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19 Best Van and Bus Mockup Templates 2021


These are the high-quality and photo-realistic van and bus mockup templates that you can use for creating excellent presentations. Whether you are looking to add an advertisement to a van or a bus, go with the templates below. On the other hand, if you would like to make a design for a branded vehicle, again, waste no more time and pick from the mockups beneath.

With these designs, you can now see how the life-like version of your flat design will appear. That said, you can now still perform any last tweaks and improvements before you go with the winner. By using a mockup, you and your client can investigate the artwork further and fine-tune it accordingly. Once you have the final creative ready, feel free to share your refreshed bus or van on social media, your website, heck, anywhere you want.

Before we dive all-in and enjoy the amazing creations, you should be aware of how simple all the van and bus mockup templates are. Only fundamental Photoshop skills are needed, and you are all set to succeed. Now stick those amazing design ideas you have on different vehicles and win the day. Expect remarkable results in little to no time.

For your information, we also have full sets of car and food truck mockups to take to your total advantage.

Van Wrap Mockup With a Customizable Background

van wrap mockup with a customizable background
A full van wrap mockup that helps you with the life-like presentation of the idea you have for your client or even your own business. You have an option to add a design to the back and to the side, as well as change the color of the vehicle. Additionally, change the background and make your van design pop even more. And all this, my friends, you get to do with the convenient in-browser editing on Placeit. Create as many variations as you want before going with the winning solution. On top of that, add any text or graphic you want to spice things up.

Van Decal Mockup Featuring a Compact Van with a Full Wrap

car decal mockup featuring a compact van with a full wrap
If your company helps businesses cover their vans in custom branding, you will likely want a mockup to test things out first. Even as a freelancer working with clients, boost your workflow with a van mockup and make an immediate difference. If you already spent a good deal of time on the design, it will take you just a few more clicks on creating a life-like presentation. The template focuses on the front and the side of the van, allowing you to slide in two different artworks. Moreover, changing the color of the roof and the van, as well as the background, is also something you do with ease.

Print Design Mockup, Bus Billboard by a Church

ad on the bus
A bus can be a great promotional vehicle, either for promoting a company’s transportation services or even other brands and firms. Regardless of the intention, here is a photorealistic bus mockup that accepts a 1200 x 350 px design on the side. You can either upload the design from your computer or copy and paste the URL directly. For your information, you do not need to follow the dimension to a T, as you can additionally make adjustments in-browser, over on Placeit. Last but not least, if you want to add a message or a call-to-action, you can do that, too, with the additional text function.

Electric Bus Mockup

electric bus mockup
A collection of eight fantastic mockups of Mercedes Benz eCitaro Bus. For an electric city bus, this is one of the solutions that you should not miss. With all the different views and aspects, you can effortlessly bring into being a complete presentation of new bus design. While you can fully customize the bus, you can also change the background and adjust shadows. The amazing quality (7000 x 4000 px) also ensures that you go very in detail with your design. Meaning, zoomed-in images will surely trigger everyone’s attention. It is now your turn to insert the design of choice to the bus and see immediate returns.

City Bus Mockup

city bus mockup
When working with a client to come up with the design for a city bus, you better introduce a mockup for top-notch presentation. Once you have it all set and ready to go, just pick this bundle of goodies and create a life-like version of a bus. There are seven different PSD files available for you to take to your complete advantage. Thanks to the convenient smart objects, you just drag and drop your design and voila, you have it on the bus already. Moreover, you can also edit LED panel, alter rim color, turn on/off dirt layer and switch headlights and taillights.

Double-Decker Bus Mockup

doubledecker bus mockup
One of the ways to spread the word out for a new product, new movies, new whatever is by using a double-decker bus. This works fantastically well in London, as there are so many of them. Instead of using a classic billboard, use a bus as a billboard instead. When finally making a deal and you only need to send the design, first use this bus mockup and go from there. It offers you ten different views to make sure your advertisement appears exactly how you want. Front, back, side and top views, you have it all at the tip of your fingers.

Vehicle Mockup

vehicle mockup
If this type of bus works for you, then you should not be thinking too much. After all, why do all the hard work yourself when you can simply go with a mockup and let it do all the heavy lifting. With the collection of eight first-class demos, you can now see your flat design in a life-like version in just a click. There is a mixture of mockups that feature a bus on a solid background, as well as with city lifestyle. For everyone who is working with a template first time, skim through the help file first and get the gist of it. Hint: it is ridiculously simple.

Tourist Bus Mockup

tourist bus mockup
If working with a tourist agency or a company that organizes passenger transportations, a custom coach is what you might be in the process of designing. That said, with the right mockup, you can quickly see your idea for the design in a realistic version. No need to undergo any complicated tasks and whatnot, as the mockup does the magic right in front of your eyes. In only a few clicks! That’s right, little work is requisite to experience killer results. And there are seven different views at your disposal to see your creative work in all these different aspects.

Vehicle Mock-up v2

vehicle mockup v2
A fully layered bus mockup kit that contains eight different PSD files for your convenience. You can go with the “studio” scene or the “city lifestyle” scene, heck, use them all and have an outcome that will turn heads. Note that each PSD template comes with smart objects, so the inclusion of your artwork happens in little to no time. The process of dragging and dropping your design does the trick. Another cool feature is the fact that you can turn the crowd on or off. Whether you would like to create a bus wrap or lightly style the vehicle, whatever the case, do it with a mockup first and go from there.

Bus Pack Mockup

bus pack mockup
Creating a design for a bus need not be too big of a burden, especially once you have predefined mockups at your disposal. In this massive package of amazingness, you get three different bus models in six views that give you a total of eighteen PSD files. Of course, each template is swift and straightforward to use and enhance with your creative touches. Keep in mind, there are also ten different backgrounds available for you to test and try with your bus creation. The professional quality also ensures fantastic close-ups. With the use of smart objects, the entire process of building a life-like demonstration happens in a small breeze.

Passenger Coach Bus Mock-Up

passenger coach bus mockup
For everyone who is familiar with buses knows immediately that this mockup is based on the Neoplan Skyliner model. Whether you are in the process of creating a design for a tourist bus, a long-distance bus, corporate intentions, you name it, this is the mockup that will help you out undoubtedly. To your luck, there is not just one, instead, you get ten different PSD files at 7500 x 5000 pixels. The quality of the end product will be A-grade, that is for sure. You can modify pretty much all the details of the bus, as well as the background.

Hippie Bus & Surfboard Mock-Up

hippie bus surf board mockup
Hippie bus or hippie van, however you want to call it, is all set and ready for you to get as creative as you want. There is even a surfboard included in the kit for the true beach vibes. In total, you get ten different mockups and eight background styles that you can mix and match however you fancy. Whether you are designing a hippie van for yourself or your client, with a mockup, you can bring into being an exhibition that will showcase the life-like version of it. Make sure all is in perfect order before you get the real job on the van done.

Mercedes Sprinter Van Mockup

mercedes sprinter van mockup
If you are particularly searching for a Mercedes Sprinter van mockup, this is the one that you should go with. There are seven PSDs available for you to put into practice and make the demonstration that will knock everyone’s socks off. Slide in your designs by using smart objects and see it appear on the vehicle immediately. Needless to say, you can expect the end product all set and ready to rock and roll speedily. You can also adjust the background, rim color, shadows, turn on or off headlights and taillights, you name it. Last but not least, keep it with or without windows.

Animated Bus Mock-up

animated bus mock-up
Remarkably photo-realistic bus mockup templates that come with twelve base PSD files and four animated views. It is a collection of amazing material that will do you well. Whether you would like to add a logo, a full wrap or a special advertisement, you can now make it happen like a pro. It is also a fantastic solution for tours and transportation companies, but you can go entirely against the grain, too. Whatever the case, with any of the files that you find in the kit, you can be sure that the end result will be spectacular.

Coach Mock-Up

coach mock-up
To create a brandable coach, all you need is a set of mockups that give you a few different perspectives of the vehicle. In this case, you get six templates that all are of 6000 x 4000 px dimension. With the exception of the top view, the set offers you all the sides of the coach for you to style according to your taste or branding regulations. Bear in mind, each template is also fully print-ready on a standard A3 sheet of paper. The mockups do not work only for web use! Without further ado, make some noise in the bus space.

Free van and bus mockup templates

Free Download Van Mockup In PSD

free download van mockup in psd
We even have a few free mockup alternatives for you and your vehicles. Right off the get-go, we bring to the table a Ford van mockup that you can enrich with your design easily. From the background to the van, you can alter it both and make a presentation that will inspire. Of course, you can add your design to all the visible elements of the van, creating a full wrap. On the other hand, you can also change the color of the van and import a logo and keep it simple. Very many options await you for unlocking all the possibilities to create the presentation without the need to spend a dime.

Retro Style Van Mockup Freebie in PSD

retro-style-van mockup freebie in psd
If you are looking for a retro-style Citroen van mockup, you better not miss this one. You can use the template to put on display your remarkable artworks regardless of the business intention. Keep in mind, while this type of a van might work best for food stands, you can, indeed, use it for anything your heart desires. One thing is for sure; this van sure is an attention-grabber. Now you know how to stand out from the crowd and get more eyeballs on your business – with a vintage van! You get a PSD file that you get to edit comfortably in Photoshop.

Free Van Mockup in PSD

free van mockup in psd
This is a powerful and highly practical van mockup template set that consists of six different views. You see, even if it is a free tool, you still get a ton of goodies that will do you well. Not just that, each PSD files also comes at a high-resolution of 4500 x 3000 px. Front, back, side and top views, it is all there, ready for you to put into play. With the simplified customization process, every user can quickly get the most out of this set. Create a life-like demonstration of van design and make an immediate difference.

Mini Van Advertising Mockup

free mini van advertising mockup
For a super realistic presentation of a van, this first-class mockup template is here to do the magic. Regardless of your business intention, with this mockup, you can create the van design that practices your branding directions to a T. You can improve the color of the vehicle, as well as add any artwork you fancy via the smart objects. The superb quality of the template also ensures an amazing demonstration even in a close-up. Get involved immediately, download the PSD file, import it to Photoshop, and see an outcome shortly after. All the hard work is already done for you, so why wait?

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