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15 Best Unbounce Landing Page Templates 2020


Are you looking for the most promising Unbounce landing page templates? Do you intend to catch a potential customer’s attention by building a website?

Doing it from scratch might take too much time to do, and your prospective client will not wait – they never do. Instead, why not build it using Unbounce landing pages?

Now we all know that Unbounce has got the unique and sleek site editor with a friendly user interface and fast build time. Couple that up with seamless smartphone integration and these templates and you are good to go! Featuring designs used across all businesses, no matter your niche, we have compiled this list specifically to bring an excellent solution to the table for you regarding Unbounce landing page template choices.

Why does this matter?

Whether you are an up and coming startup, real estate agent, app developer, designer, or heck even a pizza place manager, you will surely find something here that will tickle your fancy.

Along with excellent customer support across the board, you will not want to miss out on trying these out! Moreover, since the fact of the matter is that all Unbounce templates work with WordPress as well, you do not have to worry about switching platforms one bit.

Sounds impressive, right?

Use the page builder and these templates to achieve the look and feel you want for your business. At first, making a website so easily might seem impossible or like a daunting task, but trust me, anyone can do it! The devs have taken care of everything.

No coding to build landing pages

You do not need to know how to code; you do not need a website developer, heck you do not even need money in some cases! That is not the case here, but you can still try the free demo’s they have available as they will show you how the product works in a real preview setting. You will not regret it, trust me.

I could go on and on about how great the website editor is and how inspiring all of these templates are, but as I am getting close to the end, I will leave you with a couple editing tips you might want to use yourself.


First off, don’t name your website something in a silly way like “Mike’s Bike’s” and use a dedicated hosting service that’ll keep your server uptime 24/7.

The next step is making it and editing with Unbounce’s fantastic page builder. If you are running a store, add all of your products then set up a payment system so people can purchase directly from your site. If you are running a blog, you will probably want to tell people whom you are through a page called “About me,” in fact, it should probably be on the front for the new viewers.

Then you can start adding your posts and updating it daily with fresh content about your niche. If you are running a business that sells services, you will want to present your website in a manner where your customers will know what they are dealing with from the get-go.

These Unbounce templates are going to allow you to do all that and much much more! Now enough of me, get started on making your dream come true!

The best Unbounce landing page templates


siena unbounce landing page template
Whether you are the corporate underdog or the champ, Siena can elevate your business further. A transformative company could outplay those who offer the same thing. Be that business by choosing this Unbounce landing page template. Unlike others which exclusively focus on features, Siena puts convenience on top of its priority list. In addition, it delivers the winning touch by making your website alive. How do the developers do this? With high-resolution graphics, of course. It is only natural that you make your website appear as seamless as possible on all devices and browsers.

In addition to that, there is no coding required, so you do not have to be a website wizard to establish greatness with Siena. The tool is packed with fantastic features and assets that will get your campaigns going stronger than ever. And you can indeed customize the look of the template however you see it fit your leads best.

More info / Download


protem unbounce landing page template
While you can do a lot of magic from within the Unbounce platform itself, you can also use incredible landing page templates like any of these. Protem is another impactful solution that works terrific for when you would like to create a marketing campaign for a product. It does not really matter which product you plan to advertise; you can make it happen easily and effortlessly with Protem. This option rock tons of great sections and elements for you to use and reuse. With the drag and drop building, you can quickly perform adjustments and make Protem follow your style to a T.

Other goodies include real-time stats, contact form, documentation, desktop and mobile compatibility and pop-up. Create an enviable online presentation that will help increase sales and take your business to new heights.

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lekate unbounce landing page template
If the previous Unbounce landing page template fit physical products ideally, LeKate fits anything digital and software-related. The amazing flexibility and extenability of this first-rate tool offer you to make an outcome the will move mountains. Not just that, but you can also create close variations, compare them against each other, optimize and go from there. The options are very many when you have a powerful tool at hand, like LeKate.

The layout of this site canvas is 100% mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible. In short, the performance will always be A-grade. Moreover, LeKate also rocks parallax effect, video background, pricing tables, custom CSS, working contact form and more. Of course, if you need help, you can also get in touch with LeKate’s support team, as they will always offer you a helping hand.

More info / Download


lecorona unbounce landing page template
As the name implies, LeCorona is an Unbounce landing page template that suits the medical industry ideally. As a matter of fact, if you would like to spread virus awareness, this is the tool that you should not miss in your life. With a remarkable design and tons of other features predefined, you can start working on your project right away. Keep in mind, this is an exclusive Unbounce template, so it will not work anywhere else other than the platform itself. But you will have a breeze importing it and using it, which is always great to hear.

Moreover, it is the drag and drop page building method that offers you the freedom you deserve if you would like to make any adjustments. Some other goodies contain live reports, CTAs, social media icons, MailChimp subscription form and heaps more.

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leadmore unbounce landing page template
Frequently, site builders offer a bunch of layouts and themes and hope that their client finds something alluring. In reality, these clients end up being stranded from these limited options. With Leadmore, it will never be a problem. Being an Unbounce landing page template, it has the most appropriate collection of tools and formats for your website fix.

Leadmore has hundreds of design possibilities to play around with – you can add images, fonts, videos, icons and a whole lot more. Everything is unique, so experiment to your heart’s content and make the exact lead capture landing pages that your industry requires. Companies who are looking for practical results would surely love Leadmore as it is cost-efficient and well-documented. And there is no need to edit a single string of code thank to the codeless page builder that Leadmore comes with.

More info / Download


leadmath unbounce landing page template
Always publish influential pages with Leadmath. This Unbounce landing page template has managed to create many outstanding lead generation landing pages and it continues to grow. With this handy companion, you can capture new traffic and generate a ton of new leads like a boss. Even if you are new to the whole process, you can still succeed greatly with Leadmath.

Add and modify stuff by dragging and dropping elements and avoid touching a single string of code. To hasten your website building process, simply mirror your content to multiple pages. Additionally, you can ease the communication process with your prospects through MailChimp. Overall, designing your site is easy as pie with Leadmath. When questions arise, you can count on reliable support to help you get the most out of your website. Try Leadmath today and start scaling your business to the extreme levels.

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Rental Rides

rental rides unbounce landing page template
If you are renting cars or you might even be a taxi firm, for the fastest site launch, use Rental Rides. Additionally, it is a modern and neat Unbounce landing page template with a broad assortment of features and assets. You can offer your visitors to get a quote from you straight away, using the integrated form. Nope, there is no need for you to build your own one, Rental Rides has it all at your disposal, ready to use.

Other stuff that you can take to your advantage are testimonials, services, rides and contact sections. Push what you have to offer your customers and get them intrigued. Rental Rides also supports videos in case you have any additional promotional material you would like to share. You are closer than ever to launching a simple to use page for your car rental business.

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cobuild unbounce construction landing page template
In this collection of the best Unbounce landing page templates, you will find a wide variety of different tools. This next one is for construction and building companies and goes by the name, Cobuild. In the package, you get not one but four different demos that go from lead generation to click through types of landing pages. Every Cobuild user also gets dedicated support for up to six months. Whenever you find yourself in need of any additional guidance, go ahead and hit up the friendly team of experts.

The handy drag and drop page builder helps you to customize Cobuild however you fancy. But you can always go with the exact look as you see the live preview of each sample rocking. To each their own. Moreover, Cobuild has a working MailChimp subscription form, Google Maps, PSD files and a stunning parallax background.

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appko unbounce app landing page template
appko is an Unbounce landing page template for applications of all sorts. Additionally, it could be mobile, web or desktop, appko handless all your products and advertises them to receive all the love they deserve. The characteristics of appko are extraordinary for making a web presence like none out there. It is neat and modern, 100% responsive and retina ready. Whatever you do with the template, the end product will be a fine piece of web art you and your users will enjoy through the roof.

There are two styles you get to choose from for the quickest solution possible. All sections of appko are simple to customize and alter to your need. The included documentation is information-rich for you to never run into any issue. Pricing tables, catchy hover effects, call-to-action buttons and newsletter form are a few of the pre-made traits appko sports.

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crown multipurpose unbounce landing page template
If you are a freelancer helping clients build websites, Crown is the multi-purpose Unbounce landing page template kit you need. Additionally, there are 28 and counting pre-made landing pages at your disposal that vary from e-book and law firm to marketing, barber and restaurant. There is pretty much something for everyone in the Crown package. On top of that, all the sample material is effortless to use and adjust to make it follow your or your client’s branding.

Crown provides loads of fantastic features, like parallax effect, form builder, video background, animations and, of course, a completely responsive layout. Besides, you can also talk to the support team for six months straight. With Crown template, you can experience great results in the shortest amount of time and you do not even need to have any coding experience.

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mawa unbounce landing page template
If you are using Unbounce, very likely, you are setting up different campaigns to gain new leads or even the push products. With Mawa, an Unbounce landing page template, you can now market your repair and installation services to its full potential. Whether you plan to use Mawa for your own business or your client, the outcome will be nothing short of superb. Also, when you do the work with Unbounce and the dedicated template, you do not really need to be tech-savvy. It is the process of dragging and dropping that saves the day.

Moreover, Mawa also includes plenty of features and functions for a quick start of a new marketing campaign. It is designed to increase the conversion rate with its strategically positioned elements and sections. Of course, you can fully customize Mawa and tailor it to your branding directions to the very last detail.

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eivent unbounce landing page template
As the name suggests, Eivent is an ideal Unbounce landing page template for events, conferences, forums, meetups, you name it. Instead of creating an entire website, stick to Eivent and have a landing page all set and ready to rock and roll in little to no time. Of course, you can also use it for a one-page website that will be the online ambassador of your project. The amazing and user-friendly editing options of Eivent allow you to style the tool exactly how you want.

Of course, Eivent sports all the modern trends and regulations. In other words, your end product will operate seamlessly across all platforms and devices for an always smooth experience. Working contact forms, real-time statistics, drag and drop builder, AMP-ready, well, you get the gist of it. Eivent is a serious deal that will help make some serious noise on the internet.

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basit unbounce landing page template
Basit is a modern and sophisticated Unbounce landing page template that works for businesses and other professional intentions. Instead of doing all the work from the ground up, you can now simply take Basit to your total advantage and shine online. Either you exclusively look to build a landing page for a marketing campaign or a one-page website for a business, with Basit, you can succeed at both. The flexibility and effortless customization allow every user to fine-tune and alter Basit to their liking.

When doing the work with Basit, you do not really need to be a coder. Unbounce’s remarkably easy drag and drop page builder turns every user into a pro programmer and web designer. On the other hand, Basit has it all predefined and ready to go for you. If you dig the style, you might only brand it with your colors and you are all set to go live.

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Auto Plus

auto plus car wash unbounce landing page template
While we already have one template dedicated to the auto industry, here is another one but for a different purpose. Auto Plus is an Unbounce landing page template for car washes, cleaning, mechanics, garages and workshops. In other words, Auto Plus is an all-around tool for building automotive websites quickly and reliably. The two ready-to-use layouts provide all the necessities for you and your business to shine on the web and attract fresh new clients.

The web design of Auto Plus is clean and contemporary, fully responsive, mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible. No matter the device and platform they use for surfing the internet, your website will always work butter smoothly. All sorts of different material and benefits take your website to the next level once Auto Plus becomes the template of choice.

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arrow creative unbounce landing page template
I used to be a rookie entrepreneur like you, but then I took an arrow to server PC. Now I use arrows everywhere I go as subjective punishment of my sins. However, enough about me, you are here for a fantastic Unbounce template. Featuring a wide variety of customization options and documentation alongside it for usage. You can make what you want, when you want and how you want. Once it is yours, so is the choice of what to do with it. Arrow is an excellent Unbounce landing page template that will put emphasis on background photography and lead capture.

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What is your favorite Unbounce landing page template?

This is the end of our collection of Unbounce landing page template examples. We have looked at 20 handpicked templates that are beautiful that will work great on any Unbounce-powered website. Let us know in the comments which one was your favorite. Furthermore, if you need more such awesome themes, check out the other free WordPress themes roundups on our site.


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