugin. More benefits inside.

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Blabber | All-in-One Elementor Blog & News Magazine WordPress Theme + RTL

Dreaming of starting your own blog? It’s time to act. Blabber is here to help get you started. Aside from having Elementor on its board, Blabber features RTL support. For you, that means that your blog is readable for anyone worldwide. Also, Blabber comes with the WooCommerce package to help you launch your own e-store within minutes. Thus, Blabber is a true bounty for a blog of any kind. Designed in a clean and attractive way, Blabber turns out to be a win-win solution for you. To get started, choose one of several pre-designed demos. Get creative with page layouts to take Blabber from flat to fabulous. To add, Blabber is compatible with the Instagram Feed and ThemeREX Addons plugins. And the best part is that Blabber is compatible with the Gutenberg editor. Didn’t expect that? Well, there are even more benefits jam-packed, just give it a try.

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Vagabonds | Personal Travel & Lifestyle Blog WordPress Theme

Whether you’re looking to blog for your business or for fun, Vagabonds will help you get started in no time. First, it’s built for lifestyle, entertainment, or travel blogs. Thus, you can build a professional magazine, news portal, or a stories website in no time. Second, Vagabonds is a WooCommerce ready option that comes with the donation option. The result? You can raise money by asking your followers to pay for your blog. If you want to tell a story behind your blog, do it on the hero video background homepage. Next, Vagabonds is compatible with the Instagram Feed & Essential Grid plugins. Every time you’ll want to get creative with your page layouts, WPBakery page builder is here to help. Now speed. Vagabonds has an extra fast page load to help you make your users happy. To get online, give this specimen of blogging WordPress themes a check.

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Gutentype | 100% Gutenberg WordPress Theme for Modern Blog + Elementor

Want to share extended pieces on things that interest you? A blog would be just the thing. And Gutentype could help make it easier and more attractive. All in all, a whopping 1,5K of satisfied customers can’t go wrong. What’s more, it’s based on the Gutenberg page builder to make the site-building process painless. No matter your niche, Gutentype has everything you might need to take care of your appearance online. Clean & responsive layout, pre-designed pages, custom shortcodes & widgets, and much more. Also, you can use the Elementor page builder and improve your website performance without too much effort. To add, Gutentype is compatible with the Instagram Feed, MailChimp for WP, and WooCommerce plugins. To help your website keep its rakings top & safe, Gutentype is optimized for the best SEO rules. Finally, the GDPR compliance comes as a cherry on top.

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Rosalinda | Health Coach & Vegetarian Lifestyle Blog WordPress Theme

It’s never been easier to start a health coach blog. Especially when there are so many popular blogging WordPress themes out there. If you’re full of interest in nutrition, Rosalinda shouldn’t slip your attention. Clean, modern & responsive, it makes our list of blogging WordPress themes today. Also, it works for a sports blog, travel agency, gym trainer shop, or a nutrition magazine. As you see, there’re no limits on how far you can go with Rosalinda. To help you customize your page layouts easier, WPBakery page builder to the rescue. Even if you’re just starting out, fret not. You’ll see that the site-developing work can be as straightforward & painless as possible. Want to showcase your skills and achievements? Or maybe you wish to provide testimonials and showcase your portfolio? A piece of cake. Find more bells & whistles by clicking the Details button.

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Aldo | Black and White Gutenberg Blog WordPress Theme

Whatever you blog about, Aldo makes this process painless. To give you an idea of why Aldo is worth the attention, let’s check its features. First, built with Gutenberg page builder, Aldo becomes the number one option for blogs of any kind. Niche blogs, portfolio, business, reviews, surveys & polls, there’s no limit on how you can use Aldo. Second, Aldo is easy to edit and customize. To make that happen, it offers you a big number of Gutenberg blocks & block styles. In addition, Aldo is compatible with the Instagram Feed & MailChimp for WP plugins. Sure, Aldo features a truly responsive layout and an SEO optimized code. Therefore, your website is more likely to appear as close to the top of the popularity list as possible. What type of skin you prefer – a black or white one? And finally, fast loading speed would definitely keep your users happy.

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Wanderic | Travel Blog & Lifestyle WordPress Theme

If you want greater control over your blog, go for Wanderic. It is one of the most popular blogging WordPress themes that you need to get started. Pay attention that Wanderic comes with Elementor on its board. Face it, to save time is always great. And Wanderic can help you gain that advantage. It is a great option for travel and personal blogs, professional magazines, or a photographer portfolio. Thus, it comes with 3 beautiful homepage designs to help get you started. Besides, Wanderic allows you to make profits online. Jam-packed with the WooCommerce package, it makes the selling process a kids’ play. To add, it features the crypto currency payment option, which is also a huge benefit. Wish to showcase your achievements? Easy-to-use custom shortcodes to the rescue. Afraid of language barriers? No need, Wanderic is a WPML option.

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Katelyn | Creative Gutenberg Blog WordPress Theme

You don’t have to have any design skills to have a great-looking blog. To get an idea of how Katelyn can help you, give it a check. Built with the Gutenberg page builder, Katelyn is the other specimen of popular blogging WordPress themes to consider. Use it for any kind of blog, news portal, healthy lifestyle magazine, or a photographer portfolio. Thus, you get a variety of Gutenberg blocks & block styles to experiment with. It’s up to you to decide how you’d like to go with Katelyn. Thing is, your customization possibilities are almost endless. Help your blog reach your target audience quicker. An SEO optimized code would be just what you need to make that happen. Got some special things to showcase? Place them right in front of your users’ eyes – homepage sliders. Sure, needless to say, that Katelyn comes with a fast loading speed.

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Especio | Personal Gutenberg Food Blog WordPress Theme

Remember to use your blog as a tool to help sell your main business. Say, you’d like to succeed as a nutritionist. Well, start a healthy food & lifestyle blog with Especio and sell your products or services online. Jam-packed with tons of Gutenberg blocks, Especio makes the personalization of your website as simple as that. Even better, there’s a set of custom shortcodes compatible with Gutenberg. Want to get your posts seen by as many people as possible? Integrate your website with the Instagram profile. Coded in line with the best web design standards, Especio lets your website shine at the top of the popularity list. Make a name for your business by selling in-demand products or services. Sure, Especio features a truly responsive layout that is sure to make your visitors happy. There’s a lot of blogging WordPress themes to consider, yet Especio is the one to grab.

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Fribbo | Freebies Blog WordPress Theme

A blog is perfect for anyone with an interest, passion, and creativity. Moreover, it can also pay you, if done properly. Fribbo is the other fresh specimen of blogging WordPress themes to try. First, it’s built for a freebies blog right off the bat. Also, it works for a cryptocurrency, business, finance, parenting, or a quizzes website. It comes with 6 different demos to choose from. Second, it’s extremely versatile and lets you personalize your website until you’re proud. All you have to do is to get creative with your page layouts using Elementor. Even more, you can create as many new page layouts as you wish. Next, Fribbo is compatible with the Theme REX Addons plugin to help you manage your custom post types. Wish to sell things through your website? Well, monetizing your blog is always smart, that’s why the WooCommerce package is here to help.

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Gloss | Viral News Magazine WordPress Blog Theme + Shop

If you’ve got an idea and passion, then it’s time to start a blog. Your website design is the first opportunity to grab your readers by the scruff of the neck and compel them to stay longer. If you want to get something special, Gloss would be right up your alley. It makes our list of the most popular blogging WordPress themes for reasons. Colorful, refined, and clean, Gloss is the number one option for blogs of any kind. To begin, check its beautiful pre-designed homepages. So, if you’re not sure about your website design, those would be a huge help. What else? Well, the Essential Grid plugin is the other benefit. Create stunning portfolios within minutes. Want to showcase your achievements and skills? There’s no better way to do that than by using custom shortcodes. Thus, you focus on things that matter, not the coding tricks.

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Modern Housewife | Women & Family WordPress Blog Theme

Does your blog support an ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) strategy? If not, it’s time for a redesign. Finding the perfect option is not easy, yet the list of blogging WordPress themes can help. This time, give Modern Housewife a shot. Modern & clean, it can serve as a family blog, healthy lifestyle portal, or a personal portfolio. No matter your purpose to start blogging, Modern Housewife can help get you started. Designed in a warm pastel color scheme, it can help take your website design from flat to fabulous. It’s built with the WPBakery page builder, so it saves you a ton of time. Forget about tricky coding issues and create stunning page layouts like a pro. To help you enhance the functionality of your site, Modern Housewife is compatible with a pack of premium plugins. Slider Revolution & Essential Grid plugins are a part of that pack.

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Marcell | 20+ Layouts Multi-Concept Personal Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

The great thing about Marcel is that there are so many ways you can tweak it. No wonder it makes our list of blogging WordPress themes today. First, Marcel comes with a minimalist and clean design that works for all kinds of blogs and personal websites. Whether it’s a story about your life, world news, or entertainment blog, Marcel can help up-front your value-proposition. What’s more, Marcel is built with Elementor and supports the Gutenberg editor. So, if you want to create new page layouts with Gutenberg, do it today. Second, Marcel is compatible with the AMP plugin, so your website loads almost immediately. In fact, that could be a huge boost to you. Compatibility with the Instagram Feed, WooCommerce, and MailChimp is also a big win. Tons of pre-made pages, modules & shortcodes, what else could you dream of? The GDPR compliance is also worth to mention.

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Hobo | Digital Nomad Travel Lifestyle Blog WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for the most popular blogging WordPress themes, Hobo would be helpful. Hobo could be the theme of your choice if you’re interested in starting a travel blog. Also, it works for an entertainment blog, lifestyle news portal, or a professional magazine. Sure, it’s easy to use and customize, so you can make any changes you want to match your business needs. Bundled with Elementor, it saves you a ton of time & effort from day one. Next, it supports the WooCommerce plugin. To make your pages worth the visit, Hobo offers you a lot of bells & whistles. Thus, the Search & Filter plugin would be a huge help for your site visitors. Thus, you can choose from a handy set of ready-made header layouts. To change the look and feel of your website, adjust colors to your preference. Get online with Hobo today.

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Bazinga | Modern Magazine & Viral Blog WordPress Theme

A well-designed blog can make a difference in your business. Not sure? See how much Bazinga can help. Modern & fresh, it sits high amongst blogging WordPress themes for its robust functionality. It works for any contemporary blog, professional magazine, news portal, or affiliate website. To get started, check a set of pre-designed homepage layouts. There’re three of them, and at least one will suit your needs best. Sure, you’ll want to make changes. That’s where the power of the WPBakery page builder will come to the rescue. You need to set yourself apart from the rest, so do your job carefully. To enlarge your users’ base, integrate your website with your Instagram profile. Also, take care of your product pages to make profits online. You can make a name for your business but first, create a website. Invest in premium options.

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That’s it for today. It never hurts to look for the best blogging WordPress themes, even if you’re not sure about the niche. Launching your blog is just the start. Keeping it fresh & relevant to your end-user is much more challenging. See what works – and what doesn’t – and learn from it. So what are you waiting for? Your competitors are already online, and what about you?


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