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20 Beautiful Free Flat Social Media Icons Sets 2021


A comprehensive list of the best free flat social media icon sets for personal and commercial use in design mockups, websites and elsewhere.

This time around I would like to help designers and web developers by collecting the best available flat icon sets. Some of these sets feature long shadow that goes side by side with flat design principles.

Further, you might look into flat design WordPress themes and flat logo design examples. Since the long shadow is a thing of this design trend you might want to look into this collection as well.

If you are looking for a WordPress theme that will blend well with the below listed social media icons you might want to check this theme collection on which we have featured free and fully responsive WordPress themes for various website types. If this is not what you are after then feel free to browse further to find icons for your website or design project.

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Minimal Social Media Icons

minimal social media icons
If you are looking to connect your website to your social media profiles, enhance your online presence with nifty social media icons. Instead of crafting them yourself, you can now make it happen in a snap of a finger with this collection of minimal social media icons. These are very appealing to the eye and cover all the major companies and even some lesser-known ones. That said, look no further and start implementing these amazing, modern creations to your page and make a difference. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Behance, you name it, it’s all in the bundle.

Author: Wassim

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Blush Social Media Icons

blush social media icons
If you are looking for something different, blush social media icons kit should definitely be on your list. Instead of keeping things the traditional way, you can always spice things up with nifty details. Introduce these watercolor social media icons to your website and set yourself apart. Especially if you are in the creative field and you are building an online portfolio, these could come very handy. On the other hand, think outstanding the box, go against the norm, and you can use these social media buttons for just about any project you are working on.

Author: Carrie Cristancho

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Social Media Icons

lovely social media icons
A massive collection of all the popular and well-known social media icons, all packed into one bundle. Over on Free Icons, you can find the right button or icon in a small breeze. Download the ones that you need and you can already use them on your website or any other project you are working on. What’s also cool, Free Icons is a platform that makes sure its content is frequently updated with new material for your convenience. Last but not least, the files come in three different formats, AI, SVG and PNG. Get social media icons for your page now.

Author: Muhammad Haq

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Circular Icons with Hover Effect

circular icons with hover effect
There is always an option to take things to an entirely new degree. And even when it comes to something as simple as social media icons, there is an option to present them in a way that will capture everyone’s attention. Instead of having just the button to click on, elevate the appearance with a hover effect. How cool does that sound? You can now make something that is simple as interesting as it can possibly be. You can also check the demo first and watch a video tutorial to get the gist of it. It is all just a click away, all set for you to put it into play.

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100 Free World Social Media Icons

100 free world social media icons
Not one, not then but a package of one hundred free social media icons for your convenience. There is all and everything a user needs when in the process of refining a website, an app or any other project. Instead of scouring the web to find the right ones, you can just hit the download button and get the whole pack for yourself now. These are also editable and customizable, so you can fine-tune and alter them according to your branding regulations or other needs and requirements. Still, use them as they are and you are good to go, too.

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Flaticon Social Media Icons

flaticon social media icons
Flaticon is an outstanding platform that focuses on icons primarily. And if you are looking for free social media icons, boy, you get a ton of them. Along with the company logos and whatnot, there is also an enormous collection of other designs that you can take to your total advantage in a small breeze. Classic icons and such with a modern twist to them, there are all and every possible solution for quick integration into your project or web design. You can also filter icons by mono-color or multicolor and find the right icons even quicker. But you can always type in the keyword in the search bar and get only the stuff that you are interested in.

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Cool Social Networks Logos

cool social networks logos
If it says “cool” than it must be something about it. No doubt, if you are doing the creative work and would like to keep social media icons different compared to the others, this set is the one for you. The package includes thirty dark social network logos that you can employ in an instant. Also, all the buttons are free for both personal and commercial use. You will probably hear me say it several more times, but if you are in for something else, you better not miss checking these icons out.

Author: Aral Soufi

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Social Rounded 2

social rounded 2
Clean modern and striking social media buttons with rounded edges. These are somewhat traditional and classic alternatives that will beautifully decorate your blog, online portfolio, corporate website or eCommerce page. Even if you plan to add social media icons to other web design, you can freely take these to your advantage, too. Benefit from all 24 vector icons (SVG) and showcase everyone how sociable you are. Have in mind, when it comes to free products, you need to understand the license and the rules of use first to avoid any inconvenience. Now get this fresh set of goodies and style the project accordingly.

Author: Amit Jain

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Dark Social Media Icons

dark social media icons
If black is your cup of tea (hm, this did not come out as expected), then these are the social media icons that you should consider. They are clean, professional and sophisticated, making sure they enrich the presence with ease. There are eleven available icons in the bundle, Facebook, PayPal, Google, Instagram, Twitter and more. Have in mind, these particular buttons are only free for personal use. So, if you are working on your own portfolio or doing things for your personal inspiration, go ahead and download them free of charge. Have in mind, there are two formats of each icon and additional nine sizes that go from 16 x 16 px (for favicon) and up to 512 x 512 px.

Author: Jagathish Saravanan

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Social Network Logo Collection

social network logo collection
Another creative approach to free social media icons that you can benefit from greatly. There are 37 available buttons/logos for you to use, all available for personal and commercial use. If you decided to use these for any commercial project, you need to link back to the author’s website. Other than that, you can start downloading them immediately and have them rock your online presence instantaneously. Sometimes, it’s the details that matter most, although, it’s the overall design that will capture their interest and have them intrigued.

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Rounded Social Buttons

rounded social buttons
In one way or another, everything modern and mobile-first seems to be rounded. And if you are looking for free social media buttons with a rounded look, this is the set you need. These are killer and vibrant, making sure the presentation on your website or any other project pops. The set includes 25 different icons, like Vimeo, Twitter, Skype, Pinterest, SoundCloud and YouTube, to name a few. Download and employ either the SVG or the PNG version and benefit from any of the nine different sizes. You are just a click away from getting the icons to your hard drive and using them for your projects.

Author: Amit Jain

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Cool Social Media SVG Icons

cool social media icons
When you would like to take the presentation of your web design or website to an entirely new level, details matter. Even if you try and keep things as clean and minimalistic as possible, you still need to make sure that everything is in perfect order. And the same goes for social media icons. Instead of using the original ones, you can always step things up a few notches and utilize a set of cool SVG buttons that cost you nothing. From Snapchat and Reddit to Spotify, SoundCloud and many more in between, have these sets yours and shine.

Author: Nikita Landin

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Social Media (Solid)

social media solid
A whopping set of 45 slid social media buttons in black and white. If you would like the icons to pop, you now know what set will do you exceptionally well. In the kit, you get all the popular social network icons that you can gain access to with just a click. That said, you can choose between SVG and PNG formats and go from there. Additionally, you can also download a PNG icon in nine different sizes. Still, you can download the largest and resize it according to your needs later. Also, all the buttons come with a modern approach of rounded edges that happen to be very popular nowadays. Lastly, each icon is free for personal and commercial use.

Author: Bagus Kusnandar

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Creative Social Media Icons

creative social media icons
Creativity knows no bounds and nor does the amazing collection of free social media icons that we have in store for you. In short, there is something for everyone. You can quickly and effortlessly use and import any of the sets of social media buttons and take them to your total advantage. This is a special kit of 31 SVG icons that will enrich your website or app or any other project you are working on. What’s also super cool about this set and any other that you find on Iconfinder is the in-browser editing. Hit the “open in icon editor” and you can fine-tune and alter each icon further.

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Free Modern Social Media Icons

free modern social media icons
Lovely, modern, adorable, energetic, you name it, these free social media icons are to die for. And now, they can be all yours in a click of a button. The kit of thirty icons covers all the well-known social networks and some other websites. With the ease of use, you can also customize and adjust the look of each icon, so it follows your branding regulations precisely. Once on the Iconfinder website, hit the icon you dig and go from there. First, you can download it in two different formats and nine different sizes. Moreover, you can also go to the in-browser editor and refined it according to your taste.

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Social Media Icons PNG, SVG and PDF

social media png svg pdf
By now, you are only looking for what is left on the list, right? I am sure you already found yourself tons of awesome free social media icons to use on your website. However, we are not done yet. There are still several different sets and kits that you should look into before you dive all-in and pick the style of buttons that you fancy the most. From Facebook, Medium, Pinterest, Twitter and many more in between, they are all there, at your fingertips.

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pixabay social media icons
Pixabay is an enormous platform where you can find all sorts of creative content entirely free of charge. And if you are on the hunt for free flat social media icons, you will find loads of them, too. There is an icon or a logo you can take to your benefit for pretty much any popular social network out there. Some come in sets and the others come individual. Choose what sparks your interest the most and go from there. When you find the right icon, you also get to choose the size and all the rest is history. Just hit the download button, show that you are not a robot and you have the content ready to go.

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Hand-Drawn Logos and Brands

logos and brands
I bet you were not expecting seeing free social media icons of this kind. It feels like each and every logo was hand-drawn, which makes the appearance look very unique and original. Have in mind, there are 415 of them available for you! Nope, that is not a typo. You have just about all and every social media button you can think of available to put into play. Whether you run a DIY site, a blog, heck, even an online store, if you are on the hunt for something else, make it stand out a mile with these icons. Lastly, each icon is free for personal and commercial use (but link to the author if using for the latter).

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