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15 Free Music WordPress Themes for Bands & Events 2021


A comprehensive list of the best free music WordPress themes for artists, bands, and music event and venue websites.

Musicians are known for their live shows and on-air appearances but have never really had a strong web presence. In the era of social media that mainly focuses on video content, users do not access the websites of the bands and artists they like to listening to their music but instead head over to Youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and other platforms that focus on music streaming. Because of that, artists do not concentrate their efforts on creating their websites and often are okay with their social media profiles alone. In our compilation, we have collected a great list that will allow you to quickly find a top free music WordPress theme.

As the industry grows and more artists make websites for themselves, it has become a requirement to do the same if you wish to have an online presence. In this compilation of WordPress themes for musicians and bands that we made, we only picked the best, beautiful, flexible, but free of all technicalities. The developers of these themes have gone to such extents to integrate each theme with e-commerce to allows artists, bands, and event managers to sell digital content (such as music, albums, and other merchandise) directly from their site if they wish to do so.

The reasons mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg of all the benefits an artist can have by launching their website. Be sure to go through each of the themes listed in this article as the design variations are quite varied and features differ from theme to another, which allows almost anybody, regardless of the genre they perform in, to establish a solid web presence and identity.

Best Free Music WordPress Themes

Shapely (Most Popular)

Shapely is, safe to say, the best free WordPress theme out there with a single-page layout. If that is something you fancy and you are in need to build a music website, you can hammer it out quickly with Shapely. The tool is super adaptive and perfect to match your needs and wants. Shapely keeps things simple to the eye and straightforward to the use. In other words, all the content appears beautifully while you keep managing and maintaining your page without a hassle.

Moreover, Shapely also comes with free support and comprehensive documentation. As a free tool, Shapely goes over and beyond the average. It also sports all the tech stuff, like responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility, search engine optimization and fast loading speed. Make sure you check out Shapely now and get your musical project out there in style.

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Antreas is a multi-purpose free WordPress theme that you can utilize for crafting music-related pages, too. With its stunning one-page approach, you can share all about your music and artistic venture without the need to introduce additional sections. It is a modern practice that saves a lot of time while still ensuring a top-notch online presence that captures everyone’s attention. You can now make a strong first impression on all your visitors and existing fans with a neat page.

Antreas features all the essentials, like mobile-ready layout, browser compatibility and searches and speed optimization. Instead of learning code and design, with Antreas, you avoid both from the get-go. No need to have any experience and you can still establish the must-have website in a short space of time. And, of course, Antreas is free so you have nothing to lose.

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Portum Material

Free does not always mean that what you get lacks features and performance. With all the free music WordPress themes you find on this list, you can be sure that the outcome will always be a masterpiece. And you can achieve these fantastic results without the need to seek help from a developer. Portum Material, just like all the rest, is a cracking page canvas that calls for a swift website fix. Get your hands on it, stuff the layout with your content and you could already be live.

Spread the word out with a stylish and simple page that you will form with Portum Material. Capture their attention with the large slider and keep them engaged with all the other material and details you have available for them. Portum Material also supports video content for your official music videos.

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Portum Clean

If single page websites are your cup of tea, you will enjoy Portum Clean through the roof. It is modern, flexible, sophisticated and attention-grabbing. There is no need to start from the ground up when you can save yourself a ton of time and energy with a free music WordPress theme. Invest all this time in producing music and compelling content instead. On the other hand, let Portum Clean do the trick and take care of the majority of work for you regarding your webspace.

Some of the features of Portum Clean are hover effects, sticky menu, animated statistics, contact form and testimonials/reviews. Hence the name, the tool is clean and basic, yet impresses everyone seeing it. In this day and age, building functional pages is kids’ stuff. If you know how to browse the web, you will definitely know how to set up a working page. It is pretty much as simple as it sounds.

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Pixova Lite

Pixova Lite is the best free one-page WordPress theme on the market. It was especially made for people looking to get started. Pixova Lite has a blend of minimalistic style with modern edge. It is considered multipurpose and it has no cost whatsoever. Pixova Lite makes users or developers simply feel at ease. It is fully adaptable to all screen sizes and browsers. Its orientation is mainly creative businesses and freelance sites. It comes with retina ready image quality and WPML translation. Pixova Lite is an option for those on a budget that need to extend their quality expectations the most. It is a theme with high standards on image quality with pixel perfect and retina ready level. You will get it with unlimited colors and fonts.

Pixova Lite offers a new way to live the experience of website building. It gets easier, cheaper and faster. Theme’s layout itself is dynamic and provides moveable sidebars and headers. Pixova Lite is WooCommerce ready to set up shops.  All type of businesses can rely on this theme’s features. Updates are constant and custom support is given! Download it now and discover more features! Try its awesome pro-version with its CSS editor! Get Pixova Lite!

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musicsong free wordpress theme
Musicsong strikes everyone with an elegant dark layout that captures the attention in an instant. This free music WordPress theme is a fantastic alternative that you can put into play immediately. No need to wait for help or whatnot, with Musicsong, you can go after establishing your artist or band website yourself. Everyone has the time to spare for constructing a page with Musicsong. Do you know why I am 100% sure about it? Because it really does take just a few moments to complete the process. Musicsong has the layouts and features preset and readily available.

Also, Musicsong is equipped with all the tech goodies, like responsiveness, retina-friendliness, search engine optimization and browser harmony. Present your tunes on the web, share your story and welcome even more fans on board, with Musicsong, a ton is possible.

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Music Journal

music journal free wordpress theme
If you are journaling the music industry through photography, Music Journal is the free WordPress theme for you. This pack of amazing features and layouts is at your disposal and ready to go in just a click. What you will notice immediately is the dark design that Music Journal sports. This allows you to create a strong and lasting first impression on your visitors easily. But you will take things to the next level once you introduce your photo masterpieces and other compelling content.

Besides creating an online portfolio with Music Journal, the tool has a lot more in store for you. From playlist and featured slider to hero content, testimonials, services, drop-down menu, you name it, Music Journal makes sure you get all the necessary and then some. Spread the word out for your business in style with a striking website now.

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abletone free music wordpress theme
It would be best if you were not holding back, not even the slightest when you decide to work with Abletone. This free music WordPress theme is a powerful alternative that will create a solid online presence. Instead of doing everything from square one, kick-start your project with a resourceful tool. Abletone is here to take care of your musical website and help you spread your songs, albums and everything else out there. Along with social media and other music platforms, do consider building an official website, too. It takes you little to no time, but it allows you to bring your thing to the next level.

You have a ton of features available to put into practice and shine online. First thing’s first, the massive slider. Use this one strategically and you will have no problem triggering everyone’s curiosity. Moreover, Abletone also comes with a player, portfolio, hero content, awesome webmaster tools and more. Strike the music industry with a banging website and raise yourself to success.

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musicaholic free wordpress theme
Musicians, bands, DJs, well, everyone who has something to do with the music industry is welcome to utilize Musicaholic. This free music WordPress theme offers you plenty of material to get the ball rolling with style. You do not need to be tech-savvy to have the chance and create a professional website. With Musicaholic, anyone and everyone can make it a reality. That’s right, you will never need to deal with programming and any other advanced tasks when doing your thing with Musicaholic. Even managing and maintaining a website for years to come will be a little breeze.

Some of the features that come with Musicaholic are slider, playlist section, blog, sticky header and footer menu, to name a few. The overall layout is mobile-ready, so it adapts to any modern screen without a hitch. Offer an excellent user experience and grow your fanbase to new heights with a well-thought-out music page.

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gayatri free music wordpress theme
Due to the versatility of Gayatri, you can employ this page canvas for heaps of intentions, even outside the music industry. With the impactful dark mode, Gayatri makes sure that everyone enjoys your content through the roof. Keep in mind, even if you keep everything as is, you can create a modern and sophisticated website for your band or musical project. On the other hand, since Gayatri uses Elementor page builder, you can also easily and quickly perform customization tweaks and tailor the default settings accordingly.

Additional amenities contain back to top button, GPL license, WooCommerce compatibility, translation-ready and editable header and footer. Enjoy the ready-made sample and fine-tune it to your heart’s content. Little do you know, just a few minutes will pass, and you will have a top-notch website ready to go live and impress your audience.

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Music Club Lite

music club lite free wordpress theme
Music Club Lite has a beautiful layout that caters to musicians, bands, clubs and other music-related projects flawlessly. It is a free music WordPress theme for everyone to start spreading their word out, most importantly, their tunes. Music Club Lite is easy to use since it does not ask you for any coding and design knowledge. In fact, you can freely employ the theme as is and be ready to hit the online space swiftly. Of course, additional customizations are possible but not necessary if you dig Music Club Lite as is.

Above the fold, Music Club Lite features a slideshow that helps capture their interest instantaneously. With a killer page, you can now promote your upcoming events and gigs, sell tickets, push your music videos and even share a playlist.

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My Music Band

my music band free wordpress theme
Promote your music with a neat and easy on the eye free music WordPress theme, My Music Band. Whether you are solo or a band, My Music Band works with both and then some. The design of My Music Band is very nifty and minimal, perfect for your fans to enjoy your music without distractions. Speaking of music, create a playlist of your top tunes and let them experience your work straight from your page. And if you change it regularly, they will be sure to come back and see what’s currently hot. Or, even better, what new songs you released.

With My Music Band, you can also start a blog and share even more about your band and musical project. Other features of My Music Band are responsive layout, social media icons, back to top button, slideshow and more. Get the vibes going strong and let the vibrations of your music reach people globally.

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Music Lite

music lite free wordpress theme
Music Lite is another free music WordPress theme masterpiece with a dark look. It is elegant, trendy, professional, yet effortless to use. Whether you are a DJ, signer, artist, band, regardless of the genre, let Music Lite take care of your online space with a terrific page. In fact, the tool works with almost any creative individual and professional out there; use your imagination and go entirely against the norm, Music Lite handles it all.

Even if you lack web design and development skill, you still get a chance to shine online thanks to Music Lite. The theme unlocks loads of options for someone new, making sure they appear online professionally.

Last but not least, you also do not need to be concerned about technical stuff, Music Lite sorts it all out for you. That would be responsiveness, browser compatibility and speed optimization to name a few.

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free music wordpress theme

Rock Star is a beautiful, smooth, and responsive WordPress theme for music built for artists and bands who wish to promote their works and upcoming events online. The theme uses HTML5 and CSS3 as its foundation. The theme is very aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. The simple modules included in the theme will let you build a complete and custom website straight away, even without any technical background in building a site. The Rock Star theme also allows you to make use of the social media positively by letting you update your followers with ease. The homepage consists of the logo, tagline, and a full-screen background image. This free music WordPress theme comes with news tickers, featured content, featured sliders, breadcrumbs, videos, and Instagram images for extensive customizing power.

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free music wordpress theme

EDigital is a multipurpose free music WordPress theme that works perfectly well with the Easy Digital Downloads Plugin. The theme allows selling digital products using the plugin mentioned above, which helps empower bands and artists to sell their music and merch easily online without the backing of a music label. EDigital also works perfectly well for business or blogging. It includes free support from the developers. Overall if you are looking for a theme that will be focused on selling digital items, then digital seems to be the right choice.

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Your Favorite free Music WordPress theme?

That brings us to the end of our free music WordPress themes compilation. In conclusion, we have seen some stunning yet free music WordPress themes listed above. Finally, let us know whether you are a band or artist, a manager perhaps? Which one was your favorite theme? If you need more such awesome themes, check out the other free WordPress themes roundups on our site.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don’t receive additional bonus for positive reviews.


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