How to Install WordPress

What You’ll Be Creating So you want a WordPress site? That’s great. WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (or CMS), and for good reason. With WordPress you can get yourself a flexible, scaleable and user-friendly website. The software itself is free and all you have to pay for is the hosting you’ll.

How to Install a Font on Mac

What You’ll Be Creating So you’ve found a great new font, but you’re not quite sure how to install a font on Mac. Look no further—in this tutorial, we’ll do just that: walk through installing a font for Mac! In addition, we’ll look at how to remove fonts, uninstall fonts, disable fonts, and enable fonts.

31 New Tasty Restaurant & Cafe Menu Templates for 2020

Become the next hottest spot to grab a bite! Check out these amazing menu templates below! 31 New Restaurant and Cafe Menus for 2020 The restaurant of your dreams is missing just one special element: the perfect menu. So entice your customers with mouth-watering items and tasty aesthetics. Today we bring you another amazing set.

How to Build a Responsive Handmade SVG Form

In previous tutorials, I’ve shown you how to build a responsive form with flexbox as well as how to style form elements. Today, we’ll continue the journey into the “forms” world and learn to create a responsive handmade SVG form from scratch. Here’s the form that we’re going to build: 1. Begin With the Page Markup.

How to Design a Fitness App UI in Sketch

What You’ll Be Creating In this Sketch tutorial you will learn how to design a fitness app dashboard. To begin with you will learn how to create the starting components of an app dashboard for iOS. You will learn  how to create a basic navigation bar,  how to save and use symbols  and how to.