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WordPress Maintenance Services Providers & Forums


Hello everyone! If you’re running a WordPress website, you know that there’s a lot of fun parts to this experience. Well, “maintenance” is hardly on your list of most exciting WordPress activities. Who loves to accomplish all those mundane technical chores?

However, to keep your website present-day and thriving, you’ve got to perform some maintenance tasks on a regular basis. Slow sites lose traffic and income, un-updated sites are vulnerable to malware. And if you don’t have regular backups, you risk not being able to restore your website in case something happens.

So, maintenance is a must for a successful WordPress web presence. But what if you just want to delegate all of these chores? You have this option thanks to different WordPress website maintenance services offered online. Choose the best of them and always have someone to:

  • Update your website;
  • Back-up it on a regular basis;
  • Test and improve your website’s speed;
  • Restore your website in case of hacker attacks;
  • Accomplish small fixes and daily maintenance on your behalf.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Today, I present you best WordPress maintenance service providers that will do all this stuff for you for a reasonable price tag. What’s more, I also list some of the best WordPress forums. Your questions will be always exhaustively answered there!

wordpress website maintenance services

If you’re after finding a set monthly optimization package, you’ll be pleased by the range of services offered by TemplateMonster for a reasonable price. TemplateMonster is one of the biggest web theme marketplaces and they offer you most-popular maintenance activities accomplished by professionals.

Getting an Essential WordPress maintenance plan will cost you $39/month.

This plan covers the following maintenance:

  • Proactive updates of WordPress and plugins;
  • Performance checks and optimization;
  • Weekly debug;
  • Database optimization;
  • Website improvement suggestions by experts;
  • 3 hours of content customization;
  • 24/7 support and uptime monitoring;
  • Emergency care;
  • Hosting your website with Inmotion.

As you can see, this is really a lot. And if you’re just starting with your website, you can enjoy the hosting services included in this offer. To save even more with the Essential Plan, go for the yearly subscription. You’ll get 2-month free maintenance + $389/year.

TemplateMonster lets you calibrate the maintenance you want to delegate. If the Essential Plan is not exhaustive in terms of services for you, go for their Premium Plan worth $69/month. It also covers theme installation, WooCommerce support; weekly speed improvements, Google Analytics integration, site transfer, security checks, and SEO optimization.


wp buffs wordpress maintenance service

WP Buffs provides you with WordPress maintenance. Similar to TemplateMonster, they take care of all those niggly small tasks on a monthly basis. WP Buffs are a team of independent WordPress experts that are mainly devoted to maintaining WordPress sites.

WP Buffs has three care plans. They are called Maintain, Protect and Perform and cost $67, $147 and $197 per month respectively. If you go for the basic Maintain Plan, you’ll get:

  • Weekly update of themes and plugins;
  • Round-the-clock uptime monitoring;
  • Daily cloud backups;
  • Support in case of emergency;
  • Integration of Google Analytics;
  • Fresh Reports (once a week).

As you can see, with this plan, you can forget about your regular site maintenance. But there’s not a lot offered on top of this within the basic plan. So, if you want to get more than this, you’ll have to pay more than $100/month for maintaining your site with WP Buffs.


codeable wordpress maintenance service

Well, WordPress maintenance doesn’t come all packed in monthly subscriptions. There’s a whole marketplace of WordPress geeks that you can hire out, and it’s called Codeable.

Codeable works the following way:

  • Let’s say, you need certain maintenance tasks done. You create a project and post it on Codeable.
  • Within a day, the automatic system will match several vetted WordPress experts to work on your project. There are 430 WordPress experts in total. All of them have been hand-picked undergoing a distilled attestation and vetting process.
  • You get in touch with one of the matching developers, discuss the details of the project and get a quote.
  • The service is delivered to you in a timely manner.

Codeable is good in the way that it doesn’t limit you in the range of maintenance and customization services you can request. On the flip side, hiring out a WordPress expert is a pretty costly thing. Codeable expert prices start from $60 per hour.


wp tech support maintenance services provider
With WordPress websites, issues can come. Luckily, you do not need to deal with them, as you can let WP Tech Support take over. Instead of wondering what could go wrong, focus your energy on growing your business and give site maintenance and support in the hands of those who understand it extremely well.

WP Tech Support features:

  • Several plans to cover all webmaster’s needs, starting at 45€/month. You can also opt for single, “emergency” fixes.
  • Regular backups on WP Tech Support’s cloud servers, so you never lose a thing in case of anything unexpected occurs.
  • If you go with Pro or Business plans, they will even work on all sorts of small website improvements for you.
  • Theme and plugin updates and daily scans for any malware to quickly find if anything suspicious is happening.
  • User account lets you have a complete overview of everything that’s going on with your website, open new tickets and manage all the must-haves and extras.

Moreover, if you need a one-time fix, it only takes you five minutes to get started. Needless to say, you will need to provide additional information, like CMS credentials, even access to the control panel for a smooth workflow. However, no need to worry about anything; the friendly support team will guide you accordingly to enjoy WP Tech Support’s services as quickly as possible.


premiumcoding wordpress maintenance service

With PremiumCoding, I return to some of the cheaper maintenance alternatives. Premium Coding is another reliable theme provider that has an expert team to deal with WordPress website maintenance services. They will provide with a sound set of services for a pretty reasonable price.

First of all, we’ve got Basic Support and Maintenance worth $37/month.

It covers the following services:

  • Monthly WordPress updates;
  • security checks;
  • backups;
  • 24/7 support;
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring.

As you can see, they also don’t offer you a lot of extras. PremiumCoding Maintenance doesn’t cover plugin updates. Moreover, if your website is backed up, monitored for security and updates just once a month, that’s probably not enough for you to stay on the safe side.

Let’s see what else they are ready to offer for $74/month with the Pro WordPress maintenance plan. They’ve got:

  • Daily backups;
  • Weekly security checks;
  • Weekly WordPress updates;
  • 2 hours of custom work;
  • 24/7 support and uptime control.

With this plan, you’ll definitely have a sound maintenance solution that covers your basic needs. Moreover, with two hours of custom work onboard, you’ll have a chance to request help with certain customizations or fixes.


maintainn wordpress maintenance service
When operating a WordPress website or blog, a helping hand always comes, well, handy. Sure, when you are starting out, you might do it all yourself, but things change when you are at a scale. Well, it does not even need to be at a scale, you might just need a few fixes here and there since you are not too tech-savvy. In this instance, Maintainn comes into play, providing top-notch maintenance service for WordPress.

Some of the features of Maintainn include weekly updates, off-site updates, optimization for SEO, website building, you name it. In short, as far as building, managing and maintaining a website go, Maintainn can do it for you in its entirety. With this in mind, you can be safe and secure that all will function smoothly while giving all your attention on growing your businesses to the extremes.


valet wordpress maintenance service
Valet is a WordPress maintenance service provider, taking care of all the essential and then some for you. Whether you run a small blog or a large eCommerce business, Valet is here to assist you on your journey to operating flawlessly. Some of the core traits of Valet include backups, malware scans, plugin and theme updates and more. If you need something special sorted out, indeed, Valet is welcome to adapt to your needs exclusively.

To sum up, Valet is like a crew of experts that are working on your website as an extension to your existing team. If they think there are particular parts that would be wise to improve and optimize, they will share it with you. It is all about your business’s success, and if you have any questions and concerns, you can always shoot Valet an email.


fixrunner wordpress maintenance service
Do you need help with your WordPress website? If that is the case, we have a range of different maintenance service providers here for your convenience. FixRunner is a great alternative with heaps of perks that will do you well. Before we move further, it is worth mentioning that FixRunner offers a free site review and only then you get to decide whether they are a fit or not.

The different services FixRunner offers ensure that all and everything is covered. From cloud backups and uptime monitoring to speed optimization, security and core updates, all this and a ton more is what you can expect from FixRunner. Also, there are three different packages available, all coming with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Finally, you can also get in touch with FixRunner via the live chat in case of any business-specific questions you may have.


sitecare wordpress maintenance service
Nobody wants to deal with the inconveniences that happen when running a website. Especially not if we do not have the knowledge to sort things out. Instead of struggling, hire a team of professionals who are living site security, optimization and improvement. SiteCare is a great service provider for all the WordPress users out there. When working with SiteCare, you never again need to worry about the operation of your website, as they will do all the heavy tasks for you. As for you, you only focus on what’s important – scaling your business.

Speaking of tasks, some of the services include daily backups, 24/7 malware scans, performance optimization and plenty more. You can also use SiteCare’s services for thirty days straight before fully committing. Even when it comes to SEO and hosting, that’s all SiteCare’s business and not yours.


fix my site wordpress maintenance service

Fix My Site is an Estonian on-demand site maintenance company. They are well-reputed and known as one of the best on-demand maintenance providers.

Why you may want to go with Fix My Site? Unlike other providers, Fix My Site doesn’t charge you a monthly fee. So, if you maintain the site on a regular basis and need help just now and then, this is perhaps the best option for you.

Fix My Site charge per service.

You can expect the following quotes:

  • Small Task from $39 (includes updating text, imagery, adding a feature);
  • Website Repair from $49;
  • Site Transfer from $59;
  • Speed Optimization from $89;
  • Hack Repair from $99.

To request a service from Fix My Site, you fill out a form and create a ticket. WordPress experts will get in touch with you ASAP with a quote or further clarifications.


wpmu dev live wordpress support

Instead of offering you a limited set of maintenance services, WPMU DEV goes all-in offering you live support for everything WordPress.

WPMU DEV support will cost you $49/month. Most excitingly, you get 30-days free trial.

What are the services that WPMU DEV team offers you?

  • First of all, you get access to 24/7 support for everything WordPress. WPMU DEV team will help you with any issues related to your WordPress engine, plugins and themes.
  • You can not only reach out chat support, but you can also create email tickets and topics on an in-depth WPMU DEV forum. By this, the team will ensure that all of your issues are addressed.
  • Thanks to a Dashboard plugin, the support team will be able to log in to your website and fix on-site issues for you.
  • Finally, you also get access to comprehensive guides and how-to instructions.

As you can see, WPMU DEV takes a different approach to help you with everything WordPress. In the next section of this article, I’ll tell you about the most popular forums for everything WordPress.


colorlib forum

Have you lost sleep over a certain WordPress customization? Do you need the advice of experienced WordPress users? Then, you can simply address all of your questions in Colorlib Forum.

When you go there, you’ll see that the majority of topics are devoted to supporting Colorlib themes. But if you scroll down, you’ll see that there are sections that address general issues as well. Post your questions there, and you’ll receive a prompt answer by the knowledgeable Colorlib team.

Of course, using this forum is absolutely free.


stackexchange wordpress development forum

Have you ever heard of StackExchange? This is a network of question-and-answer websites. Users can both post and answer questions, while the most relevant answers are upvoted by users. And, of course, StackExchange has its website devoted to WordPress-related questions.

You can use this Q&A forum as a reference base. Before posting a question, make sure you’ve searched for it on this website. Moreover, StackExchange offers you convenient filters so that you can single out the questions that may be helpful to you.

If you haven’t found an answer to your question, go post this question. You’ll soon see the first replies by knowledgeable people popping out.


wp developers club

WordPress Developers’ Club (shortened as WPDC) is a free software community where professional WordPress developers share their insights. Registering and becoming a member of the community won’t cost you a dime.

What you’ll find inside? You’ll find a space to ask and answer questions, private Slack community (real-time messaging) and community code reviews. The community will help you grow as a developer and better know WordPress.


wordpress slack

If you’re into the life of the WordPress community, you can join WordPress on Slack. Slack is a popular app that brings different styles of communication together.

WordPress team has its channels on Slack and everyone is welcome to subscribe to them. For example, you’ll find channels dealing with WordPress accessibility, core improvement, BuddyPress integration, etc. So, why don’t you use your chance to deepen the understanding of what WordPress really is? You’re more than welcome.


Over To You Now

So, you’ve just learned about the best WordPress website maintenance services providers and support forums. I hope that this information was useful for you. Enjoy having your maintenance chores done by professionals!

Have you ever used any similar services? Was your experience positive? Share your thoughts in the Comments.

Stay tuned for more!


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