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15+ Best Community Website Templates 2020


Create an audience of like-minded people and grow your page above and beyond with the best community website templates. Having a solid online community is crucial if you want to have a flourishing project of any kind.

Let it be a blog, an online magazine, a golf club, online education, whatever there is you are launching a website for, here is a template for you.

With the versatility of the website templates for communities, you can quickly find the one that you are after. We thought about covering many niches and different tastes.

While interacting with your community is fun, constructing a website with the right tools will be just as exciting. And these community website templates have it all at your service. You just need to select the ideal one according to your needs and start seeing results in the shortest space of time.

Indeed, those new to website development, you, too, can build with these templates. Organized code and easy customization are part of every template’s package.

Necessary widgets, essential elements, handy features and a wide range of other specialties, these community website templates do not lack any. Stop resisting and start creating remarkable things.

Best community website templates & themes

Divi (WordPress)

Regardless of the community website, you would like to bring into being, with Divi, you can make them all and more. Once you get familiar with the fact that this tool comes with over one hundred complete website packs, you instantly know that Divi is a serious deal. Moreover, it also does not limit you in any way when it comes to customizing the eight hundred and counting designs. Sure, you can use each layout out of the box but you can, too, modify it completely. Of course, without the need to change a single string of code.

That’s not all.

Divi also makes sure your page runs flawlessly at all times, on all devices and platforms. It is 100% responsive and flexible, as well as speed- and SEO-ready, compatible with browsers and in tune with retina screens. Divi is all you need when starting a community website.

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Jevelin (WordPress)

With the practicality and versatility of Jevelin, you know that this banging web design works for an assortment of different websites. Even if you would like to start building an online community, you can do that, too, with the power of Jevelin. You have no boundaries when it comes to Jevelin, as it allows you to edit and adjust the default settings to your likings precisely. Also, Jevelin is compatible with all modern plugins, meaning, you can step things up a few notches with different integrations at any time.

To get things moving in the right direction, feel free to watch video tutorials first. Jevelin also comes with helpful documentation and friendly team of experts, always willing to assist you. No doubt, you are in good hands when doing the task of establishing a community page with Jevelin.

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Cholot (WordPress)

cholot community website template
While there are several general templates available on this list, Cholot is a more niche-specific one. For as long as you are interested in building a retirement community website, Cholot is the one option for you.

With all the modern elements, features and other perks to it, you can now start your own web space in little time. Bear in mind, Cholot also includes Elementor page builder which simplifies the process of tweaking the out of the box look of Cholot accordingly. An expert, you sure do not need to be. The overall appearance of Cholot is very appealing to the eye, not needing much editing anyway.

Other features of Cholot contain ready-made header and foot styles, one-click sample data install, scrolling animations, back to top button, slider and online appointment form to name a few.

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Cera (WordPress)

cera community website template
With the four ready-to-use demos, Cera offers a quick start of something special. If in need of a full-blown community website template, make Cera the one and enjoy the outcome sooner rather than later. In fact, you can have it all set in just a few clicks, especially if you dig the look as is. Cera takes care of all sorts of aims, like members directories, user dashboards, eLearning, private forums, paid and free memberships, you name it, the options with this impressive tool are very many. You also get tons of customization features for styling the default appearance to your liking.

Some of the exclusive features of Cera include members ratings, private messages, activities wall, dark and light mode, friends suggestions, you name it, Cera brings it to the table. Cera also sports all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web, making sure your web space operates without a hitch across all devices and platforms.

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Vikinger (WordPress)

vikinger community wordpress theme
When building a community website, save yourself time and energy with the help from the powerful Vikinger. It is an engaging WordPress theme that includes a ton of material for you to take to your total advantage. Like with any modern and resourceful WordPress theme, you also need not invest too much time in the whole process of organizing a community website. After all, Vikinger ordered all the heavy lifting for you already.

There are all the necessary page layouts, BuddyPress, catchy illustrations, badges, newsfeed, profile statuses, well, you get the gist of it. To sum up, Vikinger misses nothing when it comes to setting a community or social media platform, whether niche or general. What’s cool, you can first visit the live demo preview page and witness Vikinger in effect. That sample can be your website, but you can also take things to the extremes with tweaks and enhancements.

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Beehive (WordPress)

beehive community wordpress theme
Do you fancy building your own social network or community website? Why wait if you have so many excellent options available that already did the majority of work for you. With Beehive, you can kick things off in style without having any experience building websites, let alone a social media platform. Beehive provides you with an array of predefined page layouts, as well as multiple other features and functions that you can benefit from. Keep in mind, the design is also very clean, so it easily adapts to different ideas that you have.

In the package, Beehive treats you to three home pages, login forms, unlimited colors, Elementor, Google Fonts, newsfeed, WooCommerce shop and job board, to name a few. Moreover, with the use of bbPress, you can also create forums and even introduce online education with the LearnPress plugin – Beehive is fully compatible with both. There you go, one tool to start your community website in little to no time.

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RS Sports

rs sports community website template
RS Sports is a soccer and football club template with five home pages and a total of thirty other sections. It is powered by Bootstrap, HTML5, is W3C validated and, of course, responsive through the roof. All pages and all sections to the very last detail are ready for mobile devices to deliver a cutting-edge experience for all your users. Nothing is missing in the bundle to give you the freedom that you have a right to. Besides, RS Sports is ready for tweaks and adjustments to take your community website to the next level.

From a full-width slider, countdown timer and multi-level sticky drop-down menu to testimonials, widget-rich footer and newsletter subscription form, you get access to everything. There are also different news/blog pages and an entire shop section for you to sell goods and merch. Last but not least, the included contact page with form and Google Maps will let them get in touch with you comfortably.

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smartedu community website template
Invite potential students by showing them your institution or online teaching courses in the best way possible. Introducing Smartedu, the only community website template that you need. Everything related to learning and development, Smartedu is the master of. You can create university websites, student e-portfolios, subject curriculums and other online courses and educational programs. With a friendly interface, Smartedu lets you reach out to all learners from different backgrounds and age groups. In short, it helps you promote your project in the right way.

Smartedu creates an environment that protects your students and encourages them to express themselves. The best part is you get the service for a very affordable cost, in line with Smartedu’s campaign of promoting education. Try Smartedu now and start with the design process of your website right off the bat.

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365 Days

365 days community website template
With 365 Days, you will never run out of choices as the design opportunities are never-ending. This community website template never slacks off, as evidenced with its voluminous selection of outstanding skins. Speaking of which, 365 Days delivers five homes, ten post styles and over seventeen additional HTML5 pages. Mix the ready-made material with your creative touch and enhance the overall appearance of 365 Days.

That’s not all.

365 Days also lets you explore tons of color schemes, fonts and features, so designing will not be a boring experience. This template has an array of features which users can play around with. Collaborate with your team and manage your news articles easily with the convenient 365 Days. Build a following for your visitors and later track which ones engage with you the most. SEO and performance will never be an issue as well.

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memozin community website template
Discover possibilities that extend infinitely by choosing Memozin for your site. This community website template has a modern, elegant look perfect for an academic institution, e-learning and other education purposes. Memozin offers you unrivaled convenience to build excellent and student-oriented websites. It has an adaptable, responsive and pixel-perfect layout suitable for all browsers and devices. Memozin secures a spectacular experience to all your students and a continuous smooth operation.

Furthermore, Memozin features a solid collection of first-class web designs which guarantee you the style that you need. Some of the additional features include hundreds of icons and web fonts, a working contact form, Muse files, animated statistics and newsletter subscription box. With easy yet cutting-edge editing options, you can design your site without the need to start from the ground zero.

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Golf Club

golf club community website template
Do not let the name of this community website template fool you. The use of Golf Club template is not simply confined within the golfing world. Anyone who is interested in creating an interactive online center may make use of this modern, elegant, yet extensive, website scheme. Golf Club even comes with three nifty homes what gives your web space more options to shine online in a distinct light. And that is something we all want for our pages, to stand out from the crowd and possibly go against the norm.

As a multi-page and multi-purpose Bootstrap template, Golf Club is ideal for sports and non-profit websites, clubs and any other community organization. Golf Club is flexible and extendable, retina ready and compatible with the majority of internet browsers. Working contact form, Revolution Slider, outstanding support and parallax effect are some of the extra goodies of Golf Club.

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socifly community website template
If you are already tired of using the popular social media sites or would simply want to start a trend online, you can make use of SociFly as your community website template. The main intention behind SociFly multi-purpose social networking template is not to compete with leading social media platforms. SociFly targets small communities or private groups wanting to replicate leading social media platforms for their interests. Be it business, social, academic, religion or even entertainment, regardless of your interest, SociFly is ready for any challenge.

Since the template is 100% customizable and modifiable, as well as highly responsive, with small and minor tweaks, you can form your own social media platform wit SociFly. Four pre-made demos, loads of inner pages and a tremendous amount of features welcome every potential SociFly user. Once you browse the live preview page, you will notice that this is the exact template that you were looking for. You are welcome.

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universe community website template
Universe is a community website template for education-based sites of nearly any kind. Sure, it is aimed at universities and schools but not limited to. It is a solid HTML web template with characteristics of a highly adaptable tool. Only by using the style switcher, you can see how much can be done with Universe template. Pick between boxed and wide layouts, choose one of the numerous color skins, background patterns and even background images. But first, out of five, select your favorite demo and start customizing from there. It is an easy task that anyone can successfully complete and make a modern education website out of it.

The code of Universe template is organized so doing personal tweaks is very possible. Besides, you get over fifteen shortcodes/elements which will come helpful for using with your favorite CMS (content management system).

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webster community website template
With a multi-purpose website template, you can build nearly any type of a website. So, can we then call Webster a community website template? You bet we can! You are looking at an enormous tool with over fifty home pages and a total of over 350 HTML pages. For the most part, this calls only for some assemblage and your website is finished. In other words, put together what is at your disposal and turn Webster template into a working page. That could be an outstanding blog or a magazine where like-minded people will hang out on a regular basis.

Fantastic animations and transitions, over 400 reusable UI components, 25 headers and footers and fifteen eCommerce pages, Webster has it all and then some. It is a serious HTML5 template for even more serious users. Creating with Webster sure will be a fun and interesting experience.

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paper community website template
Demos on demos on demos. Paper is well aware of the fact that to cover as many users’ tastes as possible, it needs to prepare loads of material in advance. That said, Paper has eighteen, and counting, front pages and many other inner elements for blogs, shops, portfolios and other whatnots. It has a mobile-friendly mega menu for the most pleasant navigation let it be on smartphones, tablets or laptops. But Paper’s overall layout is 100% responsive anyway so that is something not to worry about. It is a Bootstrap 4 website template after all. Do we hear flexibility and high customizability? Yes, indeed.

Writers who would like to share their ideas, stories and whatever else online, do it with Paper. Before you know it, a community will form and your website will start growing and potentially turn into a business.

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newsedge community website template
NewsEdge is one of the finest options for news and magazine websites. It is a Bootstrap 4 template with a neat and contemporary look that everyone instantly becomes attracted to. You can construct a fresh website with it or redesign your current one. Your community will absolutely enjoy the new style of your website. It is very likely they will share your content even more and make your website larger and greater. With the right combination of irresistible articles and terrific web design, it is almost impossible not to witness great results.

Without further ado, go ahead and pick one of seven predefined front pages and start customizing and improving the layout accordingly. The coding is easy to understand and work with for your to edit NewsEdge to follow your dream website. Many more inner pages are part of the deal along with different headers and quick customer support.

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News 24

news24 community website template
Sports, fashion, food, DIY and tech communities, you all just found yourself a new home for your online project. But before we continue, literally any community is treated to a tool for their online presence sorted out entirely. This special product is News 24 HTML template and it makes your lives uncomplicated and stress-free. With a community website template, any you find in this collection, bringing into being pages is very straightforward. There is no need to bother building from complete scratch.

By selecting News 24 you actually choose not only one template, but several. There are four exclusive niche demos and seven more generic index page variations. As expected, other useful page layouts and different headers are also prepared for you to use them out of the box. Or, if there is a need, improve them per your request.

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Martial Arts

martialarts community website template
Let’s continue with more niche community website templates. This time, we are all about martial arts, more specifically, karate. Martial Arts is an HTML5 template exactly for what you think it was made for, martial arts academies and training. However, you can also use the template for other sports, like boxing, judo, taekwondo and similar.

Martial Arts has a responsive layout to fluently adapt to any device. Users can see what is up using smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Moreover, Martial Arts has numerous first pages and over sixty shortcodes which help you with customization. Besides, it is even ready to expand your business with an online shop. At no extra charge, you get Slider Revolution and Menuzord mega menu to assemble eye-catching slideshows and offer comfy navigation. Take your karate studio to a new level with Martial Arts template.

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