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Top 10 WordPress Instagram Plugins 2021


Marketing on social media has taken off in a big way, and Instagram is among the more popular platforms. With the average number of people active daily on Instagram exceeding 500 million, that’s a market that you really cannot afford to ignore. If you’re using WordPress for your business or blog, there are a number of WordPress Instagram plugins that’ll help you tap this market.

It goes without saying that Instagram is a highly visual medium. For this reason, companies, brands, or any business for which images are important find Instagram a suitable marketing channel. Other organizations can use it to showcase their team members, projects, awards, and the like. There are a number of WordPress themes as well that can help you showcase your brand effectively.

While using such a highly visual medium like Instagram, it’s important that you have crisp and eye-catching images to start off with. Since it’s a forum to build up interest or generate a buzz, you can get creative. Combine it with a landing page theme, too, if necessary. You can offer previews of upcoming movies, a first look at any soon-to-be released product, or an excerpt from your blog. Instagram also supports videos, so you can use them as well.

There are a number of plugins, both free and premium, that can help you with the basic function of embedding an Instagram feed on a page. Some are packed with many more features, and you’ll find out about them in the following list.

Free Instagram WordPress Plugins

Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed is the plugin for you if you want to display multiple Instagram feeds either in one consolidated feed or in many separate feeds. The feeds can be drawn from many nonprivate accounts and displayed on a single page on your site or on multiple pages. Using shortcodes, you can customize the layout, size, color, spacing, and more with this plugin.

Instagram Feed

Besides displaying a header, you can opt for infinite scrolling and a Follow on Instagram button. You can display the photos in random order or chronologically, and you can use CSS for more customization options.

For more control over your feed, check out the premium plugin. It comes with many more options for customization, such as carousels, lightbox, custom links, and video integration. You can also moderate your feed to show/hide select images, filter posts using hashtags, and more.

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Instagram Slider Widget

A simple to configure plugin, Instagram Slider Widget creates a responsive widget that displays the latest Instagram posts. Up to 12 images from a public user and 18 from a hashtag can be displayed, either in a grid or on a slider. Thumbnails are stored in the media library, and you can set the time interval for checking new images. There’s no need to mess with any API access; your Instagram username will suffice.

Instagram Slider Widget

You can link images to the user profile, image URL, locally saved image, attachment URL, or custom URL. The images can be sorted randomly or based on popularity or date.

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WD Instagram Feed

WD Instagram Feed does a good job of importing a single or multiple Instagram feeds into your website. You can display the images as thumbnails or in a lightbox, with or without a caption. The images can be drawn using username or hashtag feeds. Images are retrieved from Instagram and not stored in the database, making the plugin fast to load.

Instagram Feed WD

Although the plugin is easy to set up and use, not too many customization options are available. You’ll need to purchase the premium plugin if customization is important to you. The premium plugin will allow you to display images in masonry and blog style layouts and integrate comments. The lightbox displays images as a slideshow with different transition effects. You get multiple fully customizable themes to style each layout besides video and filmstrip layouts and advanced filtering using conditions as well. There are different plans to choose from for use on multiple websites.

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Instagram Gallery

insta gallery
Whether you run a blog, an eCommerce page or even a business website, with Instagram Gallery, you can add more content to your web space quickly and easily. Hence the name, with this WordPress Instagram plugin, you can create both stunning photo galleries and even carousels. These are the two options that Instagram Gallery plugin brings to the table. Enhance your already outstanding website with more visuals directly from your Instagram profile.

All you need to do is to copy and paste your Instagram token and you are close to completion. Configure settings to your likings and you have a refreshing new gallery decorating your page. Also, Instagram Gallery is fully compatible with all modern devices and web browsers for continuous smooth operation. To see what is possible, feel free to first take a peek at the live demo preview and go from there.

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Instagram Slider and Carousel

instagram slider and carousel plus widget
As the name suggests, with Instagram Slider and Carousel plugin, you can create stunning slideshows, grids and carousels featuring your dope Instagram posts. It is a free WordPress Instagram plugin which anyone can set up in a small breeze. No need to be an advanced user, even an utter beginner can employ Instagram Slider and Carousel to its full potential. You can now elevate your web space with a solid addition of an Instagram feed that everyone will enjoy skimming through.

Some of the features of Instagram Slider and Carousel plugin are widget readiness, touch friendliness and device compatibility. It also features likes and comments count and controls navigation with arrow key when it comes to the slider. There are many other different configuration options for you to take into account and customize the final presentation to your likings.

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Meks Easy Instagram Widget

meks easy instagram widget
Meks Easy Instagram Widget does not require the knowledge of rocket science to be able to use. It is quick and straightforward to utilize, compatible with any WordPress theme currently available on the market. If you would like your website to put on display your Instagram masterpieces, Meks Easy Instagram Widget will help you make it happen. In just a few quick clicks, you can fully organize this striking WordPress Instagram plugin and refresh your page.

With Meks Easy Instagram Widget, you can pull content from Instagram by using a username or a hashtag. There is also no authorization required; you just set it and forget it. Additionally, you can specify how many images you would like to showcase, as well as in how many columns. Moreover, you can feature a follow button, as well as set the spacing between images.

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Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social is a plugin that’s not specific to Instagram. It works well for other social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. The free plugin allows you to view photos and videos from your Facebook Page, Group, Album Photos, Album Covers, or Events. You can add as many feeds as you wish on any page, post, or sidebar. Like or Follow buttons can be added to any feed, as well as a Share option for Instagram.

Feed Them Social

A premium extension allows you to add more options to your feed, including fixing the number of posts, tweets, videos, or images that display in a custom feed. It also allows a display of images in a popup and adds a Load More option using a shortcode.

More info / Download

WPZOOM Social Feed Widget

instagram widget by wpzoom wordpress plugin
WPZOOM Social Feed Widget is a WordPress Instagram plugin that is compatible with any theme that you can currently find on the market. What it does is display your Instagram feed on your website for everyone to enjoy. In fact, you can take things a step further and use pretty much any public Instagram account to share its content on your site. However, if you run a personal website, a brand page or a corporate site, it is more than obvious that you will stick to your account only. Still, to each their own.

WPZOOM Social Feed Widget offers you to display header and bio, a call-to-action that you can link with your Instagram button and even comes with lazy load integration. Additional functions include the number of images per row, the overall number of images shown, as well as the option to specify image width and spacing.

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AccessPress Instagram Feed

AccessPress Instagram Feed offers three layout options for your images—a slider, a lightbox, and a basic gallery layout. Using a widget, you can place your Instagram feed almost anywhere on your website.

AccessPress Instagram

However, to really get the full benefit from this plugin, you’ll need to go pro. It offers ten different layouts, with a number of configuration options available for each. It supports user feeds, any user, user likes, recent media, and hashtags. There are also a number of display options, such as a display of likes, a comments count, a user profile image, a username, and a Load More button. You can enable the lightbox option and choose from five available lightbox options.

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Enjoy Instagram

Enjoy Instagram lets you display your images in a grid or a carousel. Users can also view images in lightbox mode. You can choose the number of images to display in the grid and add a fade-in effect as well.

Enjoy Instagram

The plugin offers touch support to mobile users and supports Instagram hashtags. It allows you to display images from your account using a widget or a shortcode.

The premium plugin supports multiple hashtags, provides a border between pictures in the grid, and has better image management. It also supports polaroid view, badge view, album view, and auto reload option. You can customize the lightbox as well.

More info / Download

Intagrate Lite

The free version of Intagrate Lite offers only basic features. It can only import your images and is good for only one website. You get secure access to your images on Instagram with this plan as it does not ask for your username or password. It gives you an option to automatically post the last image in the feed.

Instagrate Lite

The premium plugin can handle multiple accounts and draw images from multiple users. It sources images from multiple hashtags and all images tagged with any location. It supports videos, comments and likes, and Google Maps integration. The plugin can post automatically to a fixed schedule and allows posting of images by any user with a specific hashtag. This feature makes it suitable for use in any competition. Moreover, the plugin gives you complete control over which images are posted from a dedicated moderation page.

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Premium Instagram Plugins

When it comes to premium plugins, they allow you to customize your display to a great extent. They offer additional features and premium support, including customized solutions.


The InstaShow Instagram feed plugin gives you a great deal of control over the way in which your Instagram photos display on your website. The plugin is a top seller and is truly flexible, allowing you to adjust 60+ parameters and to choose from 10 color schemes. It also works with Visual Composer to replicate the Instagram look on your website.


InstaShow supports multiple images in one post and sources images based on username, hashtags, and location. You can limit the number of images to display and adjust dimensions within the gallery. Data such as username, description, likes, and comments can be made to display in a popup. It can also appear while hovering over an image. Additionally, InstaShow includes various options to change the UI, so you can adjust the navigation, animation, and speed of your image popups.

More info / Purchase

Instagram Shop Feed For Woocommerce

instagram shop feed for woocommerce
Whoever runs an online store of any niche and industry, have you thought about implementing an Instagram shop? Make the experience ten times more sociable and spark everyone’s interest with Instagram Shop Feed For Woocommerce. This WordPress Instagram plugin will definitely lift up your online space and make it more enjoyable. Let the power of Instagram market your excellent and must-have products and increase your sales notably.

Instead of pushing stock images of your products, you can now display amateur-ish Insta pictures of your items. This way, potential customers can get a better view of how the product, they are interested in, looks real-time. It is also a fantastic way to build customer trust by showing them how popular your goods are. Not to mention, do not forget to encourage everyone to share your products and tag them with an appropriate hashtag so you can feature them, too.

More info / Download

Let’s Wrap Up

A fine presence on Instagram persuades your audience to visit your site and spend time there, flipping through the visual stories you put out for them. It makes good business sense to make this photo-focused social media platform a part of your WordPress website. The WordPress plugins on this list will help you in that effort. And, as always, if you’re using any top class plugin that’s not on this list, share it with us in the Comments section.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don’t receive additional bonus for positive reviews.


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