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27 Premium Adobe Muse Templates for an Outstanding Website 2020


So we have all tried everything at some point in our lives. If we are at the moment and we are feeling the energy carrying us towards a larger goal, we will go and capture it without second thoughts, right? I would hope so since most life opportunities come and go in an instant and they rarely knock twice. So if you are deciding right now whether you need a website or not, we hope that this blog post will help you answer that question.

Whether you need to start learning web development perhaps (HTML and CSS) so you can build what you want or hire a web developer to cater to some crazy idea you have got in your head. Honestly, none of those options are brilliant for a beginner that’s just starting out and didn’t even make a simple website yet.

For those of you like that, it is much better to start with something small, something that is easy to use and understand. Things like that in the online world are known as intuitive website builders, and there’s quite a few of them, but if you did not know that you probably wouldn’t be here. This is us trying to explain the main reasons of why you should check out our collection of Premium Adobe Muse theme choices.

Adobe Muse is one of those powerful editors that can offer you amazing design, an easy to use interface and sweet looking elements as well as sections and pages. Regardless if you are new to all this, or if you are perhaps coming from WordPress or Shopify, Adobe Muse will be a seamless transition.

It is easy to pick up, easy to use and you can get your online presence up and running in half an hour from now if you put in the necessary time and effort right this moment. It is really a crazy world we live in when we can do stuff like this when even five years ago we had to know the code, read into and do everything manually. In today’s world, even the average Joe can have a simple, decent looking blog up and running in less of a day with just a little bit time and effort invested.

So let me tell you a little bit about the premium templates you will be using. They are fast; they are responsive, they feature compatibility across all devices and SEO optimization tailored to your needs. You say hi, I say how much? You can build anything from blogs to online store solutions featuring your best products on the home page and attracting any curious eye with a concept of quality. What are you waiting for? The demos are here, and they are waiting for their new king.


ritla creative adobe muse template
RITLA is leading the way in premium Adobe Muse templates. It is a multi-page offering with a neat and simple design that will look fresh for years. RITLA is also fully responsive for your pages to work smoothly on all platforms, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. What is exceptionally cool about RITLA is the fact that all the elements are entirely editable.

For the techies, RITLA is loaded with CSS animations and Font Awesome icons. It is also compatible with Adobe Muse CCS 2017 and will take all the hard work out of your much-needed web design. When you need a site that pops and grabs everyone’s attention, check out RITLA. This is the type of a site skin that will undoubtedly change the way you look at websites.

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berlin adobe muse template
When minimalistic is something you are after regarding web design, it is Berlin that will do the magic for you. It is a premium Adobe Muse template for creatives, freelancers and agencies. You can use it for your photography, architecture, design, arts, even musical and sports projects. At the end of the day, it is your imagination that is the only limitation you have when it comes to building a web presence with Berlin.

Berlin offers you to choose from three homes, static, slider or video version, and benefit from blog system. The tool has a ton of fantastic features, like typewriter effect, on scroll content load, tidy portfolio and the cleanest contact form. Push your products and services and start the scaling process of your business with Berlin. Read through the included documentation and never run into any issue.

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sage adobe muse template
SAGE requires no coding skills at all to use it and is one of the cleanest looking premium Adobe Muse templates on the market. It is easy to edit and comes with many ready to use front pages and a portfolio lightbox to highlight your very best work. Along with the mentioned, you also get services, about and contact page with an active form and Google Maps. Everyone interested in talking to you can hit you up whenever they want and even find your exact location right off the bat.

The smooth page scrolling and included hover effects give your end users an encounter like no other. For an easy to use experience that will spark everyone’s interest, make sure you download SAGE. Let the people who come to your site find exactly what they are looking for. Your creative agency is set to see the success you always wanted to be involved with.

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mont premium adobe muse template
Out with the old, in with the new, that’s exactly what you should do if your current web space is boring and outdated. Trends are changing, especially in design. With everyone wanting the best look, it is understandable for businesses to join the bandwagon. Well, we have good news for you. You can stay relevant in the industry by choosing Mont as your tool. This premium Adobe Muse template has various ready-made layouts to choose from, all of which are easily modifiable.

Experience unlimited possibilities with hundreds of design options that Mont has available for you. From colors and layouts to portfolios, this template embodies flexibility perfectly. It is also designed to meet your SEO needs, so getting a good spot in Google search results would not be an issue. Spark their interest with Mont and take your creative agency to new success levels.

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hela premium adobe muse template
Whatever your website building needs are, Hela guarantees an unlimited variety of possibilities to help you create a specialized and mobile-friendly website for your blog, business or organization. This premium Adobe Muse template has been developed by professional designers, making the process less complicated for the end user. Thanks to its drag and drop editing tools, you can publish your site in minutes. Not only that, this simple to use technology allows you to become a pro at website development even without any prior experience.

When you select a package, you get all the basic features, including maintenance and updates. Entice new visitors and impress them with a professional, mobile-ready and cross-browser compliant platform, accessible on all devices and screens. Start your journey with Hela now and hammer out the niftiest website you can think of.

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intro premium adobe muse template
Be a game changer by managing multiple platforms and raising awareness of your programs and services in a seamless manner. It is only possible with Intro, your dependable premium Adobe Muse template. Be part of the thousands of dentists who are already successfully marketing their businesses and services online. You can now jump on board quickly and effectively with Intro and see the difference.

Select from several artisan ready-made designs, swap color palettes, upload media formats and modify your unique website layout. Sync schedules and reminders into your calendar automatically to inform your readers with what’s going on. You deserve to get that winning smile from your clients. There’s more to look forward to with Intro, so check out the live preview for more details. With Intro, you are on the right path to victory.

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kiwi startup adobe muse template
KIWI is a premium Adorbe Muse template that comes as the best solution for startups and small businesses. If you are in need to make a page as fast as possible, KIWI is surely the tool you need. It sports a flat, smooth and nifty web design that will meet all modern users’ expectations. Built with beginners in mind, KIWI is simple to edit and modify to make it follow your branding and services to the T. And no, you do not have to touch a single line of code to do it.

While you can tweak KIWI however you want, you can use it as is, too. It is advisable to customize it at least slightly and make people know that it is yours. Loads of special effects decorate KIWI’s design, filterable portfolio and a testimonials slider. Whatever you do with KIWI, it will be of the highest standards.

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smash adobe muse template
With the three different themes – creative, app landing and agency – Smash is the premium Adobe Muse template for you. It is a multi-purpose website canvas which you can swiftly alter to your project. Smash is mobile-ready, works on all web browsers and does not ask for any programming skills. Its intuitive design allows you to simply drag and drop your assets where you want them to go.

You can quickly change the color of the layout and link to all your important accounts with the included social media icons. Every image that you come across is included and fully licensed through the creative commons, and are ready to go wherever you want them to go. The template also sports scrolling animations for an always amazing experience browsing your page. If you want a great site, just Smash it.

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cons adobe muse template
To give you as many options as possible, we bring you a premium Adobe Muse template for construction and architecture firms, Cons. It is a responsive template which is compatible with all modern and tech devices, as well as browsers. Your works, services and completed projects will appear beautifully for every visitor and will encourage them to take action. Cons has a unique section for services and a dedicated projects layouts to show the world what you do.

Cons is a tool that is effortless to use and adjust. Managing and maintaining a fresh page with the template will be unchallenging, in fact, exciting. Combine the expert web design with your professional services and see new project deals coming your way on a steady basis. Do not say later that I did not warn you due to the overflowing inbox.

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wind premium adobe muse template
WIND is a premium Adobe Muse template that works for photographers ideally. As a matter of fact, if you would like to showcase your creative work, you can easily go against the grain with WIND. It is a tool that quickly adapts to different tastes, heck, works flawlessly for various intentions out of the box. Let’s face it, you can swiftly and effortlessly edit and adjust WIND to your liking without the need to undergo any advanced tasks.

What’s unique about WIND is the clean, modern and minimal look it sports. Also, if you are looking to build a one-page website, WIND is the one. Slider, animations, portfolio, pricing plans, contact forms, you name it, WIND has it all in store for your convenience. Start on the internet with a bang by picking WIND.

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rise premium adobe muse template
If you are willing to set yourself apart from the competition, you better not miss taking a peek at the extraordinary RISE. This nifty Adobe Muse template is perfect for agencies, freelancers and other creatives out there. You can now bring into being a marvelous outcome that will put extra shine on your works and services. Promote yourself on the web with a killer online presence and stand out form the masses. Let RISE take care of all the hard work and enjoy a swift realization of a page.

Keep in mind, RISE is for building websites with a single-page structure. That said, if you would like to demonstrate your business and make it pop, do it with the smoothness of RISE. Everyone will get to learn all about your project without the need to jump from page to page. In a matter of scrolls, they will be all set and ready to take things to the next level.

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poaca premium adobe muse template
Out of the box, Poaca comes with a bunch of different demos that ensure a positive impact on all your visitors. If you would like to establish a website that will trigger everyone’s curiosity, do yourself a favor and investigate Poaca in great detail. Moreover, when doing the job with Poaca, crafting a killer page, you will never need to touch a single line of code. Meaning, Poaca is great both for beginners and professionals.

Different headers, various inner pages, portfolio layouts and social media icons are just a small percentage of all the amenities that Poaca has available for you. Also, the design adapts to smartphones, tablets and desktop computers beautifully, displaying content flawlessly. Drop everything and enjoy yourself the amazingness of Poaca. Let the tool do its trick and help you start on the internet quickly.

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titli adobe muse template
When you are out there on the hunt for the perfect Adobe Muse template, make sure you check out Titli. The package is ready for many different industries and projects you are running or plan to start. Titli is optimized to the very last detail to give you the best looking website possible with none of the hassle. It is designed with a modern and stylish look that will be sure to keep your visitors coming back.

Titli is extremely easy to customize and utilizes elegant fonts that will make your pages pop all over the screen. When you really want an original looking site, make Titli help you out. The material, the features and the fantastic characteristics are at your disposal 24/7. Titli does all the work for you and always looks amazing when complete.

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rogue adobe muse template
No matter what you want to show off to the world, ROGUE is the premium Adobe muse template that will help you realize it. You do not need to have any prior programming or design skills to enjoy the benefits of this impressive site canvas. Using and customizing ROGUE is a breeze. And you also do not need to worry about other technical stuff, like responsiveness, SEO optimization and cross-browser compatibility. Whether your end users prefer desktops, laptops, smartphones, Chromes, Safari or Android, ROGUE makes sure the outcomes always looks amazing.

The design of ROGUE is innovative and contemporary and will stand the test of time with ease. Look no further and get your hands on ROGUE and take to your advantage all its features and the amazing support. Get all of your questions answered with the click of a button.

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fulgur adobe muse template
Fulgur gives your project ideas to shine on the internet. It is a premium Adobe Muse template that offers multiple concepts out of the box. You can call Fulgur a music, an event, a portfolio, an agency and a business template easily. On top of that, due to Fulgur’s amazing customization features, you can adjust it to something entirely different in little to no time. By the way, more concepts will be available with future updates.

To enrich Fulgur with your creativity, all it requires is some dragging and dropping for you to redesign the look of it. It is just a simple as it sounds. Have complete control of your online presence with Fulgur and get your business to stand out from the masses. Expect the unexpected to happen for the goals you always wanted to attain.

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bioka adobe muse template
For an easy to use intuitive premium Adobe Muse template, Bioka has all the things you need to make your website first-class. Its handy drag and drop interface lets you create the web space of your dreams and intrigue your visitors to come back for more. Bioka is a corporate site skin with two homes, yet at the same time versatile enough to cover many industries.

Bioka’s layers are optimized for ease of use and there is no need for any prior knowledge to make it work. The multi-page layout will let you add whatever you want to make sure your end users are getting the information that they need, when they need it. Bioka answers all your questions when it comes to web design and covers all sections of your company.

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iceberg adobe muse template
Iceberg has all the options that you need in a premium Adobe Muse template to make your web presence appreciated. For your digital agency, Iceberg has all the must-haves included in the kit for the quickest and most straightforward website establishment. It comes fully loaded with three different home pages to choose from and other inner sections. You can go with the responsive scalable background, full-width slideshow or even a video background. Do whatever feels right and kick things off straight away.

In the package, you will also find two full portfolios that let you show your very best work and entice potential clients. Moreover, two different contact pages ensure that your clients can reach you whenever they need to. If you truly want a website that has it all, be sure to get Iceberg and see just how easy it is.

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solid adobe muse template
SOLID is for a solid start of your startup. Kinda makes sense, doesn’t it? Anyhow, SOLID is an excellent premium Adobe Muse template with a trendy and one-of-a-kind look. Your businesses and projects sure will shine bright like a diamond on the world wide web. There is no need for you to do any tweaks at all to reach the professional levels you want for your web presence. Still, whenever you feel the need to improve SOLID, do it freely. Like all the rest, SOLID is also a very simple to use and edit template for everyone to benefit from.

One-page layout, sticky navigation, smooth page scrolling and lightbox portfolio for your works, SOLID has a name like that for a reason. It certainly is a superb item that will turn you into an expert site builder even if you are not even close to one yet.

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buildm adobe muse template
BUILDM comes with a multi-page layout and is one of the best premium Adobe Muse templates out there. No wonder why it got listed here. BUILDM, as its name implies, is a construction template that you can also alter to other similar industries. The web design is flexible what gives your visitors the same exact experience every single time. It is incredibly easy to customize and comes fully stacked with Google Maps to let everyone know where you are.

To use this powerful solution, experience with any similar tasks is not needed. Every BUILDM user receives a lifetime of free updates so you are always up to date with all the new trends and technologies. BUILDM has stunning parallax effect, Icofont icons, contact form and includes comprehensive documentation. When you need to build a page, use BUILDM.

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upper adobe muse template
Freelancers and agencies, you are welcome to use Upper premium Adobe Muse template. It is a modern and enticing portfolio layout which provides an extensive assortment of features for your convenience. From full-width slider, burger menu and minimalistic look to content reveal on scroll and amazing clients section. Upper also offers you two different ways to showcase your works to attract those in need of your services in style.

Upper is best for pushing products and services, as well as telling the world what you excel at. Customization is done with dragging and dropping for you to find the best blend of web elements for your web presence. Upper is a fun and clear way of getting your business out there and making it known. No need to do things from square one when you have access to such powerful tools.

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startup responsive adobe muse template
STARTUP is the simple to edit premium Adobe Muse template that will change the way you look at website development. It is easy, that is for sure. Create your own page and drive the traffic that your business needs to survive with barely any skills. While many will learn on the go, all the other can read the documentation and watch video tutorials first before you take the plunge.

Whether you go with the out of the box version or tweaked version, both will look the same to all your end users, no matter what they are using to browse your space. STARTUP’s smooth page scrolling guarantees a great experience to both new and returning visitors. The template also comes with a working contact form, counter effect, full-screen slideshow and tempting animations. To get started making the site you need right now, download STARTUP and see the tricks it can do for you.

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optimax marketing adobe muse template
It is always pure joy working on any web design with OPTIMAX. Whether you are building for yourself or you are a freelancer, helping others out, OPTIMAX is the grand premium Adobe Muse template to benefit from greatly. The tool is ideal for all sorts of marketing agencies to bring their services to a wider audience. No doubt, this is the only template you will ever need for hammering out advanced marketing websites.

There are plenty valuable assets and characteristics you get with OPTIMAX. Smooth scroll, animations, pricing tables, testimonials slider and working contact form to name a few. You can also link the page to your social media accounts and give visitors the complete look into your world of marketing. Customize it, add your content and express yourself on the web in a distinctive way with OPTIMAX.

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ocean villa adobe muse template
OCEAN VILLA is a hotel and resort premium Adobe Muse template with a clean and modern look. Showcase your space, invite fresh visitors and turn your site into a destination. The multi-page design gives you all the necessities and then some for you to take your accommodation business to the next level. It comes with Google Maps to display your customers where you are in the world so they can further investigate the area they will be living in.

Your website will always stay fresh and up to date with OCEAN VILLA and the lifetime of free updates it comes with. OCEAN VILLA comes ready to use and will take the struggle out of the creation of your ideal website. Be prepared and fully loaded with all the material and tools you need for making an attention grabbing page for your hotel, villa or luxury resort.

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predio adobe muse template
For industrial and construction companies exclusive, we bring you Predio. It is a premium Adobe Muse template with a responsive and flexible design that will grab everyone’s interest. Predio is compatible with all devices and browsers to always deliver a smooth and seamless experience. Users will get exactly what you have to offer them using the device they prefer for browsing the web.

Big parallax banner, text and call to action welcome every guest to your world of expertness. Give them a pick at your services straight away and fire them up to learn more about you. Animated statistics show the world how productive and popular you are while video support gives you the opportunity to advertise yourself using your promotional video. Categorized gallery markets your completed projects and testimonials slider builds customer trust. Crafting with Predio is a piece of cake.

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business adobe muse template
You need no introduction when it comes to Business premium Adobe Muse template. The template treats you to two different styles with a tidy, modern and flat design. If you only have a few minutes to spare for site creation, believe it or not, you can make it happen with Business. It provides all the necessary assets for you to make a fully functional website in little to no time.

How can you beat that?

Actually, Business has way more to it that the insanely fast site building capabilities. It is also entirely customizable for you to hammer out the precise look you would like to sport online. Your agency is just short moments away from getting an online presence and start receiving all the attention it deserves. Push yourself and see the magic happen.

More info / Download


letoh adobe muse template
With hotels, resorts and travel agencies in mind, Letoh is the premium Adobe Muse template that gives you all the required when it comes to setting yourself up with a page. Or even if you are helping a client out, redesigning their current page, Letoh is the tool you will find of great advantage. And it takes barely any time to be ready for the launch of something novel.

Letoh has a flat, stylish and modern design that will make everyone’s eyes bulge. But it is the full-screen slider that will inevitably create a strong first impression and make visitors hungry for more. Give them a peek at your hotel rooms and share what others have to say about you. Letoh also comes with a fully functional reservation form with verification. Their adventure starts with your page and Letoh ensures that.

More info / Download


skywell multipurpose adobe muse template

This premium Adobe Muse theme is No.1 best-rated theme, best selling theme on Envato, and now Responsive. Skywell includes 20 homepages, 160+ individual page designs, eight portfolio styles and never seen before effects! Skywell brings new meaning to responsive in Muse. With five entirely designed layouts, this theme is Smart Responsive and will look awesome on all devices. It also includes a bundle of premium Muse Widgets from MuseShop.net. These give you the ability to do more than Muse offers. This Template is the first and only theme that has parallax effects and fluid layouts at the same time. Be the First to have the parallax with new Muse files!

More info / Download

What is your preferred Premium Adobe Muse Theme?

That brings us to the end of our collection of minimalist WordPress themes. In conclusion, we have gone through some beautiful themes that have a nice touch of minimalism. Besides the fact that they are very functional, they also look great. Hence, if you need more such awesome themes, check out some of the Adobe Muse roundups on our site.


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