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35 Best Free Dashboard Templates For Admins 2020


It is not only about the powerful functions and features that our best free dashboard templates come with, design matters, too.

After investing a good chunk of time into picking only the top and most promising tools, here we are now, saving you time and money.

Amongst all the products you find below, there are those with exclusive features and others that are as versatile as possible. That said, you surely will find the right option for your website or application. There is no need to build from the ground up anymore. You can take away a simpler and efficient path by choosing what is already available.

To track the performance of your website, these best free dashboard templates come extremely helpful. You simply integrate the one you are after into your project and have a better understanding of how it performs. To grow your business, it is crucial to track pretty much everything.

With a dashboard template, you will know exactly how well your online project is doing. For instance, track sales, new members, likes, profits, tickets, you name it, it can all be done inside your ultimate dashboard. Site management becomes a lot more unchallenging when you have it all clearly gathered in one place. Make the most out of it and run your online project of any kind like a pro.

While free dashboard templates have certain limitations, we already published an outstanding collection of HTML admin templates if you are ready to go premium straight away.

You can even pick a Bootstrap admin template and bring site control to a whole new level. But that is something you will going to do with the products you find further down the page.

Let’s get down to business and see what we have in store for you. Before you download the one you believe suits you best, check the live preview and see the free dashboard template in action.

Most Resourceful Free Dashboard Templates

ArchitectUI HTML

ArchitectUI HTML is another exciting dashboard template with loads of features and functions. In this day and age, even when it comes to web development, you do not need to start from the ground up anymore. Let the predefined tools do the work for you, while you invest more time into marketing your project. In this instance, let ArchitectUI HTML do the thing right when it comes to building a practical and easy to manage admin panel. You will now have no trouble tracking the performance of your application or software and optimize it accordingly.

Moreover, ArchitectUI HTML is also 100% responsive, cross-browser compatible and in tune with retina screens. In short, your new dashboard will operate without a hitch all the time regardless of the device and platform they enjoy using. Make ArchitectUI HTML yours, customize the look and see the progress.

More info / Download

ArchitectUI – Angular 7 & Bootstrap 4

ArchitectUI is a powerful Angular 7 Bootstrap 4 Material design dashboard template. You do not really need much introduction when it comes to a tool like ArchitectUI. Why? Due to its multi-purposefulness, you already know that you will have no problem using it for your project or service and you could not be more correct.

ArchitectUI has many options ready-made for you to put into play. Out of the box, ArchitectUI comes with nine stunning dashboard demos for your convenience. You might find one which will need no editing from your end; that said, use it as is, implement your contents and you are ready to roll.

Along with the sample layouts, you will also find 150 components, tons of plugins, different button styles, five icon packs and more. Choosing between horizontal and vertical menus is also an option.

More info / Download


First and foremost, Kero is an amazing dashboard template because it comes in two variations, horizontal and vertical. Each style also comes with an additional nine ready-to-use demos and nine preset color skins. With the out of the box versions alone, you already have loads of different options but you can always step things up and introduce your creative touch to Kero. Bear in mind, the predefined layouts are just a fracture of all the amenities Kero brings to the table.

In the bundle of amazingness, you will also find over 150 components that you can mix and match with different elements and plugins. There are all the options possible to quickly find the right style and the right blend of features for your particular project. Also, there is no need to figure out how to sort out mobile-readiness and browser compatibility; Kero sports them both already.

More info / Download

AdminLTE 3

Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template
AdminLTE is the most popular free Bootstrap dashboard that has ever dropped with a huge margin. It has been downloaded several million times and used by beginner and pro developers worldwide. One thing is for sure, AdminLTE might cost you no dime, however, the outcome you are about to establish will feel like it is based on a premium tool. AdminLTE is a super powerful and practical site canvas that will easily cater to your needs and regulations. There are even two styles of dashboards available in case you would like more options to choose from.

AdminLTE is based on HTML5 and CSS3, responsive, mobile-ready and browser compatible. It includes over one thousand icons, six nifty skins and comes with an active Github community. Have in mind, you can contribute, too. Now get that admin sorted out for your application and start strong.

More info / Download


If Adminator and Terminator have something in common, I cannot tell you, however, the former sure is a powerful tool for building top-notch dashboards. It is a free Bootstrap 4 admin template which makes building dashboards oh so much fun. Adminator has plenty of ready-to-use features which you can take to your advantage and build the exact administrator you are after. Instead of coming up with your own version, the majority of work is already completed for you. Just make sure you follow the simple installation process and you are ready to go.

From custom pages, practical widgets, maps, tables and UI elements, Adminator has it all and then some. You can do pretty much whatever you want with the template. Customize it, copy it, even seel it, for as long as you have it clearly stated that Colorlib is the author. Other than that, throw it into the modification blender and make it as unique as you want.

More info / Download

ArchitectUI VueJS

ArchitectUI VueJS provides a clean and simple web design that will take care of your admin dashboard. With such an approach to web design, you know all the details, stats and other information will appear stunningly and very appealing to the eye. Exactly what you need. On top of that, ArchitectUI VueJS also includes quite some traits which you can put into play right away. And if you ever need even more goodies, unlock them by going premium any time.

Some of the features of ArchitectUI VueJS are responsive layout, cross-browser adaptability, ten neat color schemes and fifteen Vue widgets. By the way, to utilize ArchitectUI VueJS to its full potential, you need to have at least the basic coding knowledge (nope, no need to be an expert at all). Other than that, you are ready and set to get things moving forward with ArchitectUI VueJS.

More info / Download

ArchitectUI Angular 7

ArchitectUI Angular 7 is a unique and creative free dashboard template based on Angular, especially on Angular 7. It comes with all the necessities that you are in need of for creating a fully functional and active Angular dashboard. Still, if you ever need more flexibility, you can always upgrade to PRO and gain yourself access to more amazingness. But (yes, there is always a but), if you dig the free version, and it does the trick for you, by all means, use it for as long as you want.

The features include ten color schemes, responsiveness, extendability, scalable assets and more. You can now easily skip crafting the admin dashboard from scratch, pick ArchitectUI Angular 7 and see the outcome shortly after. Fine-tune it and alter the default style to your needs before you go fully live with your new admin.

More info / Download

ArchitectUI React

ArchitectUI React is a free dashboard template with an open-source nature. With that in mind, let me just mention that, of course, the pro version of the tool is always available for whenever you would want to scale. ArchitectUI React comes with all the components and elements that you need to start the journey strong, with confidence. This is especially important for beginners, as they do not need to go through the struggle of building from scratch anymore. You can now start your application straight away, without a sweat.

Based on the popular Bootstrap Framework, you know that ArchitectUI React is also 100% mobile-ready and flexible. It is also perfectly in tune with all modern web browsers and does not shy away from showcasing content stunningly on retina screens. Look no further, take action now and have an admin panel up and running in a small breeze.

More info / Download

ArchitectUI HTML

ArchitectUI HTML is a free dashboard template with a lightweight and easy to use structure. Anyone can employ ArchitectUI HTML right off the bat, however, essential coding knowledge is necessary. It is a great solution that will get you started right away, without the need to first brainstorm the initial design of your admin. It is already there, at your fingertips. ArchitectUI HTML comes with a basic set of features and elements for a quick-start of your application, software or service. Simplify your life by choosing a ready-made template and go from there.

In the free bundle, you get one design that is accompanied by ten gorgeous color presets. You can also include and exclude stylesheets and customize the default look to your likings. Although a free template, ArchitectUI HTML still delivers all the necessary for, what will feel, an instant start.

More info / Download


Admindek is, no doubt, a sophisticated free dashboard template for all sorts of websites and applications. Whatever you plan to start, you can always be safe with the complete overview of your project using a solid admin panel. Admindek is here to sort that part of your business out in its entirety. It comes with a bunch of different layout styles which you can choose from and all sorts of pages and widgets. Admindek brings to the table a vertical, horizontal and bottom menu navigation and even provides a variety of other styles.

You never run out of options when it comes to Admindek. It is a tool packed with goodies and assets that you can take to your advantage without the need of spending a single penny. And there are no other hidden fees! Just download Admindek and start putting it to use right off the bat.

More info / Download


Adminty is a neat, tidy and modern free dashboard template that you can utilize for your project effortlessly. There are three options you can go with; default, CRM and analytics. Moreover, Adminty also has different page layouts, like vertical, horizontal, bottom menu and boxed style. In addition, if an RTL admin is what you are looking for, Adminty has an entire layout dedicated to right-to-left languages, too. See it in the live preview yourself first before you put it to use.

A ton of widgets, many UI elements, forms and tables await every Adminty user. Use and reuse the content, adjust and tweak the predefined content and get creative. Adminty is here to serve your needs and requirements for a successful operation of your online presence. And it will take you very little work to get things moving since all is presented to you on a plate.

More info / Download (Soon)

Metronic (Premium)

If you are looking for an admin dashboard, indeed, we have quite a bunch ready for you. Metronic and all the other tools you find on this list are full of terrific features that will do you well. More or less, it all comes down to your personal preferences, as each template is powerful enough to cater to your services anyway. In the kit, Metronic delivers fourteen different demos for back-end, SASS, intranet dashboard and all sorts of other variations for your convenience. Additionally, many also come in RTL and Angular 7 alternatives.

Other features of Metronic include but are not limited to layout builder, smooth scrolling, pricing tables, paginations, scrollable rows and native 3rd-party plugins. Furthermore, feel free to translate Metronic as the template is fully multilingual. Now you know where to start.

More info / Download


gentelella free dashboard template
For your app, services or websites, Gentelella is the great free admin dashboard template which is based on Bootstrap 3. All this means is that the product is flexible and entirely mobile friendly. Something you should not be missing no matter what type of online project you plan to launch. In the mobile-first era we are living, it should all be responsive and perfectly adapting to smartphones and tablets. Gentelella sure does not have an issue with that.

Gentelella is a fantastic tool with which you will easily create stunning admin panels and marvelous back-end dashboards. The free template comes with many features, like charts, validation, off-canvas menu, upload area and progress bars. You might get the feeling like you would be using a premium template, not a free one. Don’t bother, use it to its full potential.

More info / Download


Concept is a free dashboard template like none out there. It comes with many unique features and a wide specter of handy components. It will be a breeze coming up with the must-have admin dashboard section that will take your mobile, web or desktop application to an entirely new degree. The content and material are already predesigned for you, just utilize what is available and launch your project in style.

It sure is important to please your end consumer with your project or service, however, to achieve that, a solid dashboard will be of tremendous help. Thanks to Concept, you now do not need to worry about any of the technical parts anymore. Your admin panel is guaranteed to practice all the latest trends and directions for a continuous smooth operation. Do things the right way with Concept.

More info / Download


SRTDash is a fine, clean and to the point free dashboard template with three different index pages. One is for ICO, the second for eCommerce and the third for SEO purposes. Pick the one that suits your needs best and begin utilizing all of its amazing features. Bear in mind, if you are working on a different project but you dig SRTDash design through the roof, you can also customize it however you see it fit your needs best.

No limits.

Some of the features of SRTDash are two types of navigation bars (sidebar and horizontal), charts, loads of UI elements and a multi-level menu. It also includes three styles of error pages, login and register forms, as well as lock screen section. Download SRTDash now and start employing it immediately after.

More info / Download


Kiaalap is a Bootstrap Framework powered free dashboard template with all the needed and then some. It practices all the latest technologies, like HTML5, CSS and jQuery to deliver an experience like none out there. To increase the hype, Kiaalap sports three stunning home designs and over fifty pages. You see, Kiaalap is a remarkable tool that is both free and delivers a hell lot of material that will quick start your project with a professional admin.

To break the goodies down even further, Kiaalap comes with Google Maps, images cropper, password meter, plot chart and PDF viewer. Needless to say, Kiaalap is also mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible. It will work on all devices and platforms smoothly and fluently for all to get the most out of it. You are short moments away from realizing your thing so waste no more time.

More info / Download


Sufee is yet another free dashboard template created and maintained by Colorlib. It packs loads of plugins, libraries, elements and page templates that will leave you and your users speechless. Sufee is based on Bootstrap 4, which gives it the necessary flexibility and mobile-readiness. With Sufee, you will keep things simple and sophisticated, what seems like the perfect blend of characteristics when talking about admin templates.

In the Sufee package, you will find a horde of UI elements, icon packs, widgets, charts and extra pages. The latter include layouts for login, register and forgot password sections. Sufee also sports animations, collapsible menu, Google Maps and more. Whether viewing it from a desktop computer or smartphone, Sufee ensures smooth performance on all devices. Without the need to start from the ground up, you can now have a full-blown admin section organized with Sufee.

More info / Download


There is no need to mention it but somehow stating it feels right. Well, you will unquestionably enjoy ElaAdmin free template. Either you are a developer or a webmaster who needs to work with a dashboard, here is another fantastic product that you should not miss. ElaAdmin perfectly blends features with design what makes it enjoyable to work with. It comes with many components and plugins but still keeps things light and easy to use.

With ElaAdmin, everything is very straightforward. You will not feel overwhelmed although the tool is powerful and rich in features. For an even easier and quicker start, ElaAdmin developers also put together four example pages. Get the tasks done with ElaAdmin template and unlock a new chapter for the project you work on.

More info / Download


For a quick start of your admin section, CoolAdmin is the free dashboard template that has you covered with all the needed. In fact, you get even more material in the CoolAdmin package that you will ever need. However, you might be building various online projects and if that is the case, then you win big times with CoolAdmin. Besides, you also do not really need to worry about the technical part since CoolAdmin has thought about all of it already.

CoolAdmin follows all the latest and up-to-the-minute tech and web regulations to provide a solid and stable template for whatever application you are bringing into being. Moreover, it comes with four distinct demos, multiple widgets, various custom pages and a wide collection of ready-to-use snippets. Once you download and unbox CoolAdmin package, you will see the first results shortly after.

More info / Download


Basically, regardless of which free dashboard template you choose from this collection, your project is safe and secure. All are advanced and optimized to the fullest, including Notika. Another terrific instrument which helps you create the must-have admin panel. With Notika, you can do an in-depth inspection of your page or app at any time. By having a better understanding of how your webspace is doing, you can optimize and adjust it accordingly. You can always guarantee a better experience and in return witness steady growth of your product.

With three ready-to-use home pages and loads of elements and components, Notika makes sure all segments are sorted out. Along with the index section, there are more than 46 inner pages included in the bundle for you to benefit from all of them.

More info / Download


Obviously, we are not all interested in light designs, some prefer dark layouts way more. If that is the case for you, you are in for a treat! Nalika is a free dashboard template with a dark look that will amaze and impress you in an instant. Make sure you check out its live preview page and examine it in great detail before you jump in with both feet. However, Nalika is free after all so you have nothing to lose. But you are definitely leaving a lot of money on the table if your admin dashboard is features and appearance deficient.

Nalika is a fantastic option if you are running an eCommerce website but not limited to. It comes with three different home page styles and all other killer pages, charts, tables, forms and widgets. You just found yourself the best dark admin alternative.

More info / Download


dashgum free dashboard template
Starting your dashboard will happen in a snap with Dashio free template and its fifteen different pages. Yes, that is not a typo, 15. You will find charts, calendars, notifications, tables, to-do lists, lock screen and more. Cool animations and hover effects spice things up and get a bit of an action going on inside your admin panel. If you are not into this kind of stuff, we have many free dashboard templates appropriate for you in this collection. From those as basic as possible to more complex and colorful ones. There is something for every taste.

When you build the desired dashboard with Dashio, you can use it to track how many new files have been uploaded, unread messages, pending tasks and more. One thing is for sure, you will have it all organized in one eye-friendly place.

More info / Download


nice free dashboard template
Depending on the application you are launching, an admin panel would help you track it accurately. Have control over all the stats and scale accordingly. Nice is a free dashboard template that does just that. It helps you create a professional and comfortable to use web design for your admin regardless of your app or online project. With its clean and contemporary layout, Nice ensures that you are not submerged in countless data.

Bear in mind, Nice Lite is only for personal use and if you would like to use it for commercial use, you will need to step it up to the Pro version. However, to test the waters and get the gist of it, Nice’s free version will do the trick for you. It offers you one dashboard demo, seven additional pages, ten UI components and many other basic elements.

More info / Download


elegant free dashboard template
With a name like that, you know you are getting a modern, elegant and sophisticated free dashboard template when choosing Elegant. The tool is based on the powerful and popular Bootstrap Framework which gives it the necessary flexibility and responsiveness. No doubt, Elegant also works seamlessly on modern web browsers, retina screens and ensures fantastic performance. Although Elegant costs you nothing, that does not mean the web design is half-baked.

Sure, there are certain limitations when it comes to using Elegant Lite, but you still get more than enough content to build yourself an admin dashboard. From the main page to the several inner sections, many UI elements, tables and Google Maps, it is all in the bundle. Kick things off with the free version and use it for as long as you want. For some, Elegant Lite might be more than enough.

More info / Download


xtreme free dashboard template
Xtreme is a robust free dashboard template with enough ready-to-use material to get you started sooner rather than later. It is a Bootstrap Framework admin tool with one main demo, several page layouts, ten UI elements, ten plugins, a lifetime worth of free updates and two forms. In addition, you will also get a few ready-made widgets, three table examples, over one hundred Font Icons and a couple of charts. Free does not always mean lack of features.

Still, even if you start with Xtreme’s free version, you can always upgrade and go Pro later on. However, if you find that the features of the free alternative are enough, by all means, keep it running for years to come. All it takes is a click on the button and you can already start playing around with Xtreme’s features and have a dashboard ready quickly.

More info / Download

MaterialPro Lite

materialpro lite free dashboard template
MaterialPro Lite is a free dashboard template for personal use wich was built using Google Material Design, hence the name. For flexibility, MaterialPro Lite template is powered by Bootstrap 4 Framework so you do not have to bother about responsiveness if the final product.

With MaterialPro Lite, you get seven page templates and over ten UI components. The tool includes Font Awesome icons, one-of-a-kind color options along with basic data table. Google Map, error 404 page and profile page are also part of the game. MaterialPro Lite is clean and minimal in design what calls for a distraction-free use.

Take the Lite part away and you have a premium plugin which unlocks even more features and commercial use. But do give the free version a shot and see how well it performs for your app.

More info / Download

Vuetify Material Dashboard

vuetify material free dashboard templates
Vuetify Material Dashboard is a free template for building practical admin panels. Moreover, you can use the tool for inspiration, as well as for building quick prototypes. Instead of doing the task from the ground up, you can now enjoy all the perks that Vuetify Material Dashboard has in store for you.

Keep in mind, if you would like to use the template successfully, you need to have a basic understanding of VueJS, JavaScript and Vue Router. Some more specialties of Vuetify Material Dashboard are predefined color schemes, sidebar image, Google Maps and the list goes on.

More info / Download

Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard

vue light bootstrap free dashboard templates
Enjoy this powerful free dashboard template that uses only the latest technologies. It is based on Bootstrap 4 and VueJS, and comes with many practical elements and components for you to mix and match. All the available material works in perfect harmony, calling for a striking end product for different projects.

Out of the box, you can choose from six different colors, and you can also select (or deselect) the image background. Without a shadow of a doubt, Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard also works on all popular devices and web browsers. Keep in mind, if you ever need more features, you can always go with the pro version.

More info / Download

Vue Material Dashboard

vue material free dashboard templates
Vue Material Dashboard is an excellent kick-start to creating a resourceful admin panel. Even thought the tool may cost you nothing, there are still very many great amenities that will do you well. Moreover, using Vue Material Dashboard is not challenging, still, you need to have the fundamental under control for smooth execution.

In the free kit, you get sixteen elements, two plugins and seven example pages. The code of Vue Material Dashboard is also well-structured, so you will quickly get the gist of it. Make an immediate difference with the template now and enjoy the result.

More info / Download


lumino free dashboard template
Lumino is an elegant free Bootstrap dashboard template for creating the shiniest admin panels. Very minimal in the design with lots of features for making your life simpler and more productive. You will not have a single issue customizing the template to meet your needs and requirements. For instance, update the Lumino’s main layout color with your preferred one, as well as font, using SASS variables.

Some of Lumino’s features are widgets for forms, charts, panels, menus, UI elements and a wide range more. As a great addition, there are also notification features available and user functions. For your information, there is a Bootstrap 4 version of the template available, plus, the pro option. You find all the information on the download page. Get that admin panel look how you fancy.

More info / Download

Ample Admin Lite

ample admin lite free dashboard template
The cleanness and simplicity of Ample Admin Lite free dashboard template will definitely hook you in an instant. While there might be a ton of stats and other information going on in the admin panel, the last thing you would want is to have a complex design. Sure, it might look pretty but when you start investigating the results, the overdone design might be a distraction. Not with Ample Admin Lite.

The main features of Ample Admin Lite are the mentioned minimal look with several page templates and a nice portion of UI components. Bootstrap 3, 100% responsiveness and super simple to modify all come in the bucket of key features. To look Ample Admin Lite in action, make sure you do not miss the live preview. Tables, icons, Google Map integration, error 404 page and profile page all come part of the free template.

More info / Download

AdminPro Lite

adminpro lite free dashboard template
AdminPro Lite is an entirely free dashboard template which you can use for all kinds of personal projects. It uses modular design with an off-canvas menu but most importantly, it is clean and fairly basic. Kinda like an admin panel should be. Clean, stylish and straightforward. All this is what you will find in AdminPro Lite, plus an entire stack of awesome features that will enhance your workflow.

Customize its color and fonts and put all the extras to use for achieving goals faster. There are seven page templates at your service for profiles, tables, maps and more. Google Map is integrated into AdminPro Lite along with a ton of material icons and even a 404 error page. Indeed, the layout is mobile-friendly so any device user can enjoy it. Are you ready to bring the administrator to the next level?

More info / Download

Monster Admin Lite

monster admin free dashboard template
Monster Admin Lite is not at all frightening rather appealing to the eye and very user-friendly. It is another fantastic, neat and refreshing free dashboard admin template which you can use for your personal online projects. When you would like to step up the game, upgrade to the pro version which you can use freely for commercial sites and apps. But test the waters first and see if it is a fit for what you need. No doubt!

Monster Admin Lite template is based on Bootstrap 3 for complete flexibility of its layout. In other words, you are able to operate it from smartphones, tablets and desktops smoothly and effortlessly. Ten UI components, seven pages including 404 and Google Map and a special section for profiles. Even if it is not seen to the end user, it does not mean it should not be beautiful and practical.

More info / Download

Pixel Admin Lite

pixel admin lite free dashboard template
Neat and all shipshape, that is what we could roughly say Pixel Admin Lite template is all about. If you need to construct an admin that gives you an overview of your website and application’s performance, Pixel Admin Lite is a great way to go. Set tasks for specific profiles, see the number of sales you generated on a daily basis and read the current messages. But that is just a tiny fracture what you can do with Pixel Admin Lite template.

Create tables and profiles for each contributor or team member and have it all organized to the T. Your admin can also be your secret, back-end office that no one knows about only you and your members. Use it to march towards new goals and assign different tasks to each of your colleagues.

More info / Download

SB Admin 2

sb admin 2 free dashboard template
If you are in need of a responsive Bootstrap 4 webapp UI starter, SB Admin 2 is the free dashboard template you should look into. It is an HTML template with a variety of features to meet many users’ needs and requirements. The template comes with a multi-level menu for creating numerous dropdowns and active classes. Both sidebar and top menus are responsive with a set of cool features for you to have better access to different sectors of your admin panel.

SB Admin 2 is browser compatible and follows all the latest web technologies. It comes with three custom panel styles, searchable tables and LESS files for customization. There is also a chat widget and a login page by Bootsnipp. Make it follow your rules and modify SB Admin 2 template exactly how you want it to look. It allows you to do just that.

More info / Download

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