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13 Powerful ASP.NET Admin Panels 2020


If you are in the process of setting up a powerful web app, help yourself with ASP.NET admin panels.

These offer you a quick-start to something remarkable without the need to get things moving forward from the ground up.

Hint: we even listed a free alternative just in case you would like to get the gist of it and test the waters. But it’s the premium ones that deliver endless options and possibilities that will work with your application or project flawlessly.

For everyone who is searching for an alternative web framework for app development, you came to the right place. ASP.NET is a spectacular option that helps get the ball rolling in the snap of a finger. It is flexible and extendable, ensures clean and user-friendly code and tons of other practical amenities that help web developers execute great things much quicker.

It does not really matter the website, the application or the project you are working on; an admin panel is a must. It gives you a way better understanding of how your business is doing, helping you perform tweaks and improvements where necessary.

To your luck, with any of these all-around ASP.NET admin panels, you will manage and maintain a dashboard system like a champ.

Best ASP.NET Admin Panels


skote mvc5 admin dashboard
If searching for an all-around ASP.NET admin panel, you better check Skote right away. Needless to say, chances are very high that you already heard of Skote. That’s only because this tool comes in oh so many different variations for all sorts of frameworks that help build powerful web apps. But today, we are all about ASP.NET MVC5 version.

Skote brings to the table a bunch of different dashboard variations, RTL version, as well as dark and light modes. Also, the layout is 100% fluid, working on all modern devices flawlessly. In addition to that, Skote instantly acclimatizes to well-liked web browsers, too.

A few extras include frequent updates that cost nothing, friendly support, W3CA validated code, box icons and tons of practical inner pages. Regardless of the project, you are working on, it will be a little breeze catering Skote to it.

More info / Download


veltrix mvc5 admin dashboard
Veltrix delivers a broad horizon of greatness that will help you with the setup of your admin dashboard. It is an ASP.NET admin panel that rocks clean and modern designs that are fully predefined for your convenience. Even for RTL, Veltrix comes with vertical and horizontal layouts. In addition to that, Veltrix allows you to perform customization tweaks as well, altering it to your needs precisely.

Once you unbox the Veltrix kit, you will find a massive bundle of widgets, UI elements, page layouts and other useful components. The code is also clean and well-organized, giving beginners and professionals a chance to get the most out of Veltrix quickly.

No excuses.

You can also first investigate the live preview demo and go from there. You know, just to truly understand how amazing Veltrix is.

More info / Download


aspstudio mvc5 admin dashboard
The cleanness and originality of AspStudio will capture your attention without a shadow of a doubt. Can an admin panel actually be good looking? Of course, just take a peek at AspStudio, and all the rest changes immediately. However, it’s not just about the good looks, AspStudio also brings to the table very many great traits that will boost your workflow over and beyond.

Where to even begin.

Along with the main dashboard design, AspStudio comes with over thirty pages, more than thirty plugins, UI components and complete freedom over widget combinations. The comprehensive documentation ensures you get the gist of it and enjoy a smooth ASP.NET admin panel realization. For your information, you can always reach out to friendly support to benefit from additional assistance. In short, you are in safe hands once you work on your new project with AspStudio.

More info / Download


annex mvc5 admin dashboard
Annex is another superb ASP.NET admin panel that everyone should investigate further. After all, with the live preview, you can immediately get a better understanding of how powerful Annex is. Sure, I may talk about this and that quality of Annex, still, you will have the best experience if you try it out yourself. And the live demo page helps out tremendously.

For quick web app and project setups, even if building a prototype, save time and energy with Annex. You get all sorts of stuff, like data tables, form wizards, charts, Google and vector maps and multiple other elements and layouts that will do you well. Annex, indeed, is 100% responsive and cross-browser compatible, too. You will have a blast flipping this remarkable template into a live web app, and that is a guarantee.

More info / Download


metrica admin template
Metrica rocks multiple ready-to-use apps that will help you start working on your task without a sweat. This ASP.NET admin template works for all sorts of projects with its seven predefined samples. In addition to that, Metrica is fully customizable, so feel free to tailor it to your needs. The look is clean and simple, ensuring great content and details distribution.

The layout is entirely mobile and browser compatible, so you know the performance will be first-rate across all devices and platforms. Additional available app pages of Metrica are email, tasks, tickets and chat, to name a few. Waste no time and enjoy the powerful admin panel with Metrica.

More info / Download


homer mvc5 admin dashboard
Out of the box, HOMER comes in four different versions, including ASP.NET MVC5. That said, even if you are working with different web app frameworks, you can still greatly benefit from the versatile and all-around HOMER. Moreover, while the tool works smoothly out of the box, you can also freely make adjustments. In other words, if you feel like customizing the default settings, by all means, make it happen.

There are many designs and elements that you can mix and match and call it a day. HOMER delivers anything from contacts, projects and social board to a full-blown landing page and more. A few other specialties of HOMER are CSS3 animations, custom alerts, C3 charts, fixed navbar and sidebar, widgets, form validation and Google Maps, to jot down a few. If you are ready to make a quick difference, do it with HOMER now.

More info / Download


angle mvc5 admin dashboard
Angle is a spectacular admin template based on Bootstrap Framework that fits many frameworks. Indeed, if you are searching for an ASP.NET admin panel, Angle serves the purpose as well. You get an array of features and page layouts that will help quick-start your web app or any other type of project. It is all in the kit for you to take to your total advantage without the need to use all the other extensions and whatnot.

By the way, Angle also comes with a fully functional front-end landing page. Some of the features include RTL support, gulp-based system, razor layouts structure, NPM package and no jQuery (only necessary if using such plugins). The code of Angle is also not compressed with all the essential comments, so you know working with the tool with be hassle-free.

More info / Download


smartadmin mvc5 admin dashboard
Regardless of the ASP.NET admin panel that you choose from this collection, you are up for something extraordinary. SmartAdmin and all the other tools provide so much material and beautiful page layouts, you completely avoid building the project from scratch. You more or less only focus on the finishing touches and performing customization tweaks and improvements.

With a whopping combination of 235 and counting layout variations, you will find the one that suits your needs with ease. You can also choose dark and light modes, as well as mix the two together. Make it semi-dark or semi-light if you will.

Other options of SmartAdmin cover off-canvas, push content, fixed footer, preloader, lean subheader and a function to disable CSS animations, to name a few. Still, this is just the beginning of all the specialties that SmartAdmin has available for you and all the other users.

More info / Download


appwork mvc5 admin dashboard
Appwork is a resourceful alternative that works with all kinds of practical tools and frameworks, including ASP.NET. You do not need a different admin panel for every web app framework you plan to work with, some solutions sport various out of the box. Appwork is a great example of how to sort out multiple approaches, which saves you all the additional time, energy and cost. One tool to rule them all (any LoTR fans?).

Moreover, Appwork practices all the latest trends and regulations to ensure excellent performance. The design is optimized for all modern devices and web browsers, even retina screens. Other amenities contain nine layouts, Bootstrap 4, RTL, material style, over 290 UI elements and 25 extra useful pages. Play around with all the different options over on the live preview page and see Appwork in full force.

More info / Download


mono mvc5 admin dashboard
MONO is a bundle of ASP.NET admin panel and UI kit that will get you going in little to no time. Why starting a new project from the ground up if you do not have to? Instead, pick a dedicated and flexible tool that will save you time and energy. Not just that, but even if you are a newbie, you can still witness terrific results quickly and effortlessly. The code of MONO is well-organized, so you will never find yourself lost.

With MONO, the flexibility and extensibility of your admin dashboard are inevitable. Regardless of the web application, MONO caters to it seamlessly. Even if you employ it out of the box, you can enjoy all the greatness of MONO that will do you well. Still, this tool is 100% modifiable for your convenience. Some other highlights contain Bootstrap 4, reusable UI components, widgets, toast notifications and dropzone file upload.

More info / Download

Nice Theme Combo

nice theme combo
You know this next ASP.NET admin panel is nice and appealing to the eye with a name like that. Nice Theme Combo is a great solution that comes in two different versions, ASP.NET CORE 2.2 and ASP.NET MVC 5. You can preview both samples first and go from there. By the way, you can also claim a free CRM inventory app if you decide to work with Nice Theme Combo.

With the cleanness and minimalist look, Nice Theme Combo showcases all the content beautifully and distraction-free. In the kit, you will find very many dashboard layouts, inner pages, widgets, apps and components. Needless to say, there is nothing really that you would need to build yourself. In the majority of cases, everything is in the bundle; you might just need to alter the default settings so that Nice Theme Combo caters to your needs precisely.

More info / Download

GoJazz Theme Combo

gojazz theme combo
Similarly to the previous alternative, GoJazz Theme Combo is a great example of how to do the ASP.NET admin panel right. It also comes in two different versions, MVC5 and CORE 2.2.

This web app canvas is based on the popular Bootstrap 4 Framework, which gives it the necessary flexibility. Meaning, GoJazz Theme Combo works with smartphones, tablets and desktop computers like a dream. Of course, it is cross-browser compatible and retina-ready, too.

In short, all the technicalities are fully sorted out.

Keep in mind, while you do not need to be a professional to work with the template, you do need to have at least the basics. After all, GoJazz Theme Combo is coded with user-friendliness in mind, and you also get documentation and access to the friendly support team.

GoJazz Theme Combo contains six main dashboard layouts, forms, tables, charts, maps, authentication, tons of UI elements and over one hundred widgets. Have it all under total control and grow your app to new heights.

More info / Download

Argon (Free)

argon asp net admin panel
You do not always need to pay a fee for the ASP.NET admin panel. Argon is a majestic free alternative that will get you started in no time at all. After all, you only need to hit the download button and you can already start to benefit from all the varying perks that Argon has in store for you. By the way, along with the back-end, Argon also comes with a nifty front-end design for your convenience.

You can freely modify Argon, so it meets your expectation to a T. Everything is well-coded, to the very last detail so that customization will be swift and straightforward. Still, you have many ready-to-use materials that you can use out of the box and mix in your branding directions. And to get the gist of it first, do flip through the documentation and enjoy the smooth sail.

More info / Download

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