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15 Best Responsive Shopify Themes 2021


Mobile-readiness is something you achieve with ease by using any of these impactful and responsive Shopify themes.

Out of the box, these modern, creative and highly versatile site canvases practice all the current trends of the web. Since mobile use is continuously on the rise, you need to guarantee that your online store is optimized for mobile devices.

When doing everything from the ground up, you need to think of all these little details that a successful eCommerce website needs to sport. Whereas with a Shopify theme, well, the tool takes care of all the hard work instead of you. You only really need to focus on the finishing touches, as well as adding your content and products, and you are good to go.

As simple as that.

Along with ensuring completely responsive layouts, these Shopify themes are also cross-browser compatible, fast loading and SEO-ready.

In addition to that, you also get stacks of page layouts, features and apps that will do you exceptionally well. One thing is for sure, you will experience a flawless establishment process of a conversion-driven online shop, regardless of the industry you are in.

Save time and energy, focus on your products and marketing and march toward victory.


kalles responsive shopify theme

Clean, modern and professional, that’s what’s up when it comes to Kalles. With a highly adaptive responsive Shopify theme, you can go about the creation of any type of web store. You even get twenty front page samples that offer a quick-start. Without the need to start from scratch, you can now get the ball rolling swiftly with Kalles. After you unbox the package, you get hit with heaps of goods that will do you well.

All the must-have inner pages, speed optimized, product swatches, nine headers, well, you get the gist of it. We could literally go forever to list down all the features of Kalles. Thus, instead of ruining all the fun, you better witness it first-hand by heading over to the live demo page. Kalles delivers all the necessities to help you bank on it.

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avone responsive shopify theme

Avone is an all-in-one, multipurpose and responsive Shopify theme with tons of content that will get you started immediately. With the eighteen and counting home page demos alone, you will easily and quickly find the design that will resonate with your project best. In addition to that, Avone also includes ten shop and eight product pages, ten header styles, mega menu, sticky cart, lookbook and product swatches. In short, you will find nothing missing in the massive bundle of goodness.

Of course, Avone also practices all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web. It is entirely in harmony with all modern devices, smartphones, tablets and desktops. Moreover, it displays content beautifully on retina screens and promises excellent performance. If you are ready to make a difference, do it with the flexible Avone now.

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yanka responsive shopify theme

Yanka is a responsive Shopify theme for the fashion industry. If you would like to sell clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, you name it, do it with Yanka. Building an online store happens to be a piece of cake nowadays. Especially once you gain access to great tools like Yanka. In the kit, Yanka brings to the table all the layouts and features necessary for a successful eCommerce website. Shopify + Yanka + your amazing products and story, that’s a winning combination.

Yanka comes with tons of premium apps that cost you nothing. You get mega menu, wishlist, compare, related products, quick view and GDPR compliance, to name a few. It is optimized for high loading speed, too, to ensure excellent performance. For your information, video tutorials and extensive documentation are also available to get you started with comfort.

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barberry responsive shopify theme

Barberry sounds very trendy and opulent, and that’s what you get with its minimal and sophisticated design. It is a responsive Shopify theme that ensures you a quick-start on the internet. Barberry easily caters to an array of different projects and online businesses. While you can focus on one niche exclusively, you can also create a general eCommerce website with Barberry. The options are very many with Barberry.

First and foremost, you can utilize the default look exactly as is. On the other hand, you can also brand and personalize Barberry to your liking. Various different goodies of Barberry include sticky header, footer reveal, RTL support, lazy load and stock countdown. Bear in mind, this is still just a fraction of all the amazingness that you will find in the Barberry package.

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zeexo responsive shopify theme

If there is one responsive Shopify theme that truly does know no limits, it’s Zeexo. Whether or not you are hearing for this alternative for the first time, you will be blown away either way. If you are familiar, this is just a reminder to remember how powerful Zeexo is.

First, in the kit, you will discover a whopping collection of 108 site skins. Nope, that is not a typo. And do you know what’s even more exciting? They are releasing a new design every week. At this time, you have no more excuses, as Zeexo sports the design that suits your needs without a shadow of a doubt.

With a single click installation, you can begin with the process right away. You also need not be an expert in the field to create an online store successfully. FYI, you can create just about any eCommerce website. Zeexo has samples for fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, car parts, furniture and many more in between. By tweaking Zeexo, you can also expand its potential to the extreme.

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molla responsive shopify theme

Molla is a powerful and practical multi-purpose Shopify theme with a fluid and mobile-friendly layout. That said, it is a guarantee that your online store will operate on all devices without a hitch. Molla also sports all the other technicalities to ensure spectacular performance. This leads to happy visitors and an increase in sales. You also get a collection of 34 demos that cover an array of different industries.

Your products can include videos, 3D models and images, helping you spice things up and make them appear more eye-catchy. Easy product configuration, product quick view, various headers and footers and blog layouts are just some of the extras that come with Molla. If you are ready to start on the internet with a bang, shine online with Molla now. You will find it a breeze to use, still, you can always hit up the professional support team if necessary.

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trendway responsive shopify theme

For everyone looking to start an online fashion business, look no further and take a peek at Trendway. This remarkably effective alternative will get your eyes as big as saucers. It is beautiful and very appealing, guaranteeing a pleasant shopping experience. Regardless of the device, your potential customers come from, Trendway’s top-notch performance will help you win them over.

The hype is real.

You can smoothly go with the Trendway flow and use this responsive Shopify theme out of the box. The cleanness and sophistication work with different intentions anyway. Still, do tweak and brand it, too, if necessary and improve it according to your liking. Trendway is optimized for search engines, modern web browsers, retina screens and fast loading. To sum up, you are in good hands with Trendway. It will help you manage and maintain your eCommerce site with convenience.

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woodstock responsive shopify theme

Whether or not you know how to build online stores is not really important these days. When it comes to Woodstock, anyone will make their dream website without breaking a single drop of sweat. After all, you have all the designs and features predefined and ready to go. Just mix and match the available goodies and you are done doing the work. For mixing things together and realizing a striking page, you will never need to touch a single line of code.

There’s more.

Woodstock follows all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web. Your eCommerce site will work on all devices, web browsers and retina screens with terrific performance. No need to worry about the technicalities, as Woodstock covers them out of the box. Keep in mind, even if Woodstock costs you a small fee, you actually save with it. After all, it comes with a horde premium add-ons that would together cost over $4,500 a year. Can you imagine?

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prestige responsive shopify theme

Prestige is a stunning responsive Shopify theme that will knock your socks of with its opulent design. The tool is ready to go out of the box. With three different styles available, you can now start with the process of establishing your online shop quickly and effortlessly. Avoid beginning from the ground up, when you can save tons of time and energy with Prestige instead.

Hence the name, Prestige comes ideal for premium and designer brands. Still, if you fancy the look, by all means, take it to your total advantage and enjoy the remarkable outcome. Along with all the page layouts, Prestige also delivers quite a portion of features for your convenience. Image hotspot linking, massive slideshow, sticky header and newsletter pop-up are just a few of the treats that Prestige has for you. Tell your story, push the boundaries and raise your potential.

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impulse responsive shopify theme

Online exclusive apparel brands, as well as brick and mortars, realize a website with Impulse. Create a striking and impactful online presence that will help bring your products front and center. The cleanness and creativity of Impulse will do the trick for sure. With the available three designs, you also have more than enough options to find the one that suits your brand and products best. Indeed, you can also modify and enhance the default look, but that is optional.

Home page videos, promotion tiles, slider, parallax effect and custom collection sidebar filters are some of the key functions of Impulse. With the responsive layout, Impulse also acclimatizes to smartphones, tablets and desktops flawlessly. It is optimized for fast loading speed and SEO, too. Create and promote your products on the web with Impulse and boost sales through the roof.

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warehouse responsive shopify theme

Warehouse covers anything from electronics, furniture, accessories and more. It is a responsive Shopify theme that especially applies to brands with a vast catalog of products. If you have a ton of stuff going on that you would like to offer to the world, showcase your products with Warehouse. The tool ensures excellent navigability, so your visitors will efficiently and quickly find the products that they need. With the mobile-first design, everyone will enjoy Warehouse to the fullest.

Warehouse offers live search, exit pop-up, trust badges, stock counter and custom promotions. You also get a slider, call-to-actions, sticky header, social media icons and a full-blown blog. The latter comes ideal for implementing a content marketing strategy to grow your business over and beyond. Get ready, take action, and start on the right foot with Warehouse.

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streamline responsive shopify theme

Streamline your brand and products on the world wide web with Streamline. It is a feature-rich responsive Shopify theme that creates a strong online presence that will positively impact every visitor. If you are looking to start on the internet like a pro, do it the right way with Streamline. Even if you have no skills with building eCommerce websites, you will still witness success with Streamline. A very newbie-friendly alternative if you will.

Othe great features of Streamline contain sticky checkout, animations, practical product filtering and editable home page sections. Video support, Google Maps, product previews and FAQ layout are just some of the extras that Streamline has available for you to benefit from. The complete collection of features and functions is actually way bigger than that. If you are ready, Streamline is 10x ready.

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blockshop responsive shopify theme

If a grid-style responsive Shopify theme is what you are searching for, drop everything and go with Blockshop. The contemporary, minimal and grand design will get you started on the right path. For your information, there are four different styles that come within the Blockshop kit. All are very appealing to the eye, making sure everyone enjoys the unforgettable shopping experience that Blockshop promises.

Blockshop handles any type of products you would like to push on the internet. That said, there is no need to limit yourself in any way, shape or form. Let Blockshop present your brand and products in the best possible light and help you take things to an entirely different degree. Currency switching, drop-down menu, home page video, wide layout and marketing pop-up are all part of the Blockshop deal.

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empire responsive shopify theme

Three different designs, one theme and multiple features, that’s the whole story behind Empire. It is a breathtaking alternative that offers everyone out there to kick off a new online project in style. Beginners and professionals, you are all welcome to bring into fruition a marvelous webshop with Empire. It takes you little time and energy to activate the theme, refine it, stuff it with your content and enter the industry. When managing and maintaining an eCommerce website becomes a child’s play.

What’s special about Empire is the Amazon-inspired design that works with just as many products as you would like to sell. You can truly go massive with Empire. Great product filtering, predictive search, quick buy, promotional tiles and convenient navigability are the different amenities that come with Empire. Keep in mind, if you need inspiration, feel free to check other stores using Empire first and go from there.

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testament responsive shopify theme

If trendiness, elegance and opulence are the three characteristics you are looking in a Shopify theme, Testament is the way to go.

Any of the available four designs is a real gem that will help you stand out from the masses. And you can even take things to a different degree by employing additional refining touches. These, my friends, is a breeze to do, as coding knowledge is not necessary.

Whatever Testament does, it does it with epic style. With that in mind, you know already that the outcome will be magnificent. Especially once you couple it with your products and brand story – you just unlocked yourself a winning solution.

Your online shop will work seamlessly on all devices and platforms, load fast and ensure higher ranking, thanks to Testament’s SEO-friendliness. Distinct from the rest and do your thing with Testament.

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