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20 Realistic Car Mockup Templates 2021


A highly photo-realistic collection of car mockup templates for crafting outstanding presentations. If you would like to add a company logo, a sticker or any other advertisement to a car, do it with these templates first and go from there.

Below, you will find all sorts of different solutions that will put you right on track. And with the design all set and ready to go, well, you only need to invest seconds and already see the life-like demonstration in front of your eyes. That is how fast and straightforward working with a mockup is. In some instances, you even get to edit it online, from your favorite browser.

Moreover, the majority of car mockup templates are PSD files with a fully layered structure and smart objects. Once you import the data to Photoshop, you are only a few clicks away from having a finished product ready to impress.

What this also tells you is that you only really need basic Photoshop and design knowledge to have a chance and succeed at making an exhibition with a mockup. Enjoy yourself in all these goodies and design cars the way you want it. It is easy and it is fun after all.

Free realistic car mockup templates

Free Delivery Car Mockup

free delivery car mockup
Did I already say that we have several free car mockup templates here for you, too? If not, well, you know it now. This is the place where you can get your hands on a design without the need to spend a dime. Just like this delivery car solution, all the rest are quick and effortless to use. The tool comes as a layered PSD file that you can enhance however you fancy. Add a design to the car and change the background, all in just a click. The windows are also transparent, which makes the overall presentation even more realistic. For food delivery or other business intentions, create a car design that everyone will notice on the street.

Free Volkswagen Beetle Car Mockup

free volkswagen beetle car mockup
Are you interested in designing a Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio? If that is the case, well, you sure did come to the right place. Here is a free mockup template of the car that you can take to your total advantage right away. With just basic Photoshop skills, you can now update and level up the default template and make it follow your heart’s desire. Just like the car is editable, so is the background. You can use a solid color background or add an image. Hint: this car boosts beach vibes through the roof.

Layered Hyundai Car Mockup Freebie

layered hyundai car mockup freebie
If a Hyundai is a car that you would like to decorate with your brand’s regulations, here is the free mockup that will get you moving forward. It comes as a layered PSD file that you can quickly fine-tune in Photoshop. The mockup, of course, uses smart objects that make the entire customization process a little breeze. You can now establish an exhibition that will amaze and inspire all and everyone seeing it. Most importantly, you need to create a design that will trigger the attention of pedestrians who could become potential customers. Now is the right time to play around with different options and make a difference.

Free Toyota Corolla Sedan Car Mockup

free toyota corolla sedan mockup psd
For a car mockup of a Toyota Corolla Sedan, here is the one that will get the magic to happen. Keep in mind, although the tool might not cost a dime, that does not mean that the outcome will be half-baked. You still get a high-resolution template that will quickly put you on track. Also, thanks to the layered PSD file and smart objects, you know already that editing the out of the box look will be a child’s play. And you could not be more right! Change the color of the vehicle and create a presentation of all sides of the Toyota Corolla Sedan.

Mini Cooper Mockup In PSD

mini cooper mockup in psd
If you know that your flat design for a car is already out of this world, wait until you use a car mockup. This template of a Mini Cooper will inject life into your design by creating a photo-realistic presentation. You do not need to be an expert designer to be able to use the mockup and enrich it with your nifty ideas. The convenient PSD file offers every user to get the most out of it with no hidden charges. Free it might be, yet the outcome will be as professional and sophisticated as possible.

Premium Carm Mockups

Full Car Wrap Mockup Featuring a Compact Car

full car wrap mockup featuring a compact car
Creating a design for a car becomes a lot simpler with a photorealistic mockup. This helps you to test out your creation and see whether or not your design fits the vehicle or not. Instead of running into issues, you can now test all sorts of variations and possible combinations before going with the winner. Thanks to Placeit, everyone can greatly profit from this top-notch template, regardless of your skill level. For as long as you have the design or a logo ready, you can insert it to the mockup in just a click. What’s more, you can also change the color of the car and the background.

Side-View Mockup of a Car Decal on a Pickup Truck

side view mockup of a car decal placed on a pickup truck
If a pickup truck mockup is what you are after, this side-view mockup will surely spark your interest. Instead of doing all the work from scratch, you can now benefit from the predefined Placeit mockup instead. You need to understand that improving the default look of the template will take you little to no time. After you upload the design directly from your computer, you can also crop and reposition it. With a 1000 x 300 px design, you get to cover the entire vehicle, but you can also try out different options. Optionally, you can also add texts and graphics.

Side-View Mockup of a Car Decal Placed on a Sedan

side view mockup of a car decal placed on a sedan
Another side-view mockup of a car, this time of a white sedan. Getting a design on a car takes time and effort, and can be pricey as well. That said, you want to make sure all is in perfect order; in other words, your design fits the sedan exactly how you envisioned. With a mockup, you can now play around with all the possible variations, as it takes you barely any time to make it happen. Once you upload the design (1000 x 300 px), Placeit allows you to perform any final adjustments before you stick it to the car. If you would like to add any other specialties, you can do that, too, in the form of texts and graphics.

Small Square Car Decal Mockup

small square car decal mockup
Let’s get things moving forward with a few car decal mockups since we know how much you like these. Right of the get-go, here is a nifty Placeit mockup of a square decal (1000 x 1000 px) that you can enrich with your (transparent) artwork in no time. Besides, after you add your design, you can also attach some text and graphics to the presentation if necessary. In fact, you can try out a whole bunch of different variations before you find a clear winner and go from there. Hint: you can fully style the mockup first and only then download it.

Mockup of a Sticker on a Car Bumper

mockup of a sticker on a car bumper
Some like to add a sticker to a car window and some to the bumper. If the latter is what you are interested in, here is a car mockup that will do the trick for you. Instead of creating this massive sticker in hopes all will turn out well, try it out with a template first. This gives you a better idea of how your sticker would appear on an actual car. Not just that, you can investigate it further and see whether or not it needs any additional improvements. You can also share the final creation with your fans on social media, as well as with your client.

Angled Template of the Back Window Decal

angled template of the back window decal
Another massive back window decal mockup for you to enrich according to your preference. Whether you are a company creating car stickers and wraps or you are purely designing stuff, use a mockup for a striking demonstration. Instead of rocking a flat design, spice things up a little bit with a car mockup and enjoy the outcome in little to no time. Once you land over on Placeit website, you will witness the simplicity and user-friendliness. You only need to have the design ready, all the rest, you execute online without using Photoshop. Give it a shot!

Volvo V60 Mockup

volvo v60 mockup
From now onwards, it’s all about car mockups in PSD. For the most part, each template features a specific car, just like this one contains a Volvo V60. You receive eight editable files, all of 6000 x 4000 px dimension. You can expect extreme quality with any of these. Moreover, you can change the color of the car, add a custom background and even pick from three available wheel arrangements (does not apply to all views). You can also hide or show the license plate. A whole bunch of amazingness that will help you create the exact Volvo that you want. Make it pop.

Skoda Fabia Car Mockup

skoda fabia car mockup
If you are particularly interested in a Skoda Fabia, well, here is the exclusive car mockup for you. In the kit, you will find six high-quality PSD files, coming at 6000 x 4000 px. All bunch of different views ensure a complete presentation of the car. Whether you are designing stickers or a full wrap, you can now test it out without a hassle. Thanks to smart objects, your artwork will appear on the vehicle in just a click. This is an outstanding alternative to offer your client to visualize the final product better. If one is on the road constantly, a car can become a company billboard.

Peugeot Partner Van Mockup

peugeot partner mockup
We even have a car mockup of a Peugeot Partner here for you to decorate however you fancy. With the available six scenes aka six PSD files, you can showcase all the sides of the car/van. The amazingly high resolution of each template also ensures striking close-ups. Thanks to the fully layered structure, you can quickly and effortlessly import your designs and have a full-blown presentation all set speedily. Create full wraps and change the color of the vehicle, these creations will help bring your ideas to life. You are just a step away from an impressive exhibition.

Ford GT Mock-Up

ford gt mockup
Indeed, we also have a car mockup of a Ford GT here for you. With the dimension of 8000 x 4500 px, you know the end product will be first-class even when zoomed-in. You can easily change the color of the car to any shade you fancy. Moreover, with the use of smart objects you either add a design or a sticker or even a full wrap. Feel free to play around with all sorts of different combinations since PSD files included are a small breeze to use. If you would like to have some fun and design a Ford GT, now is the right time to make it happen.

Opel Corsa Car Mockup

opel corsa car mockup
Creating a professional car branding with a mockup of an Opel Corsa is as easy as pie. First and foremost, there is no need for you to start from the ground up anymore. In fact, this bundle comes with six remarkable PSD files that feature six different car views. Front, back and side views, it is all there, ready for you to decore it accordingly. Changing colors, adding designs via smart objects, adjusting background, I mean, what else you need? For an Opel Corsa, this is the finest solution you can get on the market today.

Qashqai/Rogue Sport SUV Mockup

qashqai rogue sport suv mockup
Whether it is a Nissan Qashqai or Rogue Sport that you would like to decorate with custom branding, this is the car mockup to consider. In fact, it is not just one; you get eight stunning PSD files of 6000 x 4000 px dimension. Loads of options and possibilities to make the exact vehicle that you want. You can fully wrap the SUV with your artwork and even add window decals. Additionally, you can hide background and ground shadows, edit license plate (or remove it) and pick from three different wheel positionings. Make that Nissan stand out from the masses now.

3in1 Car Branding Mockup

3in1 car branding mockup
This is a massive package of car mockup templates featuring three cars in five different views. You get Audi A3, Seat Leon and Skoda Rapid. Front, back, side and top views all come at 4000 x 7256 pixels for your convenience. Once you import these to Photoshop, just search for smart objects and see the magic happen. In just a few clicks, you can have a complete demonstration of a branded car all set and ready to amaze. When working with a client, send them a pleasant surprise in the form of a photo-realistic presentation of their upcoming car refreshment.

Van & Delivery Cars Mockup

van delivery cars mockup bundle
Not one, not even three, but six different car mockups in one bundle. Nope, not six different views, but six different vehicles. They are VW Caddy, Peugeot Partner, Opel Corsa (van edition), classic Opel Corsa, Golf and Renault Clio. Keep in mind, all these mockups are ideal for bringing into fruition a car design for a delivery vehicle. Of course, feel free to go entirely against the grain and use them for something entirely different. Change the color of the vehicle, change the color of the background and add a design via smart objects for a quick and spectacular result.

Car Mock-Up

6 psd car mockups
A collection of six PSD files aka six-car mockups of a Volkswagen Golf. With the exception of a top view, you get all the possible perspectives of a Golf that you would want. That said, you can now create a professional and life-like presentation of a car that will amaze and inspire everyone. You only need to work on the design, for all the rest, let these templates do the trick. When working with a client, astonish them with a realistic presentation of your car design idea will be very rewarding. Each template is also of a high 6000 x 4000 px dimension for terrific quality.

Sport Car Mockup

sport car mockup
Here is another sports car mockup for you to put into practice. It features a Renault RS01 (model 2015). You get a whopping collection of sixteen different PSD files, offering you every possible view of the car. Well, an RS01 sure does deserve it! With that in mind, you can now realize a stupendous demonstration of a car design you have going on in your mind sooner rather than later. Again, thanks to smart objects, you can attach any design in just a click. Whether you would like to keep it minimalistic or extraordinary, whatever the case, make it happen with a mockup and call it a day.

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