Vintage Trend: Best Mid-Century Fonts

In this tutorial, we’ll look at the famous Mid-Century Modern design style. We’ll look at some of the characteristics, typography, and a few Mid-Century Modern font suggestions. What Is Mid-Century Design? We’ve all seen the flat design comeback that happened a few years ago. This particular style stems from the design period starting from the.

Introducing 15 Best New Portfolios, October 2019

Every month we publish this roundup of the best new portfolios launched by agencies, freelance designers, and other creative professionals. All the signs are that web design is entering a phase of exuberance, with clashing colors, rapidly changing graphics, and dense layouts replacing the minimalism that’s dominated digital design for the last decade. Portfolios are.

Tired of Minimalism? Try 3 Top Maximalist Video Templates

Several years ago, as many championed the “less is more” look of minimalist design, practically every bit of graphic design began to look alike. Minimalist design certainly has its place, but has it gone too far? Sometimes minimalist design feels like a conveniently lazy alternative. And that’s where maximalist design takes the opposite view. If minimalism asserts.

21 Best iPhone 11 Mockups (Pro & Pro Max)

Using an iPhone mockup is the perfect way to get customers interested in your new app or responsive website theme, or to show off your new game or e-commerce page on your website. Just one of the many terrific iPhone mockups available at Placeit. If you’ve been looking for the perfect mockup for the new iPhone.