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9 Best Responsive Shopify Bookstore Themes 2021


If selling books online is what you strive for, any of these best Shopify bookstore themes will do the trick.

We have a solid list of spectacular site canvases here for you to start on the world wide web with confidence, regardless of the skill level you are at.

Right off the bat, you need to know that experience with building eCommerce websites is not necessary when it comes to Shopify. Anyone can do it, even a person who has never in their life established a page.

With a plethora of different designs at your disposal, you will find the one for selling books and eBooks immediately. What’s more, every Shopify theme is also editable and adjustable, offering you to tailor it to your branding directions precisely.

Also, if you would exclusively like to focus on a particular genre, you can do that, too. On the other hand, building a general online bookstore is what these tools are capable of handling as well. The navigability of the themes is on point, allowing the user to find what he or she is searching for quickly.

Moreover, when picking the Shopify bookstore theme that sparks your interest, you only need to focus on the finishing touches. As far as mobile-readiness, cross-browser compatibility and other technical aspects of a high-performing online store go, each theme covers them by default.

Skip the idea of starting from scratch, pick a theme and kick things off in a little breeze.


bookly shopify bookstore theme

Bookly is an all-around Shopify bookstore theme that works with just about anything books and eBooks related, magazines, too. With the beautiful and modern design, Bookly makes sure to cater to different tastes out of the box. Keep in mind, if you would like to brand Bookly, you can make that happen as well. All it takes are a few quick customization tweaks. On top of that, with the drag and drop method, you can also rearrange sections on the home page. This allows you to make it appear precisely how you want.

Moreover, Bookly delivers plenty of goodness to shine online with your fresh new online store. Slick slider, featured products, sales, products compare, wishlist, multi-currency and brandable checkout are just a few of the amenities that come with Bookly. The layout is also fluid, ensuring excellent performance on all devices and platforms.

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Shopify Books

shopify books shopify bookstore theme

Shopify Books almost does not need an introduction – it is all in the name. Whether it’s fiction, literature, history, business, just about any books that you would like to sell online, you can now do it with ease by employing Shopify Books. Instead of doing all the heavy lifting yourself from scratch, you can now get things rock and rolling with Shopify Books instead. This Shopify bookstore theme misses nothing.

At the time of writing this, there is one sophisticated demo at your disposal. However, two more are dropping soon, too, giving you even more solutions. Moreover, with the convenient visual builder, you can also style Shopify Books so that it matches your project idea precisely. There is no coding necessary, which makes Shopify Books great for newbies and experts. Starting a fresh online business is much simpler than you think when you have the right tools at hand.

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bookscart shopify bookstore theme

Build your online book business with BooksCart and manage and maintain it with ease. This Shopify bookstore theme gets you going right away. You don’t really need to invest much time in the process of establishing a professional and business-driven website. BooksCart takes care of all the challenging work, offering you just to perform any final improvements. In other words, alter BooksCart to your regulations, and you are good to go.

That’s it!

There are also very many features that BooksCart has in store for you. Auto currency switcher, off-canvas cart, lookbook, product zoom, four product hover effects, countdown timer for exclusive sales, all the necessary shop pages and Instagram shop are just some of the amenities that will do you well. If you are ready for a change, you are ready to proceed with the powerful BooksCart.

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shirley shopify bookstore theme

Shirley is as versatile as a Shopify bookstore theme can be. While you can utilize the tool exclusively for books, you can also put on display other types of products that you know readers love. In other words, you are not limited only to one kind of items with Shirley; feel free to go against the grain entirely.

With the four available demos, you can quickly find the style that suits you best. In addition to that, Shirley also allows you to make adjustments to the design but keeping it as is works fantastically well, too.

There’s more.

Shirley includes two headers, drop-down menu, different shop layouts, Google fonts, contact form, quick view and video banner, to name a few. The tool is very user-friendly, making sure every user gets the most out of it, regardless of his or her experience with building eCommerce websites.

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koparion shopify bookstore theme

Koparion takes things to an entirely different level with the very many demos, page layouts and practical features it comes with. You know immediately that this striking Shopify bookstore theme misses nothing, delivering all the necessary and then some. To start your own online book store, all you need is one tool – Koparion – and all the rest becomes history.

Even as a beginner willing to start your thing, you will still succeed at it with Koparion. Just front page demos alone, Koparion delivers six, including an RTL version. All the other necessary inner pages for operating a successful eCommerce website are also part of the deal. The layout is responsive and cross-browser compatible, too, as well as fast loading, to ensure terrific content browsing and shopping experience.

For your information, you can also use Koparion for dropshipping and affiliate earnings. Last but not least, activate the blog section where you can announce different book releases, as well as implement content marketing into your business.

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anon shopify bookstore theme

Anon made it to the list of the best Shopify bookstore themes due to its superb versatility. While this tool might not have a book-specific demo out of the box, you can use any from the available eight to sell books. There are even two exclusive samples that suit pushing single products, for instance, when you would like to raise the potential for a new book release – even as a landing page for a marketing campaign.

It is all about minimalism.

Thank’s to the cleanness and creative touches, Anon makes sure to create a pleasant experience for every user. Also, it is in tune with all devices and browsers, guaranteeing spectacular performance.

In the bundle of features, you get all sorts of stuff, like mega menu builder, Ajax search, load more button, quick view, Instagram shop, lookbook and blog. Enjoy the greatness of Anon and scale your business to new heights.

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susan shopify bookstore theme

Bookstores, libraries and all the other projects in between, Susan is a powerful and practical Shopify theme that will help establish a first-class online presence. Whether you would exclusively want to operate on the internet or you plan to expand your physical store with an online version, Susan is a tool that will do the trick. Thanks to the broad selection of six impressive home demos, you will easily find the one that will spark your interest. At this point, you can employ the sample exactly as it comes out of the box, but enhancing it with any customization tweaks and improvements is also an option.

The collection of features is enormous.

Susan incorporates just about anything and everything your heart desires. First and foremost, the theme is 100% compatible with all modern devices and web browsers. It also comes with mega menu with images, a coming soon page, quick view pop-up, mini cart, newsletter, you name it, Susan delivers it.

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editorial shopify bookstore theme

Editorial is a beautiful, modern and creative Shopify theme that works great for bookstores and libraries. If you are on the hunt to speed up the process of bringing into being a top-notch web space for your business, you better investigate Editorial in great detail. With three available styles, you can quickly find the one that will suit your main objective best. However, even though you can stick to the out of the box version, altering Editorial is also an option.

Thanks to the optimization for large images, you can put all the extra shine on a book cover and the inside content it deserves. With this, you will have no trouble triggering potential readers’ attention and increase sales. Home page videos, product zoom, showcasing collections in grid and list styles, free updates, social media icons and many more features in between await every Editorial user.

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Minimal (Free)

minimal shopify bookstore theme

If you are still unsure which Shopify bookstore theme to go with, Minimal is a free alternative that gets the ball rolling in the snap of a finger. As the name suggests, Minimal ensures cleanness and simplicity, two characteristics that always do the trick. After all, why complicate things with all this fancy stuff, when you can keep things minimal and distraction-free? With Minimal, it is a guarantee that the outcome will be very appealing to the eye.

You have an option to select from three predefined styles, all focusing on one thing first and foremost – your products. A few extra specialties of Minimal contain slideshow, product filtering, video support, product recommendations and drop-down navigation. Go with the look that resonates with you, alter it to your liking and call it a day. Little do you know, it takes you no time at all to go live and start pushing books with your must-visit online store.

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