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12 Best Single Product Shopify Themes 2021


When searching for the best single product Shopify themes, this is the most comprehensive list of solutions that you will find.

Instead of scouring the web to find the ideal web design that fits your business objective, we did all the hard work to save you extra time.

Whether you are just starting out or you would like to exclusively focus on ruling the industry with one product, create a single product eCommerce website and make an immediate difference.

Thanks to any of the Shopify themes that we have here for you, you can enjoy yourself a quick start on the internet without breaking a single drop of sweat.

First and foremost, there is no need for you to be a coder nor a designer. Every site canvas is user- and beginner-friendly, making sure newbies and pros get the most out of it.

Moreover, each alternative also comes with all the necessary page layouts and features for running a successful single-product store without a hitch.

Pick the single product Shopify theme that resonates with you best, and you are closer than ever to start an online business.

Managing and maintaining a one-product online store is also a little breeze. After all, there are not as many components to it compared to eCommerce pages with large catalogs.

Look no further and start on the right path now.


mixture single product shopify theme

Regardless of the type of product that you would like to push, you can make a striking online presence with Mixture. Even though this single product Shopify theme comes with three dedicated demos for drones, strollers and cosmetic products, you can expand its possibilities over and beyond. After all, the use of the theme is a little breeze, making sure everyone gets the most out of it, even if you lack code and design knowledge. It is a powerful solution that promises a first-class end product that will help you raise your potential to the extreme.

Moreover, you can also drag and drop sections to tailor the default appearance to your liking precisely. Nope, no coding knowledge is necessary when you plan to work with Mixture. The blog section, multi-currency support, mega menu, countdown timer for special deals and newsletter pop-up are just a few extras that will do you well.

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wristy single product shopify theme

With all the amazing features and page layouts, Wristy promises a striking outcome that will take your watch business to a whole different degree. This Shopify theme works great for pushing single products, but you can also expand your project over and beyond. The layout of Wristy is mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible, ensuring excellent performance across all devices and platforms. Not to mention, everyone will immediately get hooked by the sophistication and professionalism that Wristy brings to the table.

Other specialties of this jaw-dropping tool include newsletter pop-up, full-screen banner, parallax effect, sticky header, scrolling animations and product quick view. You can also make adjustments and improvements to the home page with the effortless process of dragging and dropping. If anything watch-related is what you have been up to lately, you better not miss Wristy.

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corano single product shopify theme

Kicking off a single product Shopify store happens in a little breeze with the implementation of Corano. Why would you even want to start from scratch, when you can benefit from a practical and simple-to-use solution instead? That said, let Corano do the magic and get the ball rolling immediately. If you stick to the out-of-the-box design, little work is necessary to activate Corano and let it help you start promoting your jewelry online. The predefined home demos and other inner layouts are ready and set for you to mix and match.

Multiple headers, mega menu, drag and drop page builder, RTL compatibility, Instagram section and testimonials are just a few of the amenities that come with Corano. You can also use Corano for dropshipping and to offer an affiliate program. Check the live demo and see how exceptionally appealing to the eye Corano is.

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Ap Twices

ap twices single product shopify theme

Ap Twices is an all-around Shopify theme with a horde of options, making sure you get to refine it according to your project without a sweat. Of course, you can also employ the flexible Ap Twices as a single product theme, putting on display just about any product you want. Whether that’s gadgets, clothing, furniture, you name it, Ap Twices handles it with ease.

In the bundle, you get a whopping one hundred and counting ready-made pages, more than 1200 theme options, five headers, four-footers, blog section, banner layouts, well, you get the gist of it. Ap Twices is a spectacular alternative that anyone can take to their total advantage. The theme is also optimized for fast loading and SEO, as well as in tune with modern devices and web browsers.

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foursuit single product shopify theme

If you are specializing in men’s fashion, Foursuit is the Shopify theme that you should consider, even if you plan to promote a single product. With this stunning web design, you will create an A-grade online presence that will help get the sales going strong. Of course, while you can use Foursuit out of the box, you can also step things up and enhance the default look with your creative touch. Foursuit will never ask you for any coding knowledge, which makes it perfect both for beginners and experts.

Some of the features include mega menu, Google Maps, image gallery, quick view, RTL support, slideshow and color and size swatches. If you would like to use Foursuit for dropshipping, you can do that, too. Start with a new men’s fashion project strong, thanks to Foursuit.

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anon single product shopify theme

If minimalism is your cup of tea, you better not miss Anon in your life. This impressive, swift to edit and improve, adjustable and fully featured Shopify theme comes ideal for marketing single products. With the responsive design, Anon makes sure that everyone gets the most out of your online presence, regardless of the device they use.

Specifically for single products, Anon contains three different demos that cover anything from cameras and drones to sport products, smart gadgets and headphones. With a tweak here and a tweak there, you can also increase Anon’s capabilities. You can use it for nearly any item you are looking to put some extra shine on.

The very many different features and functions make sure that Anon suits your purpose ideally. From different banner sections and Ajax search to mega menu builder, size guide table and lookbook, these are just a few in the fantastic bundle of specialties that Anon comes with.

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launch single product shopify theme

If you are looking to launch a new website for pushing the boundaries with your new product, hence the name, Launch is an excellent single product Shopify theme that will do the trick. It comes in three different styles out of the box, but you can also enrich it with your creative touch without the need to write code.

While Launch comes ideal for marketing only one product, it also handles stores with a small number of products.

Full-screen slideshow, call-to-action buttons, testimonials, newsletter subscription widget, drop-down menu and social media icons are all the different treats that you will find in the Launch kit. The tool also ensures fast loading and search engine optimization, as well as compatibility with all popular devices and browsers. Succeed with your marketing campaign and spread the word out with the convenient Launch.

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startup single product shopify theme

Startup is a remarkably flexible single product Shopify theme that works with four different businesses out of the box. For your information, it efficiently handles many more. In the kit, you will find various designs for home, tech, cloth and travel products. Still, if you dig the design but would like to use it for something different, please do. You can edit Startup, so it fits your main objective without really needing to perform much work. The tool is excellent, even for an utter beginner.

Presenting your brand and your product in the best possible light happens in a little breeze with the use of Startup. It comes with all the necessary sections to tell your story (by the way, stories sell!), showcase your product in great detail and even build customer trust through testimonials. Indeed, you can share a promotional video, too.

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story single product shopify theme

After hinting it already in the previous description, here is proof that brands selling products through stories are seeing amazing results. After all, that’s what Story tries to emphasize. This modern, clean and creative single product Shopify theme is a pack of goodies that will get you going like a pro from the get-go. Keep in mind, even if you are bringing into being your very first eCommerce website, you will succeed greatly with Story. Very little work is necessary to start making moves and seeing the sales going strong. Of course, it’s the marketing and the quality of your product (and your story) that will define the true success of your business.

Story comes with a sophisticated built-in timeline tool, which will take storytelling to a whole different degree. You can also put on display a lookbook, introduce team members and create custom forms for contact, inquiry and sign-up.

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flow single product shopify theme

Minimalist design is the main characteristic of the enticing Flow, a Shopify theme that you can employ for online single-product stores. Whether it is juice products you would like to advertise, apparel, accessories, whatever, you can make it happen with Flow now. Yes, now, as the process of creating a website is swift and straightforward. What’s more, thanks to the cleanness of Flow, your product will shine online, getting all the attention it deserves.

Along with beautiful page designs, Flow also includes quite a plethora of features for a beneficial outcome. You will find all sorts of stuff, like home page video, slide-out cart, promotional banner, floating navigation, social buttons and a full-screen image background above the fold. Just like any other Shopify-exclusive theme, Flow also comes with regular and free updates, making sure your page operates flawlessly for years to come.

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Narrative (Free)

narrative single product shopify theme

As you see already, you can use Narrative without the need to spend a dime. That said, you can start immediately, create a stunning and business-driven single product online store. Narrative handles all sorts of different items. When it comes to Narrative, you can also select from four different styles, picking the one that resonates with your brand and product best. In addition to that, you can, as well, tailor it to your liking. However, the modern look caters to different tastes out of the box anyway.

Narrative is perfect for pushing the boundaries with product storytelling. You can share all the ins and outs of how you came about making your project a realization. Not just that, but how it can help the user, simplifying their life. Hero video, fixed navigation, wide layout and vertical slideshow are just some of the specialties that Narrative has in store for you. No time to waste, take action now and have an outcome ready and live shortly after.

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maker single product shopify theme

When it comes to selling a product online, it is important that imagery, videos and texts are on point. After all, the end-user cannot test and try the item in real-time, thus, the presentation needs to make the magic. Thanks to Maker, you can achieve spectacular results with a striking website that will get more eyeballs on what you have to offer. Three different layouts are also available for you to go with the one that fits your industry best. However, feel free to go entirely against the norm by utilizing Maker for something that seems out of reach by default.

Maker is a single product Shopify theme that follows all the trends and regulations of the modern web. It is in tune with mobile and desktop devices and works on all popular web browsers. It is also search engine optimized and fast loading. To sum up, the performance will be outstanding with Maker.

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Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don’t receive additional bonus for positive reviews.


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