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10+ Best Free Blank Website Templates For Neat Sites 2020


If you feel very creative today, then you clearly need a list of valuable blank website templates. Make a difference with a click.

When you would like to start from scratch but you just do not feel comfortable doing it, templates with blank canvas are the best option for you. No more starting all over again every single time you build a website for your client or even for your own projects.

Speed up your workflow and still follow the same levels of professionalism.

While many choose a ready-to-use template, those who want to have the most fun scour the web for blank website templates. Instead of scouting on your own, we did it for you, so you can go to work right away.

These templates will be of tremendous help especially for all of you who are new to the whole website building game. It will feel like you developed one from scrats although, in reality, we all know it is not true. But that is something the end user does not need to find out.

The blank website templates you will find further down vary from one-page layout and gallery layout to classic landing page (LP) and classic multi-page layout. Add your text, high-resolution pictures, logo and start writing a blog. Showcase your portfolio or push your lead generation business. Think outside the box, put your artistic mind to use and you will have a functional website ready to hit the online streets shortly.

Powerful blank website templates

Classic Layout

classic layout blank website template
Your mind can start racing as free as it wants with the Classic Layout. Sure, the structure, you might not be able to change much, but you can add your content, pick the colors and write compelling texts. There are four sections to this blank website template. Of course, the first thing your visitors will see is the home page.

From then on, they can move ahead and read the about page where they can learn more about your page, yourself, your services and other whatnots. However, services get their own page to push them further and present them in a unique light. By the way, there is even an entire gallery page which you can edit to your likings. Pictures open in a popup with title and description. Once you win them over, guests can hit the contact page and get in touch with you using the included (and working) contact form.

Strip Header

strip header blank website template
If you would like to step things up and avoid a page with a basic look, Strip Header blank website template might be your option. It is a mix of the classic and the one-page layout. By incorporating a header section into your website, you will enhance your website’s first impression. You can add an eye-catching image or a solid color and implement your online project’s logo into it. All will surely be interested in educating themselves about what the website they just landed on is all about.

Go straight to the point with the Strip Header layout, share more images on the home page and add persuasive writing. If your home page rocks, there is a good chance they will stay on the site longer, check your services and your portfolio. If what you offer is what they need, the functional contact form will come extremely handy. Strip Header template also uses some cool animations to spice up your web presence.

Minimal Layout

minimal layout blank website template
For everyone who knows that a minimal website template is exactly what he or she wants for their online presence, you need to search no more. With the Minimal Layout template, you can save yourself lots of time while at the same time still be able to build a custom page. Best for creative individuals to advertise their portfolios in a way they want it.

From big home page slideshow which has an option to play and pause it, to about, gallery and contact pages, Minimal Layout template has it all. You only need to use your fruitful mind and go to work, edit it with your visuals and wording. It is actually just as simple as it sounds. And if videos is what you do, too, Minimal Layout is entirely compatible with video embeds.

One Page Layout

one-page layout blank website template
Now, after covering some of the basic blank canvases that you can use with your pages, let’s look at a more advanced one. Create your ideal site that you always wanted to own with the one-page website template. While there are loads of predefined templates out there with outstanding web design, you sometimes want to have more freedom in crafting the website for your project. Do it with this One Page Layout.

Creativity has no limitations. Meaning, go as hard or as easy as you want on this layout. Improve it with great visual content, write about yourself and your work and advertise your service. With a well thought out website, you can soon start taking new business deals and reach new successes. Who does not want that, right? Look no further and go to work not today but immediately.

Gallery Layout

gallery layout blank website template
If it is a Gallery Layout, you already know what you will do with it. Well, you will build a mindblowing gallery page that everyone will instantly be intrigued by. When you would like to avoid portfolio website templates but do not want to craft a website entirely from the ground up, a blank canvas is the solution for you. You are able to customize it per your request, incorporate your personal touch to it and construct the perfect page.

Right below your website’s name is a simple and practical menu that takes visitors to the desired content directly. Still, front page might keep them around for a while due to all the fantastic images of your completed projects. Moreover, portfolio allows you to add even more material of the gigs you proudly accomplished. Do not wait anymore, act in a snap and soon after, your stunning website will be live on the web.

Showcase Portfolio

showcase portfolio blank website template
Are you a professional individual who is interested in building a page for his services? Showcase Portfolio is a blank website template which also plays the same role as a resume template. You can use it purely for displaying your work or mix things up a bit and add an online CV to it. Whatever you plan on doing to get the word out, do it with Showcase Portfolio template.

Along with home section which displays your work with a clever slider, there are also four additional pages. One is entirely dedicated to your CV, the second to the portfolio and the last two are blog and contact pages. Start blogging and use it for content marketing to draw in even more potential clients. That is all very possible if you choose wisely. And you can do a whole bunch of remarkable things with the right collection of blank website templates.

Image Banner Layout

image banner blank website template
When it comes to the names of blank website templates, they are very self-explanatory. It is pretty obvious what Image Banner Layout is all about and it is even clearer what it will serve you for. It is a multi-page website template with a full-width banner that supports custom text and a call-to-action button. The extra introduction will warmly welcome all your site guests and take them on a journey through amazingness.

Use Image Banner Layout blank website template for a personal page or even for a small digital agency. The about section gets in-depth with your project’s info and allows you to share your attention-grabbing work. Exclusive service’s section is for your talent and skills while contact page has a fully functional contact form.

Classic Landing Page

classic landing page blank website template
Classic Landing Page is a great choice if you run a lead generation type of a business but not limited. It could be an addition to your existing website which you can use to promote a particular service or product. Drive paid or free traffic to it and begin seeing the first results quickly. There is not much work to do to set it up and see the magic happen. You can even use it to test things out, see what works and what does not and optimize your main page accordingly. Have the right strategy and you can scale your business to the desired level in half of the time.

For your information, if you are still thinking whether to go with a blank or a predefined template, make sure you do not forget to check our best collection of landing page templates. Those are for the folks who need web design sorted out entirely.


traditional blank website template
Traditional blank website template is a four-page tool that will make you feel like you are developing a page from square one. On top of that, it does not require any coding or design knowledge what makes it super newbie-friendly. All of a sudden, you unlock this secret page building talent that you did not know you have up until this time. Every day you learn something new.

With these blank layouts, you surely will learn a whole lot of things. And at the end, you will be exceptionally proud of yourself. After all, you do not have to hire someone to do it for you. It is you and no one else who is about to bring about a fabulous website. There might be none live yet but swiftly you will release a site filled with all your awe-inspiring content to the online space.

Classic One Pager

classic one pager blank website template
You can use one page website templates for all sorts of intentions. While there are loads available with predefined web design, sometimes, you just feel like doing it all on your own. However, the problem you have is that you do not know how to work with code. If so, you, indeed, need a blank website template. Classic One Pager is one of the best choices for you. It has all the essentials for crafting professional webpages quickly and efficiently.

Classic One Pager layout has a sticky menu and an organized base with a footer section that includes a functional contact form. Showcase your works and add customer testimonials for building trust. For creating a basic one-page website, you only need Classic One Pager and the tiniest amount of elbow grease. You will have more fun putting together your page than playing a video game.


simplicity blank website template
Whenever you find yourself in doubt, what approach to take when it comes to the site design, the simplest one is always the best option. Because, you should never overlook the power of Simplicity. It adds this touch of elegance to your page and makes it appear very pleasing to the eye. No clutter and no unnecessary elements and distractions. Go straight to the point and get those interested in working with you familiar with what you do right away.

You will definitely feel pleased making a website with a simple website template. In the Simplicity’s case, you get a blank website template which you can tailor to your needs exactly how you like it. It is not that someone else will be putting together a website for you. Today, it is you an no one else who is about to realize a page with a simple and elegant look.


standard blank website template
One more cool tool that fits perfectly in our collection of blank website templates. You can start working immediately and have a page ready for the launch soon after. If you have the content ready, texts and images, you need to do just some copying and pasting and you are done. Constructing an online presence to have a strong impact on the industry you are in does not need to be challenging and complicated. Choose a ready-to-use template or a blank one and go from there. Before you notice, you are just a few clicks away from finalizing your site. There is nothing intimidating about it.

Standard is a blank layout with five pages. From home page and about us section to services, gallery and contact page, they are all there. With a template like this, you will have a neat website that everyone will be able to quickly scan through and be able to hit you up for business.


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