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10 Sites You Should Strive To Get Your Tech Content On!


As the digital age progresses, a massive influx in web-based companies has occurred. The virtual space is profusely flooded with billions upon billions of websites, tech start-ups and content producers. It’s not enough anymore to create good content, but rather the main goal has become to spread that content to as many noteworthy sites as possible in hopes of breaking through the noise.

Of course, top-notch content is still important. You can check out this content marketing guide to make sure your content is on the right track. Then, when you’re ready, pitch your content to some of today’s top sites. 

We’ve decided to list 10 sites that we believe all tech companies should strive to have their content featured on.

10) Gawker

Gawker is a New York based blog that frames itself as a media news and gossip blog. If you or your company is producing trendy content that comments on popular culture, you should aim to get that material featured on this top-notch site!

9) Gizmodo

Gizmodo is a design and technology blog. It’s actually a part of the Gawker blog. Both blogs feature content with witty and engaging titles, and are a really popular place for all those hipster techies out there!

8) Upworthy

With a tag line that reads Things that matter. Pass em’ on, it goes without saying that Unworthy is the hub for viral content! This site is the brainchild of former executives of MoveOn and The Onion. If you can get on this site, you know you’re pumping out some addictive content!

7) Business Insider

This site is based out of New York City and is an excellent aggregator of some of the top business and technology news around the web. It’s definitely a worthwhile place to get your company’s content displayed.



This site is a great media site that publishes everything from reviews, news, blogs, how-to guides, podcasts and videos about technology. CNET is a brand of CBS interactive, and a go to spot for plenty of tech advocates.

5) Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur.com is an excellent resource for all existing and aspiring entrepreneurs! This site offers insight and advice for business owners new and old. Entrepreneur.com is the sister site to Entrepreneur magazine.

4) Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed brands itself as an American Internet news media company. They are a leading company that produces and covers a wide range of viral content. You know you’re doing something right if you can get featured on this feed!


3) The Huffington Post

This site is an online news aggregator and blog. Ironically enough, the very founder of Buzzfeed is also one of the founders of this fine site. The Huffington Post features a range of news topics such as politics, technology, business and once I even came across an article on ducks that were harassing locals on the eastern coast of Canada.

2) Mashable

Mashable claims to be the leading source for news, information and resources for the connected generation. They are a digital media site that focuses on showcasing the latest technology, social media and business trends.

1) Forbes

Forbes is first and foremost a business magazine that is published bi-weekly by Forbes Inc. Forbes online presence is not at all compromised because of this, however. They produce mainly original content, so although getting your company’s content featured on Forbes.com might be unlikely, they do accept content from outside “contributors”. So that’s something to consider!



If your content hasn’t been discovered yet, don’t worry! Just keep sharing your material with the world, and every now and then, give back by sharing someone else’s content too *hint hint*. Who knows, maybe your site will be featured in our next Top 10 Sites infographic!



**Please note: These sites are featured in no particular order of importance.**


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