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Top 23 Realtor WordPress Themes For Real Estate Websites 2020


Few things are as important as your home. Considering this simple truth, it becomes obvious that the job of a realtor is very impactful. It is based on persuasion, trust, and an eye for detail. Given the stakes, your clients will be very cautious and they will analyze every word, action, and gesture. Your character and presentation can be nothing short of impeccable, and your website must reflect that quality as well.

Due to the wonders of the internet, people from across the planet can access your page, and learn everything about your company. Although potential customers will spend just a few seconds browsing, their first impression will be informed by what they see. Your realtor page must be gorgeous, functional and informative.

There are many WordPress themes that seamlessly blend practicality and aesthetic appeal, resulting in a website that inspires trust and professionalism. Dependable and cheap, themes can eliminate the need to hire a web development firm. Many of them can be installed with a single click, and their menus are intuitive and streamlined. They maximize convenience without sacrificing versatility, offering a well-rounded experience for all realtor websites.

Here are the best realtor WordPress themes to boots your sales.


webify real estate wordpress theme
Webify is a highly promising realtor WordPress theme with all the necessary layouts and elements. With fifty and counting demos, you know that Webify is a serious deal. Of course, it also has an exclusive design for real estate and realtor needs. With a clean and modern appearance, the chances are high that you would want to use the sample out of the box. You can just replace the contents with your details and information and enter the online space already. Working with a tool, like Webify, unlocks everyone a broad horizon of possibilities.

When pushing properties online like a champ, Webify will surely do the trick for you. Instead of starting from scratch, save yourself a tremendous amount of time and energy. You don’t even need to be a pro coder nor designer to be able to succeed at establishing a realtor website with Webify.

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Divi is an excellent WordPress theme that can improve your website. It incorporates a large number of practical features, implemented in order to attract more customers. With this product, anyone can create a successful business page. No technical expertise or programming knowledge is required. In terms of customization, you are able to design your own layout from scratch. However, if time is scarce, customers can also implement one of the 18 pre-made page layouts that are included in the download. They can act as templates for how a page should be organized, inspiring further modification and improvement.

Although many products claim to be innovative, Divi is actually pushing some boundaries. Every single screen element will be represented by basic modules called blocks. These blocks make it very easy for you to customize your page via the Divi Builder. Customers can completely alter their website’s appearance in a matter of moments, crafting something that matches their original vision. This is one of the best-looking themes on the market, and its versatility is staggering. It can adapt to almost any business niche, and it is entirely responsive. Indeed, your content can be easily displayed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. For more information about Divi theme you can read our detailed review.

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Real Places


For your realtor website, Real Places is an ideal choice. This WordPress theme has a niche-specific design and it can also be flexible. Various requirements can be easily fulfilled, due to its sizable roster of practical features. Of course, your website can incorporate a powerful search function with various criteria. You are able to select which fields are displayed, and filter results in terms of location or price. Basically, Real Places hands you the reins of your website, as every aspect will be under your control.

Homepage modules can be customized at any time, due to the implementation of drag and drop technology. Just as the name suggests, you only need to select an element and drag it across the screen. It is also possible to use the WPBakery Page Builder. There are 3 distinct design versions for your property detail page. You can shift between them by accessing the Theme Options section. Real Places has 3 distinct page templates that can showcase agents in 2-4 column layouts. You can now prevent botting and spam accounts, thanks to the integrated Google ReCaptcha support. For those who prefer a more hands-on demonstration, a live theme preview was added. There is an HTML version available for this theme which you can find here.

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WP Pro Real Estate 7


WP Pro Real Estate 7 is the quintessential realtor WordPress theme. It has modern tools and options, which promise to improve every aspect of your website. There are 3 distinct header layouts, 5 pre-designed demos, a booking system, and co-listing support. You can use this product to construct websites for real estate listing portals, single property landing page sites, or vacation rental pages similar to AirBNB. Site owners will benefit from a powerful and versatile search utility function. You will be able to manage every element of your website, and changes can be previewed in real time. It is much easier to make smart decisions, if you are receiving constant feedback.

It should also be mentioned that no specialized knowledge is required. Your content can be viewed on high resolution Retina displays and most web browsers. In addition, the layout is fully responsive towards mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. If you are a novice user, WP Pro Real Estate 7 offers to guide you through the website creation process. An informative documentation source can explain every feature, and gorgeous video tutorial will show you every step. For those who wish to sample this product, a live preview was added.

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Landmark is a premium real estate WordPress theme. It makes marketing properties to the world at large an easy matter. Specialty features like AJAX filtering and live Maps view are user favorites. It counts with 6 demos and its own homepages each. You will find 4 columns and limitless colors and font variations. The admin panel settings are very intuitive. You can direct your campaigns at specific audiences with potent SEO tools. Landmark is also compatible with all modern browsers and devices. The WooCommerce suite makes marketing easy and effortless. With online stores, checkout pages and shopping carts, Landmark is a natural salesman.

Payment gateways and more are all built right in for your customers’ convenience. Landmark provides a high quality visualization and property zooming option (high resolution). A comparison and pinning system with a complex panel is also featured. You will find dashboards with amazing details for customizing changes. Moreover, Landmark has 4 different post styles and tons of transitions, animations and settings. Increase your traffic with built-in social media sharing platforms. They’re perfect for getting your Landmark properties traction across local or specific areas. No theme out there brings the real estate game to the 21st century like Landmark. Try Landmark!.

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Realtor is a charming and streamlined WordPress theme. It can enhance the websites of any real estate agency. Regardless of your vision, Realtor can make it come true. This theme is packed with useful features that aim to facilitate the creation of a stunning online portal where properties can be listed and sold. Furthermore, Realtor has a gorgeous user interface that is tailored for the needs of this particular business niche. It incorporates useful features such as the property listing option, which can be displayed as a list or as a grid. Customers can easily locate their dream house, due to the implementation of the properties map, based on the Google maps API. In addition, your website will feature a profile page for clients, and an advanced property search filter with several criteria.

This theme is very accessible, given that it is compatible with the screens of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. With Realtor, resizing issues are completely eliminated. Also, your page will work with all major browsers. For more information regarding this theme, be sure to check out the live demo. In terms of aesthetic customization, clients are able to select their own color palettes. Moreover, if any issues arise during installation or customization, the support team can be contacted.

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Real Homes


Real Homes is arguably one of the best real estate themes on WordPress. Thanks to its attention to details and streamlined interface, more than 8,500 clients have chosen to purchase it. Real Homes boasts a large number of innovative features, designed to enhance your website. It incorporates an advanced search function, a simple and grid listing system, user registration and login capabilities, and front-end submission with payment support. Billing is also compatible with PayPal, offering greater flexibility for those who prefer this medium. Of course, Google Maps integration is vital, as potential customers want to view their new house on the map. If you want to sample this product and evaluate its capabilities, you can access the live theme demo.

Real Home is constructed using Bootstrap, and it includes an awesome full-width slider. This slider can showcase your best features and offers, making the most out of the available screen space. Every single element of your website will be entirely responsive. You will not experience any resizing issues. The basic theme download also incorporates a WPBakery Page Builder plugin. Any user can design a beautiful, unique layout, regardless of his/her technical expertise. The process is very simplified and intuitive.

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Quick Sale


Quick Sale is an excellent WordPress theme that is designed for the websites of property owners and real estate agents. Pages where owners sell their own properties or items have become increasingly popular. Quick Sale can accommodate that niche, and it can also be transformed into a proper website for real estate agencies. This theme’s job is to surpass the customer’s expectations, and provide an awesome roster of practical features. It also incorporates an extensive Options Panel, a series of useful short codes, and even a Color Manager that lets you alter the website’s appearance.

Every screen element will be completely mobile responsive. User can scroll using their mouse, and the swipe effect of their screen. The page will implement responsive sliders: Royal and Swiper. Thanks to the addition of the WP Booking Calendar plugin, customers are able to make online appointments. This allows for you to manage your time, and streamline your schedule. There is a also limitless amount of header customization options. You can easily alter the dimension and position of your business logo, and even modify its transparency and opacity. You may also place headers underneath the slider. In addition, the Menu Configurator allows for the implementation of multiple styles: Menu description, Icon Menu, Colum Menu and Image Menu.

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As a real estate agent, you will be judged by the quality of your website. Your page must reflect your professionalism and commitment towards quality. Solus is an accessible WordPress theme that allows you to craft a masterpiece by giving you the right tools. It is also very convenient and user friendly. Furthermore, Solus is ideal for individual owners who wish to sell their own property, or large real estate firms that conduct many transactions on a daily basis. If you are a new user and you are experiencing issues, be sure to visit the informative support forum. Also, you can access the live preview that is available on the theme website.

Upon purchase, every user will receive some awesome demo content and a limitless supply of color customization options. A comprehensive help file is available as well. Solus is completely Retina-ready, as it can showcase your content on iPhones, Macbook Pro and iPad. As your website become more popular, you will need to appeal to other demographics. Thankfully, this theme is easily language translatable. In addition, it features cross-browser and mobile compatibility. In order to receive regular updates regarding this product, be sure to sign up for the newsletter.

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eiddo realtor wordpress theme
If pushing properties of all kinds is your cup of tea, Eiddo is the real estate agency and realtor WordPress theme that you should not miss. With a solid and professional website, you can do a lot for your business and achieve new successes easier than ever. And to excite you even more, you do not really need to be a professional web developer to make a website. With all the equipment that Eiddo brings to the table, you can be up and running so fast that you will hardly believe it. Without the need to touch a single string of code!

Eiddo is compatible with all the major plugins, comes with statistics dashboard, customizable maps, user reviews and advanced search feature. For a complete and fully functional realtor website, Eiddo is the theme that will do you well.

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dinso realtor wordpress theme
Dinso is a realtor WordPress theme primarily for pushing single properties and apartments. If you would like to put an extra shine on a particular place, you can make it exclusive with Dinso. It is a nifty solution with two homes and an extra nine inner pages. In short, Dinso takes care of all the necessary to establish a first-rate online presence that will raise your potential through the roof. No need to have experience with building pages either. With Dinso, you do it all with the use of the Elementor page builder.

Of course, you will find Dinso’s layout 100% responsive and flexible, adjusting to any devices without a hassle. It is also in tune with all popular web browsers, as well as retina-ready. As already said, Dinso sorts it all for your convenience out of the box.

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rehomes realtor wordpress theme
When promoting properties and real estate online, you only need a solid realtor WordPress theme and all the rest becomes history. With Rehomes, you can start online in little to no time. The tool is stuffed with numerous index and internal page designs for you to mix and match. You can effortlessly hammer out the exact website that you want without really needing to do much work. It is the drag and drop page builder that saves the day. Meaning, even if you have no experience with writing code, you will still witness epic success at establishing a page with Rehomes.

Property plans, outstanding filtering, Slider Revolution and fast loading speed optimization are some of the treats that you get with Rehomes. To keep the hype high, Rehomes also includes Contact Form 7, blog section, ready-to-use widgets, stunning parallax effects and editable background.

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abolire realtor wordpress theme
Abolire is an elegant and up-to-the-minute realtor WordPress theme that calls for a cracking online presence. With the tool, you can easily level up the presentation of any property, apartment or house that you would like to promote. There are six homes ready and set for you to get the most out of them. With all these options, you will have no trouble finding the right look for your business’ online presence. Due to the amazingness of Abolire, the chance is high that you would want to use it as is. On the other hand, you can also tweak it and brand it without the need to write code.

The Elementor drag and drop page builder offers everyone to go as creative as they want. Other specialties of Abolire are different property layouts, nearby places, schedule a visit form, floor plans and tons of other functional inner pages. You can also start a blog and execute strategic content marketing.

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area realtor wordpress theme
Originality and creativity know no limits and nor does Area. This realtor WordPress theme is stuffed with amazingness, from homepage demos to other practical features and assets that will get you going in a small breeze. Area is coupled with the extraordinary WPBakery drag and drop page builder that offers you to create pages without coding. On top of that, Area comes with a whopping sixty unique addons that were carefully put together for the real estate industry.

Area is fully responsive and translatable, includes free and automatic updates and instantly acclimatizes to any modern web browser. One thing is for sure: your potential clients will always enjoy the same impressive experience when browsing your estate and finding their perfect place. Modify the look if needed and elevate your online presence.

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housesang realtor wordpress theme
While the majority of realtor WordPress themes you find in this collection are pushing multiple properties, HouseSang focuses on one only. HouseSang is a single property theme with four main web designs and all the needed internal sections. The simplicity and straightforwardness of HouseSang come helpful for every beginner in web development. Not only do you have all the content predesigned already, working, adjusting and editing HouseSang is also as easy as pie.

As for the features, HouseSang has dedicated property detail sections, zoom image gallery, schedule a visit, rich amenities and dynamic nearby places to name a few. To spice things up, HouseSang comes with iPanorama 360 that allows you to integrate a 360-degree virtual view of your property. Pretty cool, huh? In short, if you would like to get things to new levels, do it with the attractive HouseSang.

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Zoner is an innovative WordPress theme that offers distinct features, functionality and layouts. It is an ideal choice for private owners, freelance or company real estate agents, agency owners or any other person that is interested in property transactions. Similar to all great products, Zoner is handcrafted by dedicated professionals who poured every ounce of talent and innovation into the development of this impressive theme.

Zoner is compatible with the most recent version of WordPress. It incorporates some expensive premium plugins such as the WPBakery Page Builder and the Slider Revolution, allowing you to maintain functionality while saving money. In addition, 14 Layered Photoshop files also comes in the download package. This theme is constructed on the Bootstrap framework, assuring that each website element will be entirely responsive. Zoner is accessible from any operating system, browser, or device.

Thanks to drag and drop technology, users are able to personalize their page with ease. Just like the name suggests, you only need to select an element and place it where it needs to be. There is no coding modification requirement. Your website will also be compatible with your Facebook profiles, allowing you to advertise your offers and products.

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heaven11 wordpress theme
Heaven11 gives you all the necessary material as a realtor WordPress theme to bring your business to the online space in style. Instead of hiring a developer to build you a website, with the right theme, you can now do it yourself. Yes, you read that right. Knowing that there is no coding involved will definitely calm you down. And you also do not need to have any experience with the design either. By using Heaven11, the major part of the work is already done for you; you just include your branding and you are ready to roll.

With Heaven11’s professional and sophisticated look, you will impress all your potential clients. Present all your properties in the best possible light and display all the additional information and imagery needed. Heaven11 is also 100% compatible with all devices, browsers and plugins.

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stynirk wordpress theme
Stynirk is an unbeatable realtor WordPress theme for single property websites. If this is the category you fall in, drop everything and utilize the excellent Stynirk. With the modern, clean and creative design, you only need to add your content and you are ready to go. While you do not need to change the default settings, as they are already first-class, you can always step things up and make custom corrections at any time. Whatever you do, the outcome is a guaranteed success.

Needless to say, Stynirk sports all the modern practices in coding and design, to ensure a stable operation 24/7/365. In the feature package, you will find slider with thumbnails, property gallery, availability image map, mortgage calculator and more. Stynirk also comes with menu overlay, parallax effect, animations, testimonials and contact form.

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Realto is an adaptable, clean and modern WordPress theme. It can enhance the websites of real estate companies or private property owners. Regardless of your needs, this versatile theme can meet them. Realto’s interface does not discriminate, as it is compatible with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. As a page administrator, you can also enjoy the extra flexibility of being able to update your website while you are traveling. With this theme, imagination is your only limit. The personalization process is also extensive, allowing you to modify your website’s entire color scheme. In addition, users can upload a custom logo that will represent their company.

Search engine optimization is a crucial service that you cannot afford to neglect. Thankfully, Realto-based websites will always be SEO-ready, assuring a great spot on search rankings. This product also includes many innovative short codes, allowing you to control columns, buttons, toggles, tabs and alerts, and drop caps. With the aid of .mo and .po files, site owners are able to translate their pages into multiple languages. This can lead to greater international appeal, and a broader range of users. Each download will include a specific set of instructions, explaining the installation process in detail.

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Considered one of the best and fastest-selling themes of all time, Avada’s resume can speak for itself. More than 100,000 downloads are justified by its relentless pursuit of quality. This product’s flexibility is staggering, offering many innovative features that allow Avada to transcend mediocrity. You don’t need to buy more themes, because this one can fit any niche. The high-performance framework allows users to craft a masterpiece page. Not convinced? Be sure to check out the free demo samples.

In today’s competitive market, those who fail to stand out will go bankrupt. Thankfully, this product has limitless color options, facilitating the design of a website that matches your vision. There are many theme and page options which can contribute to the personalization process. Also, they are accessible regardless of your technical background. Moreover, all options are intuitive and user friendly.

As the popularity of mobile devices grows, more and more themes have adopted fully-responsive layouts. However, Avada goes one step further by letting you choose the format of your any page: Wide or Boxed. Regardless of screen size, browser, or platform, this theme will look great. The customer support system is also amazing. Their representatives are friendly, welcoming, and will not rest until your problems are solved.

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With a name like that, what more do you need? X offers a page creation process that can impress even the most cynical customers. It is completely intuitive and user friendly, allowing you to design a website that overshadows your competition. The front-end interface is versatile and fully functional, allowing you to work on your website in real time. It is obvious that this is a theme for the modern age, because its interface seems designed for mobile screens. Given the diminutive size of tablets and smartphones’ displays, apps usually have to make better use of the available screen space. X got rid of clutter, resulting in a simplistic and pleasant browsing experience on all platforms.

With just the press of a button, users can instantly change their post text. This ability to edit on the fly can spare you from the embarrassment of publishing spellcheck mistakes. This singular theme also has several unique designs (stacks) that are in the download package. In addition, many expensive premium WordPress plugins will be available. You will save tons of money with X. Also, every single plugin was modified, acting as a personalized extension for the core theme. The customer reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. This is proven by the fact that X has earned over a million dollars in just 6 months.

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