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iPhone Infographic: The Evolution of the iPhone

iPhone Infographic: The Evolution of the iPhone


The Evolution of the iPhone [Infographic]

Apple reinvents the (i)Phone

Since the first iPhone launched in 2007, we’ve all become familiar with this slogan. And just last week, Apple announced it would do it again with the iPhone 14. So of course, we had to make an iPhone infographic to celebrate!

Packed with a whole new host of innovative features — a 48 MP camera, an A16 Bionic Chip, Emergency SOS via Satellite, Crash Detection, all-day battery life and a reimagined Dynamic Island, to name a few — Apple’s latest instalment promises to deliver big.

Curious to see how the iPhone has progressed over the years, and how different models and features stack up?

Keep scrolling for an infographic on the evolution of all iPhone models. Plus, technical specs and other important differentiators. I’ve also shared a few design tips in case it inspires you to make your own timeline infographic

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iPhone infographic: the evolution of the iPhone 

iPhone Infographic: The Evolution of the iPhone over the last 10 years


Note, Venngage welcomes sharing! You have permission to use this infographic on your blog or website. Simply copy the HTML code below to add this infographic to your site. Or, if you’d like to reference a specific statistic or fact, please include a link to this blog post as a source.

<img src="https://venngage-wordpress.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/2022/09/iphoneevolutioninfographic.png" alt="The Evolution of the iPhone [INFOGRAPHIC]"/><a href="https://venngage.com/blog/iphone-infographic">The Evolution of the iPhone [Infographic] </a> created by <a href="https://venngage.com/">Venngage Infographic Maker</a>

3 design tips, based on this #inspographic 

1. Text-heavy? Establish a clear hierarchy 

Since the goal of infographics is to simplify complex data, add visual appeal and defend against information overload, establishing a clear visual hierarchy is key. 

As a design principle, visual hierarchy helps organize information so viewers can scope out important details and stay engaged with what’s on the page. This is particularly important for information-rich content! 

Though text-heavy — necessarily so, given the task at hand — this evolution of the iPhone infographic avoids overwhelming thanks to a focused layout that uses repetition, emphasis (more on this in a second) and consistent alignment.  

The bottom line? With a clear visual hierarchy, any design can pack an educational, yet digestible, punch.

2. Create brand consistency and visual appeal with pops of color    

Light Mode Colors and Dark Mode Colors


While we chose a light background in our iPhone infographic to enhance legibility, don’t feel like you need to shy away from color completely! 

Notice how each icon features a bright hue derived from Apple’s brand color palette. This adds visual interest in a way that stays consistent with the brand. 

What’s more, the pops of color work to reinforce our infographic’s visual hierarchy — capturing readers’ attention while carrying sight lines down the page. 

3. Emphasize for easy comparison 

Looking for a way to help readers scan the page and make comparisons easily? Make sure to incorporate emphasis into your design

As a design principle, emphasis signals important information at a glance, so viewers can identify and cross reference features without reading everything. Our evolution of the iPhone infographic accomplishes this by varying font weights. Specifically, our designer emphasized the model numbers, tech specs and iOS updates.

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Create your own timeline infographic with Venngage 

So, are you feeling iNspired? iNterested in making your own infographic? 

(Or just tired of bad puns?)

With Venngage’s Timeline Maker, it’s easy to create visual representations of important milestones, projects, events and more — no design experience necessary. 

To get started, simply make a selection from our huge library of professionally-designed templates — including the evolution of iPhone infographic featured above — swap in your text and visuals, and boom: you’re all set to reinvent.


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