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10 Easy-To-Edit Circle Infographic Templates



Circle infographics are simple and engaging ways to present data, processes, concepts, structures and more.

They’re versatile visuals that work well in PowerPoint slides, long-form infographics, reports and social media posts. In this post, you’ll find a collection of circle infographic templates that are ideal for anything, from visualizing data to diagramming structures.

These templates can be completely customized using Venngage’s Infographic Maker. Check them out below and get started on your own circle infographic design. Not a designer? No problem. Our simple drag-and-drop editor lets anyone make their own professional infographic.


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1. Circular process infographic template

Design process circular infographic template


The beauty of a circular process infographic is that it helps your audience understand an entire cycle. This circular process infographic template captures the entire product design cycle, breaking it down into its key components.

You can edit this circular process infographic template to suit any process you need to visualize. Swap in new icons, change the color palette, include a different number of steps and you’ll have a process visualized in no time.

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2. Detailed circular process infographic template

detailed circular infographic template


While circular process infographics are simple in their design, they can be used for complex processes too. If you have a longer or more elaborate process to visualize, you can customize this detailed circular process infographic template.

Provide an overview of your process in the top heading. Then incorporate your own steps, and utilize the white space to include descriptions. An alternating color palette allows for a more engaging visual, without feeling too busy.

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3. Strategic circle infographic template

strategy circle infographic template


There are many considerations to make when we develop a business strategy. This strategic circle infographic template helps you visualize key components to any strategy, with a clear focal point.

This template can be a diagram used in a multi-page document or as a standalone visual for training, coaching or as a job aid.

Make this template your own by adding your organization’s logo and brand colors, updating the text, and using icons best suited to your content. Within minutes you’ll have a professional circle infographic to share with the team.


4.  Mind map circle infographic template

mind map circle infographic template


Mind map designs can take many shapes and forms–even circles! This mind map circle infographic template combines a vibrant color palette and dark background for an eye-catching design.

With the subject front and center, it’s very clear what this mind map is focused on. Color coded sections organize the information into five key sections that your readers can easily distinguish.

This template is very easy to edit and customize because it’s a Venngage chart widget. You can double click the circle, a menu pops up and you can choose to just add more sections or remove sections as needed. You can also add labels, choose new colors and resize it as you wish to suit exactly what you need.


5.  Circle infographic for PowerPoint template

circular infographic for powerpoint template


Pie charts are staple circle infographics that are easy to read and process. This circle infographic template is perfect for a PowerPoint slide.

With a brief description to accompany a single data point, you hold your audience’s attention. They’re more likely to chew on the information and take in the details. This also gives you an opportunity to provide necessary background information without overwhelming anyone.

You can customize this chart with ease in Venngage, changing colors, labels and values using the widget editor.

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6.  Circle infographic template

circle infographic template


Pie charts may have been around for a long time because they’re functional. You can always add a modern design touch to elevate their look.

This simple circle infographic template uses a sleek design and color palette for a unique feel. The layout also allows you to avoid crowding labels, numbers and information.

The percentages are large and clear, icons symbolize each section and the largest stat is made to stand out by being placed on the chart itself. This neat design choice is an easy way emphasize the most significant value belonging to your circle infographic design.

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7.  Abstract circle infographic template

Abstract circular infographic template


This fun circle infographic design was something we created to show the connection between character qualities and how they’re visualized.

With the range of colors involved, this circle infographic template makes for a spectacular design. If you’re interested in creating something super unique and eye-catching, you can start by customizing this template. It’s a great way to categorize information but also capture a range within each category.


8.  Circle chart infographic template

circle chart infographic template


This circle chart infographic template is the perfect visual for a data-focused post on social media. The colors stand out, the bold text is easy to read on a monitor or mobile device, and it is very easy to grasp.

With minimal text, a very clear point is made. This type of chart is a great way to set up a call-to-action for your audience or encourage them to take another step, like check out the entire social media post, visit a site or read an in-depth blog post.


9. Concentric circles infographic template

Purple concentric circles infographic template


Concentric circle infographics are very snappy, easy-to-digest visuals. We use concentric circle infographics to communicate a set of categories with different levels of weight.

For example, this concentric circles infographic template can be used to highlight types of customers who spend the most on your products. The center circle will be your highest spending customers, and the outer circles will be ones who spend less. But the entire concentric circles infographic captures all the important customer segments you want to focus on.


10. Statistical concentric circles infographic template

statistic concentric circles infographic template


This statistical concentric circles infographic template is a great data-focused template to customize. You can present variety of data in one visual that tells a complete and engaging story.

Along with the concentric circles chart you can customize, there’s a map chart, a multi-bar chart and a pictograph. This way you can present multiple perspectives through data on a singular topic, all in one place.

Like every Venngage infographic template, you can modify the colors, font styles and icon styles to suit your preferred look and feel using our simple drag-and-drop editor.


Circle Infographics FAQ

1. What is a circle infographic?

A circle infographic is a simple infographic that uses circles or circular forms to share information, present data, visualize a process, communicate structures or convey a concept.

2. How do I create my own circle infographic?

First, choose any circle infographic template in the Venngage templates library. Then customize the color, text and icons to help you visualize your idea. Then download it as a PNG, PDF or PPT to share with your audience.

3. Why do I need to use a circle infographic?

A circle infographic is a versatile infographic that lets you communicate a range of data and ideas. The layout of a typical circle infographic lets you emphasize a core theme, while describing its many parts (or percentages) to your reader.

Need to make an infographic? Start creating in seconds with our professional templates and simple online editor.



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