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15 Best Clean & Minimal Shopify Themes 2021


For everyone who is unsure about the design approach to take with their eCommerce website, these best minimal Shopify themes will do the trick.

In short, when you are in doubt, a clean and simple look is always the way to go. It creates a distraction-free experience that guarantees to raise your potential to new heights. After all, it’s your products and your story why everyone came to visit your online store in the first place, and once you blend everything together with a minimalist appearance, you create a winning situation.

Along with the stunning and striking designs of each minimal Shopify theme, these site canvases also come with a horde of treats to take to your total advantage. Everything is in perfect order, from header to footer and all the sections in between.

Each web design is optimized for the mobile experience and fast loading, too, for an unforgettable shopping spree.

Whether you would like to sell fashion, accessories, shoes, bags, watches, furniture, handcrafted goods, just about anything, put an extra shine on your products with a website that is trendy and appealing to the eye. These themes undoubtedly succeed at both.

Without further ado, investigate our extensive collection of Shopify themes in great detail. Without a shadow of a doubt, you will find the right one for your business and have it all set in little to no time.

Cosmetic Kart

cosmetic kart minimal shopify theme
Cosmetic Kart – hence the name – is a minimal Shopify theme that suits anything beauty and cosmetics-related. If you are looking to push products online but do not know where to start, save yourself time and effort with Cosmetic Kart now. With the beautiful home and internal page layouts, you can quickly set up the desired eCommerce business and see sales coming immediately. After all, if you are using social media and paid media buying to drive traffic to your site, results could be super quick.

There are tons of great features and functions that come with Cosmetic Kart. The tool makes sure to cover all the necessities and then some. Live search, mega menu, cart drop-down, multi-language and RTL support, dynamic checkout and catalog mode are just some of the specialties of Cosmetic Kart. There is also a cool feature that showcases prices only for the logged in users. This comes perfect in the case of exclusivity and wholesalers.

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vodoma minimal shopify theme
The minimalistic and creative appearance of Vodoma makes it easily work with an array of different types of Shopify stores. In fact, there are seven different demos to choose from. They cover anything from fashion, T-shirts, shoes, jewelry, kids’ fashion and beachwear, to name a few. Of course, each of the samples is also 100% editable and adjustable. In short, it works with multiple other projects that you would like to start. That’s right, you can utilize one theme for varying online businesses without a sweat.

Along with device and browser compatibility, Vodoma is also optimized for fast loading speed, ensuring a terrific performance. Other goodies contain ten headers and unlimited footer styles, five mobile-specific headers, search engine optimization, Google rich snippet, banner creator and built-in mega menu. Pre-ordering, dynamic pricing, automatic currency detector and disabling right-click are just some of the extras that will do you well.

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comfortic minimal shopify theme

Comfortic is comfortable to use even for an utter beginner, yet the outcome will always be first-class. Thanks to the codeless process of building an online store with a minimalistic look, anyone can start their project sooner rather than later. With three main home page demos and additional boxed and RTL layouts, you have more than enough designs to find the one that resonates with you best. Speaking of RTL, indeed, Comfortic is also fully translatable for you to localize or globalize your eCommerce website.

Some other amenities of the theme include convenient admin panel, quick cart, amazing filtering, mega menu and shipping calculator, to name a few. The layout is also 100% responsive and in tune with all modern web browsers. Comfortic calls for an excellent shopping experience at all times.

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furnimart minimal shopify theme

Furnimart is a minimal Shopify theme that comes ideal for online furniture stores. Whether you are working on your own or on your client’s eCommerce website, save yourself time and energy with a sophisticated and easy to use theme. This remarkable alternative ensures a beautiful outcome. Furnimart will draw attention to all the items that the store has to offer. There are all the necessary page layouts and tons more features for you to benefit from. Mix and match the available material according to your liking.

Moreover, while Furnimart works great for your own products, you can also utilize it for dropshipping and affiliate products. The possibilities are very many when it comes to Furnimart. It makes sure everyone gets the most out of it without a sweat. You can also go with RTL and LTR structure, include multiple languages, offer live search and create catalog mode.

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zeexo minimal shopify theme

Zeexo is a jaw-dropping Shopify theme that misses nothing. With a collection of a whopping 108 predefined samples, you know you will find the right one for your business out of the box. Zeexo covers fashion, jewelry, glasses, furniture, cosmetics, accessories, you name it. What’s more, it even comes with a new style every week. You now know you will have even more beautiful and professional skins to choose from.

Not just that, but every demo is also editable and modifiable. Feel free to alter it to your taste and business regulations. Indeed, live building and customization unlock unlimited possibilities.

Install the design that suits you with a single click and start with the right foot forward immediately. Zeexo is also 100% optimized for mobile devices, ensuring smooth shopping from smartphones and tablets. A few extras that come at no cost include mega menu, Instagram feed, wishlist, product compare, sale notification and exit pop-up.

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amanto minimal shopify theme

If you would like to start a few different online projects, picking a minimal Shopify theme, Amanto, will do you well. After all, with the amazing ready-to-use samples and excellent customization features, you can effortlessly create several eCommerce websites without anyone knowing you are actually using the same foundation. From home designs, shop pages, internal layouts and even a full-blown blog section, Amanto comes with all and then some.

The list of features includes mega menu, newsletter, automatic price change, back to top button, Facebook chat, 360-degree video, product carousel and built-in slider. Amanto also includes complete documentation for you to flip through and experience flawless online store creation. Of course, the friendly support team is at your service, too, offering a helping hand at any time. Create a striking outcome that will boost sales through the roof with Amanto now. Grow your business to new heights.

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anon minimal shopify theme

Anon is a strikingly versatile minimal Shopify theme for an array of business ideas that you have going on. From a generic home page design to several dedicated ones, Anon covers a plethora of designs that will get you going in no time at all. Whether you would like to push accessories, luxury products, watches, fashion, headphones, wine, whatever, you can now make it happen with Anon. Not only are the samples ready to cover all sorts of different objectives, but they are also fully editable. Meaning, tweak them accordingly since customization is effortless.

Along with the stunning designs, Anon also comes with tons of powerful and practical features and functions. One tool to operate your entire online business – that’s what’s up when it comes to Anon. The theme practices all the modern trends and regulations as well. Anon ensures a smooth and stable operation for years to come.

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cize minimal shopify theme

Anything high-tech, electronic and gadget-related is what Cize takes care of with ease. This minimal Shopify theme is a pack of goodness that will help you establish a professional and sophisticated eCommerce website. The outcome will raise your business’ potential to new extremes. With just the five demos alone, you can secure yourself a stupendous online presence that is exactly to your liking. For your information, you can expect even more designs to drop with upcoming updates.

One click installation, entirely mobile optimized, cross-browser compatible, retina-ready and SEO-friendly are some of the core features that Cize has in store for you. Along with all the business and eCommerce page layouts, you also get a blog for announcing new product drops, content marketing, listicles, you name it. Stand out from the masses with an original and distinct online store, thanks to the highly valuable Cize.

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calfia minimal shopify theme

If the last tool was all about electronics, Calfia is all about fashion. Men’s, women’s, general, kid’s fashion, even accessories, bags, glasses and other whatnot, you can present it all in the best possible light with the gorgeous Calfia. With the ready-to-use samples and terrific customization features, Calfia makes sure that you get your project going swiftly. Yes, with little to no work necessary. One thing is for sure, you will never need to touch a single line of code.

The vast collection of features ensures the establishment of an eCommerce website that offers a distraction-free shopping experience. Create handy navigability with mega menu, offer automatic price change, allow users to pick their language and even offer them to add products to their wishlist. Social media integration, product quick view, blog, free support and updates, Instagram shop and parallax effect are other amenities that you can also take to your total advantage.

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Minimal (Free)

responsive minimal shopify theme

I do not even need to say much when it comes to Minimal. This remarkably appealing to the eye Shopify theme is a spectacular solution that comes with a design that puts all the shine on your products. Whether you would like to advertise fashion goods, vintage products, well, anything, you can now make it happen with the convenient Minimal. By the way, this Shopify theme costs you nothing, yet it promises a first-rate end product. Minimal will help you push the boundaries.

Some of the amenities that you will find of great use are slideshow, product zoom, home page video support, product filtering and product recommendations, among many more in between. The layout of Minimal is also entirely fluid, compatible with all modern devices, smartphones, tablets and desktops. If simplicity works for you, Minimal is a great alternative to consider.

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Simple (Free)

simple minimal shopify theme

Simple truly takes things to another level when it comes to simplicity and minimalism. This Shopify theme somewhat looks very basic, however, it comes with plenty of great features that guarantee an excellent outcome. First and foremost, you get to pick between three different styles, which cover fashion, beauty and toys out of the box. Of course, you can also use Simple for selling other items online. It takes close to no time to alter it to your business.

Sidebar menu, cool animations, image zoom on products, recommendations, search engine optimization, social media integration and many more treats await every Simple user. Personalize and brand Simple to match it to your style and have it all set to go live speedily. FYI, Simple will never ask you for coding and design skills, which makes it perfect for newbies and professionals.

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motion minimal shopify theme

Motion is a beautiful and minimal Shopify theme for establishing an eCommerce website that spices things up with animations and videos. If that is something that you are interested in, you better not miss checking out Motion in effect. With the three samples, Motion offers a few different options to find the design that suits you easier. While the demo works great as is, you can step things up as well. Enhance it and modify the default settings to your liking. You do not need to code anyway, so you know the task is comfortable and not challenging at all.

Along with the three different styles, Motion also comes with a great deal of features. Moreover, if you are not exclusively looking for a theme that will help you sell products online, but would also like to tell your story and take marketing to another degree, Motion does that tremendously good.

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story minimal shopify theme

Story, as the name suggests, is a minimal Shopify theme that suits brands who are looking to sell through storytelling best. Whether you are just starting out or a well-established brand, Story fits both without a hitch. You can also select from three different styles that cover various objectives. Even if you decide to use the predefined sample as is, it is amazingly flexible. Of course, you can also personalize Story comfortably. Needless to say, the method of editing the layout is a child’s play.

For storytelling particularly, Story even includes a built-in timeline tool, as well as sports all the additional images and text space on product pages. Story comes with team showcase, lookbook, handy filtering, custom forms and free theme updates. By the way, if you need inspiration, check all the stores that are using Story first and let them blow you away.

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startup minimal shopify theme

While many store owners focus on bringing as many products to the user, some are all about mastering one product and making it the best of the best. That said, if you are searching for a minimal Shopify theme that comes perfect for single-product stores, Startup is the way to go. Regardless of the product, you would like to market on the internet, you will do it successfully with Startup and heaps of perks it comes with. There are even four different samples that come out of the box. They fit anything from home, tech, cloth and travel items.

Wide layout, clean design, testimonials, journal, sticky navigation, call-to-actions, video support and newsletter subscription form is just a small percentage of all the amenities that you will find in the Startup kit. Get your hands on this nifty site canvas and make it yours to the very last detail.

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