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24 Doctor Website Templates For Medical Practitioners 2020


Your clinics and other health projects can now pop up online in the finest light using doctor website templates. Needless to say, you will speed up the proceed of building a page and start online quickly.

If there is none of your friends or family that can recommend a doctor, we go on the web to find ourselves one. That said, if a medical practitioner does not own a website yet or is outdated, these website templates for doctors sort out web presence.

With a website for your medical service, new clients do not only get familiar with what you offer, they can also book you straight from your page. It lets them find the perfect time to make an appointment while you have it all organized without the need to have sticky notes all over your office.

But with the doctor website templates, you can do way more for your business. Expand your reach, share your knowledge through a blog and be always open for questions from the comfort of your chair and laptop or desktop.

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This fine collection of website templates for doctors enable you to make pages of the high-end quality for your leading businesses.

Many premium features and outstanding ready-to-use demos and other predefined inner pages are at your disposal for a fast website launch. Doctor, health coach and other medical websites are not far from realization anymore.

Best doctor WordPress themes


divi doctor website template
Divi is a dope doctor website template with a marvelous, clean and minimal look. Even if you are bringing into being a page for hospitals, clinics, eye surgeons, dentists, you name it, with Divi, you can realize a page for all and then some. Note this, Divi is a multi-functional and multi-concept web design which works with all and every idea. Even out of the box, Divi delivers a wide variety of samples which already work as functional pages. Of course, with additional tweaks and modifications, you can expand the possibilities over and beyond.

Some of the features of Divi include sticky navigation, accordions, working contact form, Google Maps and even a blog section. The latter works great for going on a more personal level with your potential clients, which, eventually, will help you boost your business to new heights.

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jevelin doctor website template
Jevelin helps spread the word out for every doctor, surgeon, dentist or clinic. In short, it is a complete website solution for everything medical-related. Of course, Jevelin contains a stunning template which you can utilize exactly as is easy. Just add your details and information, stuff it with your services and you are ready to roll. Do know that Jevelin also comes with WPBakery drag and drop page builder, which calls for no coding and no advanced works. With that in mind, you are well aware that any editing and improving is a small breeze.

You can also use Jevelin for building a one-page website. It features sticky header, animated statistics, pricing plans, Google Maps, online appointment form and testimonials. Make a strong first impression on all your site visitors and tell them how you can help them out with the wonderful Jevelin.

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medihub doctor website template
MediHub is an all-around medical and health website template for everyone willing to expand their reach. With the clean, professional and sophisticated look, you will have no problem winning over new clients and start seeing an increase in your business. After all, without a website, it almost means that there is no business. With that in mind, you can now realize one speedily by employing the outstanding MediHub.

There are six multiple and one single-page demos to choose from. Moreover, MediHub also contains all the necessary inner pages, special section for health tips, testimonials slider, newsletter subscription form and more. MediHub also practices all the current web and tech trends to ensure stable and secure site operation. All there is left for you to do is to take action now and get serious in taking your business to new heights.

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denticare doctor wordpress theme
You will have a lot of fun utilizing DentiCare to your total advantage when building a website for a doctor. It does not matter what doctor, DentiCare is perfect for any intention, even if you are building a website for a private clinic or a hospital. With all the very many predefined page layouts and many other useful components, you can start the process in the snap of a finger. Hey, you can install the demo with a click, and you are closer than ever to finishing your website.

There are also very many great features that come with DentiCare. From online appointment booking, timetable and before/after image slider to cost calculator and pricing tables, it’s all part of the DentiCare kit. Moreover, feel free to modify the theme, translate it and just do what feels right to make the outcome fit your liking precisely.

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medikon doctor wordpress theme
Thanks to a WordPress theme, you do not need to be a professional at coding and design to have a chance and make a solid online presence. You can be an utter beginner and still successfully work with Medikon. It is a modern alternative that uses only the latest technologies. With this, you know that your website will not only look pretty to the eye but operate with great performance as well. And you do not really need to do much, as Medikon takes care of it by default.

In the kit, you can select from any of the five available homes and mix in all the other ready-made internal page layouts. What’s more, with the use of the Elementor drag and drop page builder, you can also modify Medikon to the very last detail. Of course, without the need to make any coding improvement. Services and department sections, Slider Revolution, different header styles, Essential Grid plugin and all these other goodies are available for you to take to your total advantage.

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ipharm doctor wordpress theme
IPharm is an all-in-one solution for online pharmacy and medical websites. There are multiples samples at your disposal to create multiple entirely different websites. But since doctors are our main focus today, that’s what you can take care of with IPharm, too. Needeless to say, you can work with the variation that comes out of the box, as the design is oh so amazing already. Still, you should not let your imagination to limit you; you can perform any modification you want without breaking a sweat.

IPharm comes with all the essential plugins, but it also supports all the other popular extensions in case you are looking to implement something exclusive. In short, it’s easy to work with IPharm, so there should be no excuses. After all, comprehensive documentation and a friendly support team are also always available.

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smilepure doctor website template
If you are searching for a doctor website template that focuses on everything dental, SmilePure is the one. Hence the name, promote a bright and lovely smile that you can get your patients with a modern and creative website, thanks to SmilePure. With the six different home samples, you can easily decide on how your page will look on the internet. In addition to that, you can also brand and modify the demo of choice and tailor it to your needs and demands precisely. The process is a breeze, as there is no need to change code.

Before and after slider, dental icons, schedule and booking system, tons of headers, Slider Revolution and Contact Form 7 are a few of the amenities that you receive with SmilePure. You will also discover a collection of over sixty inner page layouts. In short, you need to build nothing yourself, instead mix and match what SmilePure brings to the table.

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mediz doctor website template
Promoting your clinic or hospital on the internet can be very rewarding in this day and age. After all, everyone tends to visit the website first before picking up the phone or even writing an email. With a well-thought-out page, you can win over even more patients and grow your business to new heights.

With the use of Mediz, you can now make things happen in close to no time. Right away, you get to select between different homes and mix and match the one you dig with other features and layouts that Mediz has available. And those, by the way, are very many.

Timetable, online appointment form, drag and drop page builder, nineteen headers, quick demo importer and Slider Revolution are just some of the feats that you get. Boost your web presence with Mediz now.

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doctreat doctor website template
Doctreat is something a little different compared to other doctor website templates that you find in this collection. It is a sophisticated directory for doctors and medical institutions with two main home page designs. If you would like to create a hub where users will find what they are looking for all in one place, Doctreat is the one tool that you need. The layout of Doctreat is fluid and flexible, making sure your final product runs flawlessly on smartphones, tablets, desktops and web browsers. Doctreat is fast loading and SEO-friendly, too.

What’s more, once you start investigating Doctreat in great detail, you will notice that the list of features is endless. There is an enormous pack of material that will help you rapidly speed up the establishment of your niche directory platform. And you will also not need to perform any coding or other advanced design tasks, which makes Doctreat very beginner-friendly.

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Best doctor website templates


mediseba doctor website template
With a professional looking doctor website template like Mediseba, you can do a lot for your business but most importantly, your potential clients. They can learn all about you, your services and other whatnots by browsing nothing but your page. They can even make an appointment straight from your site without ever getting in touch with you priorly. Have your entire online appearance under control with the amazing Mediseba.

Mediseba is a tool packed with over thirty useful and ready-to-use pages with one enticing home design and more coming your way in the near future. The site canvas was built using Bootstrap 4 what gives it pliability to readjust to every device instantly. On top of that, Mediseba is also cross-browser compatible and delivers a killer performance to all your site users for a top-notch experience.

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Hekim’s Health

hekims health doctor website template
When in need for a page that is healt care and medical oriented, Hekim’s Health will serve you right. It is a multi-functional doctor website template with three front page design and loads of other material for you to benefit from. In total, Hekim’s Health comes with over twenty pages for team, appointment, about, contact and all the rest for a complete online presence.

The amazingness does not stop here.

Hekim’s Health sports smooth animations, a pixel perfect design, supports RTL and unlimited colors, with twelve preset color schemes. Amazing shopping features, handy menu styles and comfortable navigation, as well as all bunch of different sliders, Hekim’s Health is no stranger to crafting the most advanced doctor pages. It is your imagination that is the only limitation that you have with such a powerful template.

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medicevo doctor website template
Have you been looking for a nice and remarkable template to take care of your web presence? Medicevo is a doctor website template which is exclusive for all the folks in the medical field. This template is more than ideal for creating a web portal for clinics, doctors, dentists and other individuals and organizations in the health and medical-related businesses. You will know it once you see the live preview of Medicevo how much you can accomplish with it.

Medicevo is powered by Bootstrap 4 and practices all the new-age technical and web regulations. This makes the tool responsive and compatible with all modern web browsers. Meaning, whatever you plan to make with Medicevo, the end product will deliver a cutting-edge experience to all your page users regardless of the device and platform they use. Enjoy this spectacular page canvas and have your site up in a few.

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Vesalius Care

vesalius doctor website template
While doing things on your own takes time, utilizing predesigned templates is a wise shortcut to forging a killer website. The template way also comes helpful to beginners with little to no skills and experience. On the other hand, site canvases are, as well, developer friendly. Either way, if building a medical-first website is your current goal, Vesalius Care is the doctor website template that you should look into.

Vesalius Care is best for dentists and dental institutions but flexible enough for you to restyle it and use it for other business, too. And that is something you can do effortlessly since working with Vesalius Care is not only straightforward but efficient as well. A ton of traits and assets are at your disposal to create a crisp clean and a highly optimized page with Vesalius Care.

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smartmed doctor website template
When you are choosing an excellent template for health or medical purposes, find the one that specializes in the field. SmartMed is definitely the doctor website template you are looking for. Loved by professionals and patients alike, this template is easy to use with its user-friendly interface. Even a non-expert can play around with SmartMed, believe it or not. Of course, all web designs, headers and color skins only concentrate on the medical field, which guarantees suitability when you choose a style that fits your website.

SmartMed also offers effortless content creation, migration and management for your website for a more organized feel. The tool is based on Bootstrap Framework which ensures 100% mobile-ready layout which is also cross-browser compatible and retina-friendly. Try SmartMed now and take your health and medical business or organization to a new degree.

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preclinic doctor website template
Let’s now take a quick break from the traditional doctor website template and look in the back-end. Preclinic is an admin template based on Bootstrap 4 that focuses on medical, health and hospital fields. For a quick start, Preclinic comes with LTR and RTL demos which you can utilize out of the box or improve them in a way that fits your wants precisely. Each Preclinic layout can easily adjust to your company background, ensuring success in your endeavors.

Modify fonts, colors, layouts, images and texts to your heart’s content. Preclinic also has widgets and charts powered by HTML elements which you can add or remove. Integrate management pages for doctors, patients, appointments, departments, employees, accounts and more. This template also has a very strong support forum to answer your queries and guide you along the designing process.

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Medical Care

medical care doctor website template
Medical Care needs almost no introduction. Just like many other doctor website templates in this collection, this one also goes straight to the point with its name. It is a tool for health and medical websites of almost any type. Medical Care lets you appear on the web in a professional and expert way, exactly what you should aim for. Instead of getting too busy with the development of your web space, let Medical Care do the work for you. With all the time saved, you can grow your business and reach even more people.

Two home designs, full-width slider, appointment form with date picker, animated statistics, accordions, testimonials slider and countless other goodies take your website to the next degree. There is also a blog section which you can use for content marketing, sharing knowledge bombs and other tips and suggestions.

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Oreo Hospital

oreo hospital doctor website template
Oreo Hospital is an admin dashboard template for doctors and hospitals with an additional front-end demo. Besides, it also has PSD files included in the kit for your conveninece. Oreo Hospital offers dark and light layouts, six unique color skins, five different admin styles and a total of over one hundred plugins and more than 120 pages. To keep the hype going, five hundred UI elements and more than three thousand Material Design icons are the stuff you get, too.

I know, right!

With Oreo Hospital, you get all that is required to successfully run your project online and have it under complete control. It comes in both Angular and Bootstrap 4 versions to give you even more options for your end product. Connect the dashboard section with the front-end sample that comes along and you have a complete online platform set to go live.

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medikalpro doctor website template
Those of you who are engaged in the business of medical industry, any type, do you need more exposure and visibility? Extra attention is always welcome for the business growth we all strive toward. The time has come to enhance your online appearance with the use of MedikalPro. It is a doctor website template for clinics, dentists, health care, surgeons, dental institutions and other medical organizations. MedikalPro will easily accommodate the needs of everyone working in the industry.

Since it is a Bootstrap website template, MedikalPro features a fluid layout that acclimates to any kind of device. Mobile users will have the exact same and amazing experience browsing your page as will those coming from a desktop computer. One single- and one multi-page layout, Revolution Slider, mega menu, retina ready, parallax sections and cool animations, MedikalPro thought of it all.

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medilife doctor website template
For a website that will get you busier than you already are (read more clients), enticing Medlife doctor website template is what you need. It is an all-around tool for creating all sorts of different pages in the medical industry. Whatever you are after, let Medlife take care of it and sort you out with an enviable page all your guests will be intrigued by. Medlife contains a full set of features and assets that were carefully designed for the industry.

The web design of Medlife is very appealing to the eye, modern and interest sparking. Use the wide slider to push you main services and create a comfortable navigation across your entire page with the included mega menu. Medlife was coded with search engine optimization in mind, is exceptionally user-friendly and supports all devices and browsers.

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Comfort Home

comfort home doctor website template
Comfort Home is another niche-oriented doctor website template for dementia, elderly care and assisted living services businesses. The website canvas kit contains all the must-haves and several other goodies that together call for a fast site launch. Whether you are just starting out or an established institution, make sure your web presence is modern and professional by choosing Comfort Home.

The offering grants you to choose between three multi-page home designs and additional twelve preset color schemes. From then on, you can use the web design of Comfort Home as is or you can tweak it to your demands. Nothing scary about that since Comfort Home is very user-friendly and noncomplex to edit and adjust. Login and register form pop-up, audio and video support, retina ready design, social feeds and a lifetime worth of free updates, Comfort Home is the template true to its word.

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bclinico doctor website template
While it is best to have a clean website within the health and medical industry, a special effect and animation here and there will do you only good. And our doctor website templates vary from the most simple to more complex ones. You choose the one according to your needs or just go with Bclinico and you are done picking the template. What’s next, you start editing and improving the template with your information and content. Tweak the elements, remove or keep some and before you fully notice the change, Bclinico turns into a functional website. Indeed, it is as simple as it sounds and no different. Smooth animations and smooth scroll, twelve colors and special index pages for dentists, veterinarians and ophthalmologists, yep, Bclinico is component-rich.

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findoctor doctor website template
FINDOCTOR is a directory website template for doctors and clinics with an addition of booking. It will suit any directory website within the medical industry let it be focused on local, regional or country-based businesses. Patients can easily find the doctor of choice with help from your site, learn more about him or her and make an appointment.

Available are five home page demos of which one comes with the cookie bar for European based websites. While visitors can use the search bar, they can also search by city, type and other categories you set. Fantastic mobile performance, great navigation and design easy on the eye. If there is a medical directory you need, look no further and stick with FINDOCTOR. Find a doctor now!

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Dental Pro

dental pro doctor website template
From more generic to more niche oriented doctor website templates, we have them all. What’s more, each template adapts to numerous professions without difficulty. In Dental Pro’s case, you already know what you get. It is a template for dentists, dental clinics and other dental care businesses. The tool is responsive, based on Bootstrap 3 and comes with over 350 HTML layouts. There is no point listing what all of them are for since we would run out of space. But it is worth mentioning that you will find one- and multi-page, RTL, boxed and hot front pages. There is something for every taste.

Dental Pro creates a strong first impression with Slider Revolution and solves contacting process with a working contact form (with validation). Fresh animations, effects and smooth scrolling wow visitors and help them turn into clients. Of course, it is your work that matters most.

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RedStar Hospital

redstar doctor website template
A doctor website template for admins based on Bootstrap 4 and Material Design, here is a warm welcome to RedStar Hospital. To construct a dashboard as swiftly as possible, RedStar Hospital offers you seven layouts of which default comes in dark and light version. You can change the color of different sections of the template, like sidebar and header, as well as overall template’s color. Choose preset skins but you are not limited to.

RedStar Hospital is a responsive template what makes it work fluently on all devices. Manage doctors, patients, rooms and appointments. Have complete control over payments and use chat bar to see who is online and offline and send them messages. RedStar Hospital has loads of ready-to-use pages and practical elements for spectacular admins.

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