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16 Best Clean & Simple Shopify Themes 2021


Our hand-picked collection of the best simple Shopify themes is the most complete list of solutions to all sorts of different online businesses.

Before we dive deeper, let’s clear three things first and go from there.

First, “simple” relates to the fact of how easy and effortless these themes are to use. Whether you are an utter beginner or an expert, everyone will profit from the site skins below. Heck, even if it is your first time building an online store, you will make it a realization with ease and comfort.

Second, “simple” also links to the beautiful, stunning and clean design that each of the themes sport. If you are searching for a tool that is not overcrowded with all this fancy stuff, effects and animations, you came to the right place. In short, if you are of minimalist nature, you will love these simple Shopify themes.

Thirdly, even if these page canvases might somewhat look basic, as well as easy to use, the outcome will be professional and spectacular and that is a guarantee. Little work might be necessary indeed, but the end product will be jaw-dropping.

With the popularity of Shopify and the user-friendly approach to running an online shop, managing and maintaining your business will be hassle-free. Start with the right foot forward and enter the industry with a bang sooner rather than later.


anon simple shopify theme

While the Shopify theme might be simple and pleasing to the eye, the features and functions can still be powerful and advanced. A tool that ensures you a striking outcome is Anon. With its minimal look and eight samples to choose from, you can start your thing regardless of the items you would like to promote on the internet. Whether it’s fashion, watches, wine, jewelry, gadgets, Anon welcomes anything. Even if you would like to create a single-product store, you can do that, too, with Anon.

Along with stunning home page designs, Anon also includes all the necessary inner layouts and many great features. The layout is also clean, lightweight and modular, as well as compatible with all popular devices, web browsers and retina screens. Needless to say, Anon is optimized for speed and SEO as well. Anon is a pack of goodies to help your project shine online.

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vodoma simple shopify theme

Minimal and simple are the two main characteristics of Vodoma. It is an impactful Shopify theme that includes eight beautiful home page demos for your convenience. While Vodoma works ideally for fashion and apparel brands, it’s multi-purpose approach ensures that you can easily alter it to all sorts of industries without breaking a sweat. You need to know that Vodoma will never require you to undergo any challenging tasks. A very beginner-friendly theme, if you will.

Various header styles and unlimited footers, mobile-specific headers, search engine optimization, fast loading speed, Google rich snippet and banner creator are just some of the very many treats that come with the Vodoma package. You can also set a pre-order, start a blog, offer social sharing and benefit from fast and friendly support. Enter the industry with a bang and raise your potential with the handy Vodoma.

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zeexo simple shopify theme

Zeexo is a serious competitor when it comes to simple Shopify themes. The following information alone will blow you away for sure. Zeexo comes with 108 different shop designs out of the box.

Yes, that’s 108!

These cover anything from fashion, jewelry and glasses to furniture cosmetics, accessories, tools and tons more in between. Additionally, every sample is also fully editable and adjustable, making sure you get the most out of Zeexo with ease. The live builder and customizer unlock endless possibilities for your convenience.

Zeexo is 100% mobile optimized, fast loading, cross-browser compatible, retina-friendly and SEO-ready. It even contains premium plugins at no extra cost, like mega menu, Instagram feed, wishlist, product comparison, countdown timer and exit pop-up. Every Zeexo user also gets a complete how-to and video tutorials to make sure the setup is smooth and effortless.

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Cosmetic Kart

cosmetic kart simple shopify theme

For when you are searching for a simple Shopify theme for cosmetic stores, Cosmetic Kart should be on your list. It is a powerful solution, no wonder why we added it to this collection of the most promising themes with a simple, clean and striking design. One main demo and multiple inner page layouts are at your display, readily available to put them into practice. The appealing Cosmetic Kart easily caters to numerous different tastes, even by employing it out of the box.

In the bundle, you will find stuff like auto currency switcher, off-canvas cart, Facebook chat, product zoom, countdown timer and handy filtering, to name a few. You also do not need to worry about browser and device compatibility. Cosmetic Kart covers all the technicalities for you by default.

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comfortic simple shopify theme

When you are building a cosmetic brand, or you are starting an online beauty store, do things the right way with Comfortic. It is a simple Shopify theme that is a little breeze to use, yet the outcome will be absolutely phenomenal. There are all these different front and internal page layouts for you to mix and match. With the available, you can bring into being the eCommerce website that is exactly to your liking. Additionally, feel free to implement your creative touch and improve Comfortic with your signature style.

The collection of features is vast. You will find anything from mega menu and color swatches to product quick view, testimonials, powerful admin and Ajax search, Comfortic rocks it all and a horde more. You can also start a blog and use it for product announcements, as well as content marketing.
One tool, tons of options.

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furnimart simple shopify theme

Companies selling furniture and home decoration, you are welcome to step things up in the online space with Furnimart. This simple Shopify theme is remarkably impressive, packed with a horde of features and goodies that call for a stupendous outcome. If that is something that triggers your attention, head over to the live preview now and experience the amazingness of Furnimart yourself.

Furnimart delivers every possible page layout; from home to internal designs and all the other goodies, Furnimart misses nothing and that is a guarantee. Keep in mind, you can even use Furnimart for dropshipping and affiliate products.

Entirely translateable, supports RTL languages, comes with Facebook live chat, comes with the 360-degree view, well, you get the gist of it. If you are ready to impact the industry and get more eyeballs on your products, present them in the best possible light with Furnimart.

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amanto simple shopify theme

Amanto’s adaptability to different online businesses goes over and beyond. With its set of ready-made home samples, internal page layouts, headers and mega menu styles, you can quickly find the perfect look for your eCommerce website. Since it follows all the requirements of a simple Shopify theme, you know you will benefit from Amanto tremendously. Selling gadgets, fashions, games, well, anything really, is a piece of cake when it comes to Amanto.

As far as the process of establishing a professional and sophisticated online store goes, you will complete it without a hitch. Amanto is also optimized for SEO, fast loading and mobile devices. Import the demo of choice with a single click, and you are just a few steps away from realizing the online presence for your business. Push the products of any industry and start seeing the success you want to attain with the right combination of marketing and a great story.

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Minimal (Free)

minimal simple shopify theme

If you like the minimalist lifestyle, you can transform that same enthusiasm to your online store, too. With Minimal, hence the name, you can create a simple, clean, modern and creative online store that emphasizes your products first and foremost. The simplicity allows for a distraction-free experience that will help raise your potential and get more sales coming in.

Even though the design is minimal, you can still expect quite a decent portion of features and styles that you can take to your total advantage. By the way, Minimal is free of charge, allowing you to put it to use right away.

Start with any of the three predefined designs, introduce your creativity and start stuffing it with your products. As for the features, Minimal includes a slideshow, product zoom, recommendations, great filtering options and fully customizable content sections on the home page.

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Simple (Free)

responsive simple shopify theme

Simple, well, do we even need to say anything about this clean and minimal Shopify theme? I am sure you are already familiar with what to bank on from a tool that goes by the name, Simple. Indeed, it is all about simplicity, from top to bottom. With that in mind, you can employ Simple for a horde of different online businesses. It works great even if you decide to use it precisely as it comes out of the box. It also comes with three demos, which cater to fashion, beauty and toy industries.

What’s more, the layout of Simple is mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible, retina-ready and search engine optimized. Social buttons, hover effects, newsletter subscription form, blog section, a contact page, well, if you are down for the basics, you better go with Simple and make an immediate difference.

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kingdom simple shopify theme

Kingdom is a simple Shopify theme for kings and queens of the industry or soon-to-be ones. It is a spectacular web design that comes very appealing to the eye due to its minimalist look in collaboration with large images. All your products will come into view beautifully, regardless of the device, the potential buyer users. Also, every product page is very story-focused, offers you to go really in-depth with the presentation of the items that you would like to push online.

There are even three different styles incorporated into the bundle for your convenience. Build customer trust with testimonials, start a blog, tell all about your business and more with the jaw-dropping Kingdom theme. Last but not least, everyone will enjoy the great navigability of Kingdom, thanks to the sticky sidebar menu.

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motion simple shopify theme

Bring your products into motion with the impressive, modern and innovative Motion theme. If you are starting an online store with a twist, you better not miss the superb Motion and make an immediate difference. With the eye-catchy design, videos and animations, Motion promises a spectacular and unforgettable experience browsing through your website. All this raises the potential of winning over more buyers and grow your community of loyal fans to new heights.

Amazing visual storytelling of Motion ensures that you take every user on an impactful adventure through your must-own products and all the other information you would like to share. A few extra goodies of Motion include customizable home page sections, drop-down navigation, social media integration, sticky header and parallax effect. You can also start with a blog and introduce beneficial content marketing to your business.

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story simple shopify theme

Instead of just stuffing a website with products and hope they will sell, take things to a completely different level with Story. This simple Shopify theme can now present your items online in a way that will be way more appealing to the end user. Tell a story, bring into view beautiful images, close-ups of your products, get more personal with team presentation and more, thanks to Story. The method of doing things the right way is undemanding, perfect both for beginners and professionals.

Other goodies of Story contain parallax effect, drop-down menu, call-to-actions, social media icons, awesome timeline, newsletter subscription and currency switcher. Keep in mind, these are still just a small segment of all the specialties that you get with the powerful Story. Now it is your turn to forge a website that might not feel like a traditional online store. After all, it is Story we are talking about.

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startup simple shopify theme

If you are specializing in a single product, perfecting it to be the best in the world, bring it to the masses with Startup now. This simple Shopify theme is exclusive to single-page stores but fits an array of different businesses and industries. Just samples alone, you get four, covering home, tech, cloth and travel projects. In addition to that, you can always tweak Startup and use it for something entirely different.

Startup rocks a trendy modular layout, ensuring you put on display your brand, product and content beautifully. Integrate a promotional video, share customer testimonials, create a FAQ page, all this and more with the easy to use Startup. Keep in mind, let the name not fool you, even if you are an established brand, you can still greatly benefit from Startup.

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providence simple shopify theme

Providence is a modern and stylish Shopify theme that focuses on simplicity and distraction-free experience for increased conversions. Start with an elegant solution that will help you bring into being a full-blown website in little to no time. You get three striking designs to choose from, all very eye-catchy and versatile enough to work with plenty of different online businesses. If you are looking for simplicity with a touch of creativity in a Shopify theme, Providence is it.

The features are also numerous, ensuring an end product that will move mountains. First and foremost, while you can use the style of Providence out of the box, you can also edit it with your branding directions. Moreover, Providence comes with home page video, customizable sidebar, quick buy for adding items to cart without leaving the current page and product image zoom. Not to mention, feel free to spice things up with a charming slider.

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reach simple shopify theme

Whether you are a small brand, just entered the market, heck, even offer only one product, with Reach, you will forge a web space that will wow everyone. Instead of focusing on the products primarily, create a visually appealing story. It will raise your potential without a shadow of a doubt. It is not all about goods and sales. With a strategic approach of storytelling, you can actually win the game much more relaxed.

To save you extra time and energy, Reach includes three different styles. It makes sure it covers as many tastes as possible. To top it all up, you can also alter the layout with custom refinements that make Reach represent who you are and your products on the internet to the very last detail. Set yourself apart from the competition and stand out from the masses with the splendid Reach.

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