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15 Beautiful Adobe Muse Landing Page Templates 2020


Adobe Muse is a great product built by great people. It is also best used by great entrepreneurs with great ideas that will change the world one day.

It all starts with this, making your website and building your online presence. You have a fantastic idea and now comes the realization of that idea – the most challenging part.

At least it was difficult up until a few years ago when people started thinking to themselves “Hey what if instead of countless hours spent on thousands of lines of code, we can just code a builder where everyone can make a website by themselves with little to no prior knowledge whatsoever!”. So that is precisely what happened.

Today, every average Joe with a laptop and an internet connection can make their online statement at any point in time if that is their wish. However, in the sea, there is much fish. So everyone wants to be on top of the food chain, which is why after you are done picking your preferred Adobe Muse landing page, we would like to hear from you in the comments about your favorite one.

To stand out as a big fish in this vast ocean that we call the internet, you will need to be honest, have compelling products/services and also define the line between quality and affordability. Because in the end, that is what everyone is looking for in today’s world, right?

What can you provide me with in exchange for the money I give you? Providing these articles to you is my job, for example, and I am hoping you are sticking with me so far. ‘Cause I have got a lot to tell you. But not yet. Right now we need to focus on this, which is the most important thing. And what is ‘this’ you might ask? Well, that is YOU, my friend. If you want to get out there in the real world, you will need to be prepared with an arsenal of tools and weapons you can use at your disposal. Otherwise, you will not survive. Get it? I know you do.

So to cut that story short, I will tell you a bit about the Adobe Muse weapons you will undoubtedly have a blast with once you get a hold of. They are fast, intuitive and they are built to help your business flourish no matter what the circumstance. All of these templates have free demo’s, so don’t worry about a thing as we will never allow you to go in completely blind. All that’s left is for you to fine tune them to your liking and play around with them as if they were toys. That is how I treat them and so should you. Tools and toys which will help you get to the top if you utilize them correctly.


ico pro adobe muse landing page template
We all know that cryptocurrency and everything related to the industry is pretty big right now. If you plan on jumping into the trend, then ICO Pro is a great tool for you. Especially if you are into trading, Bitcoin mining and digital currency consulting. But other stuff works well with ICO Pro, too. This is one fine Adobe Muse landing page template available out there today.

Editing and tweaking ICO Pro is pretty smooth and effortless. Once you have Adobe Muse installed on your PC or Mac, you can download the file of the template and begin the process of turning it into your page. All the folders of ICO Pro are properly named and organized, so you will have a breeze finding what you need to modify according to your needs. Cool parallax effect, Bitcoin graph chart, retina ready and a dark and a light layout, ICO Pro has it all and then some.

More info / Download


lando adobe muse landing page template
Lando is a creative multi-purpose Adobe Muse landing page which you can utilize for all sorts of different intentions. Out of the box, you can use Lando for agency, app and product showcase and even go with a light or a dark view. With the available four demos, you can do many things and even go against the grain and use the particular one for something entirely different. All this tells you is that Lando is very versatile and adaptable.

The template rocks a modern, flat and original web design that will entice all and everyone that visits your page. No matter which demo you go with (the dark one is my favorite!), the end product will always be a real masterpiece. Sticky navigation, on scroll content reveal, neat portfolio, animated statistics and functional contact form, Lando uses the essentials and other crucial elements and cuts all the clutter out.

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page adobe muse landing template
No doubt, there is a solid deal of interest surrounding eBooks available today. And if you are thinking about cashing in on the hype, then you better check out Page Adobe Muse landing page template. It will help you build an eBook website in a snap and get the word out. Page is a contemporary, neat and mobile-ready item that works seamlessly on mobile devices and desktops.

One of many advantages of the Page template is that it is super user and beginner friendly. Even if you have zero coding knowledge, you can still craft the page that you are after and make your eBook known. You can adjust almost all the elements with ease and enrich the web design of Page with your personal touch. All it requires is some dragging and dropping of the available templates and go with what you need and avoid the rest. On top of that, you can always hit up the friendly team of experts and they will assist you.

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bitinvest adobe muse landing page template
Due to the popularity of coin market, there are loads of industry-related tools and templates available for you to start a business quickly. One of such items is Bitinvest and it is a professional and premium Adobe Muse landing page template. Instead of using a home and several other inner pages, with Bitinvest, you can display it all on one site.

Very convenient.

Along with Bitcoin and other digital currencies, Bitinvest works great with finance, consulting and share market. Making adjustments is simple for you to come up with the ideal look you want for your online presence. The look of Bitinvest is contemporary and flat with amazing flexibility and many attention-grabbing details. It supports video presentations (opens in a pop-up) and features a newsletter subscription form, too. Enter the cryptocurrency industry with something refreshing using Bitinvest.

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premium adobe muse landing page template
How could an Adobe Muse landing page template named Premium not be part of this remarkable collection of tools? Here it is and you will going to love it. It is a multi-functional site skin with four ready-to-use demos and many more to come. There is an app lander, medico, construction and car services sample at your disposal and ready to be put to use straight away.

Don’t feel limited.

With Premium, you can do loads of different stuff and always be sure that your page will be stable, working fluently on all devices and platform. After all, Premium is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible for all your users to experience your site in the same fashion.

Plus, you do not need to be a skilled coder to use Premium. Not only to use it but to acclimatize it to your project requirements. It is all very possible even if you are an utter beginner. Go all in, use Premium to its full potential and launch a tempting page that will help you drive your business.

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knox adobe muse landing page template
Publishing a website can be both taxing and pricey. Thankfully, Knox has your back by taking away these curbs, leaving you with an effortless, engaging experience. Additionally, this Adobe Muse landing page template serves its purpose with many elegantly designed templates which are easy to set up, personalize and share. Highlighting personalization, this template lets you switch out themes and color schemes in any way you prefer. You can easily introduce your style to the layout and modify it accordingly.

You do not need to fine-tune your themes, as this builder totally understands the definition of extraordinary. Indeed, you can use it out of the box, add your details and you are ready to rock. The customer support team welcomes your queries wholeheartedly and is eager to help you in any way possible. Try Knox now!

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naomi adobe muse landing page template
Naomi is a very elegant and stylish Adobe Muse landing page template that comes ideal for a beauty salon. Along with that, Naomi is perfect for barbers, make-up artists, spa and any other beauty product. Its one-page layout makes it an ideal solution for crafting the landing page style website that you would like to own. The classy but simple look allows you to highlight images and services that you want users to notice.

With minor changes, you can easily enrich Naomi’s web design with your individual touches and make it your own. To no one’s surprise, Naomi does not ask for prior knowledge and experience with site development. You can be a first-timer and still manage to make a professional page. Benefit from the parallax effect, impressive animations and live contact page. Kick things off in style and secure the page you always dreamt about with Naomi.

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Live Event

live event adobe muse landing page template
Live Event is the Adobe Muse landing page template which name is exactly what the niche it was built for is. So, Live Event is best for any kind of event, meetup, forum, gig, you name it. The web design is there, all you have to do is to put it to use and start reshaping it so it meets your demands to the T. And that is something you will do easily since Live Event is effortless to use, manage and maintain.

From top to bottom, Live Event has all the sections that a proper presentation of a live event requires. You get pricing tables, testimonials slider, accordions for FAQ, event schedule and more. Live Event also has a full event register form, Google Maps, Twitter feed and a news section. Get everyone familiar with the forthcoming gathering and get it to sell out.

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DJ Artist Promo

dj artist promo adobe muse landing page template
Are you a DJ or a musician who plans on using the internet to promote your work? You came to the right place. Drop everything and read along. It is DJ Artist Promo Adobe Muse landing page template that will do the trick for you. It also has a neat and modern design which is perfect for musicians and artists. You can use DJ Artist Promo for all sorts of different musical projects even outside the DJ world.

What’s more, all the elements of this cutting-edge template are editable. You read that correct, all what you see in the live preview, you can edit and modify however you fancy. With just a few clicks, you can change pictures, colors and texts in order to match the look that you want to achieve with your page. Introduce your tunes, push your fresh song’s official video, create a gallery and sell your albums straight from your page.

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prebook adobe muse landing page template
Would you like to push your compelling and a must-read literature work but you do not know how to execute marketing properly? If that is the case, then Prebook is the best Adobe Muse landing page template that you need. Paperbacks, hardcovers or even eBooks, with Prebook you can advertise them all and gain the extra recognition you deserve. Being a landing page means that Prebook has a one-page design. They can find all the information and additional detail browsing nothing more than a single page.

Cool, right?

Prebook is responsive, cross-browser compatible and in tune with all modern web browsers. That said, you are sure that your page will work at all times regardless of the device and platform they use. Strategically placed call-to-action buttons, video support, pricing tables, readers’ testimonials and a working contact form are the traits of Prebook. Customizing and redrafting Prebook will be fun, too, since you do not need to touch any line of code.

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egoist adobe muse landing page template
EGOIST is a multi-functional Adobe Muse landing page template that will be perfect for your project, no matter what type it is. Yes, that adaptive and alterable EGOIST is. It has a fresh and clean look that will not cause your users to become distracted from unnecessary attractions. Instead, you can focus on whatever element it is that you want them to look at. At the same time, the design of EGOIST is stylish and up-to-date so your site will always look young.

One other great characteristic of EGOIST is that is was build with user-friendliness in mind. Meaning, you can swiftly and easily edit it and change the elements with ease to match your demands. Plus, all of you can do the customization process since there is no programming involved. Start by choosing one from seven predesigned demos and have a website up and running in little to no time.

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simphy adobe muse landing page template
With the six available samples, Simphy is the Adobe Muse landing page template that helps you kick-start your online project. Simphy is a 100% mobile-ready multi-purpose template with a great assortment of traits that you can take to your advantage. There are two options you can take: the fast and the advanced. The former is the one that all you do is choose the demo you dig and use it as it. As for the advanced approach, feel free to improve Simphy how you want it and make it follow your plan. But there is nothing to be intimidated about, Simphy is a coding-free Adobe Muse template.

Different forms, video support, on scroll content load, pricing tables, back to top button and social media icons, you get all the stuff and quite a considerable amount more. Simphy is loaded with assets that will benefit you greatly.

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ovo adobe muse landing page template
The OVO app landing page is an all-around and well designed Adobe Muse landing page template. For your app, be it mobile, web or desktop, OVO is one of the finest solutions to get you a website that you need to advertise your product. The end result will work great on all mobile and desktop devices, as well as all types of browsers. It is responsive and retina ready after all.

With the available content and your imagination, you will never run out of options for crafting the appearance of your landing page using OVO. Additionally, the tool has excellent animations that can make your page look alive and very appealing to the eye. Also, the template is very pure and elegant and gives you all the rights to forge your landing page in the right way.

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predio adobe muse landing page template
Construction and building companies, Predio is the one and only Adobe Muse landing page template that you need. To represent your firm on the internet, a single-page website is one of the best approaches to take. Instead of encouraging them to jump from page to page to find out all about what you do and why you are the best, Predio offers you a chance to showcase your talent, your projects and even seal new deals using a single-page website.

Predio displays all there is you would like to push in one location. Additionally, there is no need for the user and potential client to click the back and forth buttons, all the content is only scrolls away.

Friendly UI and UX design, entirely customizable, CCS3 transitions and effects, video support and parallax effect, Predio helps you to stand out from the crowd. In conclusion, get things rolling with Predio and scale your business to new heights.

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Twin Pines

twin pines adobe muse landing page template
Are you a musician in desperate need of a website but can’t bother learning to code? Try the Twin Pines theme and bring your music to life! An Adobe Muse landing page that is very eye-appealing and probably the example that pops out the most in our collection.

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What’s your preferred Adobe Muse landing page?

This is the end of our today’s overview of Adobe Muse landing pages. We have had some good luck exploring the best options regarding Adobe muse landing pages, and we hope that you have found a landing page that’d fit your website well! If you are interested in checking out more tools, explore the other Adobe Muse roundups available on our site.


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