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16 Best Shopify Themes for T-Shirts 2021


With these best Shopify themes for T-shirts, you can start your online business in little to no time. Avoid the hassle of doing everything from scratch when you can benefit from a top-notch, modern and easy to use site canvas.

All the themes that you find here are fully functional and ready to use out of the box. They come with flexible and highly adaptive web designs that cater to different tastes by default. Of course, you can quickly perform additional customization tweaks and enhancements to brand and personalize the tool of choice. But you will never need to touch a single string of code.

With the combination of a quality T-shirt, striking design and impactful online store, you can march toward success with confidence. Get your hands on any of these Shopify themes for T-shirts and apparel and make an immediate difference.

Even if you are establishing your very first eCommerce website for selling tees, you can expect only good things to happen. After all, the experience is not necessary.

T-shirts are not going away any time soon. Well, NEVER, to be more precise. It is an essential piece of clothing for kids, men and women. Now it’s up to you to turn on your creative thinking, differentiate from the masses and get a portion of this billion-dollar industry.


avone shopify theme for t-shirts

When starting a T-shirt brand, creating an online store for pushing your creations happens in a little breeze. After all, when you see what’s possible with Avone, everything becomes history. This powerful, practical and versatile solution is for everyone. You do not have to be a professional to be able to start establishing your online store. Anyone can make it a realization, whether an utter beginner or a pro.

With Avone, you get a collection of eighteen different homes and heaps of other inner page layouts. You can mix and match the available and call it a day. Additionally, you can also brand and personalize Avone with your creative touch. Other treats include mega menu, product countdown, filtering, quantity message, fake sale counts and an Instagram feed. Avone takes care of all the technical aspects, too.

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yanka shopify theme for t-shirts

The contemporary and minimalist look of Yanka will hook you immediately. With the eighteen different home page samples, you can enjoy yourself a quick-start to something spectacular. Due to its multi-purposefulness, you can employ Yanka as a Shopify theme for selling T-shirts with ease. You might find a demo that works for your project out of the box, still, you can customize it further. Instead of starting from scratch, pick Yanka and make an immediate difference.

In the bundle, you will find plenty of apps that come at no additional cost. You will actually save $1,000 with Yanka! From mega menu, Instagram shop and wishlist, to compare, quik view and GDPR compliance, it’s all part of Yanka. Let Yanka do the magic and push your tees to new heights. Last but not least, access to a professional team of experts is also what you get as a Yanka user.

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zeexo shopify theme for t-shirts

Zeexo might just be one of the most popular/largest Shopify themes for T-shirts that we have in this collection. Let’s face it, not all site canvases come with 108 demos! In addition to that, Zeexo even releases one extra one each week. I know right, you are looking at one hell of a Shopify theme that will easily cover your needs and regulations. And these front page canvases are just one part of all the amazingness that comes with Zeexo.

Moreover, with the one click installation, you can kick things off instantaneously. For any customization tweaks, you can make it happen without touching the code. Thanks to the live builder and customization, editing Zeexo accordingly is a little breeze. Zeexo is also optimized for all modern devices, web browsers, retina screens, fast loading speed and SEO.

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blackery shopify theme for t-shirts

We can say that Blackery comes the second largest Shopify theme that we have here based on home page designs. There are one hundred of them, each appearing modern, professional and very appealing to the eye. With Blackery, you can bring to fruition just about any eCommerce website you want, including one that is exclusive to selling T-shirts. There are tons of other page layouts in the kit, too, that simplify and speed up the process.

Let’s continue the hype.

Eighteen headers, sixteen footers, eight product pages, infinite scroll and live purchase notifications are other treats of Blackery. You will soon realize that Blackery misses nothing. It delivers all the necessities to operate an online T-shirt store comfortably even as a beginner. Start your online project now with the implementation of the spectacular Blackery.

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molla shopify theme for t-shirts

If cleanness and creativity appeal to you, Molla is the Shopify theme for T-shirts that will do the trick. For a small investment, you can now forge an impactful eCommerce page that will take your tee business to new heights. Whether you are starting fresh or an established brand, let Molla take care of the online presence for you. Multiple index and internal pages await every user to find the right look that matches their idea quickly. You will not even want to change anything, as Molla is striking out of the box.

What’s cool about the themes that we have here is the fact of how simple they are to use. In other words, you can get things moving in the right direction in the snap of a finger. Of course, without the need to know how to code and do design work. With tons of headers and footers, various apps, fast performance, blog section and multiple other amenities, Molla is a pack of treats that you should consider.

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kalles shopify theme for t-shirts

Kalles is yet another jaw-dropping Shopify theme that comes perfect for starting your own T-shirt brand. There is all a successful eCommerce website needs when it comes to Kalles. From home (20) to internal pages, header styles and heaps of features, Kalles equips you with everything. The tool is, indeed, in harmony with modern mobile devices and web browsers, too. Not to mention, speed and SEO optimized for your convenience.

As far as the features go, you will find the basic and the more advanced ones. Kalles rocks something for everyone, regardless of how meticulous your taste is. Let’s face it, you can tweak it according to your liking as well. Still, using it as is will produce the quickest result, making your website go live within minutes time. Now you know where to start. Use Kalles and enjoy the end masterpiece.

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trendway shopify theme for t-shirts

Creating a trendy eCommerce T-shirt website with Trendway is the way to go. That’s pretty much it. This alternative theme sports plenty of practical and convenient layouts and features for getting your feet wet immediately. But you would not just want to test the waters with Trendway, oh no, that is not the right move to make. Instead, go all-in, establish a striking online presence that will lift things up, your business and your products.

The effective one click installation allows you to start using the sample content in the snap of a finger. Trendway also offers headers and footers, newsletter pop-up, product quick view, testimonials and modern image gallery. Search engine optimization, fast loading speed, responsive layout and Bootstrap Framework are other extras in the Trendway kit. Last but not least, Trendway supports drag and drop sections, too.

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vodoma shopify theme for t-shirts

Due to the multi-purpose approach of Vodoma, you can utilize this Shopify theme for tons of businesses. And if you are particularly starting a T-shirt store, you can do that as well. Not only that, but it will also take you barely any time to get you started. Let’s face it, Vodoma covers all and everything. In other words, one tool is all you need to get your online project going. Thus, managing and maintaining it will be hassle-free.

Indeed, there are numerous home styles at your service, creative and contemporary. Their clean and original look caters to different tastes flawlessly. Still, you can customize the default appearance and make Vodoma follow your regulations with ease. Finally, Vodoma is also excellent for SEO and mobile shopping experience. If necessary, you can flip through the online documentation first, even seek help from the support team, and go from there.

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broadcast shopify theme for t-shirts

Showcase your clothing on the world wide web with the impactful Broadcast. It is an elegant and contemporary site canvas that will help you get more eyeballs on your striking tee designs. With this, you can grow your fan base and get the sales skyrocketing. For your information, you actually get three full-blown designs that you can pick and tailor to your precise needs. Broadcast will never ask you for coding and design knowledge. Meaning, even an utter beginner can forge a first-class online store.

A few of the features include lookbook, color swatches, testimonials, product quick view and home page video support. Full-screen banner, parallax effect, scrolling animations, news and contact sections are all the other amenities of Broadcast. If minimalism and distinct touch appeal to you, Broadcast is your best bet.

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streamline shopify theme for t-shirts

If you are looking for a design that sticks out, get yourself Streamline. It is an impactful, versatile and highly adaptive Shopify theme that you can use for selling T-shirts but works with other apparel just as well. Tons of excellent and unique features of Streamline will help you stand out from the masses. Create a memorable shopping experience that will let shoppers want to come back for more.

Streamline is a tool that flawlessly adapts to all devices, smartphones, tablets and desktops. It also acclimatizes to popular web browsers, as well as showcases content stunningly on retina screens. You do not need a whole bunch of stuff when it comes to building and running an online store. Shopify and Streamline will do the trick for the vast majority, whether you are a pro or a beginner.

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venue shopify theme for t-shirts

Your T-shirt brand can now enter the world wide web with a banging website, thanks to Venue. It is a nifty Shopify theme that will help you on your journey to creating a first-rate online presence. Without touching a single string of code, of course! Venue gives you a chance to try three different styles out of the box. All come creative and originative, so they cater to different tastes by default. But you can also easily incorporate your creative touch to it.

Above the fold, you will find a slider that will help you trigger everyone’s interest. Use it strategically, add compelling text and call-to-action and hook them over. Scrolling animations, video support (gallery-friendly), single featured product and multi-column menu are some of the other extras of Venue.

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galleria shopify theme for t-shirts

Galleria is a Shopify theme for starting your own T-shirt empire. With its image-first approach, you can bring into view your impactful tee designs for everyone to enjoy. Galleria places all your products front and center. Moreover, Galleria is also ideal for brands with large catalog of products. However, even if you are just starting out and have only a few products, Galleria will still do the trick.

Galleria gets you to choose between two different menu styles for handy navigability. It also sports a vertical slider, product quick view, home and product page videos, as well as testimonials. With Google Maps, you can also showcase your physical location, so everyone can find you more comfortable. Galleria treats you to contact page, social media icons and currency switcher, too. Galleria is a Shopify-exclusive theme, so you do not even need to leave the platform, just go full-tilt at creating a conversion-driven online store.

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Palo Alto

palo alto shopify theme for t-shirts

Instead of solely focusing on pushing your T-shirts, take the extra mile and sell them through your compelling story. With Palo Alto, you can achieve excellent results without much work. Thanks to the three ready-made designs, making moves on the internet happens quickly and effortlessly. But do yourself a favor and see each in effect by heading over to the live demo.

Palo Alto works great for large images, allowing you to present your product in great detail. Right off the bat, Palo Alto also treats everyone to a massive banner that is a real attention-grabber. Keep in mind, Palo Alto suits smaller brands ideally, so if you focus on quality over quantity, it is a perfect match. Like other Shopify themes, Palo Alto also has customizable content sections on the home page for quick editing.

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responsive shopify theme for t-shirts

It is not only about the fluid and mobile-ready layout when it comes to Responsive, but the high flexibility when it comes to usability, too. In other words, Responsive works fantastically well for T-shirt brands, as well as heaps of other online businesses. Four stunning designs are in the kit, each sporting a simplistic approach to design. The experience will always be distraction-free with Responsive theme.

From home to internal page layouts, quick buy function, FAQ page and marketing pop-up, Responsive thought of it all and then some. The wide and bold layout also promises to put all the focus on your tee designs first and foremost. Even as a newbie, you are literally just a few moments away from getting your project live on the internet, starting selling goods to the masses.

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Simple (Free)

simple shopify theme for t-shirts

Even though a premium Shopify theme for T-shirts delivers more goodies, you will still witness excellent results with a free alternative. If you would like to keep things minimal and straightforward, hence the name, Simple is the site canvas for you. This tool looks basic at first glance, yet still comes with all the necessary to start your project immediately. Since you do not need to pay for it, you can literally begin in a click and see things unravel right in front of your eyes.

Simple sports all the modern trends and regulations of the web, like responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility and SEO-friendliness. Product recommendations, sidebar menu and product image zoom are other goodies that Simple has in the kit. By the way, even though it costs you nothing, it still sports three different main designs.

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Boundless (Free)

boundless shopify theme for t-shirts

Instead of only focusing on the premium ones, we wanted to mix things up with free Shopify themes for T-shirts for your convenience. How about that? Boundless is for everyone who enjoys a minimalist design. With the eye-friendly design and amazing attention to imagery, all your tee design will pop and receive the extra shine they deserve. There are two styles to choose from, Black & White and Vibrant, offering you to find the look that resonates with you best quicker.

As far as the features go, Boundless rocks massive slideshow with fading effect, sticky navigation, social icons and parallax scrolling. Due to optimization for mobile devices, everyone will enjoy browsing through your products, whether using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can even check other stores using Boundless to see what’s possible first and enjoy the process second.

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