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10 Best Excel Integrations for Businesses in 2021


excel integrations

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used tools in modern business. While it’s tough to beat Excel when it comes to data analysis, having smart Excel integrations can help organizations of all stripes gain efficiencies, realize new insights and improve the bottom line.

Excel integrations combine the functionality of the spreadsheet program with another tool. They’re useful for data visualization, project management, customer relationship management, marketing analysis and more.

Venngage for Business offers simple Excel integration that makes it easy and quick to use the data your business collects to create infographics, reports and other visual content.

Business users can also enjoy team features like real-time collaboration, one-click branding, or seamless team member adding and file sharing.


Let’s learn about some of the best Excel integrations your business should consider.

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Excel Venngage Integration

  • Best used for: Data visualization
  • Key features: Importing information directly from Excel files, including .xlsx and .csv files; quickly selecting and changing data visualization types; real-time team collaboration
  • Pricing: $39 per user per month (annual plan) for Business Plan

Whether you’re creating an infographic or building some charts and graphs to illustrate data for an article, Venngage’s simple Excel integration can help you avoid errors and streamline the visual content creation process.
Venngage Excel integration


You can use Excel data with Venngage by importing a .xlsx or .csv file directly to the chart menu and easily manage the data ready now for visualization.

Feel free to edit the settings within the editor by changing colors for the columns or changing the style to make sure the content matches what you want to communicate.

Accuracy is critical in data visualization, which is why importing your numbers directly to Venngage’s Infographic Maker can help ensure no errors sneak in during the production process.

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Excel Salesforce Integration

excel salesforce integration

  • Best used for: Deep analysis of sales and lead data
  • Key features: Automatically sync Salesforce data; merge contacts, accounts and leads; analysis tools for Salesforce admins
  • Pricing: $299 per user per year for Enterprise Admin Plan (not including Salesforce subscription)

Salesforce is one of the world’s biggest customer relationship management platforms (CRM). Companies use Salesforce to track customer and lead analytics, with many also using Salesforce for marketing, budget analysis and more.

Getting valuable information out of the Salesforce platform and into a usable format, like an Excel spreadsheet, can be a tedious process. But Xappex’s XL-Connector tool lets Excel and Salesforce work together, which can save time and money.

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Excel Outlook Integration

Excel Outlook integration

  • Best used for: Communications management
  • Key features: Automate email workflows; import and analyze message data
  • Pricing: $24 per month (annual) for Zoho Flow Professional Plan; $299 per month (annual) for Zapier Team Plan

Given that both are Microsoft applications, Excel and Outlook can team up to create efficiencies, new workflows and time savings. Multiple Excel Outlook integrations are possible depending on the provider, but there are a couple we think are especially useful.

Zoho Flow‘s Excel Outlook integration options include automation of email workflows and automatic updates of contact information based on new messages. Zapier also offers Excel Outlook integration that can help you do things like analyzing message data.

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Excel Zapier Integration

Excel Zapier integration

  • Best used for: Connecting with multiple types of apps
  • Key features: Access to many integrations depending on plan
  • Pricing: $299 per month (annual) for Team Plan

We’ve already mentioned Zapier’s Outlook integrations for Excel, but the site offers at least 40 other Excel integrations, including advertising, project management, event planning, payment processing and more.

Excel Zapier integration is just one of the hundreds of possible combinations, though some require premium accounts to access.

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Excel Google Sheets Integration

Excel Google Sheets integration

  • Best used for: Sharing spreadsheet information
  • Key features: Import, edit, convert Excel files
  • Pricing: Free

There’s no doubt that Excel is an incredibly useful and robust tool for data analysis. That said, not every office in the world has access to it, which is why Google Sheets has become such a powerful alternative.

Google Sheets has many of the same functions as Excel, but Excel Google Sheets integration really gives you the best of both worlds. Import Excel data, convert Excel files or even straight-up edit Excel files in Google Drive without converting them.

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Excel Trello Integration

Excel Trello integration

  • Best used for: Project management
  • Key features: Automatically create new cards
  • Pricing: $24 per year (not including Trello subscription)

Excel Trello integration can help businesses ensure their projects stay on track by streamlining the project management process.

Codeshine‘s Excel Trello integration, for example, allows users to automatically create new cards, or projects, by importing data from an Excel file.

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Excel HubSpot Integration

Excel HubSpot integration

  • Best used for: Analyzing marketing data
  • Key features: Visualize campaign data; create and update contacts; backup Hubspot data
  • Pricing: $69 per month for daily refresh (not including Hubspot subscription)

HubSpot is the go-to marketing platform for many organizations. The tools offered by the platform can help businesses attract more visitors to their sites and improve the conversion of lead to customer.

Excel HubSpot integration is a natural fit for companies that want to combine HubSpot’s tools with the advanced data analysis and data visualization Excel was built for.

One of the best integration tools for the two programs is supported by Datawarehouse and is perfect for sales reporting and forecasting, automating contact creation and backing up HubSpot data.

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Excel Typeform Integration

Excel Typeform integration

  • Best used for: Forms, surveys and quizzes
  • Key features: Create filtered views; add conditional formatting; create pivot tables and visualizations
  • Pricing: Free (not including Typeform subscription); Zapier integrations also available

Typeform is a popular tool for creating surveys, quizzes and other interactive content. The insights gained can inform internal decision-making or serve as the foundation of articles, posts and other content.

Excel Typeform integration options include one directly through Typeform, while Zapier also offers two possible Excel Typeform integrations. A Typeform-supported integration requires an Excel Online workbook.

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Excel Mailchimp Integration

Excel Mailchimp integration

  • Best used for: Email marketing management
  • Key features: Add and update subscriber information; manage automated workflows; analyze email engagement
  • Pricing: $159 per month (annual) for Automate.io Business Plan (does not include Mailchimp subscription)

Mailchimp’s suite of email marketing tools is popular among many organizations, especially small businesses. Companies in the early days of building out their email marketing may even be able to use Mailchimp for free if their subscriber lists are short enough.

An Excel Mailchimp integration supported by Automate.io makes managing email lists and analyzing engagement even easier.

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Excel Slack Integration

Excel Slack integration

  • Best used for: Communication
  • Key features: Import spreadsheet and database information into channels; view live, updating data
  • Pricing: $250 per month for iPushPull Standard Plan (does not include Slack account)

If your company wasn’t using Slack before the pandemic, chances are you got comfortable with it as you navigated a new work-from-home lifestyle.

An Excel Slack integration supported by iPushPull ensures the entire team is working off the most updated information about your company. Your team can view data from entire Excel sheets or a selected range, and you can even set the data to update in real-time.

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Excel integration FAQ

Do you have more questions about Excel integrations? We’ve got answers.

Which app is best for Excel?

If your organization uses a bunch of apps for project management, sales and marketing and more, chances are you can connect at least some of them to Excel. So, the best apps for Excel are probably the ones you are already using.

However, if you’re starting from scratch, consider the Excel integrations on our list first and go from there. (If your organization is still weighing its visual content options, check out the best Canva alternatives.)

How do I integrate data into Excel?

It’s easy to import data from external sources into Excel using PowerQuery, or you can often simply open the external data file directly in Excel. Here’s a summary of how to get various file types into Excel.

What is the best alternative to Excel?

The best alternative to Excel is Google Sheets. In addition to offering many of the same tools, Google Sheets is more collaborative than Excel. That means more than one person can be working on the same data at once.

What is an Excel API?

APIs, or application programming interfaces, allow computer applications to speak to one another. For the past several years, programmers have built incredible tools using Excel APIs to allow the program to combine with others and create efficiencies not possible previously.


In summary: Excel integrations provide the best of all worlds by pairing the data workhorse with other popular programs

Use Excel integrations to automate processes or even more useful insights from your customer data. Pairing Venngage with Excel is an ideal method for creating engaging and informative data visualization.

Venngage Business users can also enjoy team features like real-time collaboration, one-click branding, or seamless team member adding and file sharing.

Start making use of your Excel data and turning them into memorable and powerful visualizations to keep your stakeholders engaged—no design experience required.





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