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15 Efficient Event Calendar Plugins for WordPress 2021


Event calendar plugins are popular and installed on many websites. They can be used for a number of purposes, such as displaying events, showing upcoming events, inviting and receiving registrations, accepting bookings, and scheduling events. From simple calendars that merely display events to complex ones that take care of registrations, bookings, and venues, there are a variety of plugins available.

Event calendars are a way to keep visitors or people in a group informed of upcoming events, like family gatherings, parties, weddings, important school dates, and anything else of interest to the group. A business can use one to keep team members in the loop about meetings, conferences, seminars, and business lunch dates or to advertise events to visitors. You can include these calendars in a widget or on any page on your website.

While picking out a plugin to add to your website, you should check out the features. Plugins come with added features, such as being responsive, integration with external resources like Google calendar and Twitter, customization, import and export of events, and sale of tickets. So, if a particular feature is important to you, make sure it is included in the plugin that you pick. If it is simply events you want to display, choosing a plugin should be easy. Many free event calendar plugins in the WordPress plugin repository that can do this efficiently.

The Best Event Calendar Plugins

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is a popular plugin available for free in the WordPress Directory. It allows you to share events with your team, community, or any other group of persons. It is a well-crafted, tried, and tested plugin.

The Events Calendar 1

Without having to use code, you can set up your calendar quickly and start sharing events almost immediately. It works equally well for large organizations like universities, where many events are shared with thousands of persons or with a small website owner displaying special dates. It has been tested with high traffic websites, too.

View the calendar in either day mode or month mode. You can display the venue through Google Maps and add an upcoming events widget. You can also search for events and save venues and organizers. To save time and effort, save the settings for recurring events. Notably, the plugin uses AJAX for smooth scrolling and is completely responsive.

The Events Calendar 2 (1)

Developers will find this particularly useful in building websites. Skeleton stylesheets, template tags, hooks, and filters are all available. There is also a library of code snippets on GitHub.

Events Calendar Pro provides additional viewing formats to your calendar. Add-ons help with recurring events, ticket sales, Facebook event integration, and more. You can search for the location of the event and add additional custom fields.

The purchase price for the premium version is $89–$299.

All-in-One Event Calendar

All-in-One Event Calendar is a visually pleasing calendar display that works efficiently. You can control the calendar from your WordPress admin. Both free and premium versions are available. Some features are restricted in the free version.

All-in-One Event Calendar 1

Public users can submit events via the front-end directly or after your approval. An upcoming events widget can be displayed in the sidebar or footer. Events can be displayed in multiple formats, and sub-calendars can be created and shared using filters.

You can import events from any other calendar supporting the iCal format. You can organize your calendar in color-coded categories. Different colors can be assigned to different regions, age groups, or on any other basis. Users can save events to a wish list of their own. Events can look more attractive with posters and videos.

All-in-One Event Calendar 2

You can also promote events on social media by adding hashtags. Display them on a map to make it easier for users to find the venue. The calendar themes are customizable, too. If you connect it to MailChimp, you can send out periodical newsletters right from your calendar.

The premium version is available for $94 per year.

My Calendar

My Calendar is an easy-to-use customizable plugin. You can have many individual calendars within WordPress Multisite. Calendars can simply show a lists of forthcoming events, or they can be displayed according to category, location, or author.

My Calendar 1

The calendars can be viewed in a grid or list format. Events are also available in monthly, daily, and weekly views. For compact views, you can have mini calendars. Widgets are available for upcoming events, mini calendars, today’s events, or event search.

Developers can use this plugin to create customized calendars as the CSS style and Java Script can be edited. The shortcode generator can lend a hand here.

My Calendar 2

You can schedule recurring events and edit individual instances of recurring events. Access to parts of the plugin can be restricted, and views can be limited based on location, author, post, or category. When you create or edit events, the administrator will get an email notification, and it will be posted on Twitter.

The premium plugin allows logged-in visitors to edit events from the front-end. Site visitors can also post events from the front-end. It comes bundled with advanced search features.

You can buy a single year’s license for $49.


eventprime event calendar plugin
EventPrime is a fantastic and easy to use event calendar plugin with a broad assortment of features and functions. First and foremost, you will have a breeze inserting it in your WordPress theme, which makes the tool perfect for beginners, as well as advanced users. With EventPrime, you can now create events straight from your WordPress admin dashboard. And no, there is no need to have any prior experience to get things going. You do not even need to be a coder to have a chance to work with EventPrime – the plugin is for everyone.


EventPrime is a full-blown event management system which you can employ for all sorts of different purposes. Moreover, you can also create free and premium events with booking. This process alone will help you keep your business organized and effortless to manage.

Other amazing features of EventPrime include single- and multi-day events, drag and drop editor, shortcodes, widgets and different assignment rules. In short, if you are looking for a complete online event management system, EventPrime is one of the solutions you should not miss checking out.

Modern Events Calendar Lite

modern events calendar lite plugin
Hence the name, Modern Events Calendar Lite is a WordPress plugin that follows all the latest trends and regulations. When it comes to creating the niftiest event calendars, this tool might be the perfect solution for what you are up to. And if you are already using another plugin, but you are not fully satisfied, you can import the data quickly and effortlessly, too. The process of setting up the calendar that you require is simple and swift.

Some of the features come in the form of three monthly calendar views, three countdown views, ten grid and cover skins, as well as five list view skins. There is a ton of options and goodies that Modern Events Calendar Lite brings to the table. If you are looking for a free event calendar plugin for WordPress, your search will, very likely, end here.

Event Calendar WD

event calendar wd plugin
Creating events and have it all organized with calendars happens in a breeze with Event Calendar WD. This powerful and practical plugin is a pack full of goodies that you can take to your full advantage. Managing and maintaining events and having it all in perfect order is now super possible and the work invested in making it happen will be barely any. And you can test it out right away, Event Calendar WD is free of charge after all.

The features include mobile-ready design that works with any device. Moreover, it is also in tune with retina screens and modern web browsers. Of course, there are no limits to how many events and calendars you would like to create. Social sharing allows all your users to share events on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You will also find a widget which will enable you to add the calendar to your sidebar.

Events Manager

Events Manager is not just a plugin for displaying events. It does a lot more than that. It can manage registrations, bookings, and even locations for events. Also, it can manage single-day events as well as events spread over a number of days. Duplication is possible for recurring events.

The plugin is compatible with Multisite and BuddyPress. It allows front-end submission and management and gives advanced user permissions. You can categorize and tag events. Visitors can book without having an account. Customize booking messages and email confirmations.

Event Manager

You can make it easier for participants to find the location by adding Google Maps and custom location fields. You can add images of the location or thumbnails as well. Use widgets and shortcodes, and modify template files and event pages. Advanced hooks for developers are also available.

The pro add-on ensures premium support and spam protection with reCAPTCHA. In addition, a coupons and discount manager, transaction history, individual customized attendee forms, customizable booking forms, and additional payment methods are available to purchasers of the add-on.

You can purchase the pro version for $75 and use it on one site. For $150, you can use it on five sites.

Event Calendar

event calendar wordpress plugin
Creating an event calendar is not too big of a deal with – hence the name – Event Calendar plugin. If you would like to add a calendar to your WordPress website for events, gatherings and other special occasions, this is a practical solution that will do the trick. It comes with all sorts of excellent features and functionality that will do you well when setting things up for your project. Of course, Event Calendar creates a layout that is responsive, operating on all devices and platforms seamlessly.

As a free plugin, Event Calendar offers quite a plethora of treats for you to take to your advantage. Out of the box, you gain access to ten different themes, which save you extra time, not needing to build things from scratch. Other features include effortless customization, recurring events, quick integration and support for multiple events in a single day.


tockify event calendar plugin
Tockify is a free event calendar plugin for WordPress that both beginners and professionals can take to their total advantage. It is easy to use, yet the customization options and all the perks it comes with are very many. Not to mention, with modern design, you will easily trigger everyone’s attention and get them interested in the forthcoming event. Of course, the layout of the event calendar is entirely flexible and fluid, so that it works on all devices and web browsers without a hitch. It is lightweight, too, so it will not slow down the performance of your website.

Moreover, you can sync Tockify with Google Calendar, offer social sharing and include RSVP forms. With great tag and text-based search, everyone can quickly find what they are looking for.

FAT Event

fat event wordpress event and calendar booking plugin
Keep things at the professional level even when it comes to events and calendars. Ensure a fantastic user experience and reach the desired goals with FAT Event. This event calendar plugin is full of outstanding features that allow you to hammer out events like a pro from the very beginning. You can do pretty much whatever you want with FAT Event, customize it entirely and make it follow your business regulations precisely.

FAT Event is compatible with Google Maps, WooCommerce, supports coupons and Paypal and Stripe payments. You can also use the plugin for bookings and other different premium plans you offer. Social sharing, shortcode generator, gallery support and translation-ready, FAT Event sports it all and loads more. Documentation and customer support are also part of the deal so you will comfortably execute the event calendar you are after.


latepoint appointment booking reservation plugin
LatePoint is a versatile WordPress plugin for bookings and reservations with a neat calendar that eases the process even more. The plugin is super intuitive and beginner-friendly, making sure that everyone gets the most out of it. In other words, use LatePoint’s full potential and let this new addition to your website make a big difference for your business. Besides, you can also modify and fine-tune the default look of LatePoint accordingly and make it follow your branding regulations to a T.

The calendar function of LatePoint displays appointment availability on a daily basis. Not only that, but your clients can also see which hour of the day suits them best and is still available. They can also easily preview your entire monthly schedule to decide the most ideal date and time quickly. For your information, what we just went through is only a small percentage of all the treats LatePoint has in store for you. In short, the boundaries are close to none.


amelia appointment booking wordpress plugin
Handling appointments and bookings becomes child’s play when you put into play Amelia. This event calendar plugin rocks a ton of good elements, components and options that will get you going in no time. Also, you do not really need to be a coder either. Meaning, even if you are with no prior experience, you can still craft the niftiest layouts quickly and effortlessly.

To get your imagination racing, Amelia is for lawyers, beauty salons, handymen, fitness centers, clinics and other businesses that would save loads of time if appointments and bookings would be done online. You can track calendar by monthly, weekly and daily views, as well as list and timeline layouts. Amelia also 100% supports 2-way Google Calendar synchronization. In other words, what happens in your Amelia calendar appears in Google Calendar and vice versa.


EventOn is a feature packed premium event calendar plugin. It has a responsive mobile-ready layout and supports multiple languages. You can make your calendars attractive by adding featured images to events. The design is clean, and the plugin offers a great user experience.

Eventon 2

You can display the calendar in a tile format if you wish. Set the event date and time in any color that you choose. You can also color the events based on their type, and this color can override the color set for the individual event. Classify the events into five categories. Create repeating events by duplication in wp-admin. Also, you can only show the events to logged-in users.

Eventon 3

The widgets and the shortcode generator will allow you to add features. With Google Maps directly integrated into the event, visitors can find the venue easily. There’s more you can do. Color the maps to match your website. Set the location by latitude and longitude. Include an event location image. Save and use the locations for subsequent events.

Additionally, you can display upcoming events and hide past events. You can also include detailed info, but collapsed for a clutter-free appearance. The jump month option helps visitors move quickly to the month they want.

You can purchase the plugin on CodeCanyon for $29.

Calendarize it!

Calendarize it! is a premium event calendar plugin that is flexible and customizable. Customization is possible with simple drag and drop without the need for any shortcodes. Eight predefined templates act as the starting point for our own calendar. More than 30 content elements will help you with building your calendar.

calenadarize it

You can choose between a month view and a list view for your events. In the map view of events, you can add banner advertisements. Submit and edit the events from the front-end. You can also charge your customers for submitting events for the front-end. Add several payment options to make the payment process easier. Visitors can view, rate, and review events as well. Visitors can also submit a RSVP.

A number of free and paid add-on increases your options. Custom buttons, Visual CSS Editor, and featured image and links for events are some of the free add-ons. The paid add-ons include Eventbrite Tickets, Accordion Upcoming Events, Member profile, Events Map View, payment options, and more.

Facebook Events

Facebook Events is a plugin that simply imports events from your Facebook account. With a great number of daily active users on Facebook, it would make sense to offer this option.

Events Calendar Facebook Pro

Directly import public events organized on Facebook into your WordPress, including the data on the venue and the organizer details. You can do this one by one or automatically on a schedule. For events on personal pages or group pages, you can import the event details manually from the event ID.

To use this plugin, you will need to obtain credentials from Facebook by registering with them. Note, though, that Facebook will not allow the calendars to show events with adult content.

You can obtain the license for a price ranging from $49 to $149.

Timetable Responsive Schedule for WordPress

Timetable Responsive Schedule will help to display a timetable view of all your events. You can use it to create a timetable for your dance classes, meal plans, lesson plans, and other similar needs.

The shortcode generator will help you with the details of your timetable. Fine-tune categories, columns for display, format for events, Google fonts, and tabs for filtering. Custom post types will help you to design your events. Do you have a single event occurring many times? Use the shortcode generator to list and display the occurrences. The widgets are for displaying today’s events or all upcoming events.

Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress

You can customize the whole table or any part of it. You can also import and use the demo tables, widgets, and settings as is or make adjustments to your liking. In addition, you can use event tooltips and have the responsive mode switched on or off. For a clutter-free appearance, you have the option to hide the column displaying the hours. You can also add any number of timetables, events, or occurrences of events.

The plugin costs $19 at CodeCanyon.

Some Additional WordPress Event Calendar Plugins

    • Event Espresso is a complete event management plugin. It can turn your website into a fully-featured event management system. It also takes care of customized registration forms, seat limits, tax administration, restricting access, customized emails for confirmations, and discount codes.
    • The WordPress Pro Event Calendar makes it easy to manage events and special dates. It supports a date range function and is cross-browser-compatible. Users can submit events from the front-end. You can import events from an ICS feed and Facebook. Export events to an Excel file and assign user roles.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don’t receive additional bonus for positive reviews.


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