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16 Popular Corporate Adobe Muse Templates 2020


Take things to the next level even without experience by employing any of these impactful corporate Adobe muse templates.

So you want to build a website, but you can’t be bothered with learning HTML, CSS, and PHP? And spending lots of money on a developer who you will have to invest time and effort into as well to get the look you want is also out of the question.

On top of that, you’re on a business venture, and you desperately need an online presence like everyone else these days. What do you do in this case?

You use Adobe Muse. Luckily, we made this comprehensive list of the best corporate Adobe Muse templates just for you.

Without writing a single line of code, or having any website building knowledge whatsoever, you too can start making your business solution right now! Don’t hesitate, most of these themes have free demos available for you to try right this moment.

Enjoy the endless options of Adobe Muse templates

You can play around with the editor all you want, start building your blog for example if that’s your thing. Start by adding an “About me” section on your homepage and then proceed to fill it with posts and content.

If you’re more in the business of selling products and services, you’ll want to cater to your audience and show them why they should buy from you exactly. You can also do your meta tags, keywords, add a payment system, so those transactions know where to go. Everything you need to set up a website of your liking.

If you like what we do here, check out our other posts, we cover loads of Unbounce, WordPress templates as well. We’ve compiled every list to your liking as well as the practical needs of your online presence. If you go ahead and check them out right now, you will find something for your niche or interest.

We’ve covered a broad base of themes which all contain something interesting that you can use to advance yourself further into the mosh pit of today’s corporations. Everyone’s doing it, so why wouldn’t you? There’s a goldmine for anyone who takes their ventures to the wonderful internet world.

Where everything is free, and everything is there, you just type a few letters into your URL bar, and you can explore all these beautiful new things people are trying. Be one of those exciting people today, and try one of these corporate Muse templates, you won’t regret it one bit.

Hint: When on the net, there’s no risky bet.

Best corporate Adobe Muse templates

Creative Agency

creative agency corporate adobe muse template
You surely will see fantastic results on the web with Creative Agency Adobe Muse template. The tool is full of amazing features that will boost your professionalism and make you appear a serious deal in the online space. Out of the box, Creative Agency comes with two styles, a one-page and a multi-page layout. No matter which you go with, the outcome it delivers is always a high-end one.

There’s more.

First, Creative Agency makes building a website and editing its elements a piece of cake. Everyone can do it! Second, the template is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible. That said, your website will always work on all devices and platforms. In short, Creative Agency guarantees a grand experience and helps you gain new business deals. And that is something we are all after, aren’t we?

More info / Download


tron corporate adobe muse template
Are you planning on constructing a website that would showcase your architecture or design company in the best way possible? If that is a yes, then you need to consider picking Tron. It is one of the top corporate Adobe Muse templates meant for design or construction companies. The layout is clean and modern, what gives your company all the extra shine it deserves. Plus, Tron sports a one-page look which is quite popular in the modern era we live.

Every element and every section of Tron is optimized and organized. Styling and tweaking the look will be a breeze even if you are not with years of experience. Change the elements with ease so it will match what you envision for the website of your firm. Make Tron follow your branding and let it create a superb space to push your skills, works and all the rest you bring to the table.

More info / Download


kiwi corporate adobe muse template
KIWI is a corporate Adobe Muse template with a single-page layout that you can apply to a wide range of businesses. With KIWI, you can build all sorts of pages, from startups and agencies to consultancy, services and many more that come to mind. It is a versatile website canvas for you to get the most out of it. In a very short space of time, you will have the final look of your page ready to hit the internet streets.

Among loads of different features, smooth scrolling, parallax and hover effects and full responsiveness are a few that stand out. Integrated into the web design is also a categorized portfolio, contact page and Google Maps. You only need one page to represent your company on the web and make it thrive.

More info / Download

Minimal Muse

minimal muse corporate adobe muse template
Due to its amazingly minimal design, you can employ Minimal Muse for all sorts of different corporate intentions. Creating a professional website has never been easier, thanks to the ready-made tools you can get your hands on for a small investment. No need to hire coders and no need to hire designers anymore. With Minimal Muse, you can do it all yourself, as you will never need to touch a single line of code.

In total, you get a collection of twelve layouts and an option to choose between dark and light mode. The look of Minimal Muse is pretty basic, so it may appeal to a tiny audience. But those who dig this type of web design will create a real masterpiece for their business. With this in mind, Minimal Muse will help you stand out from the masses with a distinct page.

More info / Download


cons corporate adobe muse template
Cons is arguably one of the best architecture and construction templates available on the market today. This corporate Adobe Muse template highlights photos of examples of the past work and design of your firm. Due to using Muse, it is another reason why you should think about using Cons. Meaning, it is designed and developed with user-friendliness in mind. There is no need for you to hire a professional web designer to craft your page. In fact, with Cons, you can create a page all on your own.

Working with Cons is very straightforward what rapidly shortens the process of building your own corporate website to minutes time. If you ever want your company to reach more clients and gain new business deals through the internet, Cons could be the thing for you.

More info / Download


dream corporate adobe muse template
You will never regret choosing Dream, as its developers are dedicated to providing incomparable service even for the direst of situations. This corporate Adobe Muse template is loaded with superb home page designs and features to aid you with these grueling preparations. Check out a whopping collection of twenty ready-to-use pages that work with anything construction and building related.

All the elements and layouts are made with passion and love for web design; that’s why they are so attention-grabbing and striking. Not only that, but you can also add blog posts for your readers’ enjoyment and incorporate content marketing. More features are waiting for you to explore but its best to do it while enjoying browsing the live preview page of Dream. Construct the ideal website and take your company to success with Dream.

More info / Download


smash corporate adobe muse template
I am sure you will smash it with Smash corporate Adobe Muse template. It is a no brainer! What Smash actually is, it is a next level multi-purpose tool for hammering out loads of different business and corporate websites. In the kit, you will find three different demos, one for creative, the second for apps and the third for agency website.

Pick what suits your needs best and go from there. Still, you do not have to be limited to the exact layout that comes by default. Smash allows you to adjust the looks however you see the best fit. Besides, that is a task anyone can execute it. Smash makes crafting and editing it newbie-friendly and straightforward.

Cool animations, parallax effect, Typekit WebFonts and numerous other traits enrich Smash for you to make a website like none out there.

More info / Download


titli corporate adobe muse template
Titli provides all the needed to market your business online and attract new potential clients. It is ready and fully equipped to help you construct the required website as quickly as possible. After all, this is a powerful corporate Adobe Muse template which makes you a pro at site development and you actually do not have to be one. Yes, it is that effortless to work with Titli. No struggle and no countless hours spend behind lines of code that you do not really know what to do with.

No coding skills required.

To have the freedom you are worthy of, Titli comes with two different types of layouts, a one-page and a multi-page. There is no right or wrong pick. Whichever option you select, you are promised to construct a modern and to the point page for your firm or soon-to-be business.

More info / Download


Industrious corporate adobe muse template
Industrious is a striking corporate Adobe Muse template that works ideally for industry and factory-related intentions. In other words, if you are in the process of designing a website for your company, you better not miss checking out the extraordinary Industrious. In the bundle, you will discover all the necessary equipment to start on the web like a pro from the very beginning.

You get two homes and a total of fifteen pages that you can mix and match according to your liking. Of course, you can also improve and alter the look further, so it matches your regulations to a T. The design indeed is mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible. In short, the performance of your fresh industry website will be of the highest degree all the time. And if you ever need any help and assistance, hit up Industrious’ support team.

More info / Download


iceberg corporate adobe muse template
A business that solely relies on creativity needs a cool looking website that can impress visitors right off the bat. That is exactly what Iceberg can do for you. Iceberg is a fantastic corporate Adobe Muse template with full responsiveness and outstanding performance. While the template is for creative businesses by default, you can also use it for corporate websites, agencies and similar.

In the Iceberg bundle, you get eleven demos of which three are astonishing index pages. One features a scalable background, the second a full-width slideshow and the third rocks a video background. Iceberg also treats you to other valuable goodies such as hover and parallax effects, animations, contact form and counter. Every user also gets comprehensive documentation and video tutorial for any additional support he or she may be in need of.

More info / Download


solid corporate adobe muse template
When the idea for a startup businesses arises, it is important that you immediately start to think about how to properly execute your fresh page, too. If that is the case for you, then you should definitely look into SOLID Adobe Muse template. It was specifically designed and developed with startups and new businesses in mind to save them not only time but money as well.

SOLID is a multifaceted tool that you can use for SEO and other marketing services, web design agencies and other types of organizations. All the elements in the template are easily editable. All there is you need to do is to make a few clicks in order to change colors, texts and images. SOLID is also one of such templates that do not ask for any coding knowledge. Besides, all the sites powered by SOLID are compatible with any device and browser.

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buildm corporate adobe muse template
The name of this next corporate Adobe Muse template is pretty self-explanatory. BUILDM is a website canvas for construction companies, architecture firms, cleaning services and other building firms. It comes with a clean and modern web design that will appear on any device screen pretty and awe-inspiring. Be it smartphone, tablet or desktop, all the elements of BUILDM fluently readjust to the device screen of choice.

A few key features of BUILDM are active contact form, Google Maps, smooth scroll, parallax effect and sticky and transparent navigation. Incorporated into the layout is also a full blogging system which can help you out tremendously with marketing. Push you much-needed services and grow your building or construction business to some serious levels of success.

It is all possible when you put the work in but not into the building of a website. That, my friends, will happen in little to no time so you can dedicate your time and effort on other, even more important things.

More info / Download


startup corporate adobe muse template
As its name suggests, STARTUP is the perfect template for business launching. It comes with all the needed and then some for a rapid page creation. Before you notice, you will have the final design ready to go online and start attracting new potential clients. You can use STARTUP with almost any type of business especially those related to providing handy services.

You can change colors, texts, images and other elements without any difficulty. STARTUP has a trendy, minimal and clean design that allows you to highlight the things that you want to emphasizes about your company. Make it vibrate and drive in even more folks. STARTUP is a corporate Adobe Muse template which is highly responsive what makes it adjust to match any device and browser with ease. Boost the launch of your startup with, you guessed it, STARTUP.

More info / Download


optimax corporate adobe muse template
OPTIMAX is optimized to the maximum for you to see the best results when you get online. The template is best with SEO and digital marketing agencies but easily accommodates to other projects needs. It is a convenient and super simple to use corporate Adobe Muse template which will take your idea, realize it and make it shine on the web. OPTIMAX has a single-page layout with a sticky navigation and a great selection of colors what makes it appear more active.

When it comes to different traits of the template, OPTIMAX allows you to customize them however you see the best fit. Meanwhile, you can also use it exactly how the live demo looks and have a page ready almost instantly. Whatever you do with OPTIMAX, the outcome is and always will be a high performing page with a solid potential to take your business to new levels of accomplishment.

More info / Download


build corporate adobe muse template
Build is one of the finest corporate Adobe Muse templates for architecture, interior design and construction websites. This super responsive template comes with a tidy and minimal look what makes it ideal for a professional page. You can effortlessly make changes to its different elements with just a few clicks of the mouse. Very convenient, indeed!

When you use Build, you can construct your website with little effort, in a super short space of time. Build is another terrific one-page website template which provides all the necessary on one single page. Offer visitors to find everyone in one location without the need of jumping from page to page to learn more about your name. If you are looking for a template that will market your talents and services, then Build should be your choice.

More info / Download


extension corporate adobe muse template
EXTENSION is an excellently designed corporate Adobe Muse template. It is an extension of your business that helps you reach more clients and skyrocket your project. The appearance is very pure and contemporary with an emphasis on the important aspects of your company, services or products that you offer. And when you would like to change something, you can do it like pros do it even if prior experience is none. All it will take you are a few clicks to change something and personify EXTENSION.

Other great characteristics of EXTENSION are full-width slider, one click refill images, parallax and different animation effect, as well as a neat contact form. The content loads on scroll what makes the overall website browsing experience way more interesting. EXTENSION also comes with a newsletter subscription widget for you to grab your visitors’ emails and use them for future marketing campaigns.

More info / Download

Which is your favorite corporate Adobe Muse template?

This is it for today’s roundup of Adobe Muse themes. We have done our best job to review and compile the best corporate-styled themes for the Adobe Muse platform. Hence, if you need more such awesome themes, check out the other Adobe Muse roundups on our site.


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