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14 Most Impactful Shopify Blog Themes 2021


When you would like to take your business to the next level, you better do the right thing with these striking Shopify blog themes.

Many businesses still neglect blogging, even though it could bring them tons of new opportunities to grow and expand. Do not be one of those, rather go the extra mile, put together a strategy and start publishing compelling content.

Not only does blogging work great to go on a more personal level with your fans and potential clients by telling your story and go really deep with it, but you can also target all the money keywords that will boost traffic and revenue.

Whether you are a big brand or you are just building your very first online store, these Shopify blog themes will give you the opportunity to get creative.

Establish an eCommerce that will tell your brand story, put your products front and center and help you start growing a community. Even if you find it a bit out of reach right now, all these tools are a little breeze to use. Newbie or pro, both will witness tremendous success with an outcome that will turn heads and trigger everyone’s curiosity.

Look no further, take charge and grow over and beyond with a combination of an eCommerce website and a blog that will amaze everyone.


broadcast shopify blog theme
Simplicity and modernism are core characteristics of Broadcast. It is a superb Shopify blog theme that helps you grow your audience to new heights. With an option to choose between three different designs, you can assure yourself a swift realization of a spectacular outcome. You do not even need to change anything if you dig the style. In this case, just introduce your content, products and other details and call it a day. Yes, it truly is just as simple as it sounds. Of course, you can also brand and personalize Broadcast, so it matches your meticulous taste precisely.

Drop-down navigation, color swatches, product quick view, customer testimonials and reviews, Disqus blog comments and social media icons are all the different treats that you get with Broadcast. Start on the right foot and rock the industry with something novel.

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story shopify blog theme
While the product matters, it is not always all about it. Instead, use a Shopify theme that will help with storytelling. As the name suggests, Story is one fine solution that will get you started in little to no time. Share your brand story, tell everyone how the idea came about and other whatnot in a compelling and strategic way. Along with that, you can also start writing a blog and share all the ins and outs of your business. Show everyone that real people are standing behind the brand.

Story is a clean and eye-catchy web design that will grab everyone’s attention. Besides the stunning looks, Story also rocks many features and functions that will do you well. Custom forms, built-in timeline, lookbook, story-focused product pages and team showcase are all the stuff that Story integrates into its gorgeous design.

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icon shopify blog theme
When selling products exclusively online, you need to make sure that you deliver a pleasant shopping experience. With large images and clean design, you will win over more potential customers. And that is when Icon comes into play. Thanks to the amazing attention to imagery, everyone will have a blast browsing through your content. Icon is also entirely flexible and responsive, so it operates flawlessly on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Needless to say, if you would like to start a blog with this Shopify theme, just go for it. You have all the material at your fingertips, readily available to put it into practice. A few of the additional features of Icon contain slider, product quick view, parallax effect, newsletter subscription form and sticky header. Kick-off a new online project with style and efficiency by utilizing the practical Icon.

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boost shopify blog theme
Boost your online presence to new extremes with Boost. This Shopify theme is as versatile as one can be. It guarantees a spectacular performance that unlocks an enjoyable shopping experience on any device. Boost is also great if you would like to start a blog and bring in even more business via tactical content marketing. Keep in mind, you need to perform no coding and no design work to get your website on feet. Boost comes with all and everything predefined and ready to use.

The list of features of Boost is also quite vast. Boost makes sure you get the most out of it, starting on the internet quickly and effectively. And you will! You also do not need to worry about the technical aspects of a page, as Boost takes care of it all for your convenience.

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editorial shopify blog theme
Editorial – hence the name – is a Shopify theme for storytelling. If that is something that sparks your interest, you better not miss checking out Editorial. With three different styles, you can now start on the internet in just a few clicks. Selling products, storytelling and publishing compelling blog posts, that’s what’s Editorial specializes in. If you are looking for something different, then this is it. What’s also cool, you can first check all the different stores that are already successfully utilizing the power of Editorial. See what’s possible, gain inspiration and go from there.

Some of the features of Editorial include related products and blog posts, home page videos, product image zoom and two different styles of collection pages. You can also expect the basics, like responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility and SEO-friendliness out of the box.

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label shopify blog theme
With an up-to-the-minute design, Label gets you on board with a terrific website. You only really need one tool and all the rest becomes history. With Label, you can manage and maintain everything, selling products, telling your story and writing a blog from a single location. This makes the overall process very user-friendly. When starting out, you will not even need to use any apps and whatnot, as Label includes all the must-haves out of the box.

Moreover, Label is an exceptional alternative for record labels, musicians and publishers. By the way, you can always take a design that is specific to one industry and go entirely against the grain with it. The flexibility of the Shopify themes that we have here goes over and beyond and Label is no different.

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cascade shopify blog theme
Mix your distinct style with unique Cascade and wow everyone. If you are looking for something else, you should experience the amazingness of Cascade immediately. You can check out any of the three available samples, as well as take a peek at the different stores that are already actively using the tool. In short, Cascade is very appealing to the eye, attractive and attention-grabbing.

With the customizable content sections and predefined color schemes, you can also make adjustments and tailor Cascade to your requirements. In a matter of a few clicks, you can have a full-blown solution ready to enter the world of the internet and shake the industry you are in. Along with creating a beautiful brand and product presentation, do not miss starting a blog and go the extra mile.

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avone shopify blog theme
The possibilities with Avone are pretty much endless. It is a multi-purpose Shopify theme that comes with an impactful blog section. In short, you will find nothing missing in the Avone kit. The tool comes with every possible page layout, component and app that you need to run an online presence successfully. Just home pages alone, you get eighteen different ones. Moreover, you also need to know that you can modify the default settings of Avone, too.

The layout of Avone is mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible. The performance of your online store and your blog section will be top-notch. And if you happen to be new to building sites with Avone, flip through detailed documentation first and get the gist of it. Of course, you can also reach out to the friendly support team at any time.

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yanka shopify blog theme
Out of the box, Yanka is a spectacular Shopify theme for anything apparel and fashion related. Along with selling goods online, you can also take things to an entirely different level with a blog section. You can use it for announcing new product drops, raising hype for an upcoming sale and other whatnot. With a blog, you can target all sorts of different keywords related to your industry and bring in even more potential customers.

As far as the features of Yanka go, it rocks plenty of them. Eighteen striking home page styles, various headers, mega menu, newsletter pop-up, custom tabs and five different blog versions are all the different treats of Yanka. Mix and match the available, introduce your creativity and launch a spectacular website with Yanka now. Little work is necessary to achieve superb results.

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zeexo shopify blog theme
There are literally no boundaries when it comes to Zeexo. It is an all-around alternative with a collection of 108 and counting skins. Worth mentioning is that Zeexo comes with a new style every week. Needless to say, Zeexo has something for everyone. Moreover, if you are particularly interested in a Shopify blog theme, Zeexo comes with appropriate layouts, too. Selling goods and creating compelling content is a winning solution that you can easily and quickly execute with Zeexo.

Zeexo is excellent both for beginners and professionals. It comes powerful enough to suit the most advanced users, yet straightforward to let a newbie enter the industry with a bang. You even get video tutorials and a complete guide on how to install Zeexo theme. Get the ball rolling and enjoy the impressive outcome with Zeexo.

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trendway shopify blog theme
Instead of exclusively relying on pushing products, you can take things to the next level with a blog. Even as a fashion brand, there are tons of topics and keywords you can cover. Not just that, but you can go on an even more personal level with your fans and followers, telling your story and how it all started. You can even give tips and tricks that will help others start their thing – you see, there are tons of ideas for keeping a blog section alive and updated regularly.

In the Trendway kit, there are heaps of other goodies that will do you exceptionally well. From different home page designs and drag and drop sections to headers, wishlist, practical filtering and testimonials, Trendway rocks everything. It is also speed and SEO optimized, as well as in tune with all popular devices and browsers.

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woodstock shopify blog theme
Do not miss the amazing rewards of blogging with the implementation of Woodstock. It is a resourceful Shopify theme that blends eCommerce with blogging fantastically well. Woodstock is also an alternative that anyone can utilize. Whether you are building your first website or an established web developer, Woodstock is here to make an immediate difference. You can start with the default layouts and have it all set in a little breeze. However, you can also perform customization tweaks and alter Woodstock according to your needs.

Thanks to fast loading speed optimization, Woodstock performs superbly on all devices, mobile and desktop. You will find every necessary app in the bundle, too. Run and operate your online presence from a single location, selling products and publishing blog posts, all thanks to Woodstock.

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corano shopify blog theme
While some of the themes on the list cover multiple industries, the others are more industry-specific. Corano is an excellent alternative for building modern and impactful online jewelry stores. With its clean, minimal and opulent design, you will trigger everyone’s interest right off the get-go. Of course, if you would like to start a blog, you can do that, too, with the functional Corano. Do not neglect the power of a regularly updated blog section.

The layout of this Shopify theme for blog theme is fluid and flexible. Meaning, your page will operate without a hitch on mobile and desktop devices, as well as web browsers and retina screens. By the way, if you would like to introduce a dropshipping model to your business or push affiliate products, you can do it both with ease. Corano handles tons of stuff for you to get the most out of it comfortably.

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vodoma shopify blog theme
Take your eCommerce website to a whole different level with Vodoma. This Shopify theme knows no limits due to its multi-purpose approach. With several home designs, Vodoma covers various different industries out of the box. In addition to that, you can also edit and modify the appearance of Vodoma and tailor it to your needs precisely. Keep in mind, feel free to go entirely against the norm, as Vodoma is open for all sorts of different objectives.

Indeed, it also does not miss a compelling blog section that will do the trick when introducing a strategic content marketing to your business. Do it in style with Vodoma now and enjoy the astounding results that will turn heads. There is tons more to Vodoma that you can take to your total advantage and shine online like a pro.

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